I recently started considering Invisalign but I feel like I’ve been putting it off because I fear for my wedding, and I’m not even engaged 🥴 You’ve convinced me, I’ll take the plunge this week lol


I remember a post from some time ago from a girl who said her ortho took off her attachments for her wedding day and put them back on the day after, so you don’t have to worry about that. Plus, if you start now, your teeth will look better for your wedding.


That’s what I’m thinking too. My teeth aren’t even that bad because I had braces when I was younger but I’m still self conscious and it would be lovely to be able to smile with confidence the day of!


Yay! The first time I talked about Invisalign to my ortho was in 2016 hahaha. I wished I'd done it earlier but it's never too late to start. I found that it felt like the first week took forever, and then life just goes on...You really stop noticing and counting out the weeks/months left as you just get on with living


Honestly, I met up with some friends this weekend and was self conscious about my liners being in… until one of the friends took hers out before we had some food. I literally was only a few feet from her all weekend and never once realized she had them as well. They really are totally imperceptible! Go for it!


Got Invisalign in June. On my honeymoon now. Didn't hit the minimum on our day, roll with it and enjoy.


I’m getting married two weeks from tomorrow, and my dentist basically told me the same thing — just don’t even worry about it on your most sacred day. Your teeth will adjust just fine, especially if you’ve been diligent up to that point.


I’m getting married in a week, started Invisalign in June. The marriage is basically what sparked it. So easy and not noticeable in pictures at all!


There's a temporary tray type that creates a false veneer for your teeth that you can have done for your wedding day, then switch back to your normal aligners afterward. I can't remember the name but your ortho probably knows all about them.


I’m 33 too, I’ve done 25 trays, nothing simpler. Who cares. It works. Bye.


This is so reassuring! Thank you 💜


No problem! I'd already put it off for years, I just needed to take the plunge and realise I didn't need to be afraid of it. Good luck!


Agreed! I decided to get (re)get (wear your retainers!!) Invisalign in May, and when I picked up my aligners in June I was annoyed with myself thinking I should have waited until fall and after summer travel. Well, it turned out to be no big deal. I thought I’d at least be bad at wearing my rubber bands, because I wouldn’t want to put them back in after lunch on the beach, but nope! I got good at put them in without a mirror very quickly, and the whole thing was really easy. I’m so glad I didn’t wait, and I’m about halfway through with treatment now.


I did tons of things when I had Invisalign! Cruises, Disney World, Renaissance festivals, fairs, you name it! You get used to it, and your friends get to a point where they don't notice it anymore either!


Definitely true!!


A beautiful post and I agree 100%. This is what all the newbies need to read for reassurance of why not to delay. The first couple of weeks are hard as is any new routine but then you get into a groove. By the way, this is a gorgeous photo and I want to kayak here - where exactly is it? Cheers to you and thanks for the positive message!!!


Thank you! I hope it might help people who a bit nervous and uncertain like I was. I put it off for a long time! This is in Malta :) more specifically the island of Comino. It was amazing


Precisely and so lovely of you to share your experience!! Wow!! What a magnificent vacation spot; majestic and perfect. Thanks for the share!


Such an awesome post. I have a list of where my aligners have gone on vacay w me “New york, florida, colorado, Mexico, California” feels like a success to be able to work them into my life not missing wear time.


I feel like being away is almost easier than being at home working! You're distracted by lots of awesome things and the time flies by


Agreed!!! This is so delayed! Hope your treatment is going well!


Is this in Amalfi? It looks like the same place I went kayaking!


It was the Blue Lagoon in Malta :) (more specifically Comino island)


We’re off to Malta soon, first holiday with Invisalign! How was the food out there? Might be a bit more lenient with having them out just for the holiday…