A real idiot

A real idiot

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Friend of mine got stopped at the border by US Customs. Big misunderstanding, he was let go. But they drew their firearms and told him to put his hands outside the car. He complied. Then they instructed him to get out of the car. He replied “but my hands”.


Makes me think of that dude who was killed while the cop was screaming contradictory commands at him. Might be misremembering some details, but basically the cop told him to keep his hands on his head, then told him to crawl towards him, but when the guy moved his hands to start crawling the cop told him to keep his hands on his head. Eventually he started awkwardly crawling on his belly, which caused his pants to slide down, so he reached down to pull them up and the cop immediately lit him up.


Daniel Shaver. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Daniel_Shaver


I don't think I will ever forget that video. The guy was just trying to pull up his pants and he got shot 4 times. ​ Oh and literally fuck that police officer, so fucking indecisive and loud


> Oh and literally fuck that police officer, so fucking indecisive and loud Remember that there were **two** involved. The one shouting the insane orders and threats was the superior, and he retired and move to the Philippines. The other officer did the shooting, and he's the one who was fired, then rehired so that he could go on disability for "PTSD".


For those who don't know, 'retired and moved to the Phillipines' usually means ' took his money and went somewhere its easy to pay off cops and the age of consent is fluid.' For real. Its pretty common in poorer Asian countries to find middle aged western men with many very 'young female friends.' The younger shithead who did the shooting had 'your fucked' etched into the side of his gun. He just desperately wanted to kill people.


I'm not religious, but I was raised going to church and our pastor often went on "mission trips" to southeast Asia by himself. Later we found out he had a bunch of little girls there he liked to... uhhh... visit


Yeah, i lived in Asia for 7 years and as an American over there you run into a LOT of these guys. Then as I got older and my wife and I worked in the corporate world we ran into more. Its...a lot more widespread then people seem to think.


Lol I remember a few years ago when Elon Musk accused that random businessman of being a pedophile simply because he spent a lot of time in southeast Asia. I remember thinking "that's a fucked up and baseless accusation... BUT" hahaha


Plus the office gets 2k a month now for the rest of his life as disability payments


Yeah I read that in the article, like what the actual fuck dude.


5 times, also yeah fuck that guy he should be in prison but instead he gets paid for being a murderer


That cop 1000% wanted to kill that guy


Worst police shooting I’ve ever seen. Literally crawling on his hands and knees, sobbing and begging them not to shoot him and they blow him the fuck away. That cop should have been fried


That could’ve been anyone in that situation. Gave him ridiculous orders and killed him because he couldn’t keep up. How hard is, “On the ground arms stretched out?”


Yea. The guy who was a random, uninvolved bystander on a raid on a different hotel room. IIRC, the officer didn't face any disciplinary action either


He actually ended up getting compensation from the state later on for mental damage after executing someone who was in tears, fully complying, and innocent of any crime. Unfortunate cases like that aren’t well known and the officer is able to escape accountability because the victim is a white man.


That case was well known. The final end result of that jackass getting compensated was not. What a fucked up system.


The innocent man's name was Daniel Shaver. The cop [murdered him for fun. ](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mesa-police-shooting-daniel-shaver-seen-crawling-begging-in-disturbing-video/)


I don't know about the white community but the black community was talking about this. We even used this as an example about how police are out of control because at around the same time we had cops entering homes and killing innocent black people.


Best country in the world right? Lol


> Unfortunate cases like that aren’t well known and the officer is able to escape accountability because the victim is a white man. ...what? That makes no sense. The officer would escape accountability easier if the victim were not a white man.


He is right, either ya’ll dunno how to read or just triggered cuz white but police officers are easily able to escape accountability if their victim is POC.


Didn’t he get retirement and claimed PTDS?🤨🧐


yep, Post-Traumatic Down's Syndrome


Different room? He was showing off a air rifle and someone called the police. He was seen through his hotel room window. Not defending what happened, just pointing out a correction.


I will never forget that. It was atrocious.


Oh yah, that guys pants were falling off so he instinctively went to pull them up while he was crawling and got lit up. I think… I don’t remember too well either.


