Kristen found out that "Covid is no joke". Accepts her HCA

Kristen found out that "Covid is no joke". Accepts her HCA


It's no joke as soon it affects them personally. There's no empathy at all for all the hundreds of thousands that have already died. Guess that's why I've lost my empathy for them.


My favorite part is the “I’m so scared!” after *countless* posts about not living in fear. These are the same people who also cry “I never knew!” when the conversation gets real in the hospital.


I can speak from personal experience when I say there are few things more scary than not being able to breathe normally.


That has been my response to people from the beginning of this damn pandemic - I kinda enjoy breathing, it’s one of my favorite things to do.


I’m definitely what you’d call a “breathing enthusiast”


Same here. I do it, like, nearly all the time..


NGL, sounds like you have an addiction problem. I wouldn't quit cold turkey, but you might wanna try to increase the amount of time between breaths for a bit.


I’ve been breathing my whole life. Breathing is more important to me then allegiance to right wing troll memes


I like to think of it as a hobby of mine.


I'm hooked! I tried to give it up a few times, but I fell off the wagon within a minute or two.


For some reason, something I read here recently prompted me to pinch my nose so it 95% closed so breathing normally would be just a trickle of air coming in. The instant starved-of-oxygen-inflow panic is really distressing. What an awful death these people choose. At least they're usually sedated once the panic hits.


Do you think it's harder to exhale too, like with emphysema? Or is it just inhaling? It's a nightmare anyway.


My sister caught covid, before the vaccination was available, and described it as similar to having a very large person sitting on your chest, you desperately want to get enough air in but your chest wont expand enough to allow it. She said it was the most terrifying thing she has ever been through. Luckily she survived but still has long covid over a year and a half later.


Same here! Caught it way before the vaccines got rolled out and it was a nightmare! Absolutely terrifying! I have permanent damage and need an inhaler on me at all times now when I didn't before.


So sorry to hear this, just makes me angrier when I read all the antivaxx bullshit! I'm guessing that there are many folks like yourself and my sister that would have given anything to get vaccinated had the vaccine been available at that time! Wishing you all the very best!


Wow that must have been horrible for your family. Would you be able to share what symptoms she experiences with long covid?


Yes of course, my sister was a health care worker, she can no longer work, she surfed and ran, never smoked and was probably the healthiest person in our family, now she suffers from aches and pains almost daily, she has good days and bad, a bad day will mean that once she is showered and dressed she has no more energy left to do anything and she needs to rest, on a good day she can drive to see my parents and maybe have a walk around their garden with them but she knows that as a result she will then have a couple of 'bad' days. Her biggest problem is constantly being short of breath. It's a horrendous illness and has completely changed her life. I will add that as soon as the vaccine became available she had it as did all of our family, unfortunately unlike the idiots on this sub it was not available in time to save my sister.


Wow that is horrible. Me being someone who lives in Australia, we have been shielded from this virus. That's a good thing for the most part. But a lot of people (including myself to some degree) are ignorant to the pain and suffering it causes. The vast majority of Aussies don't even know anyone who has caught covid let alone someone who died. This ignorance is fueling a lot of antivaxxers here. It will be interesting for when we eventually open up and covid spreads through here.


My elderly dad (70, diabetic, prostate cancer twice)18 days at home with Covid and about 8 days in the hospital. That was prior to the vaccine, surprisingly he made it, but he’s on oxygen for life, a physical therapist goes to his house a couple times a week, my husband has to mow my dad’s yard, and dad is selling his Harley, as he won’t be able to ride probably ever again. I pick up and drop off his groceries about once a week, and my 20 year old just moved in with my dad to help around the house. Prior to Covid, my dad was still working, but was laid off as he’s unable to preform his job duties like before. Everything’s changed for him, everything. I’m surprised he made it through with all of his pre-existing conditions (good insurance from 26 years in the Navy probably) but he’s literally unable to do most daily tasks.


Your dad sounds like one strong dude ❤️


Actually I think the actual movement of air is relatively unaffected... at least in early stages while your lungs are still inflating properly. It's more the oxygen starvation that I wanted to simulate.


fun fact: the nerves that detect that you can't breathe tap directly into the fear center of the brain and also triggers your body to release adrenaline. this pathway bypasses the amygdala, where typical emotional processing usually occurs.


The amygdala IS the fear centre of the brain.


I'm rusty on my knowledge of the brain, but I think they mean that unlike most of our fears which are learned and processed through the amygdala, the fear of suffocation (or rather, our brain detecting high levels of CO2 in our blood) causes a more primal feeling of fear that is induced even if the amygdala is missing or not working (which prevents feeling most fears).


