Hunting Apparel

Hunting Apparel


I’m a big believer in quality gear. Badlands is solid and their warranty is unbeatable. The price might shock you but if you watch, you can find sales at 50% off. Sitka is always a solid option if it fits the budget. For your first set, don’t be afraid to go to Cabelas and just get some of their gear. It’s more budget friendly and the patterns are decent.


I'm a third year hunter and totally geared up from basepro. Their shit is warm as long as you understand how to use layers and how to control your sweat. No cotton. Wool and synthetics that breath and wick moisture. But get some good boots. Keep the toes comfy and you can stay out all day. I like the Bog Blaze II - warm, comfy and I've hiked a ton in them with no blisters. Just be sure to put them on a boot dryer after use to keep them from stinking- I spray with this stuff and then pop them on the boot dryer with no heat to air them out. 10-Seconds Deodorant &... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LMMW94Y?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


I’d love to get Sitka, but apparently I have to prove to the wife that I’ll get out enough to justify the money! She has no idea what she asked for ;) I will definitely check out Cabelas or Basspro gear, too. Thanks!


Watch [CamoFire](https://www.camofire.com) they have Sitka gear and other good things on random promos. Sometimes you can find things for 60% or more off.


Smartwool for base layer. Outerwear is often Carhartt bibs and whatever jacket fits the weather. Camo is overrated and not always needed, I rarely wear any and it's never prevented me from harvesting game.


I don’t do camo either. Quiet clothing and comfort.


Here in Europe we barely do camo at all


We didn't here until the late 20th century. It's all marketing hype.


Depending on what type of hunting of you're doing, my answer would vary wildly. However, assuming cold weather big game is your area of interest, I would recommend looking at eBay. I own more clothes for hunting from before 1980 than after. Filson, Pendleton, Woolrich, Barbour, and L.L. Bean all make high quality wool and waxed canvas stuff that is affordable on the used market. I have Sitka and First Lite clothes as well, I just don't hunt in them as much as I do all my used wool stuff. *With the exception of base layer clothing. I wear SmartWool thermals.


I didn’t think to check out eBay, but I definitely will. Hopefully I get out enough this year so I can justify some Sitka gear!


If you have an academy I highly recommend their house brand stuff. Camo isn't necessary, but if you don't have Carhartt bibs already might as well get camo ones. Under armour is decent base layers that aren't too costly. I have Duluth brand and a set from Costco called 32 heat, and they are both garbage.


Unfortunately I don’t have an academy near me! I have been looking at a pair of bibs from Scheels called ArcticShield but I will check out the Carharrt ones too. Thanks!


It honestly depends on what type of hunting you’re doing and where you live. More information will help.


I've been hunting for over a decade with nothing but the cheapest camo from Walmart, and a decent heavy weight set I bought second hand from a friend. I finally this year invested in some Sitka gear which is amazing but also very pricy, I hoping to get at least another 10 years out of this stuff. Bottom line is you don't need the fancy bells and whistles that come from premium gear, but it does make life easier and more comfortable, so start simple and as you hunt you will learn what is more important and where to spend your money.


I’ve seen carhartt recommended here and I’d definitely go carhartt bibs and jacket, both camo. They will last you YEARS, extremely warm, good all fall and winter and easy to clean. If it fits your budget. I went for habitat gear. I have carhartt stuff but it’s all that duck brown color which for obvious reasons isn’t a good idea to wear in the woods during deer season. If you live near a Dunham’s there Habitat waterproof, wind proof bibs and jacket are on sale for $50 a piece over $100. I’ve heard good things and no problems so far. Ultimately whatever you find most comfortable is what you should get. Sitka is amazing it super expensive.


I do have a Dunham’s close by, so I will definitely go check those out! Thanks!


It doesn’t state they are on sale but take them to the counter and have them check the price. I was just going to spend the money on a nice jacket but got both when I saw it was half the price


Where you’re hunting matters.


I should have mentioned that! For now I’ll mostly be hunting in northern Iowa.


Ah, I hunt Florida and Georgia so I’m not much help!


First lite is awesome


Stone glacier.


Kings camo is a great brand with reasonable prices.


Invest in good base layers, all my camo is either generic mossy oak or bass pro/Cabela’s brand. Base layers are all smart wool, so worth it. For pants my favorite thing is Prana stretch zion, not camo but they're fantastic


I try to add a new high quality piece every year. It builds up over time. Columbia has been pretty durable. Good hunting.


Fancy camouflage gear is ok but it won’t get you game , staying warm and dry will I use army surplus wool pants are far cheaper and more durable wool jackets are very quiet in the brush.


I’m not sure where you are based. But generally speaking - for UK/Ireland Harkila is consider the Gucci of hunting gear in that it’s a little expensive but incredible quality and materials. I like Seeland gear myself. It’s a Danish brand that I think strikes the perfect cost to quality ratio.


I don’t bother with camo. I just wear high quality clothes in a natural color.


I’m a huge fan of First Lite. It’s certainly not cheap but you can sign up for their Veterans program for 20% off (if you are a Vet). I love how they designed their clothes as kits (and yes good marketing strategy) so it builds on each other well and can be customized for the season and weather easily. Tons of stuff on YouTube better explaining it. As a lot of the guys here have said, camo isn’t required. Especially if you are new to the sport and unsure how long you’ll continue to participate. If you are feeling things out and/or mainly concerned with that obtaining meat (and are fine with shooting younger animals) then certainly don’t break the bank. But if you are getting serious and spending 20+ days a year outdoors hunting and looking for mature animals, spend the money on quality gear. I had the motto “Buy once, cry once” drilled into me. Buy the quality stuff once and eat the high cost once, but it’ll last forever.


First Lite makes really great products. I have multiple layers for all climates!


I’m a western/Rocky Mountain hunter and this is what works for me: Meindl boots Kuiu Attack pants Darn Tough socks Kings camo rain gear and coat Costco 32 degrees base layers Shelta hats Fleece gloves and beenie If it’s super cold But no moisture fully insulated coveralls from a tractor store are good if riding an ATV around


I’m in Oregon, on the coast. Kuiu verde attack pants, Kuiu Yukon gaiters (these were amazing in the ferns and miss we have), non-cotton base layers, Kuiu verde fleece 1/4 zip mid layer, rain coat if needed. I have the smart wool socks, and Kuiu boots. I will have to invest in better rain gear soon, as we get a dilute of rain here. But what I had did a great job.


Get you some good outdoor/work clothes you’ll do fine. I’ve killed more deer and hogs not wearing camo in carharts than anything.