Guy saves skydiver who gets accidentally knocked out

Guy saves skydiver who gets accidentally knocked out

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All that sky and you still find a way to crash.


Reminds me of the clip of the two planes full of skydivers crashing into eachother mid-air. Edit: Link - https://youtu.be/O3PSx9U1GHI


Holy crap thats so terrifying. I garuntee a couple of them forgot they had parachutes and was like "welp, this is it for me" until they realized.


I wonder if the pilot had one ready to go


Apparently its a rule for tye pilots to have chutes, if youre going to be opening the door, or modified the door or something like that, which is obviously the case for skydiving. because it can change the aerodynamics, potentially catastrophically. One pilot bailed, other was able to land.


Wow, thanks for the info


They did, all survived,, and luckily no one on the ground was killed by the crashing planes


I remember reading somewhere that everyone survived including both pilots. I might be wrong though.


You're absolutely right! They all made it!


Yeah! Now I remember. There’s a longer version where they’re all touching ground and then a couple people jump into a truck. Looks like they’re heading towards the others that were landing. Thanks for confirming it!


One of the pilots managed to land.


Everyone in the crash survived.


Realizing it is different than getting the hell out.


Fucking hell, that's terrifying


Reminds me of this https://imgur.com/a/if9O5Rt


I want the ultimate rush... Try sky diving? I SAID THE ULTIMATE RUSH... a mid air collision as you jump sky diving.


That video always looks like some Call of Duty shit to me lmao


“Accidentally” His mate came in flying like a rocket headbumping him to sleep. Jack replay that for us.


"Make it look like an accident."


It’s okay I got it. Jamie go ahead.


Jamie Pull it up


That's crazy man. You guys ever do DMT?


Yep I was playing quake with these bears one night and they pulled it out


Yea I know a guy who extracts it. One hell of an experience


Was he ok landing unconscious?


Didn’t feel a thing, actually.


His legs must’ve been killing him the morning after though


I imagine he had jelly legs not stiff ones.


Seen this before. Because his buddy opened his chute early, he had time to regain conciousness, find the landing site, and land safely, somehow. I believe he still had to spend a few days in the hospital, though.


Yeah in the whole video you can see that the guy had no idea where he was or what had happened when they run to him after he lands. I forget what he says, but he woke up and training kicked in to land safely...but he was out of it as to why he woke up in a chute and what they were doing. He was ok though, but he must have woke up to see the ground coming up quick and simply went through the motions. The others landed before he did since they all pulled afterwards and must have been waiting for him on the ground.


He pulled well above the standard altitude of 5,000 ft. He was likely on glide for 10-15 minutes without manipulating the chute. I had a parachute come out at about 10,000 ft once and it was a long, bumpy, and scary until about 6,000 ft ride. Winds up at 10,000 can crumple your chute and makes for a very interesting ride.


That sounds intense! If you don’t mind me asking, why did you have to open your chute that high? Just curious to hear the story.


If you're sitting by the door and the pilot chute, that is attached to the line that pulls your main, gets accidentally grabbed by the guy opening said door, you get forcefully shoved out of the aircraft by literally anyone that sees what is happening so that you don't make the plane crash. I grabbed my pilot chute line and held it for a second but I was kind of panicking and let it go by accident and my chute came out. It was my second jump after certification and the damn wind kept crumpling my chute, it was pretty scary. They didn't let anyone else jump because of weather for the rest of that day, I was gliding in with a storm front coming into town.


That sounds terrifying - I wondered if it was something like that. I only did one jump, but I vividly remember them saying if part of your chute leaves the aircraft, get out Get Out GET OUT. Then they showed us a picture of an aircraft where someone’s chute deployed and literally pulled the person through the side of the fuselage. Glad you came through ok.






Sounds like it might have been accidental


None of your comment is accurate on current gear? 10-15 minutes? Lol We’re you flying a para commander or something? We do high pulls and cross country flights all the time, pulling at 10k+ feet


I've had 2 jumps where my chute came out early and the longest I can recall being on glide was like 15 minutes and one was a double canopy deploy at about 9500. I didn't go very far, and I had a rough tail wind that kept almost making what cells I did have inflated go flat. Only 9 cells so it's not like I'm going to float to Narnia bro. Not sure what floats across country but I'm guessing it's a bigger chute?


Hey, you, youre finally awake...


Better than he was gonna be.


My thoughts too lol


Likely survived, but uncontrolled landing probably caused some damage


Actually, you're only gliding at about 15 mph when the chute is just floating without any force being applied to the toggles. I typically PLF for my new guys on our first jump and I never get hurt.


