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https://youtu.be/AjDap8orszk for anyone interested this a great interview with an American veteran who served in the east.




I’m Asian American and I went to korea to a few years ago to see family that I have over there. We went to a huge national museum they have there, and I’ll never forget the Japanese torture section. There were animatronics showing gruesome torture methods on Koreans. I can’t say for sure it happened in WWII, but I can say the resentment towards Japanese people is strong in Korea still. And that has a lot to do with the Japanese never really owning up to it. The Japan we know today, and the Japan of just 75 years ago aren’t the same.


I’d love to say that the two Japan’s are not the same anymore but they’re closer then a lot of people want to admit. Post-War Japan elected the former dictator of Manchuria as a Prime Minister, he would prove vital to forming the dominant Liberal Democratic Party. This Prime Minister was Nobusuko Kishi, he is the grandfather of later Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Both Abe Shinzo and the current Prime Minister of Japan are part of an organization that denies the Rape of Nanking as well as most other Japanese war crimes. When it comes to acknowledging post-war crimes against humanity it has really only been Germany.


I watched a Korean interviewer explain to Japanese diplomats why Koreans struggle to forgive Japan and the basic reasoning was there was no sincerity in their apology at all. And then she referred to the German chancellor falling to his knees in Poland in front of a Jewish memorial out of shame. The Japanese diplomats got offended and asked if it would make Koreans feel better if they fell to their knees and bowed to them. I want to say it was an interview from the 80s. I get having pride, but not being able to see your own flaws is what causes 90 percent of problems in most countries I feel.


Because after the war those butchers captured by the USSR in Manchuria were locked up in Khabarovsk, while those captured by America were debriefed and sent on their way. Many of those people became prominent doctors, deans of medical schools even, in postwar Japan, and thanks to the US, for the longest time even the existence of Unit 731 was considered "communist propaganda".


You mean Mengele? Sry for correcting you if I'm right :)


If you're replying to the comment I think you are, Mengele was not the chancellor of Germany. He was SS officers and doctor known as the Angel of Death, posted at Auschwitz. He carried our horrific experiments on children, twins and prisoners in general. He apologized for nothing.


Yea I know, I'm German


Even without the ugly context of the Nanking Massacre; and even if you accept that some executions are justified (as these weren't); the creepy thing about this photo is the two guys in the background grinning like they're having the times of their lives. I did a survival course in the army where they left us out in the woods for a week with no provisions, but they did give us fishing line and hooks, and a live chicken. They made sure to pick the most mild, sensitive guy in the squad to do the duty of killing the chicken. It was brutal. The guy with the sword doesn't look particularly shaken up about getting beheading duty, but I wonder when I see pics like this whether they were making the same decisions.


The victims were less than chickens, not even useful like a chicken, just pests like rats to be disposed of.


There was a competition to see how many people you could decapitate. Postcards were made of photos.


i dont know people are down voting you. they printed the numbers like cricket or baseball scores in Japanese newspapers


They should read The Rape of Nanking.


The fact that they never apologised should ring alarm bells even to this day. Their society hasn’t changed and it is more than capable of perpetrating the very same atrocities.


They have officially apologized a great number of times but somehow it doesn't seem to matter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan According to a Gallup poll only 11% of the Japanese are willing to fight for their country, the lowest of any nation in the world, so it seems their society has changed a great deal since WWII. https://www.mediablizz.com/willing-fight-country/


Granted its also a little problematic as Japanese politicians almost constant cast doubt on sincerity of the apologies domestically or attempt to downplay the need for it. Take Abe's 2006 formal apology, followed by 2 years later saying Japan never used comfort women or that Japan wasn't really wrong and it just depended on what side you view things. Hell Japan has apart of the Yasukuni Shrine class A war criminals. Add in every few years a Japanese politician or two will specifically internationally call out any criticisms of Japanese war crimes as made up. >but somehow it doesn't seem to matter. That tends to happen when the Japanese government will go back on what they've said on a whim.


What? Are you mentally ill? Yes modern Japan is quite rascist but nowhere fucking close to the 1940's. Also no? Do you think Japan could inavde any of their neighbours without having their teeth kicked in?


It was Douglas MacArthur's goal to insulate Japan after the war. There was the treaty of San Francisco that I've read in the past but forget full content. Japan wasn't held accountable for their atrocities like Germany was. Death March, slave labor, concentration camps, genocide, comfort women, Nanking... All swept under the rug by design. Thanks Dougie!


This photo perhaps is fake. The shadows of two soldiers are going to different direction.


Next time you are going to tell me Nanking Massacre is fake and then so is Holocaust?