When I tell you it took months to convince my mom…she cancelled so many appointments because of what her friends were saying. I cried when she sent me this!

When I tell you it took months to convince my mom…she cancelled so many appointments because of what her friends were saying. I cried when she sent me this!


I know that feeling, man. The day last month when my religious conspiracy-loving mom got her second shot was one of the most relieving of my life. I'm so glad she finally listened to her doctors and my dad after a serious non-COVID-related cardiac scare this summer.


We have a relative that took the advice of a teacher’s aide at the school she teaches at instead of asking her doctor…. I really wanted to ask her if she got a second opinion from the cafeteria cook….


YAY! Now tell her to dump her friends and get smarter ones before her current friends convince her how cool it is to handle snakes.


My 68 year old mom's friend group were all in a group text about where to get an appointment when it first came out. One of them was anti-vaxx, and they straight up dropped her. She's not allowed to come to their weekly lunch or anything else. I just think that's fantastic. Social shaming is probably the best tool we have other than a financial incentive.


Your Mom is in good hands. :)


If my grandma had any friends like that, she’d do the same. There’s a group of 6 or 7 of them (all around 80) and they all got vaxxed as soon as possible


Considering they’re old enough to remember the terror of polio, I’d say good for them!


Social shaming, specialty of the HCA house;)


I would def do the same. I’m not prepared to put up with their nonsense after what we have all been through.


If her friends are in her age group, they will probably have a date with covid shortly.


Most of her friends are vaxxed and scared her with side effect stories! She had Covid last year and wanted to rely on her natural antibodies as long as possible because she was terrified about side effects that were so so rare


The “side effects” ARE their immune responses, that’s the funny part. Aside from localized soreness from the physical injection, everything beyond that is just your body doing the exact same thing it would do if the full Covid virus was in there. This country has a massive education problem.


Meanwhile I’m scared because I *didn’t* get any side effects with either of my shots. 🙈


I had no side effects from my first shot, which was Pfizer. Second shot was Moderna and it kicked my ass for 3 days. It's just possible you were lucky :) My mom had Moderna for both shots and had no side effects.


I’m a Moderna as well. I’m also mildly immunosuppressed so I’m always worried about not developing appropriate antibodies with vaccines. But I’m sure it’s fine, and I’ll be in line for the booster when it’s available just in case!


Eh you might want to look into that, the fda hasn't studied the efficiency of mixing the two. They only say in extreme circumstances should you do that. Worst case, you'd need another moderna shot. Good news is moderna has a higher rate of protection after several months.


I'm from Canada where it was allowed, and studied, and the USA does recognize it as both are mRNA vaccines. Not everyone on reddit is from the USA.


Ok, good enough. Not trying to boss you around, we're on the same team.




Thanks for posting that Nature article. Because my first dose was Sinovac and the second was AstraZeneca, it was reassuring for me to read Daniel Altman’s comment that “A strong immune response to the mix-and-match strategy is “entirely predictable from the basic immunology”.” Eventually I’d like a third dose — this time mRNA vaccine. It’s possible that Sinovac’s effectiveness declines a bit faster than I’m comfortable with, but I’ll no doubt find out given that most vaccinees around here (Thailand) have received the same regimen.


Mixing vaccines is probably better than two of the same shots tbh


I'm not sure we should do anything based on "probably'. The HCA is full of people relying on 'probably'.


I am a toxicologist and I’ve been working in drug development for over 20 years. I base my comment on the limited data sets which indicate that mixing shots may elicit a stronger immune response. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01359-3


I agree, and thank you for the data. My comment wasn't meant to discredit you, but to make people think about accepting something based on probability.


This "probably" is a bit different than theirs though. Science dont deal in absolutes, everything we accept as fact today are "our best estimates based on our current understanding". New discoveries can easily cause a paradigm shift, as long as it's empirical, replicable, provisional, objective and systematic.


Its happening in the UK. My SIL got Moderna (i think, or otherwise Pfizer) after having a reaction to her first one which was Az for sure. She had to wait 3 or 4 months though whilst some trials were taking place, she got the go ahead and the jab about a month ago. And they are starting booster shots here imminently, which will either be Pfizer or Moderna, for over 50's, and pretty much everyone over 50 had Az as their two shots already.


