What kind of sorcery is this?

What kind of sorcery is this?

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Her teeth are what make the difference. That's why she keeps them in so long


This reminds me of the red witch from GOT.


But with more witchcraft.


Exactly, red witch only used 1 necklace, no idea what else this witch got in her bag of tricks!


Hope it's not mean to say but she actually looks really good for not having teeth and makeup on.


If i remember correctly this woman lost her teeth during pregnancy


I never had a cavity in my life but during pregnancy I ended up with like 14 fillings... I was devastated but I'm glad to see I wasn't alone.


ugh okay i’m glad i read this 🤦🏽‍♀️ yeah during my pregnancy i had the worst tooth pain of my entire life. i ended up having to get a root canal, and have 1 more , plus a tooth pulled along with fillings. I take care of my teeth normally, so i was so upset when i had got my x-rays done.


Is there a reason for teeth issues during pregnancy?


Calcium and vitamin D


The fetus absorbs a lot of nutrients from the mother. If it's not getting it from diet/vitamins then it'll just take it from places that do have calcium. EDIT: I'm partially wrong! check the reply to this comment


Babies don't absorb from the teeth. Other bones yes. The tooth decay comes from hormone fluctuations that affect the gums and consequently lowers your tooths resistance to plaque, acid erosion from morning sickness/GERD, and a few other things. https://medlanddental.com.au/welcome/my-teeth-developed-problems-after-my-pregnancy-did-the-baby-draw-the-calcium-from-my-teeth/


Thanks for the info! I'll update my comment as to not mislead anyone.


I had/have really bad dry mouth from steroid inhalers and between that and stress related acid reflux I'm missing 2 teeth. Though to be fair if I had insurance when my teeth started getting iffy I'd probably still have them....


Not to mention the anemia and changes in blood flow. The body is so different during pregnancy, some of the changes in physiology ..seems so science fiction-esque. Plasma (watery part of blood) increases between 20 to 100% during pregnancy. But there isn't a comparative increase in red blood cells so a lot of women get anemia, shortness of breath, fatigue if their body doesn't adequately compensate. The body compensates by increasing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. The body becomes hypercoaguable (increases clotting in preparation for childbirth). The shit is fascinating.


yeah my friends mom had told me that the baby will suck all our vitamin D out of us, so if your deficient in it maybe that’s why?? but don’t quote me , i just remember her telling me. I did drink milk, and ate lots of dairy, as well as take my prenatals.


I'm using this as a valid reason for me to get the snip


My teeth weren’t perfect before pregnancy, had a few cavities but nothing like how my teeth are now. During and after pregnancy, I had my teeth break just from eating things like pasta or bread. Pregnancy affects your body in ways that you can never really anticipate.


Hi. I'm asking everyone that had this problem during pregnancy. Could you share of you had a boy or a girl? Because my genetics professor said having a baby boy is harsher in women's bodies, and I wanted to confirm this (or not) outside the classroom. Thanks!


3 boys. Had about $15k of dental work (basically all crowns and bridges on top) 2 years after the first. Then 2 more and no large expendable amounts of money like before. My teeth are trash. Broken, decay at gumline, and more. I want them all yanked and to get screw retained dentures but $$$$$. Those are the ones that you go to the dentist every 6 months like normal, they take them out and clean and check everything. No polident, no taking them out, very small “gum” part which can cause lots of pain and people to talk differently. And helps retain bone density.


I had a cavity in one of my front teeth during pregnancy. My dentist didn’t want to do any dental work until after I had my son. It was visible, and I felt so incredibly hideous. It sucked.


Me too! 14 cavities after 1st pregnancy. Those nasty between-teeth ones that nail 2 teeth each. Didn't know people lost all their teeth though.


Same here girl. My teeth got worse (lost a few) after pregnancy as well. Young and naive, I didn't think that was possible but yep. Really takes a toll on your confidence when you're still in your 30s. You're def not alone.


Between pregnancy and severe depression, this past year has wreaked havoc on my teeth. I can *see* at least 3 cavities in my mouth right now. I need to go to the dentist so badly now that I've given birth. Part of me is like "fuck it, let's get it over with" but the other part of me is just so goddamn embarrassed to explain to a dentist that I didn't take proper care of myself because I was so depressed and busy trying to just make sure I ate enough daily to keep me and baby alive. Every dentist I've been to has seemed so judgemental of poor hygiene no matter the cause. :/


That's very interesting to hear I didn't know that could happen. Good on her though her confidence looks amazing on her, and is waring great! I'm glad to see people with things in life that happen punch right through it.