Definitely. It's a horrible experience.


Went through the same bullshit with my Mom, who fell down the New Age holistic medicine rabbit hole years ago. She got breast cancer, but believed the idiots on "the truth about cancer" website (who are now pushing the anti-vax narrative), and did not seek actual medical treatment. She did all sorts of crazy home remedies, all while spouting she's not afraid of death, and "death is just a journey", and all the magic spiritual candyland fairy tale BS. She used to say stuff like "you can't catch a disease you don't know the name of", and touted one medical conspiracy after another. When I got aggravated with the stupidity of it all, she would say "your mind can't handle the truth, which is why it is rejecting it." When one of my friends died in his sleep at the age of 40, she said "he must have wanted to die. No one dies, unless they want to." It was infuriating. At the end she was frightened and crying, just as scared as anyone else. By that time, I was out of sympathy. I was relieved when she passed, and even more relieved she isn't around for COVID spreading more spiritual BS and likely convincing people not to get vaccinated. At least my 80 year old father got vaccinated, but my sister (a Reiki master who works at a chiropractors office) refuses to get vaccinated, as does her pregnant 30 year old daughter. I'm done with willful ignorance and wishful thinking. I didn't shed a tear when my Mom passed, and I won't for my sister, niece, or mother-in-law who believes Jesus promised her she won't get covid. I'm done arguing with them and trying to save their lives against their will. They get what they get. Alea iacta est.


My condolences on your loss. From reading this sub, it must be clear to you that you’re not alone in having to suffer when loved ones are in the grip of denial. I’ve learned from here just powerful and primal the force of denial really is. I wish you patience and fortitude.


A lot of new age thinking people have fallen for the Qanon cult. My hypothesis is that magical thinking they apply to "natural cures", homeopathy and other nonsense treatments leaves them open to other bs. Imo, they have an all around short circuit in critical thinking skills and requiring actual evidence before believing something, which leaves them open to all kinds of bs. Just like members of other kinds of cults.


It's a very short step from "Big Pharma conspiracies" which are honestly very rooted in fact, to "Government complicit in Big Pharma crimes" which has a kernel of truth in it, to "Scientists collude with Big Pharma and Government in crimes", which again has nuggets of truth in there. The problem isn't that they lack critical thinking skills. There IS evidence of all these things happening at various points in history. The problem is that they are EXCEPTIONALLY paranoid, so they see these little kernels of truth as being connected by an all-encompassing conspiracy by the establishment that persists across time and space and even across nation-state lines, instead of the natural result of the collective actions of human beings who carry their own ideological baggage.


Having a healthy respect for a dangerous disease is not living in fear, it's common sense.


Common sense ain't so common. I don't even use the phrase "common sense"; I say "good sense" instead.


Good point!


The thing is, these folks are entirely motivated by fear. Fear of vaccines, fear of their own government, fear of minorities, etc. Their other big motivators are anger and hatred. All these drives have turned them into true sheep, willing to risk their lives and even die for their corrupt leaders. The GQP plays on the toxic mentality of their base, willing to sacrifice some of them to COVID in order to get the votes of the survivors. At this point it seems that their strategy is working.


Absolutely, and right wing media is always there to spoon feed them anger. Just pop on over to r/conservative and nearly every headline, meme or just mean spirited posting is *loaded* with charged language meant to get the reader angry even before they read it. It’s easier to just be angry with everyone else when you’re miserable than it is to make major changes in your life. You never see these people who are filling up their social media with their fear mongering garbage ever talk about real self fulfillment


I would LOVE for them to come here. But the cowards hide out in their "safe space". The irony....


Oh they will eventually be here to win awards.


One shitty gray goatee at a time...


They are too afraid to come over here and face reality.


They show up from time to time to try and shame this sub for how "cruel" it is, which is such typical fucktard conservative behavior to have all the nuance and context of this sub go completely over their heads they go straight to being offended without understanding the most basic concept of what a Herman Cain award is


I'd be motivated by fear/hate too if I looked like these people.


I was just gonna say, they also apparently have fear of eating a salad once in a while. (I'm fat, but at least I'm not delusional about my situation like these HCA winners are)


Yes. True. For me personally HCA is helpful. People that I don't know. Their posts, filtered by a storyline that has found an end. So bizarre and strange. But still people: Those who got the awards, those who nominated them and me who is looking at it. For me the interesting question is: What can I learn from those extreme cases? What does it show me about how people + Internet 'function'. While it is horribly tragic, it is also fascinating and in the best case helpful. Specially once I get an inch above all the feelings and initial reactions that the content triggers in me.


