Kathy was anti-vax. Some of her friends tried to save her, some pushed her towards death. Covid kills in many ways, fast and slow. It took her very quickly. Get vaccinated.

Kathy was anti-vax. Some of her friends tried to save her, some pushed her towards death. Covid kills in many ways, fast and slow. It took her very quickly. Get vaccinated.


Shoutout to Carol and Rachel (and so many others) trying to save their friend.


I liked Dave's response, "Ok then, where do you want the flowers to be sent for your funeral?" Turns out he was spot on.


Also whoever told her to stay away from their doctor’s office if she got sick so as not to infect anyone there.


My wife is saddened by my lack of empathy towards these folks. I had to take her to the ER on Tuesday AM due to a ruptured ovarian cyst. There was an anti-masker/vaxxer in the ward with us. He kept taking his mask off. I literally said "Go die at home" because I am sick and tired of this. If you don't believe the science and medicine, then just stop wasting the resources. Plain and simple. Go die at home so the rest of us can receive medical care when needed.


My uncle had a heart attack and sat in the ER waiting room for six hours before he died, still in the waiting room, because there was no space to admit him due to all the COVID patients. The hospital tried to find another place to send him to but there was no where to go. I have zero empathy for these people who are dying unvaccinated. Fuck them.


Nobody in the media ever talks about this. These covidiots might as well have held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. I am *really* sorry for what has happened to you and your uncle. No one deserves that


Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has done a couple segments on people having died due to lack of space and hospitals having to reduce quality of care to "crisis" care (I think that's the term) where they triage based not on who is most in need of care, but who is most likely to survive if given care, so they're not expending resources to intervene only to have the patient die anyway.


I hope your wife recovers soon, I hear that’s horribly painful. I feel like you do, otherwise I wouldn’t be in this sub obviously. Your wife is lucky there are hospital beds available with all these idiots filling them up when it could be prevented. That’s the thing, she could have come to the hospital to be turned away because of these people. And then there’s one literally willing to spread disease to other people. Fuck that guy.


Are you kidding... we waiting in the parking lot for hours. It was our second hospital. The first one she waited for hours as well,. All because of COVIDiots. Here's how the day went 12:15am -> Ambulance to hospital 4:00am -> left hospital because no treatment available... might as well go home and be in pain. 1:00pm -> OBGYN prescribes percocet in emergency visit. Sent back to ER 1:45pm -> Arrive at hospital, checkin. 2:15pm -> Drive to drug store, get Percocet, take percocet. 6:00pm -> finally admitted from the second hospital arrival. 11:00pm -> go home... It was a fuckin day, no rest. All because these numbskulls think they can 'do their own research' or whatever the fuck. Last I checked, they don't have the facilities and teams to do their own research. I hate that phrase. No one can do their own research unless you are researching something simple and mundane. An individual without equipment might as well be in the stoneage when it comes to modern medical science.


You don't do your own research, you look at existing research. And these people don't possess the training, experience or brainpower to interpret this research. So they just end up picking someone that tells them what they want to hear. I do the same, except that I am smart enough to be able to distinguish between a credible source and a total hack.


>I do the same, except that I am smart enough to be able to distinguish between a credible source and a total hack. Exactly what I do and exactly the point. People always talking that stupid line of 'do your own research'. You can't. What you can do is look for reliable/credible sources, read fully, understand as much as you can and try to find the meaning of words and phrases you don't understand. That is it. You can certainly research options, but to say 'do your own research' is disingenuous. Edit: Fixed an end quote as it changed how I meant what I said.


Oh my god. I had an ovarian cyst what, 20 years ago? It didn’t rupture, but I had a torsion and had to have emergency surgery — and I was *screaming* in pain. Literally screaming. They kept shooting more and more pain meds into me, because I couldn’t stop. My mom told me afterward that she was watching my chest rise and fall because they gave me so much she was worried that I’d stop breathing. I can’t imagine what would have happened if the hospital hadn’t been able to take me right away. Fuck these people. I hope your wife is doing better.