My Mum went through the same thing after she had my brother at 17 and me at 19. Sometimes the pregnancy can just drain you of so many nutrients that are needed for healthy teeth. She's been wearing dentures ever since, but you'd never know.


I knew someone who had an issue during pregnancy where the baby took a lot of nutrients from her and made her bones really weak, and it ruined her teeth


three pregnancies devastated my teeth. it takes everything out of you.


I think you’re right. Not so much that she lost them, but that pregnancy and celiac worked together to annihilate her teeth, she ended up having them all pulled.


what? how does that happen?


Small free-loading skeletons will steal calcium from basically anywhere in your body, including your teeth.


Sounds like the prompt to a surrealist horror comedy skit on adult swim from 2007


It was extremely common for women to lose teeth after pregnancies. My aunts (born from 1920 to about 1940) all lost teeth after the birth of their children & eventually their dentists pulled what remained then fitted them with dentures. They'd say every baby takes a tooth. They grew up very poor, but were all blue collar middle class as adults. It was just an accepted part of motherhood at that time. I don't hear it talked about anymore, but I figure some people just happen to be more predisposed to calcium leaching?




Roses are red, violets are blue, remind me again, what that mouf do




To beej or not to beej. *That* is the question.


She actually talks about this on her channel. She has screws in her gums that hold the teeth in so she talks about how she always keeps her false teeth in for the beej.


So technically if she takes out her teeth to give a bj, then it also counts as getting screwed?


Classic Gum Job


what the mouf doin


I saved your comment. I have a bad memory and I’m going to use that.


Never had a gummer bruh?


Nah been saving it for the retirement house. I’ve been hearing from brothers that it’s an experionce(with an O)


This. My man holding out for gummers and unlimited supplies of viagra, pain pills, and cannabis*. *limited availability


Removing the teeth means she can give you a kiss and a BJ at the same time.


**GOD NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!**


There was that one porno… what was it? Oh yeah, Gum Me Bare, Adventures without Dentures.


Considering the metal studs drilled into her jaw.. imma say changing you from stream to shower mode


Damn you, I spit up my coffee !


It’s a little unfair to call this a lie. She has clearly struggled through something for her to have lost all her teeth. I’ve lost a lot of hair because of chronic illness so I wear extensions, so I’d hope if a man truly liked me, he wouldn’t judge me for it or even care whether it was my real hair or not. It’s the same for this lady. Plus, as women (and a fair bit for men too), there’s a ridiculous amount of pressure for us to look “perfect” because let’s be real, she goes to a bar and then some ignorant person will judge her for having no teeth (I wish people were more compassionate but that’s life…). But many of us alter our appearance in some way to make ourselves feel comfortable in our own skin which is the most important thing. Makeup, nails, piercings, wigs, fillers etc… maybe they’re “lies” to some people, but ultimately they can go such a long way to making a person feel confident enough to brave the harsh world outside. Sorry for rambling lol


She lost her teeth during her pregnancy something happened with her pregnancy that made them brittle and fall out


Loss of calcium and maybe vomiting. I’m 41 and have full dentures for the same reason.


I threw up daily for around 20 weeks with each of my kids and also had a hard time brushing my teeth. They didn’t fall out, but they’re more sensitive now and they’re also more filling than actual tooth at this point. Pregnancy can take such a toll on your body in ways you don’t even consider.


Oh that breaks my heart. I have 3 kids and lost a tooth with each one. It has altered my facial bone structure dramatically over the years. I used to have beautiful cheek bones


You’re still beautiful


I read about that condition but never thought it was real. I think it's something about calcium deficiency so her body took calcium from her teeth to give to the fetus


Yes it is! She says she doesn’t regret having her kids though rather she would do it all again for them


That's the ultimate sacrifice right there. Mad respect for her


I have never heard of this before. I carried two kids to term and couldn’t imagine losing my teeth. My one good physical quality is my smile. Wow, now that’s a sacrifice.


It was a nutritional issue from pregnancy. IIRC.


There’s a lot of pressure out there. It honestly feels like aging gracefully is taboo as well, because instead of accepting wrinkles, we have Botox. Instead of hair loss, we have hair treatment. Hair color? Hair dye. Something’s sagging? Get it tucked in. I dunno. It just feels odd to me sometimes. We’re all in different stages of life—I think we’d be happier as a society if we accepted that.


