Risking injury to free a bobcat trapped in a snare

Risking injury to free a bobcat trapped in a snare


FYI, this is their snare. They hunt other animals and often catch these larger animals and always release them... Yes I was on a bing streak a while ago late at night on YouTube.


Why on earth would you use bing?


You haven't tried their video search, have you? Whatever you want. God turns his back and cries, and Bing serves it up with a cheery non judgemental smile. Bing with safesearch off is like.. *You want the show jumping from the 1992 Olympics? That's cool, we found it. Also, here's a few clips of a horse fucking a midget, just in case you're interested.*


Is there a link to the horse video? I'm asking for a friend.




>I'm asking for a friend. "Sure you are" 😉 send that video when you find it, but it better not be one of the ones I've seen.


sounds like a great ad


Google senors basically anything NSFW even if you turn off safe search. You can get video results that are not YouTube. It's not run by spyware Goliath Google. It's slightly better about not pushing a zillion ads at you in search.


I also use bing and edge. We now live in a world where Microsoft is the slightly less unethical choice than Google. This is the most depressing sentence I wrote this week.


I also use bing to edge


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Bing and Edge at least let's you disable the most egregious data harvesting, Google and Chrome work like a fucking Hoover with a turbo prop for the motor. Of course Balmer was the worst thing to happen to Microsoft since the FTC.


>slightly less unethical choice My head hurts


Just use ddg


They’re better in terms of privacy…plus their video search results make Google look like amateurs


So it isn't just me? Also them showing embedded YT video means that I don't have everything in my YT history. The YT diet nazi railroad taught me caution.


I use it because just simply searching stuff gives you Microsoft rewards points that add up over the years. I used to get months of free Xbox live with it. I don’t use Xbox anymore but I’m not too far off a $10 gift card for Amazon. Just for using bing.


Can’t believe that no one else mentions this.


Asking the real questions.


Aha! That explains why they happen to have this tool


Does the snare cause injury to the animal??


No, if a trap is legal in the US it either traps the animal safely and securely, or instantly kills the animal. Leghold traps and those classic "bear traps" are outlawed as they cause stress and injury to the animal. The trap in this video looks to be a foothold trap, which clamps securely around the animal's "wrist" and is padded with foam/plastic to prevent the trap from digging in. These traps are weighted so that animals of a certain weight can trigger them- they could've been trapping coyotes, or foxes, or another similar-size animal. At worst, the bobcat might have a sore paw. Trappers are required to check their traps frequently, so it was not trapped for very long. Traps are highly regulated in the U.S. to ensure that they are ethical to the animals captured. Trappers closely follow these rules and use only approved traps that have been proven not to cause injury to wildlife, including by-catch species.


That's great to hear! Thanks!


They intentionally harm animals to video themselves releasing them?


No, they have snares for game they actually keep. Occasionally they get a bigger animal and release them.


Shoo! Go on! But I Owe The Life Debt...


It’s really a testament to the bobcat’s fighting spirit that even after it’s just been through all that, it’s still ready to fight if need be. Like, mercy does not compute to it so it’s just thinking “Okay, they screwed up and freed me, *sweet!* But, we throwing hands or what? I still got two good ones on the back.”


>mercy does not compute to it That's kinda how nature works tbh


>It’s really a testament to the bobcat’s fighting spirit that even after it’s just been through all that, it’s still ready to fight if need be. Yea because they are predators and it was scared. Notice how she never turned her back to it? She knows that once she did the cat would attack. Cats will rarely attack from the front they are stalkers and if the chase is gone their biological hunting takes over so they act like "oh ummm hey friend". Cats even domestic ones share the same traits and without the trill of the chase Cats are the biggest bitches, but turn your back and it's game on. This is also true in nature whenever a cat is seen by prey they act like they were just "there".


I've never been attacked by my housecats and I turn my back on them constantly throughout the day.


... and only death can pay for life.


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This a hunter clearing a trap. This isn't a "human being a bro"


Not a poacher but a hunter clearing their trap. Definitely not bro-ly.


Thanks. Hunter is a better fit 😫


Not a poacher. This is her trap and the bobcat was not in season, so she let it go. She did everything legally


Still an asshole for putting it there to begin with. Not really interested in their laws


Well I mean, so long as they keep a good eye on the trap, I can understand not wanting bobcats on your property. Particularly if you have farm animals.