You're right. I have that video ingrained in my head. People are animals.


So horrifying to watch so many officers take down a guy like that


Yeah Daniel Schaffer, he was done wrong.


A local instance near me had a guy show up to his ex’s employment with a gun. When the police got there, he was squatting next to his car with the door open and the gun in his lap. The police officer repeatedly yelled at him to drop the gun, then when he eventually reached for it (in order to, you know, drop it like he was ordered to) she shot and killed him.


Obviously it’s much easier to say this when you don’t have a gun pointed at you. But my thought would be open it from the outside. Keeping your hands out of the vehicle at all times.


Most cars are locked from the outside unless you have unlocked it while at rest.


Every car that I've been in that locks automatically when you start drive also unlocks when you put it in park


I have a civic and it unlocks the doors when the driver opens the door from the inside. I've never tried to open it from the outside but what kind of useless lock would it be if you could.


Legit. Am I the only person who sometimes sits in their car when they get home who doesn't want a rando coming up and opening my door on me?


The only people who don’t sit there and finish their song or whatever are psychopaths


None of mine have ever auto unlocked in park. They auto unlock when the key is off and the driver door opens. This is across Ford, Toyota, and Chevy in my experience.


Not my manual VW golf mk4. Once you go about 15mph, all doors lock, but only unlock via the interior handle, the key fob, or the electric unlock switch.


Same here, but with a different VW. Going above 15 kmh locks the doors, and they cannot be opened from outside even if I'm parked and engine off.


I gotta 5 speed mk4 jetta and I agree.. the locked door unlocks when you pull the handle to get out.. some of these folks prolly never drove a stick either tho cause we don't have a "Park" lol all we can do is pull it out of gear wiggle the shifter and yank the hand brake


A fellow member of the "check engine light is always on" club. Also a perfect description of the shifter wiggle to make sure you're not in gear.


Have a work truck like that. Was so irritating when you went to open the other doors and they were *always* locked because of that shit. Eventually had to look up the disable method, which involved turning the truck on and off 3 times and spamming the unlock button.


don’t think most unlock when it’s in park they unlock when it’s in park and a front door has been opened


Every car that you've been in? Damn, I shouldn't feel old but I do.


My car has a setting. It's set to unlock after the driver door opens from the inside.


Good luck with the seatbelt lol.


then what happened? how’d he get out of the car?


cops complied and put their butt to his hands


What happen next? How comply?


"I didn't say Simon says" Blat blat blat!!!


Well yeah if your hands are supposed to be up and outside the window, how're you going to open the door?


You open the door from outside. Edit. Never mind. My broke ass has an old truck. Wife’s car won’t let you till you unlock or turn off


Is the idiot the guy with the airsoft or the law lady pointing a real gun at her partners ass at 0:16?


Seems like the set up for a Reno 911 skit


It did for a couple seconds lmao, this camera man for sure recorded vines back in the day


Everything about how they're holding their weapons makes me so uncomfortable. It's like watching someone hold a chainsaw by pinching it.


Or a soldering iron by the "heated" tip.


Yep and you can hear one of the officers telling her to watch her crossfire. Basically telling her to point the gun somewhere else.


She looks really uncomfortable holding a gun.


she thought it was a taser....


too soon man, too soon


Never too soon in these cases.


Yes, it's both of them.


Yes I really hate how she flagged him and how she holds her fire arm, it’s triggering.


Totally saw that too, she totally muzzled her partner, I dont even shoot (despite being an american lmfao) and know better


don't flag your buddy!


She was flagging the shit out of him! That was the main thing I noticed out of all this shit!


Our POV means we can't tell whether it's pointed at her partner or to his right side.


Yes, because you can see its an airsoft from a mile away


One of each


Lol holy shit


Yeah I’m not entirely sure who the idiot is. He got pulled over with what looks like a rather large weapon while black in the US and didn’t get shot... thats fucking expert level “not dying” and more r/unexpected material.


I mean cops have proven they're the shittiest handlers of firearms of them all


I was scared this was gonna go a different direction.