Side effects were very minor for me (a sore shoulder both times, and some mild fatigue the second time), but I'm not complaining.


Your third eye probably grew internally. That happens sometimes.


Outside of the soreness in my arm, I just felt sleepy after the second one. Was actually kinda nice.




I was vaccinated as part of a pretty well-run federal program at my work (healthcare) so I’m not overly worried about that, but it stinks that antivaxx pharmacists/staff have made that something people even have to think about!


Are you saying everyone has to have a reaction? This is incorrect. Us older people have v little reaction if any. And im in the U.K. where I’m happy that the there’s no rogue placebo vaccinations. Edited rouge for rogue. Unless you like red.


I'll have the house red please.


Even educated people fall victim. It’s both education and propaganda through news media and social media and a touch of religious social peer pressure.


Just saying too, don't ignore side effects if you are worried. My mom had rashes for 4 days and was told not to get the 2nd shot until we know more about the rashes after the first jab. Thankfully it was nothing life threatening and she took her 2nd jab today.


Well that's good. There are no guarantees in life - but I am well pleased for her and you (and presumably others in her life who love her) that she has at least stacked the deck in favour of survival.


I just want to say, that is fucked up. I got my vaccine and now I'm going to talk you out of getting yours? I've read too many stories now that are beyond the pale, but this one makes me angrier than most. It never ceases to astound me how selfish people can be. I'm so happy for you and your mom that she got vaccinated.


She’ll have to find a new circle of friends soon enough.


Lol they’ll probably do the dumping for her. We shed those covid whatever’s, right? ;-)


I don’t think I could relate to this comment more, lol.


Lol. I was just telling someone at work that snakes are far more soft and supple than you'd expect them to be. I had to explain that I've only touched them at nature exhibits when a zoo worker invites you to touch them. I don't think she believed me.


You do have that snake-denier vibe about you.


Kudos to her, and damn her friends.


Those are not friends at all


... who needs enemies?


Your mom didn't win the award. Please salute her.


I’ve never been so happy to tell someone that their mother is a loser.


Any tips on how to convince someone? I'm super anxious about my dad not having the vaccine yet


I convinced two of my friends by sending them this story of a five year old boy who died from Covid. Once they realized children were dying they changed their minds and had their first shots that week. https://newschannel9.com/news/local/whitfield-county-deputy-loses-5-year-old-son-to-covid-19


Depends on why they’re scared of it. My mom was of the “I already had it so I have antibodies and I have a lot of medical issues that the vaccine could effect me negatively” opinion so I just kept on her about how Covid was much more dangerous for her than side effects and natural immunity can’t be relied on because you don’t know when it ends


Someone who explains all the ins and outs of how natural and vaccine immunity work together is Chise @sailorrooscout on Twitter. Their posts should be public and easily accessible to non scientists. She worked on the Moderna vaccine and can translate science jargon so nicely :)


Maybe pick out a few of the Awardees on here and show them to your dad. Literally not one single thing these anti-vaxxers says stops or slows down COVID in anyway. They end up dying on the Ivermectin, HCL, infused H202, prayer, etc. Also maybe show him some of the people who made it through COVID themselves or a relative did, and changed their mind about the vaccination. Good luck!


I've been sending my mom several series of these screenshots. She's not really fazed by them. She believes these people are dying, but simply thinks the hospitals are killing people by refusing to give that fucking horse paste. She thinks their problem was that they WENT TO THE HOSPITAL when they got really sick. She is also somehow convinced that the hospitals are full of the VACCINATED and it actually makes you MORE likely to get COVID. I don't know how she got so turned around but it's terrifying. Some of these people are just living in opposite world.


I work with an increasing number of people that have moved into this bizarro reality your mother is in. There are so many of them and it is like one big circle jerk of reinforcing each others crazy conspiracies. it's scary.


