Guy rescues puppy abandoned outside a supermarket

Guy rescues puppy abandoned outside a supermarket

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It's weird how so many of the animals in these clips can shoot lightning bolts out their coit


Que the unsolved mysteries music and lightning bolts ASAP!


>coit A word that's not used enough in everyday conversation.


Why are there never puppies outside my local supermarket?


Legit. I feel bad for little guy but I’d be like, jackpot


Because these animal rescue videos are staged to get money. It’s really sick


Nope , this video's from takis shelter. They dont stage videos.


Deep down I know this to be true


Seriously. As a dog person. You see a litter of abandon cute puppies and would say to yourself how could anyone do this? Then back of your mind you know these people doing the video are assholes.


Well, but that’s a good thing, right?


In the grand scheme of things, yes, but I would adopt another puppy in a heartbeat if I found one in a box!


More free puppy boxes out front of stores he’ll yea


Because once the people who put them there get the shoot they take em back home for the rest of the video


I too seen cases with these fraudsters on the internet. It makes me lose trust with humanity


Because these videos are almost always staged.


Takis! This man takes care of ~500 dogs in Crete, Greece. Plus a couple of dozen cats, some sheep, goats and the occasional hedgehog and bird. He is absolutely amazing. Please follow him on FB, YouTube, Insta, whatever you prefer! https://m.facebook.com/TakisShelterCrete/ https://youtube.com/c/TakisShelter


I thought I recognized Takis voice!! That man is a national treasure !


He stages these videos.


But he still rescues and saves them. His shelter is huge and he relies on donations. He's a good one


People really dump strays in public there. I saw a kid try to drown puppies in public, in a gutter. It's awful. My dad found a few puppies that people left in the mountains near his house. They are the most loyal dogs ever. Love them. Strays all over, very few services for them.


People that do stuff like that to animals are complete and utter trash


That other dog looks to be in rough shape.


I thought that too. Like it had lesions all over and thin.


Looks like a solid case of mange, but it does appear they shaved down some of the torso so I'm hoping it's just healing after treatment.


Taki rescues animals. Some in very poor condition, trust he will care for these sweet innocent animals.


That dog was likely very recently rescued as well and is staying inside until it gets in better health and can join all the other dogs outside or be sent usually to another country for adoption. This guy rescues so many dogs and is a great person so that dog is in good hands with him.


Always grateful when abandoned animals are found and taken in by good people with compassion, they could just as easily be taken by unhinged psychos with bad intentions Don’t abandon your pets on the street please, almost all animal rescue groups will work with you to rehouse a pet or at the least help you surrender it, giving an animal a chance is worth more than your pride or embarrassment


I lived in Cyprus where this was filmed and can 100% confirm that finding animals on the street is common. My room mate and I found a tiny kitten just lying on the road one night so we took it in. It's not common for this to happen in a lot of countries but in many it is.


Takis lives on Crete, not Cyprus. But I’m glad you helped a helpless soul. Did you keep the kitten?


Oh haha, my bad. Yes we did! We did not eat it, as suggested below.. however we DID name it Pomelo which is a fruit that grows there. We don't get those in my home country and I just liked the name


You’re awesome! And so is Pomelo, I’m sure!


They ate it


This seems staged.


Watch some more of Takis’ videos, you’ll see that it’s not. He happens to live on an island that doesn’t seem to care about dogs at all. Thrown out puppies and dogs are extremely commonplace there, unfortunately.


He might very well rescue puppies, but that doesn't mean this setup wasn't staged for maximum appeal.




Lol of course there’s a sub for that! Love it.


You’re a real piece of work




Why not? His shelter is run on donations how else would he get recognition


This looks fake as shit, dog is planted there will food and milk?


Gotta rake up the views. On the other hand, dude has an enormous shelter, and care and food are expensive. A little stage in order to buy dog food, I can live with this. But yeah, in 43 years I've never met one animal like this, and some people apparently lives in places where this happens all the time.