It kinda almost did. At one point he had one officer giving him an order to keep his hands outside the car and then another office, at almost the exact same time, ordered him to exit the car. A reasonable person who chose to follow the order to exit the vehicle very likely would have put their hand back into the car to open the door with the interior handle like you usually do and then the officer who gave the order to keep his hands outside would have probably shot him for complying with the other officer's contradictory order.


Sounds about typical for American police. "Stop resisting" as they choke the life out of you. "Stop moving" as you flinch from being struck by them. "Stop running" as they chase after you while pointing a gun at you. "I feared for my life" as they approach you with a batbelt full of weapons and you an unarmed citizen. Etc.... We are surprised that he didn't get shot. That should tell your the state of things aren't exactly right.


“Stop resisting” while a dog is chewing on your arm..


That’s actually good advice. If the dogs feel any pain or the person pulls away during a bite, they bite down harder.


I hate when they say "stop resisting" while they have a guy pinned down in a painful position. Do they realize how much willpower it would take to not resist in that situation? You're not resisting so that you can escape the police. You're just resisting the extremely painful position they have you in. Most of the time if the cops would have just chilled the fuck out and got off of the guy he would have quit "resisting" a long time ago. Even if I know I'm in the wrong, know that there is no escape, and am completely willing to turn myself in, I'm not just going to relax while there are cops piling on top of me and bending my body like a pretzel.


BLAM BLAM BLAM I didn't say Simon Says...


Makes you wonder why the fuck isn't it trained ONE officer tells the suspects to do something.


hopefully whatever department this is caught onto that. i'd be conflicted and scared shitless too


I think some places probably literally teach the officers to do that.


Me too. I was thinking he was about to have four different officers all shouting four different instructions. What could go wrong??


The world’s deadliest game of Simon Says


Like that guy that got killed crawling on the floor of a hotel begging for his life because the officers shouted contradictory instructions? edit: this guy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n1pJe_Tcdeg


Public defender is gonna have a hard time defending this one.


Better call Saul


At least this guy didn’t have sex with a head. ^^That ^^we ^^know ^^of.


I’m pretty sure that even Saul Goodman wouldn’t touch this one.


Not a criminal lawyer, a criminal/lawyer.


[Lionel Hutz](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFtbd_pd9rY)


We've got conjecture and hearsay. Those are kinds of evidence.


Mr. Simpson I'll have you know I've attended trial in all fifty states. Most of them as a lawyer.


That’s why you’re the judge, and I’m the law… talking… guy.


If it is real and the suppressor/faux suppressor is pinned and welded making the barrel and muzzle device over 16 inches it's perfectly legal


This is NYC, it's not legal. Even if it's an airsoft lol


These are clearly NYPD based on their insignia, so no it's not at all legal. Suppressors and other NFA items are illegal in NYS, AR-15s are illegal in NYC, and 30 Rd magazines aren't legal in NYS as well.


Perfectly legal to own sure, but definitely not perfectly legal to have in a vehicle like he did. In most states if you’re transporting a gun it must be unloaded, in plain sight or in a carry box for the gun, and out of reach/access of the driver of the vehicle. Clearly none of those three apply here, so he’s definitely still doing something illegal.


Not in Texas. Car = home. Transport anyway you want its your property.


does this still apply with a concealed carry license? also in some states like arizona i dont think you even need a license to concealed carry, so does it still apply there too?




Shit I'm from the south and my state has the same laws. It's super lame n yah know that seems like it should be common sense way


Are you sure? I think the suppressor is illegal either way


I thought I heard him say it was an air soft rifle.


They aren't illegal in all states. They're relatively easy to get as well. Make a trust, submit prints and photo with a tax stamp, and wait for approval. Edit: In case you want to learn more https://silencerco.com/yes-silencers-are-legal/


Legal in AZ. $200 + supressor


Yea…..uhhhh have you ever gone through the process of getting one???? Cause it wasn’t “easy” to wait 18 months and all the paper work bullshit for a $1500 dead air suppressor


Mine was 200$ and 6 month


I did say "Relatively" 😂


The defense will be only to make sure he's prosecuted correctly, fairly. Don't expect more work.