I dont know how to find it now but someone posted a set of statistics for hospital after hospital which graphically showed all those admitted for covid ad whether they died or not and if they were vaccinated or not. It was easily 10 admitted/dead for unvaxxed vs every vaxxed at every singel hospital Theres also soemone who posted here from Australia ,they are in a part where there currently is no covid but people are getting vaxxed in big numbers. There are no people dying of covid there which seems obvious but if your mum was right then there would be unless of course of all doctors and nurses are lying conspirators worldwide.


I have seen similar data and shared that with my mother. They weasel around all those charts. They say stuff like "if you're over four months out from being vaccinated, the hospital classifies you as unvaccinated" - basically anything they can do to undermine the data you're putting before then. If you ask for a source, they will inevitably say that they know somebody personally who works at a hospital and saw it for themselves, and so they trust that source over and above anything that can be documented and verified. For some, there is just no convincing.


It doesn’t work. My parents are firm believers that hydroxychloroquine is the magic potion that makes COVID go away. They’re absolutely convinced that the only reason people die of COVID is because eeeeevil doctors won’t give them the magic potion. Anything I say to them against it turns into an argument.


The recent AMA from a funeral director got me thinking. If they don't believe doctors and they don't believe mass media, I hope they believe the funeral director. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/prhzi9/a_message_from_a_funeral_director/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Ask why they are hesitant. Find someone that knows what they’re talking about to have a conversation with them-their physician (assuming s/he isn’t one of the 4% that thinks covid is fake). Don’t be judgmental or shame. Sometimes it takes using their beliefs against them. For example, when they say that they don’t want to have the government control them. Explain that they’re letting the government control them by ignoring the doctors and scientists recommendations so they get political clout (and are vaccinated). If it’s because of big pharma, explain that the money isn’t in the vaccine, it’s in the treatment for covid. The vaccine costs like $13 each. The antibodies, antivirals, hospital admission meds keep the lights on for these companies. This is one time big pharma has ever done something altruistic-they’ve given us a cheap, effective way to prevent illness instead of an expensive way to treat a disease. It doesn’t work for those that are down deep in the conspiracy loophole but I have daily conversations with my patients about the vaccine. It works for most of them.


What would you maybe suggest telling someone whose argument is "I don't know what's in it or how it will affect me in the future and I want to wait." I'm struggling with this with someone at the moment.


Ingredients list for each authorized vaccine is published and can be easily found. There are also numerous scholarly articles that breakdown the ingredient list and describe them in laymens terms. The science and statistics pretty clearly shows that the risks of the vaccines pales in comparison to the risks of covid.


I would consider showing them some reputable info on the vaccines and ask them what their actual worries are? Is it fertility? Is it turning into a lizard? Etc then maybe provide more simple info on that. A friend’s granddaughter was v hesitant. She is needle phobic and worried about fertility issues. She works in a care home 🥺🥺. Over a couple of months I’d share different bits of info - not too much of an overload. Stuff like the U.K. body for midwifes’ article on vaccines and fertility. I also shared a podcast about overcoming needle anxiety. Just little pieces and not an overload. She did get vaccinated abs when she had her first shot she told me she felt euphoric.


You can easily google the ingredients, mRNA is 100% natural and made by our body daily. We don’t know what’s in half the food in the grocery store, the meds being given if you get covid. You’re right, we don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine. But the body degrades everything within 72 hours. It is unlikely to have any ill effect weeks or months later. We do know the long term effects of covid, if you survive. Pulmonary fibrosis, heart failure, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, blood clots, etc. The vaccine has been received by half of humanity. At this stage, the largest trial has been achieved. It’s safe. It’s effective. It saves lives and money (if you live in the US where healthcare is expensive).


Congratulations, and I'm glad she got it 💜


It must've sucked to get your hopes up time and again knowing your mom had scheduled to get her shots just to have her keep backing out. But despite the fact that you were fighting what sounds like a steeply uphill info battle, you still won, and so did she. Nicely done OP.


That’s wonderful. Congratulations! I bet you feel so relieved.


Goddamn OP! This is your triumph.


Congrats to your mom! This is awesome!


Well done! Never give up. Never Surrender!


By Grapthar’s Hammer, you’re right!


You're a good son/daughter. You quite possibly saved her life.