It’s not uncommon in a place like Greece where many don’t respect dogs and abandon them all sorts of places, there is a massive amount of strays in Greece. This may be uncommon in a lot of places around the world like the US but it’s not that uncommon in Greece. Not saying every video of his is 100% real because who knows but the circumstances in Greece are alot different than most places.


God bless him. ♥️


People who abandon animals should get kicked off their houses with zero money or credit cards, see how they feel about it


Is the dodo faking this shit? I keep seeing these types of videos and all the puppies or kittens are always left in a damn box in a convenient place.


Takis is a really good dude with a massive shelter, abandoning animals and strays are a bad problem in Greece and they’re everywhere. People definitely stage animal rescue videos but finding an animal in a box like this is way way way more common in someone like Greece which don’t really respect most animals like dogs. Takis has literally rescued 100s and 100s of dogs and has his own program to spay and neuter them and then when healthy send them to many different countries to adopters, Germany is one of the common countries where he sends dogs to adopters. Guy is a really great dude doing a ton for animals, there are tons of animals at his shelter at basically all times because of the problem with them in Greece.


Aaaaaaw what a bro




Free cute puppy? Not really a hard sell a lot of ppl would have done the same. Nothing heroic here.


The guy in the video owns a rescue in Greece with over 500 dogs. This isn't some guy who just found a free puppy.


Flashbacks from a week ago where we found a dog of similar age on a street and had to take care of it for 2 days before we were able to drop him off at a shelter. People are wonderful.


Cute furbaby, at least whoever left it left some food and milk with it. Hope it finds a good forever home?


My money this is fake and staged


Takis takes care of hundreds of dogs in Greece and started it all with his own money. A lot of times people will see a dog out, abandoned and will give his shelter a call and he’ll come out and grab it. He always films his rescues and rehab of dogs to share with followers. As a monthly donor, I appreciate seeing videos of the dogs he’s helping.


Nice job filming it lmaooo


this guy films most of his rescues to bring awareness. he runs a rescue and has saved hundreds of animals. he's pretty well known for it too


Its definitely staged, common now! It's advertising. And the puppy has lightning bolts coming out of his head, really! People need to stop recording good deeds to internet points.


First Dodo video, eh? Every Dodo video has the lightning bolts.


Like I said, staged videos suck. Do the good deed don't do it for the camera


How would you suggest this guy gets funding for his 500+ dog rescue in Greece?


How much money or personal time have you donated or given to the dog rescue in Greece?


Others have said this is common on Cyprus. Dunno who pooped in your cornflakes this morning, but can't you just enjoy the puppy video? You really need to manufacture a complaint about it?


Others have said, it's like I'm having a conversation with a 6th grader, pooped in cornflakes? Lol


Why are you even subscribed to humansbeingbros if you're gonna be a jerk about the posts? It's a frickin puppy video.


And you continue, move along now. If you were to spend more time in the real world instead of the internet you would realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes opinion. You don't have to like it, you don't even have to approve of it, but no matter what you think it is a reality.


So fake , in California you find that dog on cl for $200


The world needs more people like him


Congratulations on your new best friend Bless you


So a camera was there to film it….strange coincidence?


I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!


How come I can’t find a free dog


Some pore kid who was just given their first puppy, went in to buy some dog food with money the breeder gave them to help get them going. He comes out and is crushed that someone stole his best friend he had just met…. It’s possible, the videographer could have just seen instant social media clout and didn’t wait to see and just snatched and ran. BTW, I don’t honestly think that this is what happened, it was just a scenario that popped into my head. They probably saved a little puppy from starving and suffering in the open world.


If my dog shot lightening bolts out of her head she's going into a box indront of Loblaws .... you can have her.


She’s such a sweet little pup! She deserves a loving home.


I see all these posts and abandoned puppies... Where the hell are they... I want puppies


There’s dinner!


Ayy second Takis video today


I'd rescue that straight in to my house! 😊