Nobody looks perfect all the time. She has no teeth, if she does all of the makeup and stuff to feel better… let her. This could teach guys not to put women on pedestals and have more confidence in themselves because deep down a woman is a person just like them


I agree with you 100 percent. :) I was trying to be funny and I did read about her. It’s important to empathize with both men and women here, specially ones who can’t control certain things(childbirth, illness, genetics)


Good for her, too many people trying to judge others for not being perfect. She looks great and more people especially women should not be embarrassed to show their flaws no one is perfect.


So I instantly went to look up gumjob videos, the results weren't great!


Your research is on point.


Thought you were about to say something warm and wholesome. Have my upvote.


She lost her teeth due to her pregnancies causing major calcium deficiencies so the new ones give her more comfort in being herself again.


Absolutely a keeper. Looks like she has a great body and a cute face even without the make up. The teeth definitely make the difference. As long as she kept them in with the exception of when it’s time to gum down on me like fresh roasted corn on the cob omnomnom


Sorry to ruin it for you but she probably has metal rods implanted to hold those teeth, so idk how much gum u gonna get vs metal.


Yo, I was thinking the exact same thing but didn’t wanna write it.


You have to watch out, she’s got implants in her gums so imagine having metal screws rubbing against your dick


No teeth = smooth ride


She actually is a beautiful girl without makeup but not having teeth would make anyone look older. I remember reading about her having some sort of struggle years ago that made her teeth deteriorate, so good on her for having the confidence most of us wouldn't have!


She needs to have those fake teeth in, because if you just have gums, the jaw starts losing bone and becomes deformed. Oh, also eating real food is nice. Those are dental implants and are very expensive and painful to get.


I never had problems with my teeth not even a cavity and then after getting pregnant I started having problems, after my second pregnancy I had 2 teeth removed from the cracking right down the middle. I still have issues to this day 12 years later.


Might be a dumb question but is this why women on average have more bone-density related issues later on? Is there a difference between women who give birth and women who don’t?


If you dont eat enough calcium during pregnancy the baby will literally leech it from your bones lmao Edit: https://medlanddental.com.au/welcome/my-teeth-developed-problems-after-my-pregnancy-did-the-baby-draw-the-calcium-from-my-teeth/ For more accurate


Fun fact! The placenta is not yours. It's your baby's. it grows from the foetus to grow tendrils into your uterus to steal blood from you.


It’ll kill you if any stays behind too.


Can confirm, nearly died. Lost 3ish liters of blood.


Being a woman sounds great


That’s why some women eat their placenta after giving birth - reclaiming what’s there in a way


What parasites babies are


I heard that’s why women have “morning sickness” the body is literally reacting as if you’re baby is a virus Source: my mother ranting about something she saw on Facebook


There's a reason a pregnant woman had a suppressed immune system, specifically to prevent a body from destroyed the foreign body. It gets far stranger, look up chimeraism, literally the mother and child can swap parts of their genome. Utterly bizarre how the two can interact.


Fun fact, the development of the placenta and suppression of the immune system is controlled by ancient retrovirus genes repurposed for this. Once it protected the virus from the body, now it serves a similar function for the featus.


You should listen to the RadioLab episodes on pregnancy. Blew my mind! The first in one is called The Primordial Journey. (2018)


Well it must be true


That's why you have to be careful around babies. Sure, they're cute, but one moment of distraction and they'll steal all your bones.


Yeah. Pretty much. And when women experience menopause their body pretty much goes "you don't need bones anymore" and gives up on calcium altogether. That is why osteoporosis is such an issue for older women.


Women are also notorious for bone density issues due to the rapid drop in estrogen in the body during menopause causing an increase in bone resorption (basically decay). So if it doesn't happen during pregnancy, it will during menopause


Same story for me, without the second pregnancy. Never had a cavity in my life. Then boom! Pregnancy. 12 years on and still dealing with cavities and shit.


Opposite happened to me. Got my first cavity then Boom! Pregnant! Which is crazy because I’m a man.


Would calcium supplements have helped?


Calcium supplements don't do as much as people think, plus you need to be taking vitamin D along with it to absorb it. There are a LOT of reasons for teeth to rot, many of them totally natural and don't need drugs or other things. Then people abuse their teeth and dental stuff is mostly thought of as cosmetic. The "cheap" thing is to just pull the tooth. You don't NEED teeth, but it helps a TON is mental health. This woman seems to be doing well with it, great attitude, I'd totally take her out on the town. Petty shit might make you miss out on a great person, most the "pretty" folk I date end up being horrible people.