Lol, you youngins, I'm 6'4" 260lbs, hitting at any mph would brake my old ass lol


I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a movie where they airdropped an elephant, you should be fine 🤣😉


Yaaaaas!!!!! Operation Dumbo Drop, great movie


15 mph is 24.14 km/h


Good bot


Hey, weird question, but are youtubers now required to give all measurements in both metric and standard as they make their videos? I've been seeing conversions in almost all YouTube videos lately...?


Dude im sorry but I have no fucking clue


Damn lol maybe some whimsical stranger will see this


I just witnessed a real life villain, a victim and a superhero all in one video


Just one of the many plethora of reasons why I won't be lining up to jump out of an airplane any time soon. Just seeing this puts a pit of anxiety in my gut! The SO did it and loved it but hard pass from me.


I went skydiving strapped to a guy and before we had no training or contact with each other. We get to the top about to jump and he says “what the fuck are you jumping out of a plane with a stranger for?… ok put your head back because if you don’t your head will hit mine and we’ll die” then he jumped. Lol


It is statistically safer than driving a car. 0.0007% chance of dying in a skydiving accident as compared to a 0.0165% chance of dying while driving. You are 24 times more likely to die and a car today than you would be if you were to go skydiving today. The 3 ring system changed skydiving forever.


But I *have* to drive. So if I go skydiving after work my chance of dying today simply increased by 0.0007%.


What's the matter, you don't like to live dangerously? That's almost a 1% chance of dying, sounds riveting! 🤣


I shudder to do the math with all the other ways added in.


Additionally; thing with higher risk activities like sky diving is that they participants pay way more attention to the details and safety because they are aware it’s risky. Most drivers are conditioned to think driving is safe because it’s common and a lot of people done out or don’t pay attention when driving, or worse play on their phone. The guy that grabs the unconscious one shows how alert he was. I’ve never tried sky diving myself but I have friends who do it and I’d feel safer having a go with them than I do on the road half the time (especially when I see a lorry driver, semi-truck to those in the US, messing around on their phone).


You are more or less correct, I would say. Skydiving involves quite a lot of training throughout your certification, though, it hardly feels like training in my opinion. That being said, I've massively understated the importance of the 3 Ring Release System. It literally changed skydiving FOREVER. Also,if the injured jumper is experienced (and the same goes for many inexperienced jumpers, too), he'll have an automatic activation device, or AAD. It deploys for the jumper if they don't at 1700 or 1000 ft, which is still well below the altitude that new jumpers are trained to NOT pull their emergency chute below, which is 2500 ft. If you pull a parachute at 1700 or 1000 ft, the ground is going to look like it's coming at you like a racecar and you'll be shitting yourself. It's best to pull at 5500-5000 ft and give yourself time to troubleshoot any emergencies. I also agree that jumping with people you know and trust helps out quite a lot. I got my certification at a skydiving school where I knew nobody, and they also accounted for all three of the skydiving deaths in America that year. It was the closest school to me, but I damn sure didn't get warm fuzzies hahaha


You cant have a skydiving accident if you dont go. (aside of a meat missile hitting you while on the ground)


I feel like "missile" implies that I'm being propelled 🤣


3 ring system?


Ahahaha! He doesn't know how to use the 3 rings! Edit: in case people think I'm being a jerk https://youtu.be/gdnuOa7tDco


[The 3-Ring Release System explained by Wikipedia. It has a great example on their page!](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-ring_release_system) This system, especially if it's paired with an AAD, has changed a lot about the number of skydivers dying. Most skydiving deaths are now user error.


As an asthmatic my risk of having an asthma attack mid air is high enough that I was advised I shouldn't sky dive for my own safety. Guess I won't ever have to worry about it.


I often lose feeling in my hands from my elbows down while we are climbing to altitude. I have to sit there and cup an oxygen hose around my nose just so I can relax enough to get out the door. But it's all anxiety-based, nothing respiratory. I still get very scared on a lot of jumps, but I've yet to find a drug or anxiety medication that can make me feel anywhere close to how skydiving makes me feel. Next best thing I've found to the mental health problems I have is sprinting acrossed a field on a horses back with nothing but a fist full of mane and 1200lbs of animal underneath you. Honestly, if you feel like it might kill you, but you do it anyway... it changes you. 🤷 I am not a doctor* 🤣


Now compare the number of people driving to the number of people skydiving. Incidents of death tend to increase when literally billions of people are doing something every single day.


I'm guessing that the odds take that into account already.


I’m pretty sure they do account for that, that’s how percentages work


It is the number of skydivers against the number of skydivers that die while skydiving, the number of people driving cars against the number of people that die while driving cars.


