Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Sept. 20

Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Sept. 20


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People need to save those 5 Mike Richards episodes. They are the Jeopardy host version of the Barbara Lowe episodes from season 2. They basically burn the master or say it is never to be re-aired or shown in any capacity anywhere.


There are lots of odd things about the Mike Richards era, not the least of which is that his guest hosting run lasted twice as long as his "permanent" gig.


What's the Barbara Lowe situation about?


A woman under the name Barbara Lowe appeared on various game shows in the 80s under different identities, violating the rule that states you can only be on one show a year or up to three in ten years. She became a five-timer when she appeared on Jeopardy!, and Merv Griffin Productions withheld her money after discovering that she violated the appearance limit. She threatened to sue, and the production company chose to pay her off rather than go to court. In the aftermath, she was barred from that year's TOC and her episodes have never been reran.


Fascinating. I wonder if she ever wrote a book about it.


She did, but word is that Merv has gotten a hold of it, too, and won't let it see the light of day. /s


They are part of an all-time great's run in the year 2021 when everything is recorded digitally. They will never be lost to time unless the rest of the Jeopardy canon is lost to time. (think, nuclear devastation)


They'll be saved, but only through torrenting. Jeopardy shows get taken down fast on major video sites.


Foresight right here


This is a great comment, but let's not lose forget that Mike Richards is hosting during Matt Amodio's history-making run! Collections of Jeopardy! generally feature a certain champion, and Matt is a big, big draw.


I saved the first and last one.


If Matt is still winning when Ken comes back, he'll have 58 wins. Which means he'll be chasing Ken while Ken is hosting.


Good point. But also he almost lost tonight if Tracy got the final Jeopardy right


Same thing happened to Ken in Game 5 of his run. You never know when the streak might end or when good fortune might extend it.


I know the chances are really low he'll actually go that far, but it would be very interesting to see him pass Ken's record while Ken is host.


Besides the Ricky Martin response, I'd like to point out the moment when Carlo thought Mozart wrote Send in the Clowns. (Though I can understand how "A Little Night Music" pointed him in the wrong direction.)


I briefly considered Mozart, but luckily I remembered the category was "Alliterative People" and that his name isn't Molfgang Mamadeus Mozart


Mock me, Mamadeus!


God bless Carlo (and I know I’d have some responses like that as well if I was ever skilled enough to make it onto the show) but the thought of Amadeus sitting there composing “Send in the Clowns” gave me a good chuckle.


Fun fact: “Amadeus” and “Amodio” are basically the same word, the first from Latin, the second Italian. It means “love(r) of God.”


I thought Mozart too at first but Send in the clowns didn't sound right.


Honestly it does kind of sound like something Mozart would write. He does have a song called “Leck mich im Arsch” (lick me in the ass)


I mean he wrote “The Magic Flute” so it’s not too crazy to think he’d write a comedy about clowns.


Wow. I thought Final Jeopardy was easy because apparently I’m old. Thus, if I were on today’s show I would’ve added $99 to my $100 total after FJ.


All I needed was “The dip used to kill” and I already knew the answer, and my brother—who hadn’t seen the film—was really shocked that I got it so quickly.


Yeah I’m 36 and I thought this one was a giveaway. I guess you had to have been there.


I thought it would have been super easy but then you realize that Matt was born 3 years after that movie aired.


I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the theater back then, and I still couldn't come up with the answer to this FJ. I was stuck in the assumption of it being a horror movie.


yeah, i saw it in the theater and 100 or 1000 times while it was on cable. I LOVE that movie...but still couldn't get it. When the answer was revealed I thought...ack! that's so easy!!


I thought the humour award should've been for saying Mozart wrote "Send in the Clowns." SO funny.


Mozart is famous for Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (a little night music) so it's totally understandable -- even though Mozart doesn't go with Send in the Clowns. I thought Mozart too.


I understand the link, it's still funny!


Yup. A lot of quick thinking responses are quick recall of linked information based on association. Hear 'A little night music?' Mozart. I'm sure as he was responding the rest of the clue was catching up in his brain, and he was thinking, "wait, Send in the Clowns?", but by then it is too late.


I mean, where do you think clowns came from? Mozart sent them in, obviously.


Ohh right, of course. That makes sense!