Wow, i knew some women can die from childbirth but i never knew these effects were possible. How can one counteract it?


Read her story first. She looks like that because she was pregnant with her child and as the months went on she lost her hair and all her teeth as well. It’s a crazy story. I feel bad that happened to her. If anyone is interested in reading more https://www.distractify.com/p/toothless-princess-tiktok


Happened to a student of mine. She had a baby and then got pregnant again almost immediately. Her body wasn’t able to provide the 2nd baby with enough nutrition so it sucked the calcium from her teeth and nails. My grandma, who had my uncle at 16 back when prenatal meds weren’t a thing, lost her teeth the same way.


My grandmother lost all her teeth at 22 and had to get dentures at 28 for the same reason (when she was finally able to find a job with dental insurance). No prenatals plus having 3 kids within 3 years will fuck your whole body up. It’s interesting to know that it’s so common, though; up until recently I thought I was genetically just predisposed to losing my teeth from pregnancy, but it seems like it happens way more often than people would think. I’ll have to be really militant about taking my prenatals when I do make the decision to start a family.


I wonder if taking calcium supplements are enough or no? Any medical professionals here or neckbeards with fedoras who don't need no education to be experts on anything?


I think prenatal supplements give you a multitude of vitamins and things but calcium is one of the big ones you need. Those babies need to build bones somehow so drink your milk lol


Babies are now on the list of things I’m scared of. They can suck the life force out of you.


For some reason I read that as “…babies need to drink your bones…”


I mean that's what literally happened


Milk actually doesn't give alot of calcium but if you're really desperate powder up some egg shells and add it to whatever you can handle, there's other ways but this is very readily available


If you already have a high calcium diet you probably won't need to supplement. However you're getting calcium during pregnancy it's recommended you get at least 1,000-1,300 mg of calcium. Most prenatal vitamins only have 200-300 mg of calcium because it is presumed you'll get a decent amount from your diet. If you're pregnant and you drink a glass of milk every day and eat a serving of yogurt you're already at about 700 mg or so. A lot of breakfast cereals are so heavily fortified that you can get the whole daily serving just from a bowl of it at breakfast.


You know what we shouldn't have to read her story first to not act like assholes towards this woman. Regardless of her backstory the amount of horseshit in these comments is ridiculous. Fuck we all get dressed up before heading out into the world some people just dress up more than others. Leave people alone for fuck sake.


I love these videos of hers. At first I was like wtf, then after reading about her and why she does these videos I have a lot of respect for her. It is sad however that she and many women put so much time and effort into makeup and hair that they become terrified of being seen without it done. Fellas remember to tell your girl she's pretty when she's not wearing her makeup, Give her a kiss and let her know she's beautiful 24 hours a day. Ladies put a lot of pressure on themselves to look a certain way and when we can lessen that when it's just the two of us it goes a long way to boost their confidence.


That's seriously fucked up. I feel bad for her.


I’m confused- what made her lose her hair and teeth? Was it Hashimoto’s? It said she developed that during her 4th child.


Children are litterly parasites and will suck all the nutrients it can from the mother during pregnancy. This includes the minerals that your teeth and hair are composed of. Edit: my bad. Teeth falling out is due to hormone changes. High levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy can temporarily loosen the tissues and bones that keep your teeth in place. This can make your teeth loose. Still a deterrent to having kids though.


Shes married and has kids, she isn't doing this to catfish anyone. If she was catfishing, why tf would she post what she looks like without makeup on tiktok for thousands of people to see? She lost her teeth because of pregnancy, pregnancy dental problems are more common than you might think. She isn't lying to anyone, she's just doing the best she can to feel confident and beautiful. Lot of haters here Edit: [Here is her TikTok](https://www.tiktok.com/@princxssglitterhead?lang=en) where she has discussed this before


Wait what?? Women can lose their teeth because of pregnancy


Their calcium gets all messed up during pregnancy.


not necessary messed up, just more along the lines of the baby steals it all lmao


Mother, I crave your calcium


Read that in a Meat Canyon voice.


Blues Clues one just made me sad. But watching Murr become tonight’s biggest loser? Worth every minute.


