imagine it smashed off his head, not cool

imagine it smashed off his head, not cool

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Reporter: you get that license plate? Cameraman: *zooming in on bottle* …yes


Samsonite. I was way off.


Knew it started with an S though ☠️☠️


It's awesome comment


Bottle kids


Cory Trevor smokes let's go.


You don't even smoke Bubbles


Give us a smoke hairdo


Well, Ray used to be on the road as a trucker, and that's what truckers do. They're drivin' along, and they've got deadlines to meet... they don't wanna pull in and... park the truck, walk in, take a pee in the toilet, then go back out and get on the road... they just have a Henny bottle and they... put their bird in it, have a pee, cap it off, and once it's full they just drill the f\*\*\*in' thing out on the highway! I mean, I don't agree with it. I see where they're comin' from, trying to make their deadlines, but... Ray's been firing them all over the park like he's still drivin' a truck!


The way she goes


oww fuck i like that references


I once saw a group of real life bottle kids in Northside Milwaukee


I'm friggin' telling!


Every kid goes through phrases


Water under the fridge. worst case ontario they go to jail


It was not us


They’re grown up by now.


I really hate it when people do that. One time, while I was waiting at a bus stop with other people, some random a*hole drove by and threw Indian curry food at us. I could not fathom out the reason behind their insolent behavior.


I’ve had someone throw a drink at me from a car window before.


Once I was walking home from a convenience store with a bag in hand. It’s dark and someone screams “Payday!” at me from a passing car, then I feel something hit my hand. I walk home pissed off, then discover a Payday bar I didn’t buy in my bag. So it wasn’t all bad.


LOL that's awesome!


That happened to a friend of mine while he was out jogging. The idiots did it in a small town with a very recognizable car. He found where they lived and threw a brick through their window.


I got hit by an apple in the calf while running once.


Were you on a yellow brick road at the time, and had just tried picking some apples?


It was a Doctor. Those nutters are cuckoo for apples.


One time I went for a bike ride, I could tell about 5 miles in that I should have eaten something or packed a snack bc I was not going to make it far. I stopped at a 711 and grabbed either a gatorade or a powerade. Can't remember which, but one of them has a bottle with a groove that *looks like* should definitely fit a bicycle bottle holder (narrator: it didn't). I have the full bottle of 'rade in the bottle holder, only calories I have for this entire ride and I hit a bump and the bottle pops out and goes rolling across a couple lanes. Not much traffic so I slow down to pull over and grab it and this a-hole in a mercedes swerves to hit the bottle. I mutter something like, "please don't" right before I hear a pop and see gatorade squirt onto the road. Honestly, it was a beautiful shot. Moving bottle and he hits it dead on with the front left tire. But fuck that guy. I didn't get to drink that 'rade, but I did get to drink in the satisfaction of knowing that I'm not the kind of person who goes out of his way to actively make other people's lives worse. I'm the kind of guy who makes other people's lives worse passively through laziness and procrastination.


My mates got a Macdonald's milkshake thrown at them but it didn't burst, they saw the car turn around to drive past and laugh with the window down. They then managed to nail the milkshake through the open window and it burst all over the windscreen inside the car.


My favorite response today.


I was riding a bike with my infant daughter in the seat behind me and had a guy in the passenger seat of a Dodge Charger yell “F*CK YOU!” as loud as he could as it passed the other way. He had something in his hand. He didn’t throw it. I’m really glad he didn’t.


I get the feeling he should be glad he didn't too


One time my really drunk friend and I were in the middle of suburbia waiting for an Uber and a car starts driving up and rolls down the window to throw Wendy’s at him I felt horrible but him being as drunk as he was, was incredibly happy cause he was eating the leftover fries lmao


Glass half full kind of guy.


A friend of mine was walking home in a bad area and someone stopped their car right next to him and shot at him with a paintball gun. He legally carries and thought they were shooting real bullets at him so returned fire. They sped off and police were called but as far as i know they never found the aggressors. Moral of the story, fuck around and find out.


I drove past a group of school kids waiting for a bus recently, and one of them threw a (thankfully empty so no damage) water bottle at my car. Tbf I was driving through Slough so sort of asking for it.


I had someone throw a bratwurst into the hood scoop of my car. To be fair it was a pretty good shot.


I used to work at Little Caesars as a sign waver and someone threw a rock at me. Like a river stone, not a pebble. Then when they missed they came around a second time and spit on me. Like 10 years ago and I still think about those fuckers.