Little know Clavin fact: he was composing it on his deathbed while Salieri was documenting it.


wow matt really lucked out then with tracy getting FJ wrong edit: i mean this in a very general sense! matt knew it was very unlikely for him to get it wrong and tracy to get it right (i’m assuming) so he did make the right wager i think!


He was at risk if she had gotten it right but there was a reason she and he did not - it was a tough one! Very tough IMO. So he wasn't as much at risk as it may have felt. Surprised Troy Polamalu got it right though.


> but there was a reason she and he did not - it was a tough one! Very tough IMO. That's all relative, of course. Instaget for me




> Historically, the two most likely outcomes are: > > 1. everybody gets FJ right > 2. everybody gets FJ wrong This seems doubtful. In 166 games I've done on J-scorer, everybody getting it right is the least likely outcome (by far), and everybody getting it wrong is 2nd least likely. In 166 games, the number of times contestants have gone 3-for-3: 13 2-for-3: 61 1-for-3: 50 0-for-3: 35 2-for-2: 2 1-for-2: 5 The 3-for-3 is certainly lower than normal, but I'd still guess 3/3 and 0/3 are the two least likely since that's a decent sample size and they aren't close to the 2/3 and 1/3


Is this the first Final Jeopardy that Matt has missed without it being a Triple Stumper? Also if Tracy got it right Matt's run would have been over...very lucky for Matt!


FYI, the other FJs Matt had missed before were all triple stumpers. So, yes, it was the first time he missed a non-triple stumper FJ.


In some way, I think this further proves how strong of a player Matt is. Every FJ he's missed has either been a triple-stumper, or as was the case in today's episode, a 2/3rds stumper. And the other player who got today's FJ wrong was an incredibly strong player. I'd also be interested in knowing how many times, during their runs, Ken and/or James were locked in a non-runaway game in which the second place competitor (going into FJ) missed FJ but would've won if they had answered correctly due to Ken/James answering FJ incorrectly.


And had a very basic “Who is Jones” wasn’t accepted as a correct response, Ken Jennings wouldn’t have won a single Jeopardy game.


Same thing if Josh Saak had gotten that last $400 clue right, which would've given him the lead going into FJ and prevented Matt from winning assuming he wagered correctly.


During Mayim's initial hosting stint, she appeared unsure of what a couple of contestants had written when the writing wasn't clear (or in one case, even when a contestant wrote "Olivia de Havilland" perfectly legibly). At the time, I wondered if she hadn't been reading them ahead of time like Alex had been. I suspect that this time, she did look ahead of time. I had trouble making out what Matt had written on FJ at first glance.


Applause break for running the Pop category. Yay Tracy.


Matt needs to work on his pop culture knowledge.


Brutal for Tracy that she got 3rd but that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes


She played great and did what had to be done!


I'm glad she bet big to try to beat Matt. If she got FJ, she would've won.


She can take home that she was one of the few challengers that had Matt sweating at FJ. That's a pretty good achievement.


I thought that the “dip” used to kill characters was like chip dip used to poison them. That really threw me off 😂


Yeah, the famous party scene in Dune with the poisoned guacamole.


to be fair, in a David Lynch film that wouldn't be even the 3rd weirdest thing.


Chalamet nails that scene in the remake.


Soulja Boy Tell Em is his full government name but I assume if you were to see him on the street and yell "Soulja Boy" he would turn around.


Another great win for Matt but Tracy played a great game too. It was up in the air all the way to the end. I thought Mayim did a lot better in hosting too. She didn't giggle and wasn't as excited so that may (or may not) make some happier.




She missed her one DD and still performed so well


I also thought Mayim did pretty well today. I still think the permanent host should be Ken or Buzzy, but as long as Mayim keeps the focus off herself I think she’ll be fine.


Completely agree. Feels like a full 180 from her first two weeks.


I think she was still doing the giggling, but that they edited it out. If you watch Matt's face when he gets a clue correct, he smiled a lot more than he usually does. I think the smile is in response to her giggles. And they just fixed it by editing her saying "Correct" a lot.


That’s a good note. The pacing did seem different. Well at least SOMEONE is listening. She was more than tolerable this time around


I thought she used “Correct” a lot but you may have just explained why.