Yea, I feel you. Two years ago, she had a hemorrhagic cyst rupture as well (PCOS is a bitch). It caused internal bleeding that wasn't slowing/stopping so they did an emergency surgery for it. I can't imagine if what would have happened Tuesday if she had to wait that long. She was actively losing blood that time. This time it was just fluid that was causing pain/inflammation. If you know anyone with PCOS or have it yourself, you also know they have higher than normal pain tolerance just from dealing with it day to day. When she rated an 8/10 on Tuesday, my mind said 'You lyin... you know its a 12/10' :|


Yes! That was another one of my faves.


They never stood a chance. That badass Bald Eagle with those absolutely jacked arms holding the American flag was simply too convincing. No argument can surpass that Eagle. I mean, even I am having second thoughts and I've already been vaccinated. Time to crank my hog. Arooooooooo EDIT: SORRY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! I FORGOT TO USE MY CRANKING VOICE!!!! LETS CRANK THOSE HOGS!!!! ARRROOOOOOO!!!!! ROCK, FLAG, AAANNDD EAGLEEE!!!!!


Ain’t nothin’ more American than beating your dick to the flag, Patriot


Oh yeah there is, beating your dick **with** the flag!


What about beating capitol police with the flag? While singing about the flag?


A Confederate flag


When I saw that Eagle I tore off my right arm where they put the vaccine. I'm typing with just one hand, never mind the blood, it's nothing compared to the Freedom.


Hell, I just made an appointment to have my immune system surgically removed. CAUSE I AIN'T NO PUSSY!


Any time I see something like that, there’s a 100% chance that the person posting it is a selfish, unpatriotic douchebag. If they really cared about their country, they’d get vaccinated. Almost a million Americans have died from COVID in the last year and a half, yet they won’t do even the smallest things to help. If these people lived during WWII they’d be violating the fuel and materials rationing and yelling about their “freedom” while American soldiers died in Europe and the Pacific because of fuel and arms shortages. And even WWII only killed about 500,000 Americans in 4 years. COVID has killed nearly twice as many in less than half the time.


/r/birdswitharms meets /r/the_pack, love it


Dave is savage and I'm here for it.


No she needs a go fund me because her kids weren't made lazy by the government


It's far beyond time for us to drop our collective chill and respond to their stupid memes with snark.


I tried that the other day. Well, snark is wrong, I called her a fucking idiot and told her to keep her dumbass opinions to herself and to get fucking vaccinated. The woman was commenting on a friend's post. He deleted my response and not hers because he didn't want that kind of 'negative energy' on the post. I convinced him to delete her comments as well as to not give her a platform to spout her bullshit but STILL. That is the issue. People aren't afraid to bully these people into submission, make them feel so low and stupid that MAYBE, the 1% chance they change their minds. Because presenting facts and being nice certainly won't do it. "I respect your decision" my ass...


Congrats for trying. Personally I’m done with my good samaritan shtick. They can come to the same conclusion over half the country has (in the US), or they can continue to flail and have tantrums like a 2 year old who’s never been told no. My neighbor has been told to get the jab or get fired (govt worker). They’re having a party in case they lose the house because of having no job. It’s a cause for some of them, and yes, they’re willing to go to absurd lengths to be ‘free’. Kathy is just foul in her laser-focused trip to the grave.


Free to starve...


I always thought this. The ‘Ultimate freedom’ ideology that these people espouse, taken to its logical conclusion means you would be free from any obligations and participation in society. But what these people aren’t prepared for and don’t understand is that in that kind of a world, society is also free from all of its obligations to you. You want to be a freedom loving patriot? Go live in the woods, don’t come into town, for anything, ever. Have a baby? Have it by yourself at home. If something happens, that’s just the price of freedom, patriot. Grow your food in the summer and hunt and trap it in the winter. Cut down trees for heat. Dig a well for water. No more Walmart, no hair salon, no drive thru, no movie theatre, and certainly no job, no bank, no mortgage, no insurance, no social security, and no healthcare. Go be free. See how you like it.


But think about their feefees!


To quote one of their favorite lines, 'FUCK THEIR FEELINGS'. ​ Seriously. I don't wanna die because of these assholes and I'm vaccinated. These people are seriously going to kill off themselves and everyone else once a varient develops that will bypass vaccines.


