I'm sorry, I'm not feeling Mayim. She always has to add her extra two cents after the clue to take up time.

I'm sorry, I'm not feeling Mayim. She always has to add her extra two cents after the clue to take up time.


Nah, Alex did that, too. It's just the stuff she adds is sometimes a bit questionable.


Yes she reminds me of Alex back in the day. Some people don’t remember but he was kind of cocky at that time the way she is now.


Alex did it too. It’s just that Matt is so quick it seems awkward.


People are giving her guff for stuff that Alex often did himself. I actually think she's doing well.


She’s not doing terrible. Sure I’d rather have Ken or Buzzy, but she quit the giggling and seems to be more tolerable now. I don’t mind her as much anymore


Let's also remember we're literally watching her third day of filming. Give it time.


I am glad she lost the giggles but now she seems a little stiff. Almost like she is consciously expending energy to suppress them. Still not the best we've had but at least she clawed her way up to middling.


I like her a lot. She's way better than Matt Richards.


What irks me is that when Alex did it it was from a place of wanting to share something so that people could learn but when Mayim does it feels like her showing off or drawing attention to herself. Alex also knew when not to do it. He wouldn’t have been interjecting if a contestant was on a roll and already picking the next clue. Sometimes he did it to fill airspace while the contestant was scanning the board for the next clue.


If you expect any host, Mayim included, to be anywhere near as agile and adept as Alex Trebek was after 36 seasons, you’re asking too much, respectfully. I agree she’s somewhat choppy, not as smooth as one would like. But this is her second game of the new season. Patience is a virtue, I often have to remind myself. Probably good advice for all of us, regardless of who is hosting, for the next season or so.


Thank you this is exactly what I wanted to say


People are so annoying with their extremely high expectations.


Exactly. Watch Jeopardy season one. Alex is a very different host in the 80s than he was in the 21st century.


Perhaps she's not cut out for it, then? Because Ken, Buzzy and Faber all seem to have pretty much nailed it from day one.


What about instead expecting her to recognize "Adding commentary is hard, so really stay out of it until you're really experienced, and even then, ease into it until you get the hang of it?"


Thank you for saying this. The criticism of Mayim is ao annoying. Had Reddit been around when Alex first started hosting, he would have been trashed by this same place. Jeez, let her find her groove.


Unfortunately no he probably wouldn’t have been. Look at all the comments that say, ‘yeah Alex did it all the time, but when she does it, it’s different’. Hmm, what’s different? Sony knows their demographic, and unfortunately Mayim or Levar would never be accepted by a good chunk of the viewers, for no reason other than who they are.


Alex did it plenty of times when contestants were itching to pick the next clue, just watch how many times Matt Jackson had to shout over him to get the next category read because he wouldn’t wait for Trebek, it was like ten times a game at least Plus, if the category was something he considered easy or clearly cared about he would interject with a pretentious sounding explanation or would often even roast contestants for poor performances in a category pretty frequently.


Yeah I agree. When Alex did it, it felt more natural. When she does it, it's so out of place, awkward and scripted.




Look, I'm not a Bialik fan, but I've got to say that it feels really dismissive to refer to her by the names of characters she has played (Blossom/Kat) instead of by her actual name.




Go back and watch the first 5 seasons of trebek. Dude wasn't how he is now..that sort of expertise and timing came after 30 years of practice.


Many of the other hosts nailed it on the first go. She's already had a chance to get a feel for things. On her second go around she still has a weak grasp on when to throw spice into the mix and when to let the game flow. Also when the contestant has already said "true daily double" she doesn't need to parrot it back. Levar-esk in that regard. Oh. The worst today was the condescending explanation of the code category. Phrasing could easily have been done in a way to complement players for figuring it out, while simultaneously helping viewers at home who missed.


Her first "go around" was taped in a single day, yeah? She's not going to master the job in a day. Or two. Or three. Or 40. I'm not the biggest fan of her as a person, or of her work. I don't even particularly like her cadence half the time on the game so far. It sounds like she's TRYING to be a game show host. But these are all things that will refine over time. She'll make mistakes and learn from them and (hopefully) develop a sense for the rhythm of the game. She'll stop TRYING to host the game and just start DOING it.