I thought she was excellent today - she’s clearly taken the notes from dedicated viewers like in our forum and on Twitter, and doubtless from the production crew at Jeopardy. I like her, even though I don’t love some of the things she has done and said on the side, and think she will make an excellent host if it turns out that way. Still rooting for Ken, but she is quite good.


I was also against Mayim but if she hosts like today from now on I'd be happy.


She absolutely improved. A couple giggles that weren't as bad as before. My biggest issue today was her slowness to accept a lot of Matt's answers ("What's K?" was the most glaring imo). Seems like something she should be prepared for, since he's been doing this a while and she, I assume, would have done some prep on that.


She repeated the (correct) answer way too much. I.e. 'Who is... Lambchop?' 'Correct, who is Lambchop.' Definitely a few times where it threw the player off their rhythm. Also I knew the Final today because of Reddit, so... thanks!


She almost seemed to correct Matt with added emphasis on the who in the first round


I think Matt caught her off guard with his "what's" for everything.


He also always only uses last names, so then she gives the full name. I assume the show wants her to fill in the viewers.


This version of Mayim is actually tolerable. I guess she reads Twitter or Reddit.




Yeah Matt's obviously phenomenal, but he feels less unbeatable than either Ken or James did, in my view. I don't know if the stats back that up, but we've definitely seen him be vulnerable at times, including today.


Have I convinced myself based on [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/Jeopardy/comments/prh6ar/are_they_disclosing_a_james_level_win_tomorrow/hdivw51/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) and [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/Jeopardy/comments/prvpnl/mayim_bialik_my_turn_submission_in_newsweek_mayim/hdlh5hu/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) that Matt’s run will last at least through Nov. 5? Yes. Will I still frantically refresh r/Jeopardy at this time every day just to make sure as soon as possible? Also yes.


See, to me those two things make me think he's NOT gonna be around through November 5th. The second link especially reads as his run being in the past.


I suppose you could say that every game other than the first and last will be “the middle” of his run, so it could end tomorrow for all we know. With regard to sounding like it’s in the past, it is in the past from Mayim’s perspective as host through Nov. 5. In any case, these are just harmless conspiracies I’ve concocted all in good fun 😉


I hope you're right and he sticks around for a good while longer, it'd be pretty cool.


Gotta be honest, neither of those things makes me think anything one way or the other.


I imagine everyone my age (42) considers that FJ an instaget


Many childhoods were scarred by [the scene with the shoe.](https://youtu.be/4J_eB_ocTCs?t=164) It's horrific.


NO! Why would you even bring that up? Personal tangent irrelevant to the game (can I host *Jeopardy!* now?): When I was a kid we had a Westie terrier, and when that poor shoe is squeaking in terror as it dies she went **off**. Just would not stop barking. And so to this day that scene remains both tragic and hilarious to me.


Or watching Jessica Rabbit say [oh my GOD IT'S DIP!!!](https://youtu.be/vNYT_8Edubg) in an horrifying way.


I still feel so bad for that poor little shoe!


That link stays blue.


... I keep forgetting Matt is only 30. Yeah I thought that was easy too but I guess I'm showing my age.


I don't know. I'm 30 and I assumed everyone would get it right. I thought it was extremely easy.


I got you beat, I'm 20 and thought it was really easy


I saw Matt giving it a good, long think before writing anything down, but I was sure that Tracy had gotten it as she looked to be about the right age to know this movie well.


I think that movie is fairly well known still, I think it's just another case of jeopardy contestants not always being the best with pop culture


24 and was extremely shocked that 2/3 didn’t get it! Someone mentioned it above, but that scene with the shoe…yeesh.


I'm 42, and my husband is 43. It was, indeed, an instaget for us. When I saw Matt's face, I realized in shock, "He doesn't know it!" To be honest, though, Matt normally has such a good poker face that I first assumed he was bluffing and actually did know Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But here's the thing. When the category was revealed, my husband and I proceeded to blind guess 80s movies back and forth. For some reason, we just kept going and eventually ended up blurting out about twenty movies. Neither of us thought of Who Framed Roger Rabbit until we saw the clue. That suggests to me that someone significantly younger studying the films of an earlier era wouldn't necessarily think of including Who Framed Roger Rabbit in that study. It wasn't one of the first twenty movies we thought of, and we've both seen it several times.