Or any number of species that are of great risk or threatened


Not interested in proven techniques that are used for the conservation of species of greatest risk…yea must be a terrible person


After it was freed it was like “oh, okay. Thank you. Ima go back to my evening power nap”


Sadly it was her own trap. She caught the wrong animal


They're coyote traps and she's videos her putting her hand in a live one. They aren't intended to maim rather catch one the rest scatter and since she has a literal steel shield designed for arm traps. She isn't in the business of killing them rather than scaring them off.


>she's videos Why you do this to me?




Big fair


Flying circus




You're right there was alot more than just one.


I was thinking, based on her tool there, that she has done this before.


It's painted and I'm sure all the sharp edges are gone. That isn't a "one time thing" you don't take that time to make it one off.


She's catching them to scare them off?


Animals are animals, but they aren't dumb. Even without injury, they will learn to avoid the area because it's too much work and too much risk. It might take a few tries but they will learn.


She's releasing them. Coyotes travel in packs so if you snare one, they Yelp in fear, and the rest scatter. They arent going to risk more loses trying to get an easy meal. When she releases them they will run home to the pack. Dogs are smart enough to know risk/reward factor so 1 or 2 attempts with snares packs back off as its not worth not eating for the night, and they more to easier targets. They're packs animals and sure there maybe a few in the area, but it all changes ever few years with the pack alpha death/changing


Please don't let that toxic commenter discourage you at all. If you look at their comment history you can tell they're shopping for dislikes.


I just want to say that you don't need to think before commenting, I think you thought the right amount.


Just some food for thought here: Leaving out the whole existential conversation on how you personally feel about killing animals, animal safe traps do very much exist and this woman is practicing very responsible trapping. Biologists use these kinds of foot snares and traps all the time when performing population surveys on mammals. Not every animal is efficiently of safely subdued by tranquilizers. Sometimes trapping is both easier and safer to do on certain animals, both for trapper and animal. Trapping is also incredibly efficient and can immobilize far more animals in far less time, which allows you to get results on a much larger portion of the population over many other survey options. Most (if not all) states also mandate that you check your trap lines regularly and frequently (with specific time frames in place) in order to avoid accidental death or injury to a non-target species, which increases the safety of certain kinds of traps. Trapping is a nuanced topic, but it’s not nearly as brutal as most people imagine it to be. Modern trap designs and regulations have made trapping just as humane as any other kind of hunting. When done properly it is either a very quick death (even quicker than a well placed gun shot) or is stressful, but safe, for a non-target animal.


I'm absolutely shocked that there's a decent, coherent comment on trapping on Reddit. People really don't realize how important trapping is, and it totally gets a bad rep from outdated stereotypes. Mammologists would have nothing to work with if they couldn't trap! And IMO, in some cases it's a much more humane way of hunting than some other forms.


I always find it amazing just how friendly some deadly animals become when they realize you want to help them. Once the bobcat was freed he was just like “oh okay you cool” and stuck around. I’ve seen this video before, I’ve seen deadly snakes drink from a dude holding a water bottle in a drought. I ain’t pushing my luck though that’s for sure


I think you might be anthropomorphizing the bobcat. It's not friendly at all, it may be just taking a minute before it takes off, since it possibly hurt a little when it was tugging on the arm trying to defend itself. Anywho, animals are not grateful, they are just trying to survive.


Perhaps not friendly, but it certainly reconsidered wether the human was a threat.


Let's hope not for its sake


The dude was freaking out for 18 hrs with its leg caught thinking it was about to die. It’s exhausted.


That is not a snare.


You’re not a snare


I'm not a trap


[This ](https://youtu.be/xvFZjo5PgG0) is a trap


I knew what this was and clicked on it anyway.


I read your comment and clicked on it anyway


I read the thread and still clicked just to make sure that I knew.


Oh man you got me with that one. I haven’t seen one of those in years.


Where u been? The top comment from [this thread](https://youtu.be/TIcxXJHNqPc) earlier was a rickroll. Almost easy to get RR’d


Well played. Well played indeed.


No, [this](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/typemoon/images/3/3b/Rider_of_black.png/revision/latest?cb=20130819221006) is a trap.


I even guessed the character right before clicking. *sigh*


This is what I thought the first link was lol I think that says something about me


me too... 😂


The [traps](/r/traps) are here.