Well to be fair, you have to be precise: "I refuse to *live in fear*"... They never said anything about dying in sheer terror. I just want to see once a comment like "Yeah, I agree you aren't living in fear, but don't come crying to us for prayers when you're dying in terror, ok?"


And like, I’m *so definitely not* “living in fear. I got two doses of the vaccine, I put on a mask where it makes sense to, and as a result, I feel 100% less fear than I did before the vaccine was available. I got it to be safe, now I know that given my age, health, and vaccination status, that I am much less likely to die from this virus than I am from a hundred other things like car accidents and other diseases. You take precautions so you don’t need to be afraid.


Maybe they didn't live in fear, but they certainly died in it.


I know we can say that she is reaping what she sowed, but the sheer terror of this woman's posts make me sad. I don't know how we got to this place or why people like this are dying, but something is truly wrong and I hope that we can fix it.


It is very sad. Something else that people refusing the vaccine don't realize is that if they end up in the hospital with COVID, they will be alone. No visits from family or friends. No one to hold their hand when they're scared. No comforting touch from a spouse, parent, friend. The only human voices they'll hear will be through an electronic speaker, or muffled by a mask and face shield. The only human touch they'll feel will be from hands covered with nitrile or vinyl medical gloves. It's unnecessary, preventable tragedy. I wish these people would come around and change their ways.


Yeah, I don't wish fear of death on anyone. All that posturing and meme bad-assery melted away, staring into the void. As it seems to be doing, HCA is convincing people caught in the antivaxx echo chamber to reconsider. That's the only upside to all this death.


These people didn’t care when 6 yo’s were gunned down at Newtown. They’re not gonna care about covid.


But if their kids have to wear a mask or study remote, they’re so concerned about “the children.” Only if it affects them.


I will fucking live with Newtown for the rest of my life. And these fuckers all essentially said "meh." Some are even actively aggressive toward the parents that lost their children. I'm crying right now and these guys couldn't care less. They could not care less about a classroom of 5 and 6 year olds being mercilessly gunned down before they even had a chance to live their lives. Or about the parents and families destroyed. All so they don't have to change a damn thing about their precious guns or put any restrictions whatsoever, no matter how minor or evidence based. All the death, loss, suffering and unimaginable pain is worth it to them as long as they get what they want. They're utterly self-centered.


Conservatives in a nutshell


After reading this endless list of HCA awardees, one thing becomes clear for me: PRAYERS KILL!!! Please don't pray for me. I've got mine vaccination.


If prayers kill, do offerings to Satan save?


They were the same way about drugs. They could have cared less as long as drugs like crack were primarily a minority/big city problem. But once crystal meth labs started popping up over rural areas nationwide, putting a lot of white shitkickers in the ground, they were all like “We have a major crisis on our hands. The government has to do something!”


Now it's a disease and the pharma companies' fault, rather than a moral failing which should be criminalized!


Co-worker tested positive on Thursday and Friday morning when the day shift arrived we told one of the unvaxxed guys he shouldn't be at work and needed to go get tested. While waiting for the big boss man to respond to his text you could start to see fear in his eyes. He has a 3 year old at home and now all of sudden he was worried because he had close contact with the co-worker who tested positive. So now he is deeply concerned about his son but he was never concerned enough to get vaccinated to begin with. It was kind of amazing to see the fearful look on his face now that there was a very real chance he could be covid positive. I don't understand why some people don't take things seriously until it is a real threat. As far as I know he didn't test positive but I'm hoping it gave him the push to get vaccinated.


Yep. We had a scare at work too. We have five person shifts, had one get sick while at work and test positive, of the other four, two were fully vaccinated, and one previously infected and had one dose. The last one is over 65, looks like a rough 112, and thinks the vaccine is from Satan. More than one person observed that it would definitely kill his ass if he got it.


This is my dad, except he's even older than your co-worker. He looks fucking ancient after a lifetime of heavy alcohol and drug use. He's huge into conspiracies and infowars bs and unvaxxed. He also refuses to mask. I'm just waiting for him to die of covid. I'm shocked he hasn't yet. He rarely leaves his apartment, so I'm sure that helps.


This applies to their interpretation of economics, immigration, religion, etc etc. Basically not being able to see past their own nose is the Hallmark of the conservative voter.


Yeah it's a really developmentally stunted way of thinking. "I can't see a curve so that must mean the earth is flat" or "I haven't been infected so it must be a hoax" or "only .2% of people die from this so it's a joke". So dumb...


