lil spicy tonight

lil spicy tonight


The funniest thing about scumberto is everything, every time, without fail, is always someone else’s fault.


Tommy should zinc plate some garage door springs and send em to scumberto 🤣🤣


Holy fuck 🤣 we have to make sure Tommy see’s this!


Or make a t-shirt with it on.




Tommy definitely helping shoot the shot lol


Replying to accounts with usernames like “vape_douche_will”? Smart move… Only good things can come from that.


Correcting the record is a smart move, there's still retards who bring up dildo engines when it was Rudnik who said it


But it was Scumberto who DID it.


Never in my life have I seen a garage door with springs that looked like what was on Rudnik's turbos lol


They looked like springs for a swinging fence gate or screen door I thought


What have I missed?


Tommy pointed out all of the things he hates on Rudniks GTR. Scumberto helped Rudnik hack the thing together and Jack helped tune it. One of the things Tommy mentioned was how the GTR still had garage door springs holding the waste gate closed to max the stock turbos. Apparently this is an accepted practice that Jack and others use when tuning on a dyno. Chris just drove it like that instead of buying the proper wastegate. People are blaming Scumberto for the springs. It might not have been his idea but he hacked a ton of other stuff together, and has generally just been acting like an asshole.


The thing that blows my mind is the fact that people are still shit talking to Scumberto about the garage door springs when Jack owned up to it and said it was him to meet deadlines and so Rudnik could have daily content. Cleary these alts on Instagram just want to chat shit without even checking facts.


don't worry about it...[is the cycle...](https://www.reddit.com/r/HaggardGarage/comments/amga4q/can_we_put_all_the_beef_aside_and_just_have_a/)


Wait where does jack own up to it.


He does, but he also mentions that this is only a practice for when it's a last minute thing and the customer isn't willing to wait for the correct springs to tune the vehicle, knowing ruddy he just wanted the thing tuned he didn't care how but he wanted it done quick so they threw the springs on. Honestly it's sketchy but it worked 🤷‍♂️ , now drilling holes in oil relocation kits and jb welding thats some pony tail spec shit.


the spring is just as retarded and both show the true hp logic standards...


No not even close. If you are wanting to keep the wastegates from opening, you know damn well the car is gonna make all the boost. What's the worst that can happen? If blow your turbo/engine then it would have happened when you upgraded the wastegates anyway. If the spring breaks or falls off then you will make less boost and it will be better for the engine/ turbos. What happens when chucks or JB weld end up in your oil system? Potentially nothing but it could also block pick-ups leading to low oil pressure. Wastegates garage springs 6/10 Hack score, redeeming factor being that you are know you are pushing the turbos/engine to the limit and accepting the risk by doing so. JB weld INSIDE an oil component 10/10 hackery. Why risk potentially ruining the engine rotating assembly to save $100. You can't even compare. Different Levels Dood


​ >it would have happened when you upgraded the wastegates anyway not really, just spec them correctly to open when you want...don't even try to excuse this shit, a gtr with garage door springs on the wastegates... funny how now the springs are now a good idea after we know that jack did it...maybe scumberto learned that jb weld technique from jack also...


Do you think Rudnick would spend money on moderate boost level wastegates? Don't pretend like GT-R don't get hacked. 5 years ago these were still relatively cheap in Japan and NZ where I'm from. People have been abusing them like the 30year old Nissans that they are. Never said it's a good idea, still hackery but you can remove the springs anytime. It's a bit more difficult to pull the engine and replace all the internal bearings


i'm just pointing out how funny it is that everyone was pilling on scumberto about the springs but now is not a big deal anymore because is a hp logic spec build...


he hopped onto one of the threads here and owned up to it as a temporary fix while tuning on the dyno.


[Here's the reply](https://www.reddit.com/r/HaggardGarage/comments/pmjj9y/scumberto_has_a_lot_to_say_about_tommy_theres_a/hcj58np?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) where Jack owns up to the garage door springs.


You will never find helper springs on a customers car. Only to test on the dyno when proper boost levels are not reached. I’m not sure why those were put on AND left in place, but i will use them to raise boost and tune for a specific boost level TEMPORARILY.


I'm sure the blame lies some where in the middle between Rudnik and Roberto. If you or even Roberto told him this is just for dyno/tuning and it worked fine, I can definitely see Rudnik not changing them based on his videos.