I got the correct response when the clue was actually revealed but blind guessed “Back to the Future” (IMO: the definition of a perfect movie) and think my blind guess should get half credit for Robert Zemeckis directed and Christopher Lloyd starred in both. I even went as far to think a BTTF clue could’ve been along the lines of: “Eric Stoltz was originally cast….”


Back to the Future was my husband's first guess, too (before seeing the clue, I mean, probably because we recently watched an episode of The Movies That Made Us about Back to the Future). (When I was in high school, my dad called home to tell us to hurry down to the hotel where he worked because Eric Stoltz was there, signing autographs. He knew we would be excited. For some reason, though, my mom, my sister, and I all had no idea who Eric Stoltz was. We asked Dad, and it turned out that he didn't know who he was either. He just thought we would know. My mom found that especially hilarious, and she kind of acted like Dad had lost his mind. Then she hung up the phone, and we unpaused the movie we were in the middle of watching...which was Little Women. It wasn't until the end credits that my sister called in mystified horror, "Sarah!" because I'd already left the room. So that was the day we didn't meet Eric Stoltz.)


This would make more sense, though, if they hadn't seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but apparently, they all have. Maybe it just wasn't as memorable for them. I guess their moms didn't all theatrically yell, "Oh my God, it's dip!!!!" every time they served dip.


I'm juuuuust on the other side of 40 from you and I got it before Mayim finished reading the question! I was shocked only one person got it right.


I (nearly 32) got it immediately, and was shocked that only one contestant got it.


I was initially surprised 2/3 missed FJ, but in retrospect it basically comes down to "have you seen this particular movie?" I get that the writers tried to leave some bread crumbs with the 'paint thinner ingredients -> kills characters -> characters were animated and 1988 movie that breaks 4th wall-> Who Framed Roger Rabbit' but that was evidently not something that could be reasonably guessed in 30 seconds even by an all-time great champion or a very strong challenger. Kudos to Carlo for getting out of the red, and at least he now has a fun story of "I lost on Jeopardy to Matt Amodio, but I bet the house maximum on DD and got it right, and I got FJ right and he got it wrong."


How did you make the connection that it was animated from kills characters?


Who would paint thinner kill? Logically, someone made of paint, i.e. an animated character.


My guess was Heathers because I thought maybe it was the poison. Turns out that movie was 1989 though.


Ahhh touché


It will kill a person if you drown them in it.


I had no idea as I've never seen the movie. The ingredients didn't mean anything to me, I assumed it was referencing a poison and just kept think "wtf is the 'dip'?"


I have never seen WFRR in its entirety but have definitely caught it on TV over the years. I'm wondering if this one may have been an insta-get because I am so online and I feel like in some corners of the internet that movie is revered.


I got the impression Matt was struggling with Mayim's cadence more than he has with any other host in his opening game with a host. He was less than 50% in first on buzzer, and he had a couple of pretty long stretches where he was completely silent today. Except for the young pop star category in DJ and the Final Jeopardy clue, I can't recall any obvious weak spots for Matt in the boards today unlike the motorcycle and Muhammad Ali game last week.




It looked pretty clear that Tracey was very sharp on the buzzer as well as having a strong knowledge base and quick retrieval. Formidable opponent.


The best scenario for an elite player is to have the two other contestants splitting what the elite player doesn't get. Neither challenger can accumulate a sufficient challenge short of lucky daily double timing. That's not the same thing as saying it's to the elite player's advantage to have two near-elite challengers. That would be bad news for the champion, but also extremely unlikely. So, with Carlo struggling, Traci quick on the signaling device, lots of popular culture questions, and Matt getting a shot at only 1 daily double, he was looking at a near perfect storm to end his run. I thought it was adding up to a similar set of circumstances that led to Emma beating James in his last regular season game.


Yeah this game was basically a perfect storm for Matt to lose. The fact that Traci didn’t know FJ considering the age she looked to be actually surprised me.


We need you to work on Next-Gen stats for Jeopardy


Were there any ways into the answer for DD1 other than knowing the book and/or the historical context? I guessed it because I’m familiar with the musical The Great Comet which ends with the Comet of 1812 (actually 1811 historically) so I subtracted from that for my guess. Apparently that comet was thought to portend Napoleon’s invasion of Russia so my guess made more sense than I thought.


