Controversial Calls at Long Beach Formula Drift

Controversial Calls at Long Beach Formula Drift


I don’t see how FD thinks they can retain viewership and grow with their current judging dynamic.


well it depends, if they understand that the rapid growth in viewership in Pro 1 the last 2 years is due to LZs influence and if they dont that means they think their doing something right.


they can deploy a YouTube viewship without regaining a normal protocol


This should have been a one more time, props to Vaughn for coming by to help advise him to protest. Fd has become such a shit show and it’s hard to watch. I still think the drivers are top notch and the cars are insane, but the judges ruin it and make it so painful to watch. Dai hit the same spot and got a different call because his tire ran over the other side Of an imaginary line that is no longer painted on the ground? Give me a break…




Aswell as Chelsea’s post event recap. Vaughn had no chance of not slamming into Chelsea, but Chelsea was deemed at fault for making a split second correction. As if the judges didn’t have the championship points in the back of their mind when they made that call. Now irwindale is up for grabs for 3 drivers making it more interesting than Chelsea being able to win it by getting into ____.


Remember though, Chelsea admitted fault.


What I don't understand is that this year there have been so many bs one-more-times, but here they pulled some mental gymnastics to avoid one. Weird....


Someone said they had a sound curfew, not sure if that's true but it would make sense


they ended the event within minutes of the curfew but not giving a blatant one more time that early on makes it a horseshit excuse. maybe cut down the fucking break time then? how about renting a flat bed that doesnt take 20 minutes to load up every time there is an accident


It's time for them to add a rule that allows them to hook on to the cages easily, like they do in most professional race series.


Let Forsberg and I don't remember who run a couple of times tho, used up all the stage-time for the people that matter I guess.


At my local racetrack, they simply scoop up cars with a wheel loader. Takes a few minutes in the worst cases, way faster than preparing a truck for picking them up.


The issue with cars gettings forklifted out is that the forks can bend suspension components that hang down below the chassis.


I should have been more clear. They have a large plate mounted on the loader, kind of similar to the bed of a flat bed truck. The cars usually gets pulled on using a winch and is then carried away. Here is an image: https://imgur.com/a/eSxeyb1


That is a rad setup, I've never seen that before


Less OMT because less time for that? Sure But how the fuck do you give win to person who should have lost if you dont have time for OMT


Dude needs to stop being so damn nice all the time.. He's being a push-over and it's not doing him any favors. Get out of this circus while you still can, don't let bullshit like this slide.


I think he is weary of his reputation and doesn’t want the drift “community” to look at him the same way the top dogs in bmx did. But playing the nice guy and letting everything slide and having judges walk all over you isn’t the way to do it.


Ryan Sage has said this year they purposely tweaked the point alotments to make the standings closer. Seems like behind the scenes someone keeps pushing the "titlefight" narrative to the point the judges maybe even subconciously push for certain drivers to win battles they shouldnt


They can straight up tell the judges to help certain drivers along. They’re FD employees. It’s not like their independent “impartial” judges.


Adam we get it you’re humble but man you have to start standing up for self and stop letting bs flyby you


When Adam said it should’ve been a omt Vaughn was like no you should’ve got the win, that’s the attitude he needs


At this point tear the S15 down and turn it into a time attack car. The only thing consistent about judging in Formula Drift is how inconsistent it is.


That would be interesting to see, but something like TA will get stale quick, running lap after lap on your own on a track with large runoffs? Entering in a Cup/historic class would be more interesting to see with on track battles. I also doubt the S15 will be suitable, the cage is build for banging doors and walls making it very heavy + the whole rear radiator setup is adding a ton of weight aswell


watch gears and gasoline, they make time attack interesting


That channel has grown. It was ok at first, a little tough to watch, but their content is good now. The right amount of technical info without boring you to death and enough action to keep you watching! I'm a fan these days. Their little "challenge" episodes were a fun watch too.


i agree a while back they were tough to watch but its pretty good now. still had the written jokes/skits they try to stuff in


Those guys are quality


G&G is amazing at telling stories. Their quality of videos is insane.


Running lap after lap and getting stale quickly don‘t add up IMO. I had a VW Lupo which I caged years ago and ran track days and wanted to get better every time I went back on track. Also going around a track 24h is not stale or boring at all (8 1/2 in the iRacing Daytona 24h earlier this year, obviously subjective but you get the idea) The urge to improve in time attack is insanely big


Doing it yourself is awesome, I'm not saying it isn't, I'm just saying that the potential for YouTube content is lower than that of Drifting or racing others. I also love watching racing, I don't miss a F1 race or Lemans, but that stays interesting because of the multiple drivers and teams that are portrayed.