“I can’t breathe at all..I’m scared senseless and I don’t wanna die.” So sad. If only there was some kind of simple and free action that she could have taken months ago to drastically lower her chances of dying from COVID.


My Tucker Carlson-watching 76 year old morbidly obese Aunt won't take it because "We don't know the long-term effects!!!" Like, I'll let you know if something comes up 30 years down the road.


Side effects may include not dying, avoiding death, severe to mild realization of mortality and increased hospital avoidance. Tell your doctor right away if you have thoughts of actually getting your shot or have ever had an allergic reaction to being deceased. EDIT: You too can have your Moderna Moment so ask your doctor today!


My 30-something brain doesn't consider long-term effects at this point. I guess that's one plus of growing up under the looming shadow of climate change.


20 years from now, massive heat waves kill thousands in Houston when the power grid fails again. Fox News: "We *told* you there would be long term effects of the COVID-38 Vaccine!"


With another power outage caused by the winter vortex, *again* killing thousands, a month or two later.


We don't know all the facts yet! Fixing the power grid costs money and we don't know the long-term effects of reliable infrastructure.


And now to our main story. COAL: America's new wonder fuel??


You should have been around when we were all scared of getting nuked. Or if you are really lucky your parents indoctrinated you and you thought the end of the world was any day. Good times.


Isn't it amazing that the very same Republicans who had to take cover under their school desks for bomb drills during the cold War have now fully embraced the Russians and their propoganda to the point where they're literally killing themselves for them? It's incredible


I’m 41 and was raised on the Rapture and imminent nuclear war with the Soviet Union. I have such clear memories of all of that hooey. Yes, it was surreal.


Yeah, a lot of us in that 30-50 age range are looking around a little surprised we lived this long.


Man, it fucking drives me crazy that there must be so many people in pretty much that exact situation in this country. Multiple comorbidities and yet listening religiously to right wing pundits who are peddling bullshit that may end up killing them. My obese Fox News lovin grandma could’ve been one of them if my mom and uncle hadn’t convinced her to get her shots. And yet she still insists that there aren’t any accurate working covid tests, and that things would be better if everyone just opened up and did business as usual. The right wing news bubble is absolutely bonkers.


Exterminating your own viewer base to own the libs.


All so these half wits don’t have to admit they were wrong about Orange Man and COVID. They’re desperate to avoid experiencing belief Jenga. Their entire world view would collapse.


Fucks moos? You mean the station that had all their employees vaccinated against COVID?


I mean, what if it makes her sterile?


To be fair there were two options: #1) A vaccine that went through rigorous trials and testing before it was distributed to over 2.6B people. Or #2) Horse paste. De-wormer made for livestock.


Option 2 please. I don’t know what is in the vaccine so I am not going to take it.


You need to wash it down with Sprite, Dr. Pepper, echinacea tea, green tea and ginger tea. You'll also need to drink a mixture of orange juice and grape fruit, as well as a mixture of orange juice and lemon. This may mean that you piss yourself a lot, but it's best to cover all the bases.


Do you have a newsletter and can I subscribe please?


Sure it’s $49.99 a month


Yep and you'll want to subscribe to our How to Pray Better Newsletter as well. Also, $49.99. But you can get them both for the low, low price of $99.99.


Protip: God likes specifics.


I feel like you would love The Joe Rogan Experience. His podcast will rip your dick off.


Ummm do you have any podcasts that won't rip my dick off.


That sounds painful.




'All these damned Democrats keep being right about shit all the time. That must mean truth has a liberal bias which means I have to act in spite of reality!'


A far cry from the tough talk of just a few days prior. A recurring theme in this thread are the paper tiger personalities. Big, tough, and talking shit until COVID calls their bluff. Then it's pray for me, I'm so scared. It really reveals a lot about their character.


Not being able to tell the difference between “breath” and “breathe” is a co-morbidity


Sadly people don’t realize shit until it’s too late.


People like her have been raised on a diet of anti-science nonsense their entire lives. Evolution is a lie, only teach creationism in school. Dinosaur fossils are tricks planted by Satan. The earth is 5,000 years old, not 4.5B. Global warming is a liberal hoax to control us all. Vaccines cause autism. A weeks old fetus is a human life. At every turn, they’ve been spoon fed this anti-science garbage by charlatans in the pulpits, talk shows, and campaign trail. I’m not excusing it: she had the ability to reason and read. But she didn’t land in this sorry state alone. Thousands have worked tirelessly for generations to condition and control her for their own benefit, and they should be viewed as equally culpable in these deaths.