I subtracted 7 from the 1812 Overture.


That’s a great in into the answer, thanks!


I think that"s what the writers were after. FJ difficulty, in my opinion


Yeeep. That's exactly where I landed.


Reading this recap was a roller coaster. Glad to hear that Matt pulled it off again, even with what sounds like a good dose of luck this time!!




Not getting FJ right on a non-runaway is a pretty good way to lose.


It really shows to Matt’s talent that 2nd place getting to $400 over half his total is considered a nail biter, which it totally was. I was terrified.


Eek. That was close!


I've seen the movie, so this was an instaget. Would be tough if you haven't seen the movie, though.


Or if you've seen the movie but it was only when it was first released so you now have no recollection of it which describes me lol.


I *think* that's me...?? Did I see that movie in the theater when I was a 2nd grader 33 years ago? Maybe - I don't remember.


That's me with Ratatouille, I saw it in theaters once, never saw it on DVD or at school since then, now watching it I can only recall a handful of scenes, which is stark contrast to Cars which I watched religiously and have been able to mentally play all the way through since 2006


As a little kid, I was SOOOOOO damn obsessed with Shrek. I mean the kind of obsessed where l'd watch it over and over again days in a row. It was all I ever wanted to watch. It got to the point where I had memorised it word-for-word, and beat-for-beat. This meant that, somehow, I could watch it in my head-timed perfectly. No fast forwarding, no skipping. Now this was fine for car trips and such, because my dad would be like "Hey do you want some colouring-in to do?" And id be like "Nah, I'm going to watch Shrek in my head." Ocassionally my dad would ask where I was up to in the movie, just to check on me. Youre probably thinking Huh that's weird but cool I guess? Wrong. Sort of. It got so bad that I'd watch it in my head at night before I went to sleep My dad would literally check on me at night, notice I was blankly staring up at the ceiling, and have to yell "Stop watching Shrek and go to sleep!" I cant remember how this faded from being one of my abilities, but it sure was cool while it lasted. But for a while, Shrek really WAS my life.


i've never actually seen the film, but i'm good at "film years" and 1988 usually means Die Hard or Roger Rabbit. i forget what won Best Picture that year - i wanna say "the Last Emperor"? or maybe that was the Driving Miss Daisy/Do THe Right Thing year (1989 oscars)? it was one of those kinda "tweener" years - not 1985, 1987, not the super-crush of 1989, not 1994's oscar slate.


Rain Man was 1988 Best Picture


OH OF COURSE and that's the other 1988 movie. i always forget that. it's the...#2 movie that year, boxoffice wise? #1? i'd look it up but boxofficemojo is trash now


Good bot!


Good Bot will be 2027 Best Picture


I feel like someone like Matt *should* know a lot about the popular 80s movies though


Yep. Never seen it and had no clue. Instaget for my wife.


Wow, what a narrow miss for Matt! I didn't have to even read the whole FJ question to know the answer. The poor shoe haunted so many of our childhoods


When it wasn’t a run away and the category came up I was worried Matt would lose (he said pop culture isn’t his strong suit). I’m sure he was sweating.


“Was able to relate to a tardy bat” made me lose it.


Lose it in a good way, I hope!


Oh, absolutely! Your contestant descriptors always make me laugh, and Matt’s have been notch


Another answer to the “Common Bonds” question “Violin, marionette, tennis racket” would be “what are things with necks”


Today was the first ever day that Matt missed final when an opponent got it. Lucky for him it wasn’t Tracy. It almost happened in that infamous game where he wagered $37000 but that contestant who almost got it crossed the right answer out.


Man, well done to the players today! So glad for this thread, sounds like it will still be a nail-biter to watch!


I routinely goofed on Mayim Bialik here during her initial hosting stint for the weird incessant giggling, so I was glad to see that and the excessive personal asides were dialed way down today. I thought it was a perfectly serviceable first episode back.


I feel like a genius for knowing a final Jeopardy that Matt didn’t lol


She was so close! The wrong guy got the final jeopardy question right! what a crazy game 😩😭


I've seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit but didn't get FJ. I went with The Thing


Same, I had no idea what "the dip" meant so I guessed the 1988 remake of The Blob.