And it's not just the conspiracy crowd. A couple months ago, I would go shopping and everybody was wearing a mask. Now I go out and I only see one or two people in masks. Hospitalizations are back near their all-time highs, and people with serious emergency non-Covid medical issues are sitting in parking lots waiting for a chance to see a doctor. But everybody seems to have decided the pandemic is over and everything is fine. I don't get it.


Its infuriating. No one cares. Even people who did before dont anymore. I feel like I'm in a pot of boiling water and everyone around me is excited its getting warm.


It's not mean, it's planning ahead!


Smarter than Dipshit aka Kathy


More people need to push back publicly like that




And please keep Kathy in your parts.


Yeah that one def made me raise an eyebrow and start laughing. These people are always borderline illiterate I swear. But they’ve all “done their research”…


Aka listened to Tucker Carson, Joe Rogan etc


Man. I used to think rogan was so funny back in the day. Now I just can’t even stand the sound of his voice. He’s just a fucking monster to me now.


The only time I ever thought Joe Rogan was funny was when he was on News Radio and reading lines written by actual funny people. I watched a single episode of the Man Show after he and Stanhope took the reins and never bothered again. It was just unfunny and kind of mean.


He single-handedly ruined DMT for me by narrating The Spirit Molecule documentary. Yeah, he's really spiritual 🙄


A perfect example of how psychedelics does not make a person enlightened or "woke"


True, in HS I used acid as a party drug to be able to drink like a fish. It took awhile before I had a spiritual experience.


Yeah the thing I hate most is these guys who make wild unproven claims, reiterate them over and over and then say “don’t listen to me, im a just a comic”. Come on dude.


All you need to know about Joe Rogan is Neil deGrasse Tyson had to go on his show to get him to stop talking about how the moon landings were fake.


Oh boy. Moon conspiracy nuts are the worst. 250 thousand people working in the most public enterprise where the Soviets, Chinese, Indians, Africans could score mega-Propaganda points, bursting the illusion? with events where it was easily tested by Ham radio buffs, astronomers, engineers and millions watched the launches and saw the hardware. There was a video guy who explained it was actually easier in 1970 to go to the moon then to fake the video.


I think you meant, "done they're research" or "done there research", lol.


I read it as 'keep it in your pants' the first time


Please keep Kathy's parts.


Still good advice


If she's creamated you could keep her in your pockets




I don't think she had brain activity before the Covid?


Yes, that part jumped out at me too. Sounds like it was a pre-existing condition.






*applies ivermectin horse paste to feet*


In lieu of an award I don't have to give, please take my hearty upvote on your post. It made me laugh almost as much as slide 12.


She experienced lack of brain activity long before covid-19. Had her brain functioned she wouldn't be listed in the Hall of Stupidity awards


That was such a messed up background. Hilarious as hell.


It happens so frequently too like wtf


The lungs were a nice touch


Hahahaha fuck. That was epic. 👌❤️😍🍆🍆🍑💯


That was really disturbing. You couldn't have used a blank background?


Such a jarring contrast in tone you couldn’t create this kind of depressing dark comedy if you tried.


It's been a minute since we've seen one with the party background hasn't it?


Oh no the party background again? Does Facebook actually not have any appropriate backgrounds for these situations or, wouldn’t know I haven’t needed to use it


Kind of wasted effort though. The anti-vaxers receive what they call the firehose of misinformation. Constant validation of their ideas from other anti-vaxers. In the one paragraph she says "you don't know what's in the vaccine" and then goes on to say you should go beyond Google and research. It would be easy to look up the ingredients of the vaccines and find out how they work. She isn't looking for answers - she is looking for people who agree with her.


The key there is “go beyond Google and FB.” Even if these people understood the “ingredients” of a vaccine and watched it being manufactured, it wouldn’t matter. They would make some other excuse because they’re looking for a conspiracy. Remember when they all believed Dear Leader until he told them at a rally to take the vaccine? Remember when it wasn’t FDA approved, and that was some deep conspiracy holding them back? Nothing matters besides what they want to believe.


This "what's in the vaccine?" line is pure garbage. it isn't a fucking cupcake recipe! It is a goddamn piece of advanced biotech that uses RNA fragments to teach your immune system how to respond to a pathogen. You might recognize some words, but you can't comprehend what those "ingredients" actually do. Besides, it is the exact sequence of the RNA strands that really matter anyway, which cannot be contained on such a list. Might as well ask what the protein folding structure of your steak is before it is cooked.