Congrats, OP. Now hopefully you can help her find some better friends.


That's fantastic! Wish I could get mine to do the same. Unfortunately her doctor told her not to get it. I can't compete with her doctor.


My mom went to a pharmacy to get her shot and the PHARMACIST told her it wasn’t necessary since she already had Covid. I reported him


Oh, he'll no! I hope you reported him to his managers, his corporate, the state Board of Pharmacy, and the fucking FDA. Fuck that guy.


“Fucking guy” — Nandor


In the early days of vaccination, a few of the pharmacies were fucking around trying to second guess patients and doctors who said they needed the shot. They were good under state guidelines, but people would get there, and staff there would fuck around with people. ​ This was out in Western Washington, so some "corrective action" was brought down hard on some of these places. You also had some outright corruption. People schedule in, get there a bit ahead of time, and the pharmacist claims the batch spoiled and had to be thrown out. Meanwhile, out the back door they were vaccinating people outside of priority, cash under the table. ​ Haven't heard much in the way of criminal prosecution of these people, but I suppose suspending their licenses, not giving a location any more vaccines, and professional sanctions were the limit of it so far. ​ Once things freed up a little, and more were open to be vaccinated, people sometimes drove 2-3 hours to get to place where people weren't filling up the vaccination slots. ​ Now it's entirely the other way around, an uphill battle just to get people to free vaccination events.


Same thing for me. I bring it up all the time but 'well my doctor said...'.


It's frustrating af. They're our moms. We just want them to be safe. She told me in such a condescending voice, too. Yet she'll be mad when I tell her I can't see her.


Yeah, my mom doesn't respond well to any kind of criticism. She wants to visit in a couple months, I want to tell her she can't unless she gets her vaccination but I know I'm gonna feel the brunt of that frustration.


I think it’s fine to say you don’t want to meet her indoors. Or only if she isolates and takes tests. It’s your right too to live your life how you want.


Omg I am so proud of her! Thank you for encouraging her. I’m glad for you as it means your mom will stick around longer than if she hadn’t gotten vaxxed.


I’m glad your mom has made the real pro-life choice by getting vaxxed, congrats dude.


My MIL has dementia. She cannot make good decisions on her own. She lives with my husband's QAnon whackadoodle siblings. None of them are vaxed. I'm furious and if I had more money, I would retain an attorney to challenge their power of attorney. They are not making decisions in her best interest. I'm actually afraid that I would end up with an anti-vax attorney or judge though. WTF is going on? Why is everything so crazy?


🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations, that's awesome!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉




Yay, OP!! You get all the credit for your mom being a loser!!!!! Best kind of loser to be. I personally appreciate your hard work. Fear is hard to conquer. Hooray!!


Congrats. My mom died of Covid a few months before the vaccines became available, just a few days before Mother’s Day last year. Cherish your time with her for all of us who will never see our mothers again.


I am so sorry for your loss. My husband was hospitalized back at the end of 2020 for 8 days and it was the worst experience of my life. I’m so sorry that you lost her


Thank you, I appreciate it. I’m glad your mom is safe. Hopefully she can win over some of her ‘friends’ too.


Glad she finally listened to her family over her friends.


Congrats to your mom and to you for sticking to your guns!


Congrats to you both!! You’re a good kid and she’s really lucky to have you!


Yay, Mom!!! Raising a glass to your mom tonight, OP. Every one who gets vaccinated is one fewer to worry as much about. Sending you love and cheers!


Raised a glass over here, too🥂


I have a work colleague whose mom wasn't vaccinated because the rest of his family are anti-vaxxers. We're in the US but he's not from here. He took his family with him on vacation and flew *the fuck* to the old country, quarantined, and then got his mom vaccinated personally before flying back. I was so happy for him!




Sounds like you went through hell! Glad it was worth it for mom and you!


Well done!