That’s a spoon!


“No no I did not know that it had a penis!”


Shut ur trap!


What's the official name for it? I'm guessing OP doesn't know all the in and outs of animal traps (nor do I) and was using what they thought was the right term.


It's a gin trap.


I think it’s just called a foot hold trap.


Double coil spring trap. A snare is just a piece of aircraft cable.




Same. When will people understand that those "heroes" freeing the animals are most likely the trappers themselves.


Someone commented that she uses them to catch coyotes- and they don’t maim the animals, it’s just to scatter them. Not sure how true it is, but it makes sense. Coyotes are a menace so farmers typically want them off their property. They said she put her own hand in it- there’s no teeth to really injury the animal just hold them still.


Yes, they often have rubber teeth/grips now instead of sharp teeth. Doesn't guarantee no injury and it's probably still painful, but it's better.


Often the animal will cause harm by trying to get out of it because they think they are at risk of being attacked and killed. This is still beyond fucked up to do to an animal IMO.


Coyotes are not menaces they are just behaving naturally, it is the livestock owners that are the menaces.


Going out of your way to save an animal you didn't mean to trap, rather than killing it, is still a show of character.


Especially when this animal can very easily cause some serious damage. She could've taken the easy way out by killing it from afar and releasing it then, but she chose to risk herself to free the animal. Id say that says a lot.


Trappers are not the unethical demons you think they are though.


I hate seeing animals injured by any human related activity. However I love the confused look on their face when they are freed from their discomfort. They try to defend themselves from impending death and instead they're immediately eased from their pain. They always have a look of 'wtf just happened'.




The person freeing the bobcat is almost certainly the same person who set the trap in the first place.


I hear you but its usually someone living in a rugged area who's just trying to make a legal living off the land ^(Most of the time the animal has a better death than the inevitable death by predator or disease. The money the state makes with permits is what funds conservation too, it couldn't exist without it. I know it's upsetting but it's a good amount of people's livelihood and they consider it honorable. They respect the animal and nature. Granted there's always bad people. The US does have a history of abusing our land but trapping is one of the few areas where we learned from our mistakes as a country.)


Understandable have a nice day


You too, much love


I appreciate your voice of reason


Also to help balance things out for animals like deer. Coyote need to be kept in check where I live. I kill one to three a year. And that saves a ton deer. One parent can kill up to 15 fawn a year feeding a litter that can range in size from typically 4 to 8 or so. They breed SO fast. If you took a group from 100 to 25 in say a 20sq mile area, they'd be back up to 100 in one year.


I've honestly never thought about that because where I live we have the opposite problem. Overabundance of deer and not enough natural predators to keep the population controlled, so deer hunting is a big thing.


I seem to remember that the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone was actually good for the plant life, because they hunted the deer that were stripping trees/grassland/wild flowers bare. While /u/nitefang certainly hasa valid point, we now own the responsibility, whether that means controlling coyote populations, or deer.


To be fair, the environment used to keep them in check until we fucked up the balance. We only have to do it ourselves because we created the problem.


Fairly true, while short of true for all. It's pretty complicated.


Humans were basically apex predators in most ecosystems across the world though. Hunting (and trapping) by humans is a natural part of the system.


Humans have been a natural predator to many animals for a long time and those ecosystems are adapted for it.


> state > Couldn't exist without it It could though


If conservation is mostly funded from permits then how would it exist without them?


It's the government, alternative funding opportunities are available.


Brb selling nukes to iran


Or how about brb not building hundreds of 300 million dollar jet fighters we don't need


TIL the richest country on earth is only capable of preserving its environment by selling hunting permits or selling WMD to its enemies


With a tiny fraction of the money we give to giant wealthy corporations every year we could easily triple funding for conservation.


If these people can't even spend the energy to understand how modern trapping works, what makes you think they actually give a fuck about these animals past seeing a situation they think they are in the moral high ground on? Like why bother.


Trapping is still largely used for pelts, which is a trade that straight-up shouldn't exist. I don't really give a fuck if someone is trying to make a living by trapping animals; it's ultimately a pointless industry that should fuck off (along with fur farms, while we're at it).


As long as people are responsible and check their traps and set them up correctly I don’t really see a problem. People have a right to catch their own food. Honestly a much more humane way to treat animals than factory farming and shipping the massive piles of meat to the supermarket.