Also, give me a break. You don’t know what’s in your shampoo! I know the ingredients are listed, but my guess is anti-vaxers aren’t perusing them. Also love when anti-vax smokers say that. How many chemicals are in cigarettes? Do you know them all by heart?


People are worried about the chemical composition of an apple, because big words are scary. You can make anything sound sketchy if you dig deep enough. Especially with so much anti-intellectualism in the US


I have a masters degree in molecular biology and I don’t even know what’s in my breakfast


they’re not here to listen or learn unfortunately. so it’s a waste of time.


I feel bad for them, because it's possible they feel bad for Kathy as friends.


Me too. At the end of the day, they all lost a loved one. Even if it was a blatantly ignorant one. :(


I'm not on Facebook can someone PLEASE explain to me why so many of the "My sister/husband/whatever is dying, please pray" posts are on what looks like a fucking birthday card?


Even being on Facebook I can’t explain it... You have to pick that specific background out of a bunch of choices and it even gives you a preview of it.


Or just use plain text like a sane person


>sane person You see, there's your problem.


It's so perplexing to me. They are actively choosing to have that background for a death announcement. It's fucking insane, these people just have no clue. It really helps explain why the misinformation campaigns work so well on people with such low intelligence.


And there are definitely themes like that with just...solid colors.


Did Elaine comment in the death post and what did she say?


I'd like to know that too, she was a real piece of work.


Jesus throws a big party when they get to Heaven


It’s supposed to be a template to announce your child’s birthday or party. For some reason, families of covid victims use it to call their stubborn loved one’s death date/time, fairly inappropriately.


I keep hoping it's just old people being old people, but damn at some point somebody needs to say hey turn the fucking background off, because it looks like you are happy, and celebrating that your family member is now a fucking vegetable.


They were a running theme on oldpeoplefacebook before Covid. Now it's carried over


I’m on Facebook and I can’t explain it. You have to actively change your background to a template




“Kathy is in the hospital and they are saying she has no brain activity!” 🎂🎈⭐️😃🎈 I really have no words for the choice of facebook backgrounds for these kind of announcements.


I live for these. My loved one passed away! 🥳🥳🥳 Praise the Lord!💪🤠




omfg, I am am laughing so hard I am in tears!


The "get well soon" "He won't he's dead" cracked me up


It was the all caps response that did me in.




People must think those are sad tears, right?


I don’t believe those people do much thinking.


"My close relative passed away LMAO"


Please keep him in your parts


I initially thought it said pants and I was like ???


“please pray that she doesn’t die….” it’s a party🎂🎈⭐️😃🎈


I think a lack of brain activity was a chronic symptom of hers.


I think it’s what got her into this mess in the first place.


Hopefully u/buttery-bitmap is awake for this one 🎂🎈🎉


LOL sweet Jesus another one. Edit: Someone needs to grab the “My Sister’s Brain Dead 🥳🎂” flair.


You missed "Keep Kathy in your parts" at the end. I lost it


It's like the lady who thought LOL meant "Lots of love" > I'm sorry your husband passed away LOL


Kathy DeAd!!! We’re having cake!!!!




She was brain dead well before that post.


Please keep her in your parts.


Kathy sure showed Joe he's not the boss of her.


“Shove that vaccine up your ass, jam that ventilator down my throat!”




“They say it was from covid”. Fuck you


“They say // The price of my vaccine is not a price they are willing to pay // They die // Of COVID in an ICU bed and no one knows why // Why so sad // Remember we made an inoculation to save your life // Now you’re making us mad….”


Cause when push, comes to shove I will Save your friends and family with a mandate of my love


She came with Covid-like symptoms and died from Covid-like causes. Even her test came back Covid-positive but we may never know the true cause of death ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Carol is the shit


Yeah she’s the real MVP here


I'm seeing a surge in rational friends calling these people out in the comments. Looks like minds are slowly starting to change. Sad that it took so many deaths for that to happen.


Don’t forget Dave and Ronald. This lady was surrounded by people who tried. This is what baffles me - I thought it was a herd mentality thing. Her herd was trotting along the path - eating grass all regular like- and Kathy sees the nearby cliff and jumps. Idk.