Yeah, I can totally see that happening if the sole sources of their information come from what they see on Facebook and Fox News and many who claim to have done their own research are referring to Youtube videos or blog entries by “silenced experts”. When I say I’ve done my own research, that means reading scientific studies, various news sources and articles from both sides of the political spectrum, etc. My teacher in my last year of elementary school pushed us to use multiple sources for things and that is one of the reasons he was the best teacher I ever had. One of my Facebook friends last year posted an article from [The Babylon Bee](https://babylonbee.com) as fact and when I pointed out it’s a Christian news *satire* site my comment got deleted.


This. I tripped over a family on FB tonight. I don't know them. I don't even live in their time zone. But their stories tugged at my heart. The mom, who has a child the same age as my youngest, has been in the hospital for a month and will likely not see October by the looks of it. Her son got it the same time she did, but recovered. Her father died of it in January, and her friend died in July. Their church keeps having events at which they lament all the deaths. It's just a steady stream of suffering in this family's feeds. And the only time any of them mask is when the funeral home makes them, by the looks of their pictures. No mention of vaccines, as though vaccines don't even exist. Plus, they genuinely think that it isn't "the Covid" but the organ failure that's killing them. They celebrate the day the Covid is gone and now their loved one just has to get that kidney/lung/heart/whatever function back up. They aren't deniers, they just honestly don't understand how this works. They get confused when death finally comes. Their feeds are all filled with love - rescuing animals, raising money for a kid with leukemia - absolutely no hate at all. They're decent, productive people. But they're just so uneducated. They've been completely duped by their state's politicians, and they are too ignorant to know it's happened. I'm sorry to vent here. I know I spent way too much time on this tonight. But as a mother, it's heartbreaking to think that her sons will be without their mom in a few days and that she's really gone already. As an educator, it's maddening that good people like this are being deprived of the education that could have saved their lives. We teachers like to fix things. We like to give people the knowledge they need to better their lives, the training to critically think and evaluate multiple sources for reliability. But these people, these US citizens, didn't get that because of where they live. And when I see this kind of suffering in a family and realize that there is nothing I can do to stop it, it's crazy making. If you've read this far, thank you. I came here because I know the people here get my frustration. I'm ok. I'm just going to hug my vaccinated family a little closer tonight and be grateful that we weren't born into the situation that I read about tonight. And I'll go to work on Monday and help all the teachers I coach to keep fighting the good fight. ETA: thanks for the awards and positive comments. I needed encouragement, and you all came through.


> They're decent, productive people. But they're just so uneducated. They've been completely duped by their state's politicians, and they are too ignorant to know it's happened. I work with a lot of people exactly like this, some of them racist assholes but most are really good people. It's a common theme in the blue collar world, they also developed a deep hatred of democrats at some point in their life. That is one I've never been able to figure out, they follow the party that benefits wealthy people and despise the side that would actually want more social programs that would help them. >And the only time any of them mask is when the funeral home makes them, by the looks of their pictures. I'm following one right now on FB and they had a prayer circle outside the ICU window, looked like 20 or so people and NONE of them were wearing masks. I just don't get it, the dudes wife is in ICU on high flow O2, probably on the verge of being vented due to covid so lets have a huge get together and not wear masks. > But their stories tugged at my heart. There is another one that has been in ICU for 4 weeks after being sick at home for a week. His FB is like a museum of every shitty right wing anti vax meme ever created. The wife seems super nice and has nothing like that on her FB page. I feel really bad for her but don't really care for the dude leaving me rather conflicted.


I was scared senseless when I saw those bodies piling up in freezer trucks; i didn’t want to die, so i took the vaccine the moment i could. I didn’t go around posting expletives about vaccine. If you foolishly believe you are “brave” for not taking the jab, then die bravely; don’t cry like a little b**** how you don’t want to die.


Too busy 'doing her research' and posting her findings to get vaccinated.


The sad part is these people are stupid and easily manipulated. These a shit ton of people grifting them at the moment. Trump conning them all while being a terrible con man made people realize how easy it is to take advantage of this group. You have pretty much the whole Republican Congress people banking off then minus a couple few that will probably be primaried. Tucker, Candace, Newsmaxx, brietbart, oan, hannity etc. They're killing people and this shit is insane. We should've come together as country to stop this but one side decided to politicize this because their leader thought wearing a mask made him look weak and now here we are.


I read that in her post and all I could imagine is her looking frantically for the Undo button.


You mean denying covid is a thing, posting memes, trusting god and wanting to fellate trump wasn't going to drastically lower her chances of dying from covid? Have the christians been wrong about this all along?