What, an air soft gun? They’re not illegal.


No clue what happened before this clip started. I assume something stupid, but based purely on the clip it's hard to see if they even had cause to search his vehicle.


Don't need cause to do a plain view search.


They already knew about the gun. That much is clear in the video.


She calls her rifle a baby.


That’s what I call mine


Yes, the guy is an idiot. The female cop is also an idiot for walking behind the male cop with her gun still drawn. She should have either pointed it at the ground or into the air when walking behind him. Putting the male officer between her and where she is pointing the gun is asking for an incident.


I saw that too and was thinking "are you kidding me?".....I'm not anti police but I tell people that there are cops out there that should never have ever been allowed to become a cop.....


Do they watch replays like referees? If not, they NEED to!


Heck, I point away from teammates in video games.


I don't know why we think it's fine for cops to point guns at people all the time anyway.


Facts it’s just like normal lol Why


I'm not sure what the circumstances here are, but if it's someone who's known to be armed and dangerous, how would you approach the car? Especially if he has done something like killed someone and is now on the run. How do you approach this person without a gun or a weapon of some sort? Having said that I'm not from US so no clue if they pull out guns if you're just caught speeding or something, that would be wrong.


dont worry bruh, they dont hand out real guns or live ammunition to female cops. they are there just for the sake of diversity.


Holy shit r/unexpected


Yeah, I'm with the guy going holy shit after they pull it out.


Whats this and why is it here?


Well they were driving around in a car (with a baby onboard) pointing or flashing an air soft gun at people. So they’re obviously idiots in a car.


God decided that baby gonna have a shitty life


Gonna have a hard time convincing child services that they’re fit enough to parent a child


The parents decided that


Where did you get airsoft gun from? How does everyone but me know about this aursoft gun part of the video that’s not on video


The people in the car claimed several times that it was an airsoft gun, and they make some very realistic looking ones.


I believe it is an air soft gun.


I mean, in the same way the Magnox Odyssey's light gun is just that. A light gun. It isn't something you should [point around all willy-nilly anyways](https://youtu.be/kDAKxjG7VaI?t=603).


Plot twist, they call their gun Baby.


Lady cop, getting ready to shoot her partner in the back.


Did that idiot chick cop just flag the back of that dude cop?!?! Seriously. Watch yer damn muzzle man.


I came here to say the same thing. Neither one of those cops should be allowed to have a gun by the looks of it. Please someone train these people at least a little.


Yep. Training! And they wonder why cops have bad reputations and stereotypes.


Training requires funding.


Training requires a person that trainable to begin with......


Trust me the military shows you can train the dumbest mfs how to use these weapons


Yes, but that requires accountability. Cops hate that like a 5 year old hates broccoli.


Good point.....7 years in the army and I've seen that but it gets pounded into you in the military......cop school is different.....


Both are true. I’m good with increasing the funds for training as long as the bar goes up too. ;)


That was the first thing I saw and was like WTF is that


Yes. This is a pretty good representation of how well trained most cops are. She had no idea she just pointed her gun at her partners back.


It's okay. The police target hit rate is about 20% so there was an 80% chance she would miss the other cop....... wait, maybe it's the other way around, there's an 80% chance he will get shot by her missed shots.


Where did you get these numbers from?


no one gonna point out how many times the cops flagged each other? they definitely need more training in close quarters


jesus fucking christ the female officer aimed her gun at her partners back while going around him...


lots of "its just an airsoft gun" comments here. alright... go ahead and take a look at what they pulled from the car and tell if it's a toy in those few seconds. ya really can't.


Who is the idiot? It’s the idiot blond who points her weapons directly at her partners spine while she’s crossing over to passenger side.


I feel like the real idiot here is the officer who didn't even lower her gun when moving behind her partner and instead just kept it pointed right at him. Wow.


He was smart enough to keep his hands out the window and not move. If he sneezed they would have shot him!