I had some kids light bottle rockets at us last July 4th. It almost caused a serious accident on the highway, with my kids in the car. I was furious but the police wouldn’t even bother coming out.


That's so fucked up. But it's also fucking hilarious. Sorry I can't stop laughing for some reason.


Indeed, their insolence is unfathamable!


First “job” I ever had was being a sign spinner on the street corner. Lemme tell you I had more shit thrown at me, things yelled at me, etc Its a good thing most people couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from 10 feet away.


When I was out on a run as a young teen, I got shot in the ear with a squirt gun by some dingdongs driving through the neighborhood


Never seen that before, I hope they arrest the moron


Hopefully you didn't end up in a Korma?


In high school, I had a dude throw a whole watermelon at me from a moving car. Luckily it only hit my foot, but it was a long walk home and my foot was all sticky. Later found out his name was Ray-J. I've never exchanged a word with this dude, but he felt the need to watermelon me. Fuck you, Ray-J.


Yeah never by Raycons now.


Someone threw ice at us years ago and my friend threw a baseball at their car and we ran as fast as we could taking shortcuts that cars couldn’t take lol


Some guy spat/hucked a huge wad of bubble gum square in the back from a car. I thought id been shot lol


That’s terrible but not going to lie made me laugh out loud




No, "total piece of shit" isn't sufficient to describe the driver. A more fitting description would be to say that the driver is a cancerous, inbred, brain dead, weapons-grade motherfucker of a bastard.


Good aim though. Have to admit that much


How do you know what he was trying to hit? He may have been aiming for the trash can.


Or the very expensive camera pointed at the reporter


True. Soooo…. Lucky hit on whatever he wasnt aiming at


Yeah but that's a really long sub reddit to type out


Yeah but that's such a long name for a subreddit


Well, okay, no. There are far worse people than this asshole, no need to hate jerk. Edit: They threw a bottle at a reporter, not murder a child. Not all anger has to be the righteous wrath of god.


That driver is one of them, considering the obvious fact the bottle could've hit his head and killed the guy.


So, I’m not saying the driver isn’t an asshole, but your point is a tad redundant. The obvious fact is that almost anything can kill someone, that doesn’t make everyone an asshole. If a rollercoaster operator straps you into your seat, they’re an asshole now. If a bus driver takes your ticket, they’re an asshole now. If a skydiver instructor jumps with you out of the plane, they’re an asshole now.


“Some people do worse things, therefore this guy throwing a glass bottle at a stranger is not an asshole.” Some people are dumber than you, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t *really fucking dumb*.


man these similes make absolutely no sense lmao


He threw alcohol bottle from the car that means he was drinking and driving while doing this shit. I think he is one of the worse people.




Yup, he certainly drank the alcohol from the bottle days before. After many days he thought like let's take the bottle for joy ride. In mid ride there was a argument between him and he asked the bottle to leave the car after which the bottle went and hit the reporter. Not his fault the reporter was the one at a wrong place at a wrong time. Common man he has to be high like a kite to do something stupid like this.


Well, I know somebody who I don’t want investigated crimes. It is totally feasible that it was an empty bottle from days ago- you’re assuming the worst to fit a narrative. I leave McDonalds bags in my car from days ago, why would an alcohol bottle be any different?


first of all, an open container is an open container, you will be at least put through a sobriety test and subsequently detained if you have a alcohol level over .08 then you will be arrest for DUI p. s. clean your fucking car bro thats disgusting


You're full of shitty takes. I bet you've been on r/carbage before, clean out your car.


Assuming the worst to fit a narrative? No, assuming the most probable to determine what likely happened. What’s more likely? The alcohol was consumed in the car and the bottle was left there, or the alcohol was consumed somewhere else, THEN they decided to bring the empty bottle into the car and leave it there for a few days?


Because an empty gives probable cause to get yourself arrested if you ever get pulled over? Are you dumb?


No- and I’m surely not dumb enough to assume somebody was drinking and driving only because they have an alcohol container in the car. I fully understand that an empty bottle is PC- but PC doesn’t make somebody drunk boss.


Hey, dummy. You asked what the difference was between an empty in your car and a empty McDiabetes bag was. I told you.


Username not checkout...


Stop using your car as a trash can. It's weird.


Like you?