Thanks for sharing this. It gives me hope for my mom. I've been trying to convince her to get vaxxed all year. She is nearing 70 and has a few health issues that would probably be disastrous if combined with covid. She is not an anti-vaxxer, but she is hesitant and fearful the vaccine will make her conditions worse. Her doctors told her that won't happen and they all insisted she get vaxxed. Her pulmonologist had a heartfelt serious talk with her about why she should get it and about all his patients in the hospital who have been dying. He tried so hard and did such a great job that I thought for sure it had convinced her. She was so close to letting me set up an appointment, but then one of her conspiracy-loving, misinformation-spewing friends called her and told her some BS, so she couldn't make up her mind again. And that's the problem. She has several friends who constantly send her misinformation they saw on Facebook and YouTube videos. She's also a Fox News viewer and watches Tucker Carlson regularly (fuck that constipated looking POS). I'm constantly debunking all this garbage, but it's enough to scare her into putting off getting the vaccine. Nearly everyone else in our family has already gotten it and the worst side effects we've gotten are flu-like symptoms for a couple days. No big deal at all. She even told my dad to get the vaccine back in April due to his health issues. I don't understand how she doesn't realize how reckless she is being with her own health. She said she'd finally get it when it was FDA approved. Then she delayed and said she would get it after her surgery. Now she says she isn't ready yet and will get it after she feels more fully recovered from the surgery. So tired of this crap. But she's my mom and I love her more than anything, so I keep trying.


That’s all I can do. Plus cut the plug off her tv and cull her FB. Seriously, can you maybe wean her off some of this - a well earned break in the fresh air to convalesce? Then tell her what she means to you abs how you feel.


I had a similar reaction when my aunt finally got her vaccine. I'd been working on her for months, and finally broke through her resistance. Still no progress with my mom, and I've about given up because I'm tired of being attacked and insulted when I bring it up. But I'll take the victory where I can.


I will always remember that feeling of relief, and my folks got it as soon as they could! Thank you for this. Every single one gives me joy. Your mom needs some new friends! Ones that will be around next year.


Question from Australia: why don't you guys have electronic vaccination records? These look ridiculously easy to forge.


I know. My two vaccinated US friends are on a European trip atm (they have passports!!). And they’re treated as unvaccinated in the EU because the cards can’t be readily verified.


I’ve heard that we will shortly, there are numbers I blocked out so that others won’t use those numbers to forge them but I honestly don’t know. Other than our country is full of crazies who will feel like an electronic database for Covid vaccinations is sinister in some way


Tell her thank you for making the right choice!


Great job!




Yay! Congratulations!


Seems like if anyone is able to convince people to get immunized, it’s usually their children!


I sent my dad a text after you wrote this, like you know what?! I’m the only girl, I am the only vaccinated child. I need to step it up!


Go you! Do your best but remember it’s not your responsibility.


Awesome. I love seeing these.


Your mother and I have the same countertop. I'm glad she has decided to join Team Pfizer.


Congrats! I'm in the fight now with my mom and this gives me hope.


Well done mum


Now tell her to help Stop the Steal by voting straight Democrat every time so this bullshit never happens again. Flush the Trump Death Cult.


I'm so happy for you and your mom 💗 lots of love from South Africa


How did you do it? My mom says she has no desire to get vaccinated. Religious, and doesn't really watch the news, but kinda struggles with media literacy. I had COVID back in December, but it was basically easy mode, so I'm wondering if she's assuming that since I bounced back and only really lost my sense of taste and smell during it, she thinks it's gonna be the same if she gets it.


I sent her lots and lots of articles, and also stories of people from this subreddit


High five man. Took me a month of almost daily phone calls to finally convince my mom. Eastern European "anti government" mentality. She's now double vaxed.


Hope you show her how much love she’s getting from all us randos on the internet:)


I will! My first Reddit post was about her too and she got a kick out of that!


It’s amazing how her love for you conquered her fear. Gotta go tell my mom I love her, now!


This makes me so happy! My sister and I have been pleading with my 61 and 62 year old parents (neither of whom are in the greatest of health) and my 91 year old grandma to get vaccinated, but they are the most hardcore Antiva people I know. Every lie, they believe. We finally told mom there's no Christmas with us this year if they don't get vaccinated. Neither of us wants to risk being the one to unintentionally give gram the kiss of death after travelling through airports and such. And you know what? She's unfazed. She casually said fine, we'll have to zoom then. I am to the point where I might not even believe her if she sent me one of these photos of her vaccine card.


