In today’s episode ole Rubdick tries to swap M0t some bearings for his bumper then ends up giving him the bearings and 100 bucks. Juggin and finessin dood


I knew shit was bout to go down as soon as tommy said, "we'll talk off camera" that's never a good sign when haggling a bumper for some bearings


dude got screwed on that bumper lol


Was waiting for that airbag to claymore will’s hand into the stratosphere when he was yanking on it


Front towards enemy


Tommy correcting Chris's English was the best.


I can’t blame them - but this is about to become the fcp shoutout channel over the next month or two with will’s build hahaha


if i'm will and i think they just gave them the parts for free. i will shout FCP every time i'm on the screen and i'm touching the BMW. they are a good brand i used them a lot for my Volvo, unless i was getting my boss to make the part cost ( used to work at Advance autozone) FCP was cheaper every time. i did not knew about Rockauto at that time


No way those timing tools are that much, unless there the OEM tool. Just get the junk on Amazon they are only going to use it once. Or rudnuck spec it and buy a tool and return once finished


I don’t know exactly what they need but a simple search for “n54 timing tool” on Amazon found a kit for 90 bucks and “n54 crank seal tool” found one for 66 bucks. While it’s not cheap, it’s not $800 in tools. They just need to bite the bullet and buy the proper tools the first time around. But this is exactly why they need to do their research before diving balls deep into an engine they’ve never tore into before. Naw mean?


They need: The crank bolt holding tool, Timing tensioner tool(have that), Cam holding tool, Cam wheel tools, Front main seal tool (install/taking it out), Proper valve adjustment tool, and the Oil chain tool And not to mention they have to install everything in a specific order or none of it will go on LOL


Dang. This is why my 90s shit box is American made. Plenty of resources on building a small block Ford. I don’t belong here. Hahaha


i have a 96 S10. they are Cheap. cheap parts. plentiful in the pull-a-part, we have repair manuals on the cheap, plethora of Youtube videos and forums available to reference. and above all, most of the stuff needed to do on the vehicle was made to be easy due to being a baseline pickup truck


dude, i dont think they even read a guide or watch a video before they do stuff. me personally i watch like 10 videos read a couple of forum and then make the part list and tool list before i tackle any new vehicle repair. i have learned that having the right tool will remove the frustration and lower the time to to the repairs. at minimun will should have watched the whole process to get to know this process and he should get a physical repair manual that he can reference in a sec ( instead of having to go back to the phone )


Hopefully he learns from this and never has this issue again in the future. It’s a good lesson to learn but a hard vehicle to learn it on


"The rollpan looks ricey" 1 minute later "Hahah imagine the truck with a diffuser"


Coming from rudnik with the rice bodykit on the GT-R


They tried to buff that plastic fuse box cover…these two are actually dumb and dumber.


why do you think we all watch? lmao


I used to think it was just an act, but it’s really not. It’s too natural 😂


He forgot to use a paint depth guage.


i was like oh well he is at least using some Windex to clean it. then will says to polish it. i was like no that wont work. then he goes and throw a bunch of compound in the floor.


Damn Rudnik has like zero braincells. WHO TF USES ALUMINUM LUGNUTS WITH IMPACT DRIVERS


>WHO TF USES ALUMINUM LUGNUTS ~~WITH IMPACT DRIVERS~~ I legit do not know why aluminium lugnuts exist (aftermarket, obviously), it's a terrible material for the application and the weight savings are tiny.


what the fuck kind of junk ebay brand sells aluminum lugnuts to begin with?


AutoZone locknut kit


A lot of reputable companies sell aluminum lug nuts, I wouldn’t ever buy them though.


Who impacts on lug nuts other than walmart techs?


As long as you limit it to 1 or 2 ugga duggas to meet spec it should be fine.


I normally go like this. Tighten the bolt so its about to go ugga. Then i go ugga,ugga and the final fast dugga. Its allways perfectly tight.


me because i am lazy and i don't think I will break BMW wheel bolts lol


Who even uses aluminium wheel nuts? They’re absolutely terrible, they cold weld themselves to the studs, strip / crack easily. Friend of mine had a set from a reputable brand, torqued to spec and had a wheel fly off on track


“Tom can lick a sack” Im weak


Man yea that center console sure is annoying and in the way of getting a good sized screwdriver in there to pry that flip off. If only there was a way for the steering wheel to rotate away from the center console to reach that spot.


In this episode Rudnik's Hack mechanic skills are exposed by willi boy


Rudnik's fake laugh and that cali girl voice he does is fucking unbearable.


At least he's gotten rid of the hissing for the most part. Seeing him on other people's channels makes the act much more obvious.


Bones reds $30 bocks on amazon holy fuck


The whole scene with the buffer had me dead


This really is Buffoon Garage


I wonder if will knows that steering wheels can turn and that they make smaller screwdrivers then the huge fucker he was using.


I was just thinking a good set of curve picks will be easier and they are like 10bucks at the parts store


"I kinda think the roll pan is rice." Next clip, bumper removed. "Imagine with a diffuser hang off with nice pipes coming out"


Ruddy's "major mods" today consist of a used stock rear bumper, tailgate handle, fuse box cover, and a steering wheel. Still has the idea stuck in his head that he needs a different engine to make power. Kind of a skip


The way he treats the truck and overall condition. Just drive it into the ground with the LS. It doesn't need to be a psycho build or anything. He uses it to haul shit. Who cares.


I’ve said a hundred fucking times if he would turbo that it would fuck so hard. He’s a dumb ass


Wouldn't mind if he just kept it simple with a lsa blower or procharger


Exactly. He’s being dumb


It takes too much thinking power for his brain to piece together a turbo setup. To him it’s easier to put in a different engine because Tom will do the wiring again for him.


That engine will take a lot of boost. It’s got a lot of miles he doesn’t need to gap the rings. He should at least do a centrifugal blower


the roll pan is way better than the bumper.


definitely looks way cooler


I agree a roll pan would look better, but not that janky “bolt on” roll pan Tommy has, if you add a roll pan to one of these it must be a proper weld in job that doesn’t look like it’s ordered off Wish


While Chris does have a point about the bumper looking better than the rollbar on Tom's truck, his tailgate is fucking aids and no amount of polishing is going to fix it. Watching Willy and him use the buffer was like watching two monkeys try to figure out how to fuck a football. I also really wish he wouldn't call it the FOCKIN 'RADO DOOD.


Hurricane will is leaving a path of destruction as he goes


I'm not an expert on detailing by any means but they are definitely using that buffer all wrong. They have it on like warp speed and are putting all their body weight into it. That tailgate's paint was fucked to begin with though, needs to be repainted either way. But yeah they basically just burned through all the clear coat. Also it's hard to really tell through the camera but the car looks dirty AF, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to buff it when it's actually clean....


Basic white paint on a base model GM work truck is garbage paint. As it should be. There's no reason to spend more on something thats gunna get worked over. That shit gets scratched up, stained, marred, raped. Shits gross. These things are supposed to get auctioned/scrapped every 5 years or so whenever the company orders a new fleet. They aren't supposed to last. Especially if hes doing the over fenders and shit, i dont see why he doesn't just get the thing painted on the cheap, bondo over or pull the dents as best as they can. Its a beater, give it a once over with the paint, one layer of clear. Call it a day.


Yeah, and the shop even has paint booths and paint mixing systems....


cheapest paint job he would get. just pay tommy. is gonna be 100% better than maaco


Its the circus up there, they dont do anything right


next level of stupidity


let destiny take its part


Aren't you just supposed to only push the springs in and hold them a sec to snap out the airbag? At least that's how it worked on all cars I ever saw an airbag removed. My god, these guys really don't know shit about doing things the right way. That N54 will never work again the way it should unless they are smart enough to have Josh have a look before they do something irreversible. But it is for sure entertaining. How long till ole Tom loses his shit for Rodknock destroying something of his?


if my 40+ year experience German mechanic friend has trouble working on timing systems on BMW due to the nature that they move one teeth and you have to redo it a couple of times. i don't think will will have the patient to do it


Wasn’t it just a couple of videos ago that Will genuinely said something to the effect of “Ruddy spec is coming die Fyeah spec.” I knew it would never even been close, but good lord these guys has zero patience or care when doing anything. I wish Tommy would’ve decked both of them for spraying compound all over the place. Or if somehow the airbag could’ve deployed while will was hulking that thing off.


roll pans are fucking truck rice, my boomer ass father has one on his ranger


Bolt on pans are, proper weld in’s neaten the back up perfectly.