There are worse people, yes, but the thing is the mindset required to do something like this is particularly heinous. You could be some corporate villain mastermind knowingly giving people aides to turn a profit, but there is a disconnect there that the mind can erase and justify. If nothing else, it can be rationalized through a cost-benefit analyses on a moral scale (Which do not get me wrong, it is by the worse act by an incomparable margin). It does take a particularly deviant person to do something like this random act of violence. To bring it around to inevitable Hitler, Hitler performed the worst deeds known to man, but it is unlikely he is the worst person or even anywhere close. He was just the worst person to have the power to commit horrible deeds. I have no idea why I typed up an essay in response to a random internet comment.


Man that sub makes me feel like maybe we need to feed some people feet first into a chipper. Maybe like 75% of you.


Wait a minute... https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/qf9isk/friend\_of\_a\_friend\_a\_while\_back\_the\_more\_he\_added/


It all adds up. He glad he alive tho


This video posted by op is in Cincinnati ohio


I immediately thought of this post too XD


Once I was riding my bike to a midnight shift and someone that was heading towards me threw a full can of monster at me. It hit my handlebars and exploded all over me and my uniform.


I’m not sure why someone saw you riding to work and thought, ‘you know what, let’s throw this full can of monster at him’ I just cannot wrap my head around it lol


To top it off they were going about 80 in a 45. Blacked out Mercedes. It probably would've killed me had it hit my body


Yikes, anything moving that fast is going to do a lot of damage, if it hit you, you would’ve undoubtedly fallen off and yeah, could’ve been killed


Maybe not the best Hennessy ad I've ever seen, but perhaps the most accurate.


man, my then-teenage brother and his girlfriend were out on a walk one day, and kids drove by and hit them with water balloons. One of the balloons hit the girl in the face, and really damaged an eye. They had to do surgery to fix it, and they weren't sure if she was going to be blind in that eye or not. The eye healed fine, but it was pretty scary for a while. It's been 20 years, and my brother is with someone else now, but he still gets upset talking about it.


POS move


Good on the camera guy for getting that plate number! Oh, wait, never mind!


That’s a tough bottle, just as well it didn’t hit his noggin


We all know the type of trash that drinks Hennessey on the regular.


I mean, it was literally created for them.


Ratchet af




Not possible. This video is from [2020 in Cincinnati](https://www.reddit.com/r/cincinnati/comments/gvlihm/cincinnati_reporter_hit_in_the_back_with_a_bottle/) and the post you shared the guy tags East Charlotte. So while the timing of the events isn’t clear, the location difference makes it impossible.


Could be, but he was driving a Benz


What he was actually driving and what he said he was driving might not be the same.


He didn’t say he was driving anything. I noticed the trim and seats and recognized it as a MB


He could have been sitting in a friend's car for the video to pretend he owned it. And maybe it was just a mirrored image, but at one point it looked like he was in the passenger seat.


Asshole move, but dammed good aim.


*I’m just gonna rustle his feathers a bit* *hey asshole! Move to the si..* *ohhh shit* *yeeeah you’ve got a good bit of mountain bike in your axel bro*


Probably my favorite episode


*sir we’re interested in these wicker chairs but we’re totally unwilling to pay full price for them*


That’s assault with a deadly weapon & fleeing the scene.


Of course it's an Altima


Wonder if they were white kids.


Hennything can happen


Onetime a friend and I were in Baltimore walking around. A car drove past and threw a half full beer bottle at us, and without missing a beat my friend picked it up before it could even roll, and launched it back at the car. He destroyed the rear window and left a gnarly dent in the pillar. If you're gonna be an asshole, you better be ready to meet other assholes.


Of course it came out of a tinted Altima.....


Camera should have zoomed in to get the license plate then he could have pressed charges.


Hennessey, go figure


Hennessey that coming.


Of course its an Altima driver


Its called Henry's attack, and widely used by virgin problematic "kids" that still live with mom after 25 yo


I gave up on road cycling after getting one too many liquor bottles tossed at me or at the paceline I was riding with. I can't understand the irrational hatred of cyclists or anybody who might think it's funny to throw a glass bottle at a human being from a moving car


Hey, Malkovich! Think fast!


That’s aggravated battery.




littering and.... littering and...


Hennessy is swill.


Some people are just peices of sheeet


The camera man would rather get the shot of the sitting still bottle on the ground than attempt to get the license plate lmao


Probably because they saw a white gut reporting the news and they wanted to continue their worthless life as a piece of shit.


Because they’re a***oles


You can say assholes.




Should be charged with attempted murder imo.






Ever notice that group of people only takes with no regard for who they hurt in the process?


What group?


