Catholic, Muslim and Jewish military chaplains in the Austro-Hungarian army, c.1916, WW1 [1056 x 1238]

Catholic, Muslim and Jewish military chaplains in the Austro-Hungarian army, c.1916, WW1 [1056 x 1238]


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Damn, these guys probably think they’ve seen the worst of it, but they’re in for a rough century.


Probably why they go to the bar


Well, probably not the Muslim.


he'll have a water, neat


Two scientists walk into a bar. The first one orders H20, and the second one says he’ll have an H20 too and he died.


Wasn't there a little Johnny limerick in this same vein? Edit: I heard it as Johnny, but this is what I found: Billy was a chemist's son But Billy is no more For what he thought was H2O Was H2SO4


My dad always said this version: Crummly was a Chemist, But Crummly is no more, Because what Crummly thought was H2O, Was H2SO4. Edit: I have no idea where the name change came from.


Little Timmy took a drink But he could drink no more Because what he thought was H2O Was H2SO4


No ice, it'd dilute it when it melts


From what I've seen from Bosnian Muslims, I would not be so sure.


Sure, some *cultural* Muslims drink, I’ve hung out with plenty, but you really think a Muslim chaplain in 1916 isn’t adhering to the “no alcohol,” rule?


thought the prohibited was from the fruit of the vine? Honey mead all good?


Are you trying to trick Allah?


:) Hmm, like strict Judaism, on the sabbath, elevators have a special settings, stop at each floor so nobody has to push a button. (Our new high tech refrigerator has a Sabbath mode.)


>Work is defined as force over a distance "All right guys, no more acceleration on Sabbath."


*high tech refrigerator has a Sabbath mode* What does the refrigerator do - just curious. I was aware of the elevator situation as I had a friend who worked in a Jewish personal care home in Pittsburgh some years ago.


The light usually turns on when you open the door. This is forbidden, so Sabbath mode disables the light. Opening the door could increase the temperature, causing the compressor to turn on. This is a bit more contentious (you didn't *intend* to turn on the compressor). So one solution is for the compressor to run on a regular schedule. (this saves waiting around for the compressor to turn on by itself before opening the door).


I am baffled, uncertain. The companion smart phone app has an off/on for it. It does not automatically open a door, that i am sure of. maybe turn off the ice maker? Not much else there. It is a newer model LG.


Old school jurisprudence, abrogated by all schools of law later on as any intoxicant was considered haram without medical prescription or dire necessity even still during the islamic prophet's lifetime (pbuh). There are some differences of opinion on very lightly fermented drinks (nabeedh) which would not intoxicate you even if consumed in large quantities.


Everything that intoxicates is completly haram in all proportions so no sadly


Thank you.


Yes? And he doesn't dress like an imam


European muslims have no issue with alcohol. Source: visited Balkans numerous times.


Sure, and plenty of Catholics don’t not eat meat on Fridays during Lent, it’s not allowed by their scripture though. I would imagine a freaking Imam in 1916 was probably fairly by the book.


I'm not sure this is actually part of "the book" on the variation of Islam people practice in the Balkans.


> it’s not allowed by their scripture though. That particular religious tradition isn't even a papal proclamation. It's part of the Bishop's Edicts from the Middle Ages and general cannon law. It's not found anywhere in their scriptures.


>it’s not allowed by their scripture though. This is not accurate, just fyi...


Alcohol is haraam regardless of which Muslims from which time drink it.


There are lots and lots and lots of Muslims who drink alcohol. And who eat pork. There are Sikhs who shave and get haircuts. There are Hindus who eat beef. It all depends on how religious you are.


Gonna guess an Austrian imam on the front lines of WW1 is pretty religious.


What exactly did I say otherwise?


He will dry some fruit juice.


I hope the Jewish chaplain survived the first war and got the hell out of there before it was too late during the second.


At least they've all got cute tunics.


This maybe goes for us too


Imagine the hijinks these boys got up to.


Most wholesome comment in the thread and now I'm just imaging them being silly lil geese.


religious slapstick, why hasn't anyone done that before?


Is this before they walked into a bar?


Muslim is taking them to the drip store


Jewish Chaplain: "Sorry about the moustache folks! That was the fashion, back in the sixteens..."


Not a facial hair choice I've seen among many Jews since then for some reason.


My understanding is that style became popular among WWI soldiers because you could still wear a gas mask with it.


The trend existed before WWI. It was a popular style for working class men, and became synonymous with such. Hitler specifically chose that stache to help build this image of being an everyday working man.