*As you one did with the Vacuous Dad... Grant us calcium. Grant us calcium! Plant calium on our brains to clense our beastly idiocy!* -Baby Micolash, host of the womb


What's that? Late on your calcium payment again mother? Sounds like you really wanna part with your ~~kneecaps~~ teeth.


Baby stole my calcium, can’t have shit in Detroit.


I’ve always known this about reptiles but never once wondered if it could cause any similar deficiencies in humans.


yes my girlfriend is pregnant rn and my baby boy is in there just eating away at the calcium her teeth are becoming weaker by the day


Does she take prenatals? I have 3 boys and lost a tooth with all three and the rest are pretty weak. Multi vitamins and calcium supplements. Congratulations on a new baby!!


Are you guys going to have more kids after the one you are having now? Do you have kids from before that could have made her teeth weaker from the start? Will her teeth even stay in? just curious.


Way to make me afraid of pregnancy. 😳 Thanks for the horrifying facts that I wish I didn’t hear.


There is a lot of horrifying shit that happens during pregnancy that most women don't know about until they become pregnant themselves.


Yes… like losing your hearing. I now have to wear hearing aids.


Wait, what? That can happen?!


I lost most of my hearing in one ear and developed tinitus when I was pregnant with my first!


It’s amazing how much a body has to endure to develop another. I mean, it’s kind of insane: you’re literally creating another life. It seems like an unfair deal, haha. Yes, you get something amazing in return but your partner does too and their teeth don’t fall out, their hearing isn’t being damaged, etc. 😳


Damn, pregnancy sucks


I had to get blood transfusions because my lil vampire was stealing it all and I became deathly anemic. Pregnancy is CRAZY.


Pregnancy rate is going to decrease because of this comment


i knew someone that had kid after kid and yeah.. she lost all of her teeth from it. ill be honest that i didnt realize, until i met her, that was a thing that could happen.


I've never known a girl that lost her teeth, but have known alot that said they got a shitload of cavities while/after pregnancy


Yet another reason…


Yes, pregnancy and breastfeeding basically leach minerals and nutrients from your body. I looked like Skeletor for like the first 2 years after my daughter was born because none of the nutrients I took I were going to me, lol


Dental problems are common, obviously having them all fall out isn't. She has talked about it before on her TikTok and how she struggled with depression because of it.


She already had dental problems before she fell pregnant, and her pregnancy exacerbated the problem.


Yes that is very likely, but thats her business not ours really. Regardless, the people calling her a methhead can get bent


She went through literal hell. People that call her methhead are psychos.


> how she struggled with depression because of it. I broke my two front teeth before lockdown and was extremely depressed and self-conscious about it because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to fix them. To be honest, I really stopped smiling and laughing I public because people’s face *changes* when they notice. Then masks came and I kind of forgot about it. And then finally we were told we could go out without a mask. It felt great, and I went and ran my usual errands. When I came home I looked in the mirror and saw my teeth and not gonna lie, it was a gut punch. Affordable dental care is practically non-existent in the US.


Yeah it's rough, I've had depression for most of my life now and through my late teens I was terrible about brushing. Now in my early twenties I've had 4 teeth pulled and have just started getting work done to fix all of my cavities. Already put about $1200 into it and need $900 for my next appointment and almost $3k for all the work I still need. The bulk of it is crowns, I need 2 and they're like $1000 each! I hope you get the work you desire done so you can get back to feeling normal about it. If you don't mind me asking, what happened? When I was like 11 I ran face first into a parking sign and fucked up my front teeth, and my sister had the same issue when she went down a hill on a bike without brakes and snapped hers off in her lip.


I work with a girl who's had 4 kids in 6 years ages 6,4 and and 2 year old twins and her teeth were constantly breaking from calcium loss with the twins. She showed us a picture before the twins were born and you could tell the difference big time. Then she got really sad talking about how pretty she used to be. I felt bad for her.


Yes. My wife had been getting all sorts of cavities since popping out kids. She never had a cavity in her life until after kid number two


Absolutely. She's out here doing tutorials, helping other women who have had the same thing happen get some of their confidence back. Babies are parasites. Cute ones, but parasites nonetheless


This. I've been childfree since forever, but every now and then I wonder what it might be like to have children. Then I read new accounts of how pregnancy is essentially housing a parasite that alters your brain chemistry to become subservient to its needs while leaching nutrients out of your body and I'm fully refreshed in the nopenopeNOOOOOPE dept. Big ups to ya, moms. I don't know how you do it and I'm def not learning myself.