All these people need their own Carol. Alas, too many are just hearing the same views bouncing back from the echo chamber.


i wanna know what Elaine is saying now


"She would have lived if they gave her horse paste"


Elaine the death pusher? That one?


Love the guy in the FB comments who told her ‘don’t go to our fucking doctors’, if her ass got sick.


Or Dave dropping the "Where do you want the flowers to be sent for your funeral?" ... damn.


Dave dropping truth like a Nuke. Have lost contact with so many friends who are anti vaccine.. so stupid. Especially the guy who farms .. dude your god damn sheep are vaccined.


He's definitely one of us.


Carol (et al) are so sick of her shit and I’m here for it! She was lucky to have friends that cared about her so much and tried so hard.


feel bad for Carol & the others, it's gotta be rough knowing you tried to save your friend & the mind virus won out


It’s heartbreaking and being played out a million times over in this country, people lost to QAnon, Tucker and Kermit the Frog memes.


I hate the "A patient cured is a customer lost" meme. Then please tell me what a patient dead is.


Well then Big Funeral moves in! Then….maggots.


I always new the Big Maggot was behind this whole thing.


The hole thing (that’s awful, I’m sorry)


>please tell me what a patient dead is In the case of an award winner, one less GOP voter.


It's tough to remember there is a silver lining.


That silver lining is the only thing keeping me from feeling a whole lot less hopeful about the future.


I'm really curious if any republican candidates lost their elections because too many of their voters died.


Bet on it being Ron Desantis in 2022


...and one less taxpayer/consumer! No may how you twist it, COVID sucks for *everyone* including the "bad guys in power"! They don't realise how one-sided their logic is. Do they really think the govt WANTS to shut down their entire economy for months and months on end? Getting vaccinated is one of the very rare things that are a win/win for literally the entire population


This part. The question that breaks the depopulation conspiracy theorists’ brain is: what do “they” have to gain from mass murdering us with a vaccine? I work in finance and the last thing these greedy fucks want is less consumers, more lockdowns, further supply chain interruption, and the other economic ripple effects of letting covid run wild. They wanna keep boosting those sweet quarterly earnings reports and get those executive bonuses. The lack of critical thinking is very disheartening.


The weird part is that it would make No sense in the rest of the world where patients aren’t customers.


But if they got cancer or diabetes, they wouldn’t push back on science or medicine this way. The only reason they’re doing this with Covid is because of politics & trump. He set the tone from the very beginning


And isn't it ironic that when they die their tRump worshiping loved ones say "let's not make this political" I believe it was the cheeto that made it political from the get go, was it not? The funny thing is they are marching to their deaths while he had his vaccine along with the rest of his family. If he had embraced science and took advice from the top doctors in the country when the pandemic hit I wonder where we'd be at now? And I can guarantee liberals wouldn't have gone the opposite way just to "hate on" tRump, because we believe in science.


Dummy 45 was handed an opportunity to be the wartime president he claimed he always wanted to be, yet he threw it away along with 700k lives. I suspect that if he'd taken it seriously, he'd have been re-elected in a landslide, and 400k-500k people would still be alive.


The level of incompetence he had to show to fuck up covid was enormous. He only had to put his ego to one side and let Dr Fauci do his thing. He couldn't do that though, he's too much of a big baby to let anybody else be in the spotlight, certainly somebody who is smarter than him. He wrecked the response, made the virus political and thought it was a worldwide conspiracy to get him out. The levels of delusion to imagine that certainly show how power went to his head. He even dared to attempt a coup, albeit he was unsuccessful because he was surrounded by people who were as incompetent as him. For small mercies we should be thankful. To lose a presidential race as the incumbent during a pandemic takes a special kind of loser. The yugest loser imaginable.


He's a big baby AND a classic narcissist. If you've ever dealt with one, at work or in your personal life, you know how incapable they are of acknowledging their mistakes or sharing the stage with anyone.