Wow, close ballgame in this one and a great test for Matt!


That was a stressful watch


“The Dip” made me immediately think of the scene with the shoe and Christopher Lloyd, so that was as an easy one for me. I’m pretty shocked that *some didn’t get it*. Edit: I looked away and forgot Troy Polamalu did, in fact, get it. Too caught up in whether Matt was about to get knocked off with a big bet on an incorrect answer.


Carlo did get it.


Oh wow, tough FJ, which made me very nervous for Matt. I just watched the movie in question a few months ago, so it was fresh in my mind, but even with that it wasn't an insta-get.


Whew, what a lucky break! Thank goodness Matt's streak still lives on!


Maybe it's just my Millennial shining through, but in the pop music category I thought that Tiffany for 2,000 and Ricky Nelson for 800 should've been switched. LeAnn Rimes at 1600 also seemed out of place. She was *everywhere* in the 90s. "Great Schism" had me thinking of Ryan Fenster a few years back. What a fantastic game by Tracy! I felt worried when she seemed to spend much of the early first round in the top rows, but she turned that around very nicely. Very glad to see Carlo made it out of the red and, by the way, excellent hair! Really shows how important those DDs are, as Matt found his at a very fortunate moment for him while neither Tracy nor Carlo could much profit from theirs. Close calls. > As expected, no mention of whatever happened to Richards, who now becomes Jeopardy!'s version Chuck Cunningham, the mysteriously disappearing brother from "Happy Days". Please, *please* let this be a clue this week. Or even a whole category of Unpersons. Writers, I retroactively beg you.


Agreed, Tiffany was an insta and I don't believe I had ever heard of Ricky Nelson previously. I also jokingly guessed Ricky Martin.


NOT a runaway for once! Tracy sure made this game exciting. Also, a big thanks to Back to the Future for helping me get “who is Ronald Reagan” on a $200 clue.


Yikes, Matt got lucky today. I could have gotten that FJ from the first two words, and did shout out the correct response at that point.


Mayim did pretty decently well. Still rooting for Ken, but if she keeps to this level or better I'll at least be okay with it


Carlo must’ve been nervous.


So who is everybody else's Patron Saint of Trivia? My bar trivia team always writes in Ke$ha if we don't have a clue.


I'm not saying I would have beaten Matt Amodio. Tracy played incredibly well, and Jeopardy should really have a tournament for people left in the wake of Matt and James. But I did get FJ right. So I have that going for me.


Bialik is much, much better than her original run. Zero giggling so far.


A few subtle giggles, but nothing out of place like she did the first time around. I was rooting for her when the guest hosts were announced. My issue is that she's just not natural. She's an actress doing a "game show host" character. (Levar Burton was even worse in this regard.) Yet, her cadence isn't predictable. I find the cadence of her delivery sometimes hard to follow. She regularly blows through pauses I imagine the clue writers intended, and I think Trebek would have observed. I think Matt even had to adjust to it.


That's a very good observation that I hadn't considered until now, but it totally does feel like an actress doing the "game show host" character. I also agree with her cadence being hard to follow. That was one of the few strengths of Mike Richards as host.


I thought David Faber (1) and Sanjay Gupta (2) were the best hosts by far. I'm not interested at all in anyone with a strong personality. I'd be fine with a total no-name, but I guess that's not how things work these days. If I were the executive producer (and not gunning for the job myself) then I would have scheduled a guest host rotation for the rest of the season. It was fun and showed the widespread respect for Trebek. But, any notion that these were tryouts would have been dismissed when I simultaneously announced that Sarah and Jimmy (aka Clue Crew) would be splitting the hosting duties for the next full season. I'd have at least half a year to find a new permanent host, properly vetted, and with plenty of distance between the new permanent host and Trebek. It might even turn out to be Jimmy and/or Sarah if that had been working out well and one or both wanted it. But, that's probably why I'm not executive producing game shows.


Glad to see some other Gupta love. He was in my top 10 of the guest hosts. Just behind Stephanopoulos (in terms of pure hosting duties).


Yeah, she did a nice job today. Seems like she took the notes about her hosting to heart.