And use snares that don't cause serious injury to animals that get legs in the.


You're not wrong exactly, but no one was going to eat this bobcat. They are trapped to make fur coats.


I mean the person that let it go is almost definitely the person that set the trap. They likely aren’t trying to catch bobcats.


Actually, no one is going to eat this bobcat because they let it go.


They clearly don’t want the bobcat.


Pretty sure this bobcat was not trapped to make fur coats. Source: this bobcat was freed


Although not common bobcats do occasionally prey on livestock like chickens, pigs, goats, and sheep. One 2004 study found that almost 5% of sheep deaths can be attributed to Bobcats.




Yes, and including this woman because it was probably her snare.




I don't think they're saying it's staged, I think they're pointing out that she probably found an animal she didn't want in her snare and released it. I'm sure I'll find out more by scrolling down


Yeah, this has been posted a lot of times and it has been proved every time that it’s her trap.


Shit take


That's literally all of our ancestors your talking about!


Incoming thread about how terrible traps are. Traps are efficient they serve a purpose, if animals can be trapped and released in a way that non Target animals aren't permanently injured (tough when animals struggle in ways that cause life alerting injuries). There are permitting regulations and practice rules in place for tapping in areas across the world. Trapping built an enormous part of North America's influence on the global economy during and after European colonization. It's history goes back even further then that, humans are apex predators it's a lot less life threatening to set up a remote trap. Trapping is still being utilized in areas of the world for sustenance. Modern Trapping is most commonly used to prevent wild creatures from killing livestock, and eliminating over populated varmints.


Snares are illegal in Sweden. It is cruel.


Guys...I hate to tell you but she is the trapper.


Was it her trap? This animal will have issues for the rest of its life!


Her vid says this was a humane non injuring trap but she does trap and kill animals. https://youtu.be/y5uAVVeeoIw


The trapper said that? Hmm, that changes everything.


Leg traps like this are very actually very humane. It's not like they snap down on the leg, they tend to be about as brutal as putting a leash on your dog.


[She even demonstrates it with her own hand.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnpCuC87oW0)


She put her own hand in her trap. I think these are safe.


I doubt it will have issues the rest of its life.


What makes you say that? Doesn't even seem to limp on the leg that got caught.


Probably not otherwise it would be unlikely she would free it. Edit: I failed to consider the possibility that she simply was trying to catch something else. I stand corrected!


This was posted a while ago and the consensus was that it was probably her snare to catch something else, and she released the bobcat because it wasn't her target. That shield she's using is what trappers use to release their bycatch.


That makes sense. My b.


Bc… you know… people walk around with bycatch shields in their wallets just behind their drivers licenses.


I keep mine next to my COVID mask and small dildo.


What don't you understand about her being a trapper? She has tools for the trade obviously


It is her trap. Sky Goode.


Cats are such dicks. Every time it's a wild dog or a bear they either run or look like they wanna give you a hug, cats immediately reaction is to try an kill you.


I dont think at any point was this woman in danger sure without the steel shield the bobcat probably would have slashed her. but with the shield no way would this bobcat attacked a human.


Pretty dern lucky. That could’ve went south in a flash -






Lol cat steps in trap again.... Not Again!!


This woman set the snare. She’s not some hero driving around the bush looking to free bobcats. They are likely targeting coyotes.


Is that cat going to be okay? If it had a broken finger or wrist, would it end up recovering?


Why do we still use snares?


She’s not being a bro. She is the one that set the trap.


Had to set up the camera first. Good deeds are only good when they can be shared on social media.


\*frees cat from snare\* \*cat immediately steps back on the snare\* Cats are cats, no matter the size.


1). That’s a foothold trap, not a snare. 2). She is the trapper.




This is OSA from Rainbow Six Siege


Bob cat was like; “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME BIT….. Oh, thanks…”


That is amazing. And big kitty seemed pretty calm about it afterward.


Releasing an animal from a trap you set isn't l being a bro. It's just not being horrible.


Holy shit, can we stop posting this same fucking gif every other week for karma? The woman is a trapper. It's her trap. She's a horrible person and this isn't a good thing.