I feel for you!


A little late but great work and I'm proud of your mother. She overcome her fears and peer pressure. Bravo!


Ahhh yayyyyy congratulations to you and your moms health OP 🎊🎉


Mom had me nervous for a while. I kept telling her any side effect of the vaccine can’t be worse than a ventilator. Thankfully her doc talked sense into her (we were fully vaccinated back in April)


I have that same countertop!


This made me cry. So happy for you and your mom!


Yeah! Tell your mom we are *so proud of her!*.


Mom i guess your friends were full of Shi* and now your safer.. Good luck


Good persistence. I would literally badger and drag anyone in my family to get vaxxed, though luckily since we are an educated bunch who understand science I didn't have to.


I've badgered every single effing day. Nothing has worked. I don't want to lose my mom. She's kind of my whole world. Fuck the people sharing this crap that will kill her. In my case it's mostly my dad and other family filling her head. Ugh.


Look up motivational interviewing. It works, it helps to hear themselves speak about it. You reflect and they often change for what’s best. We are the best influencers of our own lives. And it’s not shame based! You’re constantly reminding them they are smart and capable of making balanced decisions.




So happy for your mom!


That’s great!


Woohoo! Good job! I convinced my mom two weeks ago also!


My son and I got ours from cancelled appointments. We didn't want the vaccines wasted so we were on call for weeks ready to go.


I did the same thing! Luckily my mom wasn’t ever canceling appointments while the vaccines were hard to get. It took me a while to even get her there


That's good, glad you have peace of mind now and she is protected!


Congratulations. Also that is a lovely Corian counter top.


Good job OP


I really like this one - **blessings from the warios!** 😁


Gosh I’m so glad she isn’t going to die from Covid . Proud of her


You did good. We’re turning this ship around. Your mom is a hero.


Now that’s good news!


Good for the both of you!


This sub is getting overrun with IPA and honestly, congrats for them, they are all slightly less stupid, but who knows if they were anti vaxx anti mask mis-info spreaders. It feels like karma farming and I got my shots 6 months ago and it should be no big deal cause it isn't.