And then you get the vagina-splitting labour as you spawn the milk vampire who continues to leech your nutrients and bonus poops on you. Yup. Good times.


Omg that's how I refer to them and people look at me weird. Have carried two parasites in my oven and boy oh boy was I drained. Lol


I used to refer to my son as a leech when I was pregnant. I got some odd looks, but it's the truth.


My wife is basically allergic to babies, she has an allergy to latex and gets a crazy rash and goes into shock from latex exposure.. when shes pregnant her arms or legs will randomly swell up like a latex reaction or she will get hives and panic attacks and weird heart issues. Her doctor confirmed that its her body having reactions to a foreign object in her body ( the baby). Towards the end of our first pregnancy she was taking enough antihistamines to knock out a horse but she was able to stay up during the day somehow.


My ex husband’s second wife had to have a hip replaced after she had twins. She was 26.


Great another reason not to do pregnancy.


And she’s doing a damn fine job of it if I respectfully may add. Also i really wouldnt consider this catfishing even if that wasnt the situation. Catfishing is being literally a different person. Honestly wish I had her confidence!


I was thinking how its awesome shes willing to take off her makeup in front of camera. Most women wouldnt like others to see their before face. Her skills are good


Every day, I come across more and more reasons to not have kids.


Came here looking for comment. I follow her on TikTok and she’s the kindest soul. She’s so authentic. It’s not about trickery. People are so hateful.


I’m really impressed with her skill! Good for her!


Another fantastic reason to never ever in my life have children


Can you edit this with the source? I’m curious about her page.


Done, linked her profile. Should be able to find the video from there


Gracias! Reddit really needs to start giving these videos source credit 🙃


As somebody who is young and also with a full set of dentures/implants, she’s a staple in our community (yes, there’s thousands of us) People can lose teeth for a magnitude of reasons. Getting your confidence back is a huge milestone through our journey. It’s not easy coming to terms with removing all of your teeth to never get them back again, but (personally) it was a health decision and a huge boost in my personality especially with commutating with people.


The rest of mine are coming out on October 15th! I can't freaking wait to love my smile again. When my dentist asked if I'd be ok waiting 6 weeks without teeth to do the molds for my dentures I said "it's gotta be better than this!". I'm just nervous about the pain for a few days afterwards because I take care of my mom, but I have help and I think we'll all survive. I'm in my early 30's and told my family they're allowed to make jokes *after* I make the first one.


I don’t think she’s a catfish to the people saying that it seems like she wants to look good for her and that awesome also her teeth are from pregnancy if you scroll down it’s mentioned


if guys put this much effort into their appearance we would have a mutual understanding lol




Woah.. how did a fetus do that? I thought it was hormones.


Apparently from the vids I’ve watched of her, she lost her teeth from pregnancy. Progesterone can make your teeth fall out.


I mean why is this a big deal when A lot of people get veneers.


Those aren’t Veneers, they stay in your mouth those are dentures, she lost her teeth during her pregnancy cuz you calcium gets messed up and also stomach acid destroys teeth from morning sickness but your right it’s not a big deal


I meant like her having fake teeth shouldn’t be a big deal when a lot of people have veneers (also fake teeth) and don’t get shit about it other than compliments.


If men find out we can shape shift, they're going to tell the church


Pterodactyl scream




Thats what witch trails are made for.


There's a witch trail right out back in the woods


WHO THE FUCK PULLS OFF THEIR LASHES LIKE THAT?!?! I am traumatized. Start from the corner. There simply is no other way. FUCK that.


Have y’all even heard her story….she’s actually rlly pretty just missing teeth and not as good hair.


I feel awful that people here are making fun of her. :( I've seen the youtube channel and her story. She's just trying to show people that she doesn't have teeth. She lost them.


Impressive. 10/10 🏆


It was brave of her to show her real self. I respect that.


Good for her


Honestly, good for her👏🏻


I lost my teeth at 29 due to drug addiction. I really admire this girl cuz I would never be in public without my dentures in this really takes courage


Sigh unzip


Gots to see it through, my boy. Gots to see it through.


As a member of the night's watch, gotta take what you get.


Just tested to see if my girl was using tricks like this and I was right! Her teeth came right out with a little tug. There was some blood, and hers came out one by one, but she looked completely different one they were gone. This is why we gotta stay woke fellas


I laughed so loud I spooked my cat, thank you for this.






Username checks out 100/100




To shreds you say?


Always remember, you’re not ugly, you’re just broke