Also this time it's a serious gig, not just a fun little guest stint


Apparently movies are one of my strengths, but this to me is an extraordinarily easy FJ—at least for anyone over 40.


holy crap that was a nailbiter also i laughed when Mozart was answered for who wrote "Send In the Clowns"


Motzart did compose Eine Kleine Nachtmusik which translates to A Little Night Music, the inspiration for the name of Sondheim’s musical. He may have only keyed in on one part of the clue.


I'm kicking myself for blanking on the LeAnn Rimes question. I just read the wiki article for "How Do I Live" last week, yet on the spot could only think of the other artist who performed it, Trisha Yearwood.


This is my first time watching Mayim Bialik host and she seems perfectly fine to be honest


That was terrifying. When a strong player barely managed to stay above half, and then that category popped up, I thought it could be over. One of the worst possible categories for Matt since he is too young to have learned it through osmosis, but it is also an inefficient subject to spend time studying (meaning that even if he knew the general idea of the movie he could still miss it if he didn't watch it straight through). Whew.


Shouldn't it be "What's Framed Roger Rabbit?"?


Who is Framed Roger Rabbit?


Now that scared me. Wow! Can’t wait to watch the episode tonight.


She didn’t giggle annoyingly when confirming correct answers!! I may be able to continue watching jeopardy after all!


I immediately knew the final jeopardy. Then I saw Matt struggle and realized that not only would that dip traumatize me as a kid but it would as an adult as well.


- No Spoilers - * Please tell me America doesn’t really love ventriloquists/their dummies/ventriloquism all that much. Those dummies SCARE me way worse than clowns. The (Sir) Anthony Hopkins movie “Magic” backs me up on this. :) * Did Mayim match Matt on purpose? * Mayim needs a good tailor. Her blazer engulfed her.


I must begrudgingly admit, Mayim wasn't bad today


I got the one about the Great Schism in Double Jeopardy wrong! I’d never heard of that period in church history being called the “Great Schism.” Usually if someone’s talking about the Great Schism, it’s in reference to the East-West split between the Roman and Byzantine church. Probably should’ve gotten the answer from context clues, but it threw me off.


I knew there was more than one "Great Schism" because of the circumstances of Ryan Fenster being invited back to the show: https://www.jeopardy.com/jbuzz/streaker-updates/rare-scenario-when-contestant-returns


Oh dang I didn’t realize that was the topic of the Ryan Fenster question! You’d think they’d be more careful with that topic after that happened. > In Ryan’s last game, he faced a $1200 clue in the Double Jeopardy! round that read, “St. Thomas Aquinas died traveling to Lyon, France while attempting to heal this rift between the Latin & Greek churches.” He asked, “What is the Great Schism?” and was ruled incorrect. What was the real answer supposed to be?? I don’t even have a guess, I would assume Great Schism is the obvious answer


I remember learning about both Great Schisms in world history in high school, it was kind of confusing when we got to the second one because our teacher would have to be like "the great schism...no not that one, this is a new one"


It needs its own name. Great Schism 2: Eclectic Dogma-loo


can anyone tell me why he wasn’t asked to clarify when he answered “Ramesses” instead of “Ramesses II” or “Ramesses the Great”? I feel almost certain were it one of the English monarchs, they’d ask you to clarify which Henry or Edward you meant.


The category was “Greats in History” so it was probably implied that “the Great” was already part of the answer.




It annoys me she didn’t answer, “Who is Ronald Reagan, the actor?”


Wow. I can't believe two out of three contestants whiffed on one of the few responses that's known for already being a proper Jeopardy! question.


Goddamnit, I love Matt! Also, Blossom isn't as bas as I expected in this role, but I did miss anything not reading answers.


I was hopping someone would answer “What is Beaches?”


This is my issue with dominant champion runs. Tracy would have been a good champion if she was on during a standard show, too bad.


I'm surprised they didn't require both first and last names for the Alliterative People category. Maybe I'm misremembering but I feel like they usually want both when the first name has some special relation to the last. Even in cases where there's really only one notable Ferdinand, Reagan, etc. Also, like apparently a lot of people in my age group, I had final pretty easily. It really only took the first two words. Which is weird because although I saw the movie sometime in the 90s, I don't remember much of it. But I remember a few key scenes apparently. But when the category came up, I had a feeling there would be a struggle. Like with the Wonder Woman question awhile ago (January?), it seems like the more pop culture movies have been a challenge.