I nearly killed my husband, I brought Covid in to our house and tested positive the end of November 2020. He suffered. He had just broken a tooth and his dentist appointment had to be canceled because I had Covid. He suffered so much on a futon in our office. He couldn’t sleep from the tooth pain and fever. He couldn’t eat, he had no appetite and became nauseous which is a problem for a diabetic. His oxygen saturation levels kept dropping. He sobbed every day about not being able to sleep, about his symptoms not being able to get better because he couldn’t rest. About 10 days after he tested positive, I took him to the ER, hoping maybe they could do something for his tooth pain to help him sleep because he was incoherent. He told me that he was “working every job he never had“ all night long, like not sleeping just hallucinating that he was changing fryer oil, or running the board at the radio station, or stocking shelves all night long. His oxygen was on the 80s and they sent him home with a prescription for 5 Norco and said good luck. I drove an hour to find a 24 hour pharmacy to fill it. He was able to sleep after taking one but started rationing them because the dentist appointment felt so far away, and eventually they ran out. And his Covid symptoms weren’t getting any better. His oxygen levels were still falling, got to around 83. I took a picture of him to compare to older pictures to see if his lips looked bluer, but One morning I was getting ready for work and he started screaming in pain. I went in the office and he was holding his head in his hands screaming he was going to have an aneurism. I checked his oxygen saturation and it was at 78. I loaded him in to the car while our 9 and 6 year old girls were screaming “oh no not the hospital! we love you daddy!” And just sobbing from the kitchen. Where my mom had them away from us so they wouldn’t be exposed to us while we left. The whole drive there he was screaming that he was dying, please go faster! I took him to the closet hospital instead of the better hospital in the area because I was sure he was dying. They got him in right away and I wasn’t even allowed to stay another second. I went to a dollar general near by and got him a charger and took it back to the hospital for him. That was the only thing I could do for my husband fighting for his life alone in an ER. He got incredibly lucky that a bed on the Covid unit opened up that night, so he only had to wait for 10 hours for a bed. The next several days were horrible, every time I called for an update he had gotten worse. More oxygen, more interventions, time to go on the high flow oxygen, let’s talk about bipap, I would try and call him but he was too weak to talk and we never FaceTimed because he couldn’t hold the phone up and he didn’t want any nurses to come in to his room that didn’t have to be there because he was afraid of getting them sick. I have never been more scared in my life but he did come home to us. After about 5 days of getting worse and worse and having conversations with him where he had no energy and told me he was going to die, I called a nurse after the neighbors security alarm woke me up at 3 am. She said he was doing the same but then she said “and he is so funny!” And I just cried because that was the first sign I had of him being himself in all of the time, the next day I called and they had lowered his high flow oxygen, and the next day he was back on regular oxygen. He came home after 8 days 40 pounds lighter he looked so sick. My moms not a complete idiot but she is a hypochondriac. She has overdosed herself on vitamins in the past trying to be as healthy as possible (calcium and vitamin D, she’s not on to oils or anything). She would get scheduled and then her friend would have gone an had an allergic reaction to the vaccine and she would panic. She went in once and the pharmacist told her that if she had antibodies from having Covid that she didn’t need it. She was and has always been really swayed by anecdotes (from everyone but me ha!). I spent months begging, showing her actual research. She wasn’t swayed by anyone saying the vaccine was long term dangerous, but she has Gilbert’s syndrome and “has anyone looked in to how people with Gilbert’s syndrome react to a shot”. She was scheduled once and a Fox News loving family member told her I was horrible for pressuring her in to it and if she felt any doubt at all about it she shouldn’t do it. She asked me wouldn’t I feel terrible if she had an allergic reaction to it and died or had life long complications, and I told her I would but I was so confident that wouldn’t happen that I was still going to work on her to get this. She had Covid in October of 2020, and in about March of 2021 she started testing her antibodies every month. She was so sure that as long as she had those antibodies she was still protecting everyone from her spreading Covid and I worked on explaining to her that it wasn’t good enough against the delta variant, that her immunity could end at any time and she wouldn’t know until her next test and maybe that would be too late. She had two Covid scares in this time (known exposures) and made an appointment to get vaccinated as soon as her result came back, but when it came back negative she would feel like her antibodies were working and she wouldn’t need it. On Aug 1 she had her antibodies tested and they were gone. It still took until the end of the month to convince her because she was so sure she would have an allergic reaction and die of anaphylaxis. AND if you notice she was late getting her second dose. Because she did have a type of allergic reaction (rash) to the first shot. She was afraid the second one would be a worse reaction and maybe that one would kill her. So I set her up with a doctor who treats allergies who told her she could have the second shot done in their office and they would give her an antihistamine first. And it worked! She told me that she has had no side effects from her second shot at all. And is open to getting a booster when it’s time in that same doctors office. Tl;dr: if you’ve never lived almost losing a close loved one to Covid, if you’ve never experienced the guilt of being the one who exposed and nearly killed them, if you’ve never felt the heavy burden and stress of having to be persistent in trying to convince your parent to do something that might save their life, thinking every day about how horrible it was to nearly lose your spouse and that it’s all on your shoulders to save your mom from that because *nobody else in her life will* then maybe you could think it’s about being popular on the internet (I have plenty of karma actually from a picture I posted of my mom and I on a cruise, so I’m mostly all about my mom on here lol). But I wanted to share because it’s like a knot in my stomach is gone, the tightness in my chest worrying about her. And I know a lot of people here are going through the same thing, and I want them to know to not give up even though it would be easier


I cried when my mum told me that she'd had her first Pfizer - one week ago! She watches those assholes Marcus and Joanie religiously (CBN show) who peddle misinformation, scaremonger, and give a platform to "experts" who aren't even epidemiologists. She's still not certain that the vax is safe, but at least she's taken the first step.


I sent my dad a loving, supportive and non shaming text that I’ve been avoiding. Thanks for the reminder that there is hope!


Should have done it months ago, still a cunt.