Oooo, yeah from a viewer standpoint it could be a bit boring if they’re not into it (same goes for drifting ofc) but I get what you mean now, true And same, literally don’t miss any IMSA races, Indycar, F1, endurance races and sometimes I even watch some NASCAR stuff. Same with iRacing special events, tho I usually drive in them myself


I don't know, people seem to love it when he does the evo track days.


yeah, but they probably wouldn't if that became even 50%+ of his content.


I love Lz's content at the firm. Watching him shave miniscule time off his laps is WAY more entertaining than watching him fuck up or get fucked at FD imho. ​ seeing him turn his evo, porsche(s), r34, ect, ect, ect into capable grip mosters would be way cooler to watch rahter than skid pads, or dealing with shitty judging from both fd and kk. Adam can drive fucking fast too. He knows what he's doing. he can get drift content from Japan, drift week, and grassroots events.


It seems like everyone who was tapping walls was entering just after the crosswalk, he was pulling the handbrake before and coming up short every time.


Reminds me of working at big brown delivery. Getting the opportunity to drive a truck wasn’t based on performance numbers but what a few people said. This type of system is BS. He should go do some proper racing. But I feel with DRIFTHQ purchase this make more sense for marketing.


Drifthq makes him want to be very involved in drifting, he is their best advertisement Id say


Just get tf out of fd and evolve into another sport like the GT3 Cup or something like that, that bs series is rigged af in favor of big sponsors drivers


I think he should start his own series. Klutch Kickers is a good series but being on the same track gets old. At the same time for him and DriftHQ lets face it grass roots is where the exposure is at for the majority of it. There isnt anyone watching FD going oh DriftHQ never heard of it let me go look. If they backed a SE regional series that was say 7-8 rounds all different tracks around the South East they could expand that into 4 different series that encompass each corner of the country and it stays affordable to actually go drive in these series. It also get DriftHQ and LZMFG insane amounts of true I will buy your shit exposure.


I asked like 3 times now but does anyone remember this ever happening where a chase driver zeros out and then in their lead run they are hit and not able to finish? if so what happened? im still bothered that they thought it was ok to just judge 3/4ers of a lead runs to come to a winner


I though the rules stated that an soon as a run is incomplete it cannot be judged at all but I guess not…? This “Motorsport” blows dick imo.


Did they push this dude to Pro 1 just to shit on him?


No you can jump to pro 1 immediately after just one podium appearance in pro2 which Adam did because the pro 1 guys had more rounds this season and he wanted more seat time


No you have to finish top 8 in pro 2 which he did. You could also petition to move up to pro 1. Now when someone gets a fd license they can choose if they want to be in prospec or pro


I’ve watched fd for a while and I love it when the judging is good but the last two years the judging has been shit. It’s almost like they’re doing it on purpose to create controversy. I can deal with Jarod spewing garbage out of his mouth but they need to get all new judges maybe even do 5 judges instead of 3


Ok im gonna get some hate now but i guess we are all here to come with our meanings about things so here we go. From MY point of view i think the judges are numbnuts,they for sure have fav's and so on. However,lz's chase was bad,he was fsr from Odi the whole run,missing what needed to be hit and completely shitting himself on the last clip. On to the lead,he did a bad job at hitting the clips here too. Very shallow and just in all not a good lead. So if you were to judge from lead runs Odi for sure got it. Was it fair? No. Should it have been an omt? Yes. Could i have done it better myself? Hell no that track with those cars are terrifying. I guesd what im trying to say is,if we take odi hitting him out of the equation lz did a sub par job unfortunately. But the judges are terrible.. but i do agree with them for the leads being judged. But yeah...that should have been an omt. Fd is a shit show and the only way to make them realise it is by not watching it. If they lose their viewers its not worth shit.


Except Adam should’ve have had an incomplete. Based on the call they made before his run where dia went 4 wheels off and wasn’t counted as incomplete


As i said,the calls they are making are shit. But if i were to judge dia would be incomplete,as would adam be for his last clip and odi for his hit. That would leave lead runs to be judged and odi actually did better there.. if we are gonna be non biased either way.


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