Well, she can disinfectant her HCA with Lysol when she accepts it 🤣


I had two use two cards in my pocket for shopping today. One for proof of age and one to make a purchase.


Two!!? What next, they’re going to ask me for license and registration the next time I drive drunk? My freedoms!


Those communists might even demand a blood test in that situation! And by situation it’s unwrapping you from the car and tree the fire department found you wrapped around.


Wrapping? As in...binding? 🤔 🧐 LIKE BINDING THE DEVVIL?! Finally, the true liberal agenda is out! We new it,,,all along!!! I dare YOU TO SHARE THESE!!!


Imagine if surgeons got their info the same way as all these HCA winners. **Nurse:** He has four bullet wounds in the chest. What should we do? **Surgeon:** I saw a good technique in a facebook meme the other day. **Nurse:** We already tried that. **Surgeon:** What about that tikitok video you linked me? That looked promising. **Nurse:** Maybe. But Tucker Carlson said on Fox News that it was a bit dangerous. **Surgeon:** Hmm... then it's time to pull out the big guns. **Nurse:** Thoughts and prayers? **Surgeon:** Yep. Contact the prayer warriors on facebook. Let's save this man.


this isn't a realistic scenario. any good nurse or EMT knows to immediately begin applying thoughts and prayers during triage or intake. funny comment tho.


If she was so angry about doctors putting Covid on death certificates maybe she shouldn't have died from Covid.


Her cause of death should have been ‘fuckin around and finding out’


9/8- FUCKING UNSAFE VACCINE! 9/12- oh shit


it was at that moment Kristen knew she had fucked up


No questions please


I believe the medical examiner’s term for this is “Death by Misadventure”, but I like the way you said it better


Cause of death: FAAFO


But she didn’t die from covid, she died from pneumonia, or heart attack, or blood clots. /s


Really shat the bed there, if she was really a team player she should have pulled her self off the vent then threw herself out of the nearest window to avoid being part of the evil statistics.


“Threw” is the word of the hour, lol


Well, Ray Charles could see this coming.


"Kristen was a massive biffa, and yet still didn't get the shot. **Don't** be like Kristen." -Ray Charles


No goatee, thought she'd pull through.


HCA fun fact; goatees can be substituted for chins as required.


Pretty bad quality pics. Might have had a bit of goat going on.


"Covid is no joke... I cant breath (sic)... Im scared senseless and I don't want to die..." I see that she thought health care workers were lying on the death certificates, lying about covid, and lying about the vaccine. All for some unspecified evil purpose. Yet she went to a hospital. Why? Isn't that an odd response? Are the hospitals part of the massive global conspiracy against your family, or not? The shitposting, "lib owning," and science denial just never seems to hold up in the face of a desperate hunger for air and the overwhelming feeling of terror that comes with it.


> … I’m scared senseless… I think that happened BEFORE she was scared.


I think her death certificate should be marked for what she actually died of, too! She's entitled to the truth, y'all! Her death certificate should read: MANNER of death was covid-19. CAUSE of death was stupidity.


The 'Covid is no joke' is starting to make me legitimately angry when I read it. Not something you just say but seriously its starting to stir actual anger up in me when I see it. It never was a joke. _YOU_ TRIED TO MAKE IT A JOKE. And I cant even yell at you because you are fucking _dead_. I have family that I care about and extended family that, honestly, I dont care about so much, but I dont want to see ANY of the dumbfucks actually _die_. But they share the same memes you did. They share the same bullshit opinions you had. And now you are dead, so you cant tell them how fucking wrong they are and they already dont listen to me anymore. So we keep playing this fucked up game of Fuck Around And Find Out. Fuck I hope to never read 'Covid is no joke' again. But this may not be the last time I see it _TODAY_. Fuck. Just FUCK.


Yeah. Every time I see that, it reminds me of the guy in Tiger King who shot himself in the head as "a joke". Just dumb, didn't know how stuff works, wanted to be edgey, and didn't think things through. Same principal, just slower.


Dude a bullet to the head is no joke


I went to an urgent care a couple of weeks ago and saw “Covid is no joke” carved into the wood in two different spots at the intake desk. It made me feel weird about when the last time it was someone had wiped down or sanitized anything at that station. Also, it made me think of this sub.


People should just reply to them when they post shit playing down COVID things like "You laugh now, but don't tell us how serious it is when you get it, cos' imma remind you that you were making fun of it."


You don’t get to be belligerently anti vaccine COVID denier and then go “oops turns out COVID is no joke, I’m scared. Pray for me. ME ME ME.” Repent for your arrogance and stupidity. Apologize for the harm your ignorance caused. Accept the consequences of your actions. Bend the fucking knee.