This is interesting. As it says, the style came from America in the late 1800s, but claims Hitler started sporting it in the trenches. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toothbrush_moustache#In_Germany *Hitler originally wore the Kaiser moustache, as evidenced by photographs of him as a soldier during World War I. ... Alexander Moritz Frey, who served with Hitler during World War I, said Hitler wore the toothbrush in the trenches after he was ordered to trim his moustache to facilitate the wearing of a gas mask.*


Pretty sure the gas mask bit is bullshit. Plenty of soldiers sported full mustaches and wore gas masks no problem.


To be fair, there are pics of Hitler before world War 1 and he had a full mustache, then after WW1 he had the toothbrush I'll see if I can find em


I wasn’t disagreeing on the timing for the mustache style, just the reasoning behind it


Why didn't it become fashionable during COVID then?


Cloth masks aren't the same thing as gas masks. With gas masks you need them to have a firm seal, and even something as small as a hair will break that seal. Covid is not the same thing as chlorine gas


>Covid is not the same thing as chlorine gas Thank God, imagine the hell the last year and a half would have been


Be a hell of a lot more people turning into 'sheeple' to stop from bleeding out if literally every orifice, that's for sure


Historical implications.


Yep Charlie Chaplin fucked it up for everyone. Or maybe it was someone else, history was never my strong point.


Well who would want to associated with a *little* *tramp*?


Guys remember when Michael Jordan filmed a national commercial sporting it just because he's MJ and no one can tell him what to do? lol


Well i don’t think any black dude with that mustache is gonna be compared to hitler. Unless, ya know, theyre an actual genocidal dictator


Mugabe? /s


Wasn't it so a gas mask would fit properly? I know Chaplain started the trend around this time, too.


Not gonna lie, that typo made me lost for a while.


Even worse that he looks like [Himmler](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R99621%2C_Heinrich_Himmler.jpg)


I was just about to comment about this lol, uncanny


It must be Adolf Himmler, their only child.


"A Priest, an Imam, and a Rabbi walk into a Command Post..."


A Catholic, Muslim, and Jew walk in to a bar. All three hurt their hips.


A termite walks into a bar and says, “Is the bar tender here?”


I can't be the only one who sees the irony in the Rabbi being the one with the Chaplin stache, right?


"No, Rabbi, we said chaplain, not Chaplin."


In addition to being Himmler’s doppelgänger...


Ok, so I'm not the only one that sees it.


It was a popular style until about the 1940s


Thought the Jewish guy was Baldrick for a couple seconds


Austria-Hungary was truly a multicultural empire. Can’t we all just get along?


A K T C H U A L L Y, not even the Austria-Hungarian empire could get along. EDIT: Is it Austria-Hungarian or Austro-Hungarian?


Austria-Hungary for the proper noun. Austro-Hungarian for the adjective.


Was the society very divided ideologically? Or was it just too many powers not getting along within?


Self-determination. It's that simple. People with their own national identities do not like being marginalized and deprived of their voices. Not even the Austrians and Hungarians really got along and they were the main two, so the Slavic people especially felt even more oppressed.


Unfortunately, Archduke Ferdinand actually wanted to promote the status of Slavs within the Empire


He did, but that wouldn't help the people who wanted full independence, like the people who wanted to kill him. And in any case, even Ferdinand wasn't promoting elevating anyone else to the same status as Hungary or Austria, so there would still be a lot of inequality even if he did everything he said.


Very divided. Their army was awful as no one spoke the same language and thus couldn't communicate with each other for basic commands. And you don't want to split them into their ethnic groups because you'll be giving each region more power and connections.


I was actually rereading parts of 'Good Soldier Svejk' again the other day. There's lots about this in the book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Good_Soldier_%C5%A0vejk


The army was a very interesting mess. If memory serves, there was the Austrian army, the Hungarian army, and some sort of dysfunctional federal army that neither Austrians or Hungarians wanted to pay and send troops to. Another funny thing, they invented a "new" basic language so that the army could somehow communicate


Field Marshall Conrad von Hötzendorf: We must strike at Serbia! The time is right to expand the Empire! I've petitioned to start a war 17 times! We must do this! Archduke Franz Ferdinand: No, a war would be disastrous. Our Empire is too fractured. War would only inflame internal nationalism and cause the downfall of our Empire. Thanks Gavrillo Princip. Killed the only guy in the Empire that didn't want war.


> Thanks Gavrillo Princip. Killed the only guy in the Empire that didn't want war. Or maybe he thought a war could bring freedom to Serbia.


Serbia was already a sovereign nation at that point in time.


They were allied with the Ottomans at the time. Definitely the more multicultural side.