I know what you are trying to do..


Have the balls to properly express your shitty opinions, or STFU.


What opinion are you talking about?


Probably had some bottled up anger


They're in an Altima too, dangerous people right there


Should have zoomed in on the car instead of the bottle. since its hennesy i can only guess what the race of the person was and im not going to say it because if anyone downvotes me ir gets mad it means they think the same thing.


Actually it doesn't. You can think one race, others can think another race, others yet can downvote you for thinking "a specific race". I downvoted because you thought you were being clever, but actually you're kinda dumb


Please be honest and only answer if you are being honest but if you had to guess what race was it


Well considering I know the history of the company and specifically who it was marketed to, my answer is biased.


Hahahahah i know i know


North Korean?


Why "did" they.... (You're welcome, I'm just here to help. Send "Henny" if you feel you must reward my great deeds)


OP Blind AF... it hit him in his back, not his head..


Everyone gripes about the lying complicit media, then defends them when someone actually strikes back.


Is this not the same interview where a bunch of gunshots ring out? This shot looks very familiar but I don’t remember this part.


What flying henny bottles and multiple gun shots! Say it ain’t so!


No. Both in Cincinnati tho


Damn so wonder if that actually is the same spot? If I recognize a street corner in the hood of Cincinnati..on the other side of the country, solely from a Reddit video of some poor white dude getting pelted with a Henny bottle and again from a casual shootout during an interview then I think I spend too much time here.


"Look mom im on the news!"


Glad they were on camera. Fuck thugs.




How the hell did that bottle not break when hitting the ground


Plot twist [the guy from this video threw it and crashed]( https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/qf9isk/friend_of_a_friend_a_while_back_the_more_he_added/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Of course it’s a Maxima.


Back in Jr high, my buddies and I were skateboarding down the street when a car full of older kids came past. They slowed down and one of them threw some kind of drink bottle at my friend. With a split second reaction, one of my other buddies threw his open Gatorade at them before they could speed off. It went in the window and splattered all over the inside of the car. They slammed on the brakes and started to get out to fight us, but we just raised our skateboards like weapons, so they just drove off instead. It was some glorious instant karma.


I hate it enough people when the throw bottles out of their cars. It make it hard to ride my bike without risking a flat, but out right throwing it at someone that's just disgraceful.




Nice zoom in on the bottle. Praise THAT camera man 😂


Pretty accurate throw from a sunroof moving car


Suckas really shouldn’t play hit em with the Hennessyyyy


This is why you don’t drink drive and yeet shit out of your window


I read it as "imagine it smashed his head off, that would be cool" lmao


Smack up ya moms like I slapped Johnnie Guiness 3 o'clock yesterday I don't care what they say Suckas really shouldn't play Hit em with the Hennessaaaaay


Paid ads are getting weird


That is uhhhh Hennessy bottle


Oohh Henny! That is assault with a deadly weapon.


A drunk friend of mine in the passenger seat of a buddies car threw a beer bottle at a store sign. The bottle held together until it dropped on the hood of the police car parked under the sign. Oops!


Hennessy, go ahead and guess what the job status and rep sheet the a-hole has. Hint: It’s just as poor as his taste in liquor.


Them shits do not break lol. When I was in hs my friends and I were at this party in some area we probably had no business in, but this fight breaks out and this guy hits this other dude with a henny bottle straight in the back of the head and that shit just *BONKED* right off and a whole fight ensued. That shit was funny lol, we were there for like 4 minutes.


That right there is a hate crime!


The headline reads "arrests made as curfew goes into effect" so apparently people are pissed at msm and their shitty gov


Threw it out the sunroof and good shot, so narrows it down to paperboys. No cap, so an "open container" violation.


That Henny hit different. Literally.


No but seriously, I read 'imagine'...the title is literally just him and the picture with the quote lol


Because they arent reporting viable news. Theyre just stirring up the pot and keeping people distracted…


Given some of the bullshit reporters spew out, or fake weather reports. I have no issues with this.


Given some of the bullshit people spew out, or the fake news they share on Facebook. I have no issues with someone hitting you with a bottle. Do you see how stupid your comment is now?


>Given some of the bullshit people spew out, or the fake news they share on Facebook. I have no issues with someone hitting you with a bottle. >Do you see how stupid your comment is now For every action, there's a reaction. You sure ya wanna find out what that reaction would be? lol


Uhm yeah I guess?


NGL that was a sweet throw.


Dude that’s an honor. They let you hit the Henny.