I think Brandy’s message summed up that whole family dynamic well. “Omg cuz u dead aww shucks lol well byyyyeeee.”


oh wow, your comment made me laugh. Many people have difficulty expressing their grief but it was easy for Brandy.


If Conservatives are so pro life, why do they keep fucking dying?


They’re not pro-life. They’re pro-birth. Fuck that kid and their whole family once they leave the womb


She was right… she is *definitely* not going to be taking my fucking vaccine. Well played, Kristen. Pwned me.


I saw a comedian (forget who) say “if the vaccine were ineffective, then why did the rich and powerful get it first and not poor people?”


Want proof the vaccine works and is safe? Goldman Sachs requires all persons entering to have the vaccine. Poor people don’t bank at Goldman Sachs.


its like these dumbfucks have never heard of a Sam's or Costco membership. i picture every one of these idiots as the they took er jerbs people from south park.


Or a driver's license.




Sorry, the joke is over my head: what does this have to do with Costco?


You need a membership card to shop at Costco, and they ask you to show it before you enter the warehouse for shopping


LOL, got it, thanks.


And you’ll have to have the membership card scanned when you get to the register.


Showing a card to shop, I would assume.


These are the same people that want to implement Voter IDs


"COVID is no joke", one of my favorite stock phrases these people use. Yeah no shit it never was, you just refused to care until it affected you.


Brandy’s spelling, grammar, and tattoo are all atrocious.


My gone, your gone, their gone.




Eboeard gam gon


Your being mean


Lmao "no questions plz, I know I am a huge fucking dumbass but I need Sky Daddy thoughts"


The logic here is fascinating. She doesn't want to admit to all of her fans who turn to her for stellar medical advice that she has Covid, so she is asking people just to pray unspecifically for her so she can get better and then what - NOT testify that God healed her? It's like she just wants to get away with the whole thing and no one has to know. Which is exactly not how the whole God thing works.


But remember God knows and forgives all her secret sins, including the most shameful one of all: getting really sick from Covid.


Your secret is safe with me! ~ God


Anyone who reads this sub knows the only way yo pray for someone is in super specific terms. So yeah, she was screwed from Prayer Warrior Summoning #1.


I've seen some stats that say just being overweight isn't THAT much of a factor in mortality, but damn, Kristen, you took it way too far.


I’m not sure if there’s data, and I’m too lazy to look for it, but my personal experience as an ICU and surgical nurse is that very obese people are very difficult to ventilate. First, you have the sheer size of the chest that you are trying to expand: all the fat, muscle, and bone that you are needing to displace to inflate the lungs. Second, you have the abdominal contents pushing up against the lungs from the diaphragm side of things. Third, many have enlarged hearts, which take up space which would normally be available to inflated lung tissue. And finally, the mechanism of breathing is ass-backwards on a vent. A normal inhale is facilitated by the diaphragm contracting, pulling down on the lung cavity to open the lungs and pulling air into them, all the way down to into the alveoli. However, generally speaking, the diaphragm isn’t doing a whole lot when you’re dependent on a ventilator. Instead of air being rather passively pulled into your lungs, it is being shoved in by a machine. And even in a thin person, that machine must overcome the resistance from all those forces I just mentioned. Plus pneumonia and ARDS patients also have decreased tissue compliance (stiffness/resistance of the lung tissue to inflation), pockets and plugs of mucus and pus, inflammation, which makes the tissue swell and also become very fragile, often pulmonary edema (excess fluid in the lung tissues), and so on. Because of the dangerously high pressures needed to overcome these massive amounts of resistance, to get air down into the alveoli so that oxygen and carbon dioxide can be exchanged, there is a very real risk of “blowing out” a lung. It’s called “barotrauma” and I’d bet it is much more common in very obese patients. There will be a lot of very fascinating retrospective studies for years to come based on this pandemic. I guess that’s a silver lining? Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


“Blowing out a lung” 🙀 Damn. I’m fully vaxxed and this just makes me want to get more vaccines.


If you’re jonesing for your vaccine fix I recommend the annual flu shot or the MMR Booster depending on your age. For the real connoisseur there is also the Shingles Vaccine, but that one is truly for a select group. Bon Appetit!


A Tdap booster is always a nice palate cleanser as well!


I'm technically obese, but I'd first in line for the vaccine if I were her.


Based on her page, I would have voted her as Most Likely To Die a Swift Covid Death by Halloween.


Oh my, the Lysol did not work.