Britain and France were allied with the Ottomans in the Crimean War, doesn't really mean much other than geo-political expediency.


>Definitely the more multicultural side. The Entente powers in WWI had colonies all over Africa, India, East Asia (troops from there fought in Europe), included China and Japan, so - no. While Austria-Hungary literally had a multitude of cultures within it, German and Hungarian cultures were clearly favored above the rest. Portraying it as some coexistence paradise ala The Grand Budapest Hotel is laughably anachronistic. Austria-Hungary also ran some [concentration camps for ethnic separatists](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thalerhof_internment_camp).


The first, unsuccessful, beta test of a boy band.


They look like brothers And, in a way they are


A Jewish person sporting a toothbrush moustache is probably not going to return to fashion.


Even before hitler that type of moustache was quite popular, Charlie Chaplin even had one.


The irony of the jewish chaplains' lip adornment. Man that one guy really ruined a mustache and a name.


I guess I've never thought about this. Does the U.S. Military have chaplains for different religions? I guess I'm just conditioned to think of the only Chaplain being a catholic one.


Can't speak for the US army directly, but the British Army certainly does have chaplains of differing religions so I assume the US would being it's a much more multicultural nation.


They must. There would be very serious 1st Amendment issues otherwise.


Aaand that was the last time they all hung out…


I didn't know the mustache that the Jewish man had was that popular.


True men of their faith. Standing arm in arm with others of a different belief.


So a catholic, a Muslim and a Jewish walk into a bar..


“Msabu's bleeding. She does not have this ox. This lion is hungry. He does not have this ox. This wagon is heavy. It doesn't have this ox. God is happy, msabu. He plays with us.” ― Karen Blixen


[Neat information here. Alpine Shelter WW1](https://earthlymission.com/alpine-shelter-italian-armageddon-via-ferrata/)


I think I may have some kind of dylsexia because I always first read "catholic" as "cat-holic", like someone addicted to cats, before my brain corrects it 2 seconds later.


These guys look straight out of a comic book about fighting undead set in the Victorian era


Not my proudest "Slippery When Wet" moment. 😩👍


Did they happen to get a beer together at one point? Is that where this all started?


If all three walk into a bar, something funny is bound to happen.


Please don’t hate me: is it ironic the the man wearing the star is David has the same mustache as Adolf Hitler?


Why does the rabbi look almost exactly like Himmler ? Same mustache, eyes and face shape


The military, in the US and I assume anywhere, brings people together that might have different backgrounds and beliefs to accomplish the same goals. Friendships often come from this.


Too many religions, too many languages and customs is why the Austro-Hungarian army failed.


Orders had to be given in 12 separate languages


Such a nice unity within the genocidal army, very cute


How modern, an imperial war machine that chews up ALL religions.


Thanks for this comment! As somebody from Austria (growing up in a progressive environment) I'm always stunned by the ignorance and misinterpretation of history that occurs often when it comes to European imperialism or imperialism in general. "Multicultural Empire" is mostly often a synonym for "A self-entitled group of people colonised/occupied territories, systematically discriminated one or more groups and forced people into the army to fight for the interests of a random ruler, who didn't know of their existence." The earlier the negative sides of imperialism are recognised, the better we can learn from past mistakes (not happening here in Austria, the people still think that Austria-Hungary committed 0 crimes before and during WW1 and tell themselves that everybody is thankful for being occupied by them).


And then orthodox bros came back and brought the justice back


The proven truth about religion and peace. Opposites.


The three religions in the photo are not just at peace with each other but allied. Doesn't make much sense


He says about the picture of 3 chaplains arm in arm under the same banner.


does it make me racist that i can tell whos who?


No. One's got a cross, one's got a fez and the last has a star of David. It's all right there


Didn't see that on first glance.


Are the Christian and Jewish guys wearing… slouch hats?


Various branches of Habsburg army had tradition of wearing slouch hats since 18th century, or as they were known as "Korsehut" (Corsican hats). Most notable were Jagers (light infantry) https://imgur.com/a/kaqkL9G


Dont know why but the muslim reminds of robb stark


Or milk doesn’t know each other. One doesn't negate the other


Uh, what?


Nah, 60 year old James Franco.


Was this taken on their way to a bar?


Who’s gonna say it?


Until I zoomed in, the guy on right looked like Gary Oldman in the Fifth Element.


Interesting that the early 20th century was so much more enlightened then now.


And then everything changed, when the fire nation attacked.


The rabbai looks like father mulcahey from mash


The fact that the Jewish chaplain has the Charlie Chaplain stache


Taken on funny hat day. They really outdid everyone else that year.