Bobcats are some of the biggest assholes out of all North American predator species. Those bastards will fight a 1 ton truck if honks at them. And it's a 50/50 thing if you meet one in the woods on just how it'll react, it's less ball shrinking to meet a damn mountain lion as as long as you see them your not in any danger. That lady has a pair of brass ones on her, and a big freaking heart


The bobcats in my neighborhood are pretty sweet. I mean, don’t live your tiny little yappy dog outside overnight or it might be dinner, but they don’t mess with humans or large pets.


One walked right in front of me a few months ago when I was walking outside and just ignored me lol


This shows up here all the time. Humansbeingbros is of the belief that it's her snare, ergo screw her.


It is hers. This video says it’s a humane foot trap that doesn’t harm the bobcat, which I think is to be tagged or was tagged. However she does trap and kill animals. https://youtu.be/y5uAVVeeoIw


I sit behind my computer and forget how the real world works too.


I swear to God idiots have no idea what actual conservation is like actual conservation is built and held up by people like her Is it is solely Hunters, fisherfolk, and gun owners who keep conservation efforts going. It's our license fees and the taxes on our equipment, that is used to fund the conservation efforts and agencies. Without us there would be no conservation as we were the 1st conservationist as conservationist as no one cares more about protecting the environment for future generations than us as we were raised doing these things and we want our children and grandchildren children to do this long after we're gone.


So you’re right, but you’re also undermining the work of conservation researchers, educators, biologists, etc by saying it is SOLELY hunters, fishers, and gun owners who keep conservation going. There are a ton of people involved in it, no need to downplay anyone else’s work.


I was mainly talking about funding not necessarily the actual work I didn't mean to diminish their work they are critical to understanding what are healthy population levels


Trapping an animal is far, far more cruel than shooting it tho




Wow you go girl. Very impressive!


Seen this clip before, think another Redditor said she might have been the one to set the trap and was freeing the Bobcat as it wasn’t what she was hunting


That cat was legit grateful. Poor thing though.


Are you a bro if you trap an animal and probably injure it's leg only to let it go? I'm all for hunting and animal conservation, bit nobody who traps is a bro.


Sad that this happens often enough for a specialized tool to be developed… At least the bobcat looks appreciative.


What kind of fucking asshole still puts snares out?


I should have known not to read the comments. It is detestable how many people think it is okay to harm animals.


Good job


That’s a good trap. It’s not a cheap one. It looks like the kind that has rounded teeth clamps so it doesn’t break any bones. Depending on the state, legal traps have to be tagged and named when the trap is set and all fish and game will be able to track down illegals if you didn’t get a license to trap properly in the area. the trapper has to return within 24 hrs after setting the trap. There can’t be bait with 50ft of the trap. You can tell a trap is being cared for if it’s been dyed and waxed. Animals trapped legally supplement incomes and are so strictly regulated that it actually controls over population. For instance, if deer are overpopulating, coyotes are too. This capture likely wasn’t meant so it was let go. But that tells you how important humane traps really are.


That shield has handles screwed to the back and a perfect cutout for the bobcats leg. If this has happened so much, surprised she hasn’t learned to just stop it already with the fucking trapping


They are many people (like this woman) who do it as a life style (whether it be for a more human way to get meat, a common practice in the area, or sobering else). Just like with fishing, bycatches can be common. Unlike the bycatch from fishing, at least the bobcat was fine. The traps themselves are not actually harmful and so the bobcat had no injuries.


The people freeing the animal are the same ones who trapped it


These traps are disgusting!!!! Shame on the people who use them!


These videos are always of the person who set the trap in the first place, so really don't qualify for humans being bros.


She literally has a shield designed to help her free the cat. She or an associate are probably the ones responsible for its ensnarement in the first place.


It is astonishing that someone can legally earn a living by trapping animals and harvesting their skins. The person in the video likely set the snare to begin with and that magnificent animal was most likely a “non-target animal,” and it was probably “rescued” because it would have been an illegal kill. It’s a good example of how trapping maims animals without prejudice. Of all the methods of harvesting terrestrial animals, trapping is the cruelest, as in its worst iterations it guarantees the animal an indefinite period of intractable pain, usually in an inclement environment without food or water where it is vulnerable to predators and the only choices that remain are a slow death or self-amputating. I call preemptive bullshit on any counter arguments. You have been beguiled by the Fur lobby.


You can tell this isn’t her first bobcat