I thought you were deciding to be better? My moms actually a bit like you, she bounced around jobs her whole life, tried a few times at community college in her late 30s. But she is the kindest hearted person I know, wanting nothing but to help others. Her dad was a screamer and a yeller too, and honestly she could have written that post you made. But she was scared and it was out of ignorance (that her past of having Covid would protect her and everyone else) that she waited so long, not malice. She’s not even remotely conservative. She went and had her antibodies tested at her cost for 10 months to give herself peace of mind that she wasn’t spreading anything or going to get sick. I guess what I’m saying is that I wanted to read your posts because I was interested in what kind of person says that, and I was surprised to find out that you are a LOT like my mom. And since she would never say that to someone’s daughter, I know you can be better than that.


Delete your comment. If you EVER have a hope of people actually changing this is not the way to go about it. Positive reinforcement does wonders. Attacking people makes them more likely to dig in. Imagine every teacher would say to struggling student "Yeah you passed this time, but you're still a dumbass" instead of praising their efforts and encouraging them to continue the hard work?


Way to go Mom!!


I cannot imagine your relief. Congratulations to you both!


Chipped! Congratulations!


Glad you didn’t give up!!


Now She can enjoy the freedom that comes with getting the jab.




Proud of you and your mom! It isn’t easy standing up to your friends


U are one fortunate person op, I’m happy for u


1957? You might have saved her life


Is it sad that the countertops looked similar to a family member’s who has been hesitant to get the vaccine so I immediately clicked hoping to see some sign that it could’ve been them but instead immediately I see the birth year is wrong so that means this family member is still unvaccinated?? I’m happy for you OP, that’s awesome.


This is such good news! Thank you for sharing. Also, I'm gonna leave this sub on a good note. Scrolling through dead ugly people -- SHOCKER -- has gotten me down about the state of the world. Congrats to your ma and to you for sticking with it!




Did anyone else zoom in trying to see if it was one of those chinese fakes? It's made of bamboo paper! lolz


She still needs help using a computer or her phone 😂


I’m so happy for you, my mother has Lyme disease, has been bed ridden for nearly a decade (with the exception of a 6 month period where I convinced her to try a plant based diet) and isn’t getting the vaccine apparently at the advice of her quack doctor, who is also the one who convinced her that she needed to reintroduce animal products and cut out grains. Needless to say she regressed from the dietary changes, and I fear that the consequences of this instance may be deadly. I can’t actually verify that this doctor told her these things, or if she’s making it up, but it’s incredibly frustrating and fear inducing for me. Especially as a front line health care worker who has administered thousands of doses over the past year.


Congratulations to you and your mom ❤️


Yes go Mom!! I’m so happy for you!


I am so so very happy for you! How nice to be able to flip roles and be the one nurturing your mommas life- just like she did when you were a wee baby. Just lovely.


That must have been a huge weight off your shoulders. Thanks for sharing this uplifting news!


So glad for you and your mom


So your mother has chosen life…. Good call. Living is my favorite part of life


Good. My sister (who’s in medicine) canceled her first appointment too. Because „Oh, so little research into the vaccine“. When she told me, I was like „Oh yeah, like all the crap we ate to get stoned 20 years ago. Probably no research either.“. Like three days later „Yay, first shot!“.


Maybe there is still hope :)


Her doctor friends? Or her friends who did their own "research" on Facebook?


Thank goodness your mother has you. Those people aren’t her friends if they’re endangering her.


I love you and your Mom’s shared success. Congratulations.


Thank you for potentially saving her life!


I love seeing these post! So glad you persevered!


Nice, I'm happy for you and your mom.


That is absolutely wonderful!


Congrats to both of you! :D


Good Job AugustGreen816's Mom! Welcome to the land of the sane! We have cookies! We're glad you've chosen to not die of a preventable disease!


I am so happy for you and I totally understand. It took my mom’s job mandating the vaccine for her to actually get the vaccine and the cdc approving Pfizer. She just had her second dose a couple weeks ago. I am so relieved.


Any ideas for getting through to my mom? She has a lot of health issues, has already had covid once, and I’m pretty sure delta will kill her. My dad had it and he’s trying to convince mom too.


What is her reasoning for not getting it?