The more I read about Fleck, the more it seems like it isn't an act or a schtick but his actually personality.


i fucking hate it


The small dude at the bar who walks in, grabs your drink and then says he's gonna bang your girl at the end of the night - I never thought that was a schtick. I just hate to see it and hate him by proxy doing it because you know he's coming in and plowing and there is nothing you can do about it. For 3 years straight.


You are reading the wrong stuff then. Several articles have been written on the other side of Fleck's treatment of his student athletes. The issues have been persistent enough the local CBS station investigated it earlier this year. There's a UM professor who started tracking the mental health issues of Fleck's recruits. Just a start as there are a trove personal blogs, etc documenting his history if you care to google it. [https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/05/10/unnecessary-roughness-former-gophers-claim-tough-practices-ended-football-careers/](https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/05/10/unnecessary-roughness-former-gophers-claim-tough-practices-ended-football-careers/) Fleck is a classic narcissist and knows how to play the spotlight & hide his flaws. Mostly because people want to see the good side of others even if they are used car salesmen scum.


So it wasn't pspspspspspspsps?


Reminded me of Ted Lasso. I think Fleck is a good coach, I just can’t stand his personality.


I went to Minnesota starting Fleck's first season and I will say he seems like a genuinely good guy. A lot of people don't know but he created the "Row the Boat" thing to keep himself going after his newborn son died shortly after birth due to a heart defect. From what I've been told from friends who have met him, he seems to treat everyone really well and demands a good moral character from his players.


Now dammit, don’t go making me like the guy! It’s already hurting right in the jealousy. Weren’t there allegations of player abuse at one point though? Genuinely asking. I hope he is a good guy.


There was a sexual assault incident in 2016, the year before he became the coach. From what I remember four players were expelled from the university, but that is also just memory; I don't have any articles on it.


Maybe [Bryson White](https://www.woodtv.com/news/former-wmu-football-player-had-4-prior-sex-assault-cases/)? That was only two people though, and both were kicked off the team for armed robbery. None of the (four!) sexual assault accusations from his high school days were prosecuted, however.


Total power move by Fleck. I bet this boils Scott's blood lol


Or, ya know, kindness.


If that was the case then why not just whisper? He wanted the mic to catch it. Fleck spends a lot of time on his public image.


His mouth is right by his ear on a loud field. The guy is not a super villain.


Didn't say he was a villain. If the field was really that loud then how did the mic capture the audio perfectly?


Parabolic mics.


What? He was just speaking at a normal volume and giving Martinez a compliment. Why should he have to whisper compliments? Just so people like you don't think he's being disingenuous? Stupid. As an aside, how creepy would that be to start whispering in the ear of the opposing teams quarterback, as you hug him no less, after beating them. Just fucking weird.


Fellow coaches do it all the time pre and post game so can't be that creepy. All I'm saying is that Fleck wanted the mic to pick it up otherwise he would have been more discreet.


Fellow coaches softly whisper into opposing players ears all the time? No. People just talk to each other man. You are reading way too much into this. There was no agenda. He's a coach giving a compliment to a good young man.


No I'm talking about coaches speaking that way to other coaches pre and post game. You're probably right though.


Unpopular opinion (on this sub): I don’t hate PJ Fleck.


I want to because he gives me hardcore coked up used car salesmen vibes, but he’s never done or said anything, to my knowledge, to deserve that.


This is exactly my gut feeling on him. College fratboy who steals your girl and then bangs a different girl at the homecoming dance. His dad bought him a Porsche and his middle name is Chazzden.


Negativity only here buddy! Someone banhammer this fool!


I'm trying to understand the hatred for Fleck myself. Other than the fact he's owned the Huskers over the last 5 years, (who hasn't?) He seems like a good coach who shows passion for the game and genuinely loves his players.


I hated him until I thought what he could do at Nebraska, then I started to kind of want him in Lincoln. With our talent, he’d win the B1G west year one with a legit shot to when the B1G over all. And Nebraska would be good for him too. He could actually do some damage recruiting. You’ll never wow recruits with that tiny stadium and the game day experience is boring. Plus you have to take a major back seat to the Vikings. He’s always in on some big time recruits but can never close. Really think it’s him who gets the foot in the door, but the game day/stadium/ lack of national exposer that leaves him hanging. And yes, NU still gets a ton of exposer Nationally still. How many big college football journalist still talk about us? All of them even though we suck.


Me either. He’s grown on me. I’d take him at Neb in a heartbeat.


~~Row the Boat~~ Shuck The Corn




I'd be fine with him at Nebraska primarily because the delicious Gopher tears would more than make up for my personal dislike for Fleck's public persona. Assuming he did well here, stealing a coach from an in-division opponent is just about the most cruel thing I can imagine.


Wished we would have canned Riley a year earlier and went after Fleck.