The guy likely had a device that would auto deploy the chute when it dropped below a preset altitude. I went skydiving thirty years ago and all of the folks had them then. So would be amazed if it wasn’t standard equipment now.


Yup I’m hearing you 100%. Those that enjoy it please be careful


I think someone said he regained consciousness before landing, but just imagine that. You hopped out the plane, you’re having a blast, you see your buddy coming at you pretty fast, then all of a sudden you’re thousands of feet closer to the ground than you just were and your parachute’s been deployed somehow. I’d be both confused and bummed that I missed like half the jump lol.


I've been knocked unconcious before. Forgot the whole day up until that point. It was like waking up in morning, hella groggy, just not in your bed. Took me a few days or weeks to remember anything from that day before getting knocked out and several months to remember that actual incident. That dude likely woke up and had no idea why he was in a parachute several hundred feet in the air.


That sounds a lot more terrifying than what I said. Even if I were a trained skydiver I’d never want to go to bed one night and just wake up in the sky


That was truly heroic. What a save.


Total hero of the skies.🏆


I though this was chronicles for a second


Accidentally knocked out, as opposed to being knocked out on purpose during a sky dive.


Would love to hear the backstory here.


Very very under skilled head-down freeflying going on here Jumper loses control of his trajectory (freefly and head down are extremely fast orientations) and sends it full speed into other dude


How are you supposed to prevent that? It looks like he couldn’t figure out how or where to move his head, and ducks one more time, but he only goes faster into the other dude. Are there standard tricks of the trade to bail on a direction if you’re going a bad way?


So this group of people are experienced skydivers. However, one of them got complacent and yeeted himself right towards his buddy knocking him uncuncius. They all survived


Sorry, maybe I don’t understand, but that guy who hit him seems like a wild fucking idiot breaking a lot of rules.


All of them are really poor freeflyers. I won’t say this was bound to happen but not surprising when people jump outside their skill set


Reminds me of Ironman 1 movie scene




Atleast he wouldnt noticed


That's because people are not suppose to fly i think


This reminds me of this other sky diving incident where a man starts having a seizure mid fall and is saved by another fellow skydiver https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H1fj2vCxz9Y


Where's the flag *ref that was clearly targeting*


Fuckin awesome




That’s bad ass.


Absolute CHAD


Can someone ELI5 on how he had to position the knocked out diver to get his chute to open correctly while being out of the way enough to not get caught in the chute?


Essentially it comes down to how the parachute is deployed from the bag. In static line(military) parachutes once you exit the aircraft there is a(static) line attached to the parachute that allows you to fall for a brief time before the parachute is pulled from the deployment bag. You are taught to keep a tight body position with your chin tucked to your chest so when the chute is pulled free you don’t get hit by your risers (the smaller lines that connect the canopy to the parachute harness). I say all that to say that the same basic principles apply to free fall parachuting. If you fail to maintain a good strong body position and open your chute in a upside down position for instance, your run a substantial risk of your risers not deploying correctly and potentially being wrapped around your chute, rendering it ineffective(called a line over in some scenarios). His buddy was trying to get him in the most advantageous position for his canopy to deploy correctly because he knew that if his unconscious friend has a malfunction, the friend will not have any way to correct it and deploy his reserve parachute. This critical thinking likely saved his friends life as opposed to just panicking and deploying his parachute as soon as he got to him. Solid work.


Thanks for the info, appreciate that


Okay, but really, outside of mission impossible and John Wick this is the best action scene I've watched in a long time


Does a parachute count as a cape? cause dudes a hero…


Traffic im I right?


When Tom cruise actually saves you with his witch craft


Ok but what happens we he smashes into the ground? Wouldnt it be better to clip him on to you?


Seen this before. Because his buddy opened his chute early, he had time to regain conciousness, find the landing site, and land safely, somehow. I believe he still had to spend a few days in the hospital, though.


Eeek. Glad to hear he is ok!


When you tandem jump you use a different parachute (bigger, deploys earlier etc) . Clipping him on would have possibly killed them both.


I see! Interesting, I watch too many action movies.


It would be better not to jump out of a perfectly good airplane but what are you gonna do


>but what are you gonna do Not skydive? That's what **I'm** gonna continue to do, anyway. :D


I jump 10 times a day almost every day of the week Everybody needs at least one jump in life


I would imagine the parachute isnt rated for both their weight + kit or somethibg like that maybe.


Interesting. I've only ever done tandem.


That sounds like a good way for both of you to die but what do i know about skydiving im a redditor


He would be floating for a few minutes so there’s a chance he would wake up


How do you move horizontally towards someone when skydiving? Don’t you just fall downward?