They talk about the vaccine being a poison as if they treated their bodies as temples. Most of these people are one donut away from a coronary but “i wont put poison in my body” .. lol


Did… did you censor a growth on her shoulder..?


nobody wants to see that. Thanks op


I’m saying this with no shade but if you are obese, unvaxed, anti mask, don’t live alone,and don’t social distance, you are really playing with fire. This is especially so if you’re obese with comorbidties and don’t exercise. You’re just begging Miss Rona to come beat your ass. It’s so not worth it, get vaxed.


Not hating on her, but at the start of Covid me and my gf decided we needed to get in better shape to have better chances if we got it. I have lost 42lbs and weigh a normal weight, my gf lost 70lbs and weighs a normal weight. Being obese is a comordid factor in dying from Covid


Don’t know you, but I’m proud of you and your girlfriend. I’m happy that you accomplished your goals!


Is it just me or everyone dying rn are the fattest dumbest people?


Both of those are severe comorbidities


Mother of God.




Talked mad shit but changed her tune when she found out corona wasn’t a hoax after all. You have chosen poorly Kristen.


Can you imagine being raised as one of Kristen’s “me and mine”? I just feel gross after reading a lot of these.


There’s a common denominator to most of these HCAs. Low IQ mostly unhealthy Christian fundamentalists that have a deep insecurity that makes them lash out at more successful people because they don’t have a lot going for them. I wish there was a way to break through that defensiveness before COVID breaks it for them, I’m just not sure there’s a way. These people have the emotional development of young children and it’s sad.


[Proverbs 13:15](https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=proverbs+13&version=WEB) Good understanding wins favor; But the way of the unfaithful is hard.


Jfc, bleak.


It’s amazing that these selfish people unironically ask for prayers FOR THEMSELVES. Fucking self important idiots.


“No questions plz just prayers needed”. No, no, no, that’s not how the Prayer Warriors operate. They need an itemized list of vital statistics to pray for. This isn’t going to work.


What is it with the compulsory 'covid is no joke' like they allllll have to say it.


We just spent four years watching Donald Trump do this same thing. These are people so pathologically incurious, suffering from such a catastrophic failure of imagination, that they genuinely believe every single thing they somehow manage to learn is brand-new information to everyone else too.


Oof. I went through a whole rollercoaster of emotions while scrolling through the pictures on this post. First I was like “bitch, are you for real? Atrocious grammar, horrible misinformation, a double chin so large that it surely sweeps your floor. You exemplify “comorbidity!” But then, my bleeding heart kicked in when she said that she was so scared and she didn’t want to die. I get that. We all do. Not being able to breathe must be horrifying, and the vast majority of us don’t want to die. But if you didn’t want to die from Covid, then you just shouldn’t have behaved this way. You were clearly several steps beyond the threshold of morbid obesity. Why not just get the shot? I’ll never get it guys. I will *never* understand this anti-vaccine, anti-precaution, anti-common sense bullshit. Another dumb ass who was *clearly* going to be fucked up by Covid if they contracted it bites the dust, scared and alone. Fucking around and finding out. Over and over.


I kinda feel bad about her though she just seems really dumb.


She owned the Libs, priority 1.


And at her size saying all that shit about covid? Covid said "Hold my beer, I'll be right back." Truly tragic what Trump has done to these people. Criminal, I'd say.


Getting all your medical advice from a tiktok called itzharleybishh....what could possibly go wrong...


A picture of health


[Here ya go, Kristen.](https://imgur.com/a/K54YIeH) 🏆


“ON SOME REAL SHIT.” Spoiler Alert: It was meth.


For the anti-vaxers who might be seeing this, read these words: “I can’t breath at all..I’m scared senseless and I don’t wanna die.” This poor woman suffered a terrible and frightening death, and the HCA subreddit had nothing to do with that. It was caused by people like you. You might be thinking the comments posted in this sub are cruel and cold-hearted. Guess what? You’re right! Some people make pretty cold-hearted comments about people’s deaths on this sub. I don’t like all the comments I read here. But there’s no rule that you have to think that’s ok in order to accept the fact that vaccines are safe and effective. Understand that mean comments here did not cause Kristen to suffocate and die alone and in fear. That was brought on by anti-vaccine propaganda.


Eek. Those chins won’t ever get off the vent. Very hard to empathize that she was so scared facing her own mortality after being so glib with everyone else’s’ though.


“so scared facing her own mortality after being so glib with everyone else’s” This sums up AntiVa so perfectly.


[A better place.](https://youtu.be/tnxL1dXw5xI?t=133)


Why am I not shocked?