I respect him as a coach and person, but I dislike him.


I'm with you there. Not sure why everyone randomly hates on Fleck here lol. He's a passionate coach who loves his team and is actually building them back.


Thought for sure it was gonna be “I fucked your grandma”


He just told Adrian to go into the transfer portal for his final season and he'll pick him up in 5 minutes.


He's a good coach who gets his men ready to play in big games. They had a letdown against BGSU but have otherwise played solid all year even when their leading NFL lock running back went down. I *wish* Frost were half the coach Fleck is.


Their loss to BGSU was our loss to Illinois.


I wish we had half of the O-Line that Minnesota has. I really think that was the big difference in the game. Run the Dam Ball, Control the Clock, Control the Game.


and who's fault is it exactly that we do not?


I think it can be attributed to recruiting. Looking back on the Offensive Linemen in the previous recruiting classes, there is a clear problem with the 2018 class. The 2018 class would be our Juniors that should be starting this year, but Cam is the only one left. Most of the 2017 class has graduated. They tried to fix the 2018 bust by bringing in a lot of people in 2019, but not all of them stayed. Our line is mostly young, with just a few JRs (not a single Senior??) on the team. Who do you blame? 2015: * *Christian Gaylord Grad20 [41 Games]* * *Chase Urbach Grad19 [22 Games]* 2016: (Riley) * *Matt Farniok Grad20 [39 Games]* * ~~John Raridon (not on roster) [6 Games]~~ 2017: (Riley) * *Brenden Jaimes Grad20 [40 Games]* * *Boe Wilson Grad20 [39 Games]* * Matt Schterman JR [26 Games] * Brock Bando JR [24 Games] * ~~Hunter Miller (not on roster)~~ 2018: * Cam Jergens SO [20 Games] * *Nick Verka Grad19 (walk-on never played)* * ~~AJ Frobes (Transfer to Montana)~~ * ~~Willy Canty (Never Enrolled, playing at Garden City)~~ * ~~Collin Shefke (not on roster)~~ * ~~Mitchell Balenger (not on roster)~~ 2019: * Trent Hixon JR [22 Games] (former Walk On) * Bryce Benhart rFR [14 Games] * Ethan Piper rFR [11 Games] (recruited as DE) * Brant Banks rFR [10 Games] * Ian Boerkircher SO [3 Games] (transfer from Kearney) * Micheal Lynn rFR [1 Game] * Noah Stafursky rFR [1 Game] * Riley Moses rFR * ~~Josh Wegner (transfer to Jackson State)~~ * ~~Matthew Anderson (transfer to Louisiana)~~ * ~~Jimmy Fritzsche (not on roster)~~ 2020: * Turner Corcoran FR [7 Games] * Nouredin Nouili SO [3 Games] (transfer from CSU) * Ezra Miller rFR [3 Games] (transfer from Iowa) * Keegan Menning FR * Alex Conn FR ~~* Bladen Bayless (no longer on roster)~~ 2021: * Teddy Prochazka FR [3 Games] * Henry Lutovsky FR [1 Games] * Sam Hoskinson FR * Joey Mancino FR * Beau Schaller FR


He has a vision and he executes. He has identity. These are things Nebraska lacks. I’d love to have Fleck here. If frost was half the coach fleck was we would win games.




I think this article underscores a lot of the issues around the entirety of CFB. This isn’t just a case against Fleck, it happens every year to multiple recruits. JD Spielman comes to mind recently who encountered similar issues, albeit later in his college career. It’s a landscape that changes often during a tumultuous time in these athletes lives.


Not sure why you are being downvoted. It's an interesting article.


Read this and then see if your opinion changes any.


I didn't realize until last week that people dislike Fleck. Sure he's a rival coach and his personality is absolutely apeshit hyper but I love the guy and I've rooted for him to succeed there. Row the Boat gets on my nerves sometimes but I don't see a logical reason to dislike him.


I was around people like him. So fucking motivated that you had no choice but to meet them where they were. It’s exhausting to be a better person sometimes.


What a kind thing to say if it's true. I mean every one of our guys looked like they were about to cry after the game. I honestly thought he was saying transfer to us I'll get you a winning season.


Fuck everybody else PJ Fleck is a good dude. He just needs to dial down the schtick.


Just a friendly reminder that you are blind or know nothing about football if you think Adrian is the reason we have lost basically any game under Frost and definitely any game this season.


Can you imagine Frost doing something classy like that as Nebraska’s head coach after a win? >!Haha it was a trick question because Frost won’t win another game as Nebraska’s head coach!<


This is why we might want to hire this dude for ourselves.


You learn more about people in defeat than in victory. Taking a win is easy, taking a loss is hard. We know exactly who this Husker team is because we have watched them lose so much. I'm thinking if Fleck was on the losing side of that shitshow he wouldn't have been so gracious.