Not sure why you’re getting downvoted, but I was thinking the same thing the whole time.


Probably why you shouldn’t drive around with a realistic looking AR in your car. If you don’t want to be shot then don’t do that lol


It's all good everyone, it's only my airsoft gun that looks like it's from Call of Duty.


That’s a weird looking baby


That was a gun, not a baby.


Mmm, this is why cops are so aggressive




I know nothing about guns or gun safety but I’m betting it’s taught NOT to cross paths behind another officer with your finger on the trigger and gun raised.


“There’s a baby in here!” And a big freakin gun, but we won’t mention that.


Did that female officer just sweep her gun across her partners back? What an idiot.


The title of this video makes no sense. Should say somebody go arrested


You can hear the chick say “its an airsoft rifle” when they pull him out the car.


If he did have a baby in the car, he should automatically get double the time that he’s getting


Of course for a minute the subject is using the baby as a shield of sorts, but on another note it occurs to me it must be hard with all the cell phone cameras now for cops to follow the actual procedures they were taught.


Jesus …. This is terrifying . You could be sitting at a light next to this guy with your family and not even know he had an assault rifle in his lap.


There's a baby in the car the car The baby:


Always count on the female cop to sweep her partner with her gun. Walks behind the guy with her gun pointed at his back at 0:15.


See what happens when you comply with police


The fact he didn’t try to do anything more stupid than he already did is actually a good thing. I definitely expected worse to happen


Wonder what happened. But why’s this shit in this sub lmfao idgaf about some 19 year old wannabe getting caught with an ounce of weed


so he had a gun the cops stopped him for some reason. told him to put his hands out side. he did. they opened the door. got the gun. pulled him out. no one got hurt. everybody is good. dont see anything wrong here.


Situations like this really make me have sympathy for cops. He had a serious firearm at his side and could have easily shot a bunch of officers. Imagine trying to make that arrest knowing there’s a baby in the car?


Can you hear ppl saying it’s an airsoft towards the end?


Even if it is, it looks a hell of a lot like a suppressed rifle. They’re right to be extremely cautious. Not only that, why do you have it in the front seat with you?


I assume because he was doing something stupid with it that gave the police cause to go after him like that and be able to search his vehicle.


Yep. Doesn’t matter if it’s a banana that looks exactly like a gun. They are going to treat you as if it is an actual gun.




I could definitely be wrong, but it looks to be an eotech hh-1 variable zoom sight on it. Airsoft gun. Right….


50/50 on that. I used to have a decent scope on a pellet rifle, not that he appears to be plinking at possums...


Right, because companies that can make lookalike airsoft copies of firearms definitely couldn't make a cheap lookalike copy of a sight.


A lot of airsofters will fork out the dosh to get real attachments for their guns, although I doubt this moron is one of them. Their are tons of incredibly accurate imitation things in Airsoft. Photorealism is a huge part of the hobby.


Didn’t know that was a think. TIL. May take me a minute to get my foot out of my mouth. Please stand by.


These people are parents? Geezus


When they said there’s a baby in the car, was that what he’d named that huge gun? 😂


Bonus idiot: Officer Barbie not even looking down the sights of her gun, walking directly behind the other officer instead of covering a different angle, flagging the fuck out of him with her pistol while she walked behind him for no reason and got to the passenger side of the vehicle so she could cover...nothing apparently. And then just completely disappearing once a bunch of other male officers showed up to cuff the suspect. Great work. Girl power.


Crazy what happens when you comply


Do the people thinking the lady cop put a gun to her partner know she was moving in three dimensions or what


I don't get it? We need more context, how is he an idiot?


Driving around with a gun that looks like an AR is a start 😂


Not judging the suspect in video, but this looks like NYC and firearms are strictly regulated within city limits. It’s extremely difficult to get a handgun carry permit, whether this was a rifle or pistol, if he doesn’t have a permit he’s in big trouble. If it’s an illegal firearm due to its configuration he’s in more trouble. If it’s any of the above and they had a child in the car I’m guessing they’ll try charging for child endangerment too.