If you angle yourself properly, the air resistance will pull or push you one way as you go down


Yeah I saw this on TV the guys hit him at 200 miles per hour it's like a missile hitting him


200 miles is the length of 2534393.7 'Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool - Poison Remover For Bug Bites's stacked on top of each other.


200 miles is 321.87 km


That's Next level heroics!


He will be so happy with this guy and so mad with that guy


That man launched at dude so hard.


Imagine waking up falling through the sky. At least that hero made sure he was falling slowly


Was the other guy okay?


Guy owes camera man a steak dinner and maybe a car too. Wow lucky break


If you listen closely you will hear "Click Clank" that the balls of steel this guy has hitting each other


Moral: never do big-way freeflies with low numbers jumpers. If someone is learning how to freefly, they should be doing two-ways until they have great control and spatial awareness. Preferably with competent coaching. Tunnel time is super helpful with that.


Bless that dude who saved his life. The way he held his arms in front of him, going after the knocked out guy was dope. Real Superman shit.


Do you think that guy could’ve faced a manslaughter charge if he wasn’t saved?




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Did he hold on until the ground??




How mad would you be. Bonehead.




That’s got to be the worst anticipated hangover of the century.


Can someone possibly edit this to look like Superman comes flying in to starch him and then repost? Also, I hope he is ok.


He never did this again!


If he didn't save him, wouldnt the safety chute automatically deploy at a certain height?


The AAD would have likely fired, yes, as most drop zones require them An automatic activation device is programmed to fired at ~750 feet if the jumpers fall rate is still above 78mph if I remember correctly


Both jumpers who collided are lucky they didn't lose a limb or get decapitated. It's happened before, I think it was with the Army's Golden Knights parachute team.




And this is why AAD’s exist.


Holy shit that was fucking epic, like a goddamn battlefield cutscene.


This guy clutched in real life. Got the Rez. And still Popped off his chute in time.


Basically mission impossible moment


Also r/nextfuckinglevel


Dood is a fucking legend


That's some mission impossible shit right there. The hero just earned themself an irrevocable badass card.


I think I would have accidentally killed this guy. My first thought was he better hold on to him as tight as possible so he doesn't drop him when he opens his shoot, and then I see the other guys shoot open and feel like an idiot because I didn't even think about the fact that he also has one on him and I can just pull the chord.


What about the other guy…


Best time to play the mission impossible theme song


Wow! Incredible!!


What about the guy in black?




Is that a cumulus nimbus in background?


What a BAMF


Other dude that caused the accident dead as hell. Save one, but can’t save them all!


That’s not humansbeingbros, that’s humansbeingbloodyepic.


Wow. Good on him What a terrifying moment


How you pay that back 🥲


Dude....holy fucking shit. What a fucking BADASS!!!


That’s Me n SAFE MOON


Ho lee shit


I'll never do that.


Oh my god i am FLOORED, that is something seriously insane @[email protected] i’d be freaking out so hard!!!!


There should be an award in society for this level of bro


Superman in first person is cool


Very Cash Money of you


I'm so confused. How was the conscious person able to get to the injured diver? It's not as if he could walk over there.


During free fall you have some control over your speed and direction via body and limb positioning. The conscious skydiver literally FLEW to the unconscious guy and then popped his chute. You can see from the high rate of speed at the point of approach that it is NOT easy or precise to do this. HUGE props to the rescuer - and if the world is right, he should never have to buy another beer for himself for the rest of his life. Magnificent situational awareness and coolness under the ruthless deadline pressure of effecting the rescue while hurtling toward certain death as your precious safety seconds tick away.


Wow! Thanks for the explanation. That rescuer is amazing. And I will never have the balls to skydive. Of course I'm a woman so I don't have balls anyway, but you get the point.


Wow, that is James Bond shit!!


Bad ass. Mans got ice in his veins




I’m pretty sure this happened to Superman in the most recent Mission Impossible movie


Can somebody do a re-edited version of this with the James Bond theme blasting…? Cuz that’s some Bond shit


Wow amazing job there !!!




This is the sweatiest I’ve ever been


Feel like this video is popping up ever other month.


No thanks! Period!


Hey, this is the secret level in the castle hall of Mario 64


This is some Mission Impossible: Fallout shit




This looks straight out of chronicle.


Absolutely amazing ! Big congratulations, lots of skill and courage from this person


Oh my fuck this is terrifying


I can’t even imagine. That’s scary AF. That guy who saved him is a good guy


What a boss


Lol imagine his confusion when he wakes up on the ground hahahahhaaa


I’m sure this was a planned stunt, but dope as shit nonetheless.