Sure she'll get better. That's a truism that can be applied to literally any person in any job setting. Given enough time anyone could be made to be an acceptable host. Heck, even you or I could. She has so much downside to start with it is frustrating to watch when there are so many other choices of hosts who are 1) Better right now 2) will also continued to improve. Evidently she tested well with some particular focus group, who presumably was made up of Jeopardy!'s target demographic. I can only draw the conclusion that the powers that be are not interested in my viewership. It's been a good 35 years but all good things come to an end.🤷‍♂️


You just don't like her. She's been a fine host so far. Whether she's the daily host or not, she's now the Primetime and specials hosts. Get used to her face, or stop watching the show.


You're right. I don't like her because she is not enjoyable to watch. Yes. She is fine at best, which is a far cry from the MANY good options. Yes. I have already cancelled my cable. I don't need an internet hero to tell me that. Thanks though... What does her face have to do with anything?? You ain't right.


I can respect a line in the sand for a host. I don't have cable, but I have bunny ears just for Jeopardy and the modern equivalent of a VCR to record shows. And I took it all down when Mike Richards was announced as the official replacement. I didn't watch an episode until Sony pulled him, and I watched none of his short run as official host even though they aired later. If Mayim to you is like Mike to me, I understand. I do grow tired of seeing the same tired complaints about her every single day though. Perhaps try skipping her episodes?


Trebek didn’t have a body of work to observe and work from but MB does. If she is an actor she should at least be able to mimic the flow of Trebek and other were able to much much better.


You’re just against her. She’s not my first choice but she’s doing a very good job. The giggling is gone and that was the annoying part of her hosting.


You are pretending that I am against her for reason.


But he was natural about it, she sounds like a customer service robot.


She needs to stop repeating the answer. Just say, "Correct."


She has to repeat the answer because Matt usually only gives one word and the host needs to fill in the audience on the entire answer.


"Always" is obviously not true. Viewers want the host to interject some information and personality into the proceedings. Otherwise it would come across as too dry. And in the last two shows, I haven't noticed much that goes beyond the basics that would be expected in terms of additional commentary from a Jeopardy! host.


Especially since Matt is particularly disciplined regarding only giving as much info in his response as required. (Early in his run he'd say a little, look at the judges, say a little more...)


That’s what I hate about Matt’s style of play. He takes baby steps towards the answer until a ruling is made or the clock runs out


I don't get the downvotes - i disagree with your position but it's understandable.


Agreed, Ken often did the same thing, sometimes Alex did, and I really have no issue with it.


This has been my take as well. I certainly wouldn't label providing context to an in-game response as "add[ing] her extra two cents." Now, if she had said something to the effect of >!"Yes, \* who wrote about rabbits... I love rabbits. My favorite is the Angora, it's so fluffy and adorable"!< then *that* would be unnecessary. And indeed, such personal asides were a frequent criticism of her stint as guest host (though this hypothetical one of mine has been exaggerated for effect). But over the past two days, I can't say I've noticed any such inserts at all. Maybe I'm just blocking them out. Hosts provide additional, relevant, information about clues and reponses all the time, and to the best of my recollection always have. Even Alex. He just had a very natural, unobtrusive way of doing so that we never really found it distracting. Hopefully Mayim Bialik will get there, but it's going to take time.


Her full synopsis (Edit: That presumably was written by someone else for her to say, I guess) of the rabbit book felt soooooo long.


I'm assuming that's on the cards in front of her she's supposed to read, not that she did some off-the-cuff riff on the Flopsy Bunnies.


I didn't assume it was an off-the-cuff comment. It still felt like an over explanation.


But that's on the writers and producer, then, not her. I don't think any guests have anywhere near the leeway Alex did to ad-lib.


It is on them, you are right.


Per the j archive it was 21 words. Maybe more than necessary but hardly an essay. Edit: update. Now watched it. 8 whole seconