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Yes! Good job. And once he finds out it didn't even bother him make sure he can talk sense onto the people who convinced him otherwise.


Do you have Joe Rogan’s phone number???


Joe Rogan is Gwyneth Paltrow for men and your fiancé needs to know this.


Instead of Goop it's Poop courtesy of ivermectin


We don’t need a Joe Rogan scrotum scented candle


Oh god…where does the jade egg go?!


Heard of /r/sounding ?


I've heard of it, and that's why that link is staying blue.


Speak for yourself mate lol.


Oh my God. You have hit the nail on the head! He SO is Gwyneth Paltrow for men! Not a good thing to be!


Holy shit I never thought of it that way... lmfao oh that's good!


Does he sell penis scented candles?


He used to hock Fleshlights. I guarantee those smelled like penis after awhile.


Sick burn, but true....


This is the most apt description I've ever heard.


Haha brilliant!


I enjoy Joe, but I will never take medical advice from a celebrity. Just like I don't go to my doctor to hear him play guitar or tell jokes.


Best advice ever. Except for the liking Joe part.


Please tell your fiance that you heard a rumor that Joe never even *had* COVID, he just made it up so he'd be able to explain to his wife why he'd been given a prescription for azithromycin (Z-pak) which by a crazy coincidence is also a well-known treatment for the kind of gonorrhea you'd pick up from a groupie in Florida.


This is VERY believable.


It's entirely possible.


Hell, it’s on the internet. It’s gotta be true.


Jamie, bring that page up


Can... Can you make it bigger? I can't read it from here.


Gut instinct > facts, and thems just the facts.


I've seen it on the internet too, it HAS to be true!


[64 synchronized Joe Rogans](https://youtu.be/sYrAdwuxIxM)


has anyone inspected the size of rogan's balls yet? they could be stricken with trinadadian cousin's friend's swelling syndrome.


I did inspect them. Having Covid caused them to "raisin" up.


That was his steroid use causing that.


I came to say this. High and outta sight.


I'm using this tomorrow. I've got no problem with lying if it will save people from needless death and this garbage. Good idea, even if it's technically unethical. Can't think of anything less ethical than spreading misinformation that gets people infected with this garbage.


Heed ye the lesson of DARE!


Lol. Those Florida groupies man... At least you don't need lube, they bring their own




That helps! Keep going! Let's get this orgy messy!


"Uh yeah guys, Covid really kicked my ass... and my balls... and my penis..."


Oh my fucking god, fuck Rogan and his faux macho bullshit. Just tell him that if he is going to listen to that complete blowhard *that still relied on elite doctors to issue him the monoclonal antibodies* that he better maintain a couple million in life insurance. Joe Rogan is a fake tough guy. A millionaire attempting to behave like he is from your hood. He isn't. I am so sorry you have to deal woth that shit.


Thanks to Joe rogan it took this fucker *HOW MANY MONTHS* to get the shot? Wow. Fuckin wow.


> Joe Rogan is a fake tough guy. You forgot to mention that behind his carefree fearless tough guy persona he is apparently actually super terrified of COVID, so this is extra ironic


Is it true he didn’t get the Vax because he is the size of a 10 year old?


all those steroids really take a toll...


Hold on- I thought he has been mum about whether he had the vaccine or not (ie. just like \*ucker Carlson). Did he come out and say he never had the vaccine?


He has not afaik. I would bet money he did or at least did after his 3 day bout with Covid. When addressing his fans, he also conveniently left out all the rich people medicine he most assuredly had.


Rogan’s also spineless in general. He becomes a sycophant to anyone he remotely wants to like him and contradicts himself constantly because of it


Joe Rogan told Eddie he should stop spewing flat earth non sense because Eddie had a following and he could taint the minds of his young followers. Present day Joe Rogan -" if you're young and healthy you don't need the vaccine" While he pays out the ass to get every possible treatment he can against covid. Also half the life stories he tells are fake. You're telling me, a past coke fiend who takes tons of psychedelics is supposed to be trust worthy? I'm all for certain drugs, but Joe Rogan is just a trip.


And the steroids he may have taken will not have helped. Seen some young ‘fit’ gym guys getting very sick.


I wonder if a life insurance policy would ask if you're vaccinated nowadays. Even if young, their risk is too high if you're not. I wouldn't insure anti vaxxers. Shows a wider breadth of poor judgement.


I sell life insurance and no they do not ask about vax status on an app but obviously when they check your med records to qualify you they can see. But based on the data so far, covid has not impacted the actuarial tables for life insurance l all that much. Basically the ppl who are at a high risk of dying from covid are already a higher risk of death to the carriers for some other rated reason (heart problems, diabetes, obesity, etc), and the young health ppl (who get the best rates) are already low risk to the carriers and since risk of death from covid is also low, vaxed or not, with these ppl them being vaxed or not doesn’t really move the needle one direction or another in any significant way that would lead to them being uninsurable or have to pay a higher rate.


Also, the unvaccinated don't seem to worry about life insurance anyway. That's what Go Fund Me is for.


Didn’t he go the ivermectin route?


He went the "everything and the kitchen sink" route *hard eye roll*.


But he heaped all the credit on Ivermectin. So infuriating. I listened to the segment where he talks about his experience and it's so outrageous. The guy must have spent a million dollars on his treatment but heaps all the credit on the horse paste. Then he got upset at CNN calling it horse paste when he got it from a real doctor/pharmacy. Yeah, Joe. The fucking problem is that people are buying the horse/goat/sheep versions because of your dumb ass podcast. Ugh.


He talked extensively about the fact he used ivermectin, but in the background he received monoclonal therapy which is what actually worked. I’d wager a hefty sum that if we could get his script info we’d also find out joe took a negligible amount of ivermectin, not enough to harm him but enough that he could SAY he took it.


If he even had it at all... I think he was making it up.


He got monoclonal antibodies. Everything else was so much horseshit.


He got the Trump medicine Regeneron.


Rogan... the least funny actor and least interesting character on News Radio.


While you're taking the ultimatum route, get him to ditch Rogan too because you don't want to be married to a guy who idolizes that idiot


A colleague a couple of years ago asked if I listened to Joe Rogan. I had no idea he even had a podcast at the time. I said No and she said "oh you seemed like you would. You might like him." After listening to a few of his clips this year I realized she was insulting me. How anyone listens to him and feels enlightened I have no idea.


Somehow, I already knew. Thank you, OP!


Why are you still getting married?


My arm was sore on the 2nd jab so I woke up in the middle of the night and had to take Advil. Crazy side effects! /s Big props and best wishes to both of you!!


I wouldnt count on it, i know this type... loin cloth for a t-shirt, red flags and then some.


That’s right! If he wants to marry you, he’s gotta get vaxxed. You’re worth it! Good luck to both of you!


Thank you!


Long and happy life to both of you, OP!


You guys might not agree on everything but this is showing he’s willing to compromise. That’s great.


What happened to his shirt?


I believe that’s a birth mark.


Other take: I would want my partner for life to understand how to make the basic decisions to stay alive and not leave me griefing unnecessarily.


Remember you aren't fully protected until two weeks after shaving off your goatee.




Fuck Joe Rogan


I just saw a clip pop into my feed where he's post covid talking about how he legit believes that vaccines are being pushed because there's some big pharma conspiracy that should be made illegal because there's treatment (he said vaccines should be only mandatory when there is no treatment and he considers his horse pills to be a legit alternative for everyone). I really used to like him and he got me into UFC and other stuff but he's completely lost his brain mind.


he's literally the poster child for toxic bro-culture. Dumb as a sack of rocks, with only a rotation of 3 topics to talk about with all his guests: dipshit conspiracy theories, gymrat bullshit/fighting, and having Jamie pull up videos of chimps eating peoples faces. All his podcasts, even with the most interesting guests, end up being extremely boring because he doesn't do any basic research on the guests so he can ask informed questions either. It all just devolves into talking about eating bowhunted elk meat on DMT while smoking weed.


Wait, is he smoking the weed while eating the elk meat, or while talking about it?


I always thought he smoked the elk meat in weed and ate weed infused elk jerky on air


Is *that* how it works? I've just been shaking my weed around in a bag of jerky before I smoke it. Doesn't really improve the high, but my beard has never been thicker.




The last episode I finished was Michael Osterholm in March 2020. Joe has since lost his damn mind.


He was garbage before that.


You did what you had to do. Good call!


And he wore the perfect shirt to get the shot.


Is that what that's called?


“220. 221. Whatever it takes. “


Mr Mom…classic


Cheers🥂to your continued good Heath!


Reward him with a new shirt


Winter hat, homemade tank top, keys jangling on a carabiner. Your fiancé isn't a Joe Rogan fan, by any chance?


...what do carabiners (which my phone is DETERMINED to correct to carabineer) keys have to do with anything? Asking for a friend (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;) And yes, OP confirmed that Joe Rogan was a major influence lmao


How is he going to be able to wear a toque indoors in September if he has a shirt to keep him warm too though?


You’re completely disregarding the massive cool factor in wearing a toque indoors in September. It will totally counteract the shirt.


but like a whole one


That is a hole one


Then, take the scissors away from him.


I don’t understand how you can have a relationship with someone when there’s clearly a fundamental difference in opinion about basic stuff like this


Fiance too, not just a boyfriend. This is someone OP is committing to spend the rest of her life with. And he can't even wear a fucking mask. Imagine spending the rest of your life with someone who completely disregards innocent people's health by refusing to do such a basic thing as wearing a mask. And OP has claimed in this thread that she gave him lots of masks already and that's what he chose to wear to a vaccine appointment/visit. He's a selfish douche and OP is brushing it off as if it's no big deal and continues to excuse/enable his shitty behavior.


I fully support OP leaving him, and continuing her battle of getting engaged to anti-vaxxers and then getting them vaccinated.




Yeah this reads as 100% enabling. I’m happy he’s vaxxed but if it took almost losing the relationship to get it done, she’s a fool to think this will be the last major point of contention. Shits sad.




> about basic stuff like this Life saving preventative medicine during a global pandemic doesn't count as 'basic stuff' to me.


Congrats but is he aware that he’s missing quite a large chunk of his shirt?


side effect of the vaccine the libs don't want you to know about.


n95s are cheap and work a hell of a lot better than whatever that thing is


True story last winter while getting ready to do a bike ride with my kids I bumped into a maybe 50ish woman who was a local park ranger wearing one os those malicious compliance fish-net face masks. I was so dumbfounded I didn't know what to do or say. I ended up not saying anything for fear of her writing me a bs ticket or something but I really regret not taking a picture and anonymously reporting her. I mean wtf.


it’s their way to not wear a mask


Iirc I read that neck-warmers are the only form of face covering that makes you spread out MORE particles when you breathe (edit: that was a false alarm when the news came out; still, they don’t filter shit). I couldn’t care less if they look cool, there’s a reason why we use specific types of mask — even blue surgical ones are fine if your main goal is to protect others and not yourself.


Great. Now get him to wear a mask instead of a fleece gator that is ~~literally worse than just not wearing a mask.~~ This particular claim has been refuted by the person that originally did the experiment. That said, [https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html) The CDC isn't exactly offering a ringing endorsement of gaiters. Edit: Yes, I know there's a whole refutation how it isn't "worse" than just not wearing a mask. I am aware that this conclusion has been refuted by the person that originally did the experiment. The CDC's guideline for gaiters is to wear a multi-layer one or double it up. Still going to call that an asshole move over just wearing a mask and I don't particularly care if you're salty about it.


MIT (and the original study author) disputes that claim. It would almost certainly be better to wear a mask with filter material, but it doesn't appear to be worse than wearing no mask at all. https://medical.mit.edu/covid-19-updates/2020/08/neck-gaiters > The short answer is that other mask options are probably better than a single-layer neck gaiter in many situations, but a gaiter, even at a single thickness, is almost certainly better than nothing. >The longer answer — and the backstory of how neck gaiters suddenly emerged as a topic of public discourse and debate — has to do with that study you heard about. But even more so with the way it’s been reported in the media.


Oh how I have tried. I have given up that battle.


What manner of shirt is that? I didn’t think there could be less shirt than a wife beater. That’s like a wife murderer.


That’s his shot-getting shirt, it’s perfect.




In my experience, if you live near enough farms or gyms and you're guaranteed to see these on a very regular basis.


Seriously. Have none of these people ever been to a gym? Or near one? They act like it’s a ripped up 40 year old worn out shirt. I’ve never liked them and don’t think their aesthetically pleasing, but still.


Hey, you got him vaxxed. That's the big one. I don't even know you, but I can imagine how relieved you felt after he got the shot.


Thank you. Beyond relieved. It haunted me.


You know, a bit of embarassment is better than years of misery. I don't know either of you but if something this common sense was a battle, I imagine you're in for a lifetime of battles if you decide to tie the knot. I wish you all the luck in the world, but hopefully you won't need it.


Get him to try a surgical mask. They're way more comfortable than cloth masks, or whatever that is. If he's going to wear something he might as wear something that works.


Would he wear 2 of them together? It is a bit better than one.


girl i don't know you and i don't know what either of you look like but from this picture alone i can tell you that you deserve better


I don't know you but I think you're absolutely right.




I want to honestly know how it’s worse. Can you please explain? What if it’s being washed daily and only used for a 10 hour, super hot shift before it’s replaced with a clean one?


It doesn’t prevent droplets from passing through it at all. Instead it makes them even more tiny and allows them to float in the air for longer. Think about the difference between a squirt gun and a mister. Fleece is the latter. Edit: I stand corrected. The author of the original study says it was misinterpreted per the link below and the one I got in a DM. Thank you for correcting me on that. I will however stand by my belief that unwillingness to do more than maliciously comply with the bare minimum during a pandemic is an indictment of character. https://medical.mit.edu/covid-19-updates/2020/08/neck-gaiters


This is often-repeated but totally wrong. It's based on a misinterpretation of a single study. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/17/well/live/coronavirus-gaiters-masks.html https://medical.mit.edu/covid-19-updates/2020/08/neck-gaiters >The short answer is that other mask options are probably better than a single-layer neck gaiter in many situations, but a gaiter, even at a single thickness, is almost certainly better than nothing.


Man, as if that shirt isn't a bigger red flag




Nah his underwear isn’t showing. That’s his Pants. But I knew the shirt would get some hate. To each their own on how they dress, couldn’t care less about that.


I'm sorry but that is 100% the band on some boxer briefs showing. Hanes brand, possibly? ​ Good on him for getting vaxxed tho.




Well my bad, it does appear to be underwear as I look closer. This chick was too busy looking at that sexy vaccine.


I think you're still ignoring the more key part of their question.. being the mask part.. lol


Shirt is fine as long as you somewhere warm! Getting vaccinated is what is important here. I wonder how many spouses were not able to get their voice to be heard over misinformation. You are a smart person


Women you really deserve better. He takes medical advise from joe Rogan. You also seem rich and I don't think anyone who took this long too take vaccine is smart. Please you can do so much better .


Good for you! Whatever it takes to get the job done.


Congrats on the wedding!


Congrats! 🎉


Thank you. I wish he would have chosen on his own. He’s a smart man. But I say, whatever it takes. I’m grateful.


Better late than dead!


Better late getting a vaccine than just plain late. :)


I'm glad he chose you over remaining antivax. Too many times we see people choosing FB over their closest relationships.


> He’s a smart man Clearly. He's got you protecting him.


No prenuptial widowhood for you!


I could live a thousand years and still not have the confidence to wear that shirt, kudos to him


I feel like that shirt says a lot... but the fact that he's willing to listen to you and do the right thing says something better!


Why the "Grrrrr" flair? This is good news, yes? Or am I missing something? I'm probably missing something. Either way, great to hear.


Lack of me knowing which flair to pick. And Grrrr for the effort it took to get him there.


It's IPA, I think (Immunization to prevent award)


Yep. That’s what I should have picked. 100%


OP, if you'd like the upgrade to IPA flair, check the daily vent thread for guidelines for verification.


That's fair. Either way, congrats! I hope you two have a long and happy marriage...and you've taken a very important Step 1, so hooray for your persuasive skills! He's a lucky man.






Daww....well, I know that would have worked on me if I hadn't already been trying to get my fat ass to the front of the line.


sounds like a healthy relationship


Just wait until the side effects hit. He will see a great wifi connection, increased strength, power over magnetism, hell he might even grow 4 inches in height.


I think "fiance decides he wants to remain alive" would be better.


You gotta do what you gotta do to end this fucking shitshow of a pandemic. Thanks for not just taking yourself out of the running, but dragging someone else out of the running! If everyone could convince 1 or 2 more people to get vaccinated we could save so many lives.


Good job! Hopefully he will tell all of his family and buddies to get the vaccine too. See, no feathers! Get your Free shots so we get this pandemic behind us.


Now he's likely to be a pain in your butt a long time. Congratulations!


Dang your fiancé really did made it easy for nurse to distribute the shot. Good on him/for you both. Even if many are getting the shot it still makes me happy to see the posts here now and then.


Thank you! ❤️


We only care because we care. Someone has to around here damnit!


Congrats! Keep him on track for the second one!


It says a lot that he’s willing to swallow his pride and get the shot to keep you, and that you kept him around so long despite his resistance.


Thank goodness the shot is free, this poor man can't even afford an entire tshirt.


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Wow.. he looks like a real winner. I'm sure you guys will go the distance, as long as you don't mind a tank top wearing, beanie sporting, tattoo having guy who doesn't know right from wrong without his fiance giving him an ultimatum 🙄 Hang on to that one! 🤣🤣


This is one of those cases where I wish the rumours that the vax caused sterility were true. This guy just emanates winner.


Please give your fiance a hug for me. I am immunocompromised along with almost 10 million people in the US. He is making the world safer for us! Edit: Thank you for the Hugz!


You're marrying a Joe Rogan loving dudebro that needed convincing to get vaxxed and doesn't want to wear a mask? Better pre-nup that sucker because that's not going to be a blessed union. Anyone who needs that much work to see common sense can't be all that.


He's stupid enough to be antivax and you still wanna marry this idiot?


I approve. Good job!


Humanity thanks you!


Congrats, best to you both!


Save me some wedding cake 👍


Congratulations 🍾


Yay! Good for him. May you enjoy a long life together!


You go! Use whatever you have to!


Good job. Glad to see


Excellent! Well done!


WOOT! Well done


You might have saved his life. Enjoy it together!


Im happy for you that he chose whats best for both of you.


Yay! Congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


way to go!


Congratulations to your fiance for not ending up dead!


I like this arc of the awards...


You may have saved his life, so he has to do his share of the dishes.


Took him long enough, Jesus.


Love this! My daughter's boyfriend is in the same position.




Just curious why he didn’t want to get it?


Had Covid. Thought he’d be fine. Listens to asshats


Not op but in another comment she mentioned joe rogan


Looks like a huge fuck boy