The Trump baby that appeared in London was hilarious because you know it killed him. Trying to convince Americans back home that all the Brits loved him, when really they don't, and the staff in London are trying to keep him from seeing the giant baby and having a temper tantrum. He must have seen it on the news ('another beauty' BBC hopefully) here. Unfortunately he won't have liked our news as Fox isn't on here. They broke the rules and didn't want to change their programming to be factual and fair, so they took it off the air after getting into trouble.


The exact date was February 28th, 2020 when he called coronavirus the "new democrat hoax". That was the moment it was made political. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-calls-coronavirus-democrats-new-hoax-n1145721


These Republicans sure seem to hate private medical. If only there was a better option they could vote for.


Why are these people so adamant about making antivaxx posts literally all the time? You would think they would just post once or twice and be done with it


It’s part of their tribal identity.


You nailed it. Tribalism is a hell of a drug.


I, for one, have come around to the idea that a huge part of these scumbags' tribal identity is trying to die painfully from a preventable disease. Keep dumb and carry on, people who are this stupid and eligible to vote.


Fear and denial. If you say something enough your magical thinking will create it. Similar to their bat shit crazy religious beliefs. I am genuinely glad that people choose to have a faith to help them through hard times, but these HCA live in a seriously fucked up world, where they can’t marry science, faith and government.


Agree ….with an added sprinkle of self doubt and persistent need for validation. I find it humorous. When some post their tough as nails BS it only screams how fearful and weak they truly are.




You're exactly right. It's like they never grew out of that phase, they just suppressed it and and it lay dormant waiting for an opportunity to come back out.


Thank you for that distinction. Signed, a vaccinated boomer.


Kathy is in all of our parts now


tarts & parts🎉🥧🙏


It looks like she had no brain activity before she got sick either.


Poor Carol. She tried so hard. 😞


Carol is the voice of reason and a real friend.


Dave said it well, “where do you want the flowers to be sent for your funeral?”


Dave if you are reading this announce yourself!


Oh gosh. Her friends really tried. But it didn’t matter. This is the kind of “I told you so” that hurts. The one friend, “Where do you want me to send your funeral flowers?” (Paraphrased) This one haunts.


Those are the kind of friends you want who won’t measure words when dealing with your BS.


love how the friends and family are just like this chat. some are still trying to have hope…and some “just fucking die then, and don’t come to our hospitals”


Carol spitting straight facts


Carol tried over and over to convince Kathy to be safer, way more times than Kathy deserved. What an absolute gem. When faced with a Kathy, be like Carol.


If you can’t be a Carol, at least be a Dave.


You never see more than one person commenting about vaccine safety. She had multiple. I bet she was fairly new to this extremism and the cult she got dragged into killed her.


Agreed. The way Facebook is set up, you usually get your feed “segregated” so that you start to see only the people who agree with you and you stop seeing the posts of people who disagree with you. That and many people usually eventually unfollow / unfriend people they disagree vehemently with. (I’m including myself in this — I’ve pretty much cut out all of the anti-mask / anti-vaxx / “Plandemic” morons from my FB feed after futilely arguing with them to take this seriously for months.) That’s why you almost always see echo chambers in the replies to these memes.


What's with the ass obsession? Taking the shot in your upper arm is perfectly fine. It helps with the 5G too.


I’m very curious if Carol and Elaine will say anything


I would like to know Elaines reaction.


If I were one of those who tried to convince her I would just tag Elaine into the death announcement and leave it otherwise blank.


Calling all parts warriors.


The Lord keeps his parts in me 🎂🤠


Elaine a future hca?


I want Miss Kathy nowhere near my parts.


Dave is a savage.


A. She had no brain activity prior to being hospitalized B. Her friend Carol should do a final post that says, "maybe you'll listen to me next time."


Defiance, denial, despair, desolation, death. All for the cheap thrill of owning a few damn libs!


So *that's* what they mean when they say Trump is playing 5D chess! Those are the 5 "D"s!


Pretty impressed with her comments section. Normally it’s hive mind with these people and their friends, so surprising to see almost all of them telling her to get the vaccine.


“They say (eye roll) it’s from covid.” You can still hear the skepticism in that statement


TIL "No Brain Activity" is an event that we serve cake for.


Her Facebook feed reminds me of 1970s cartoons with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.


That last post shows that they're still arrogant even after losing a loved one. "Cathy died and they say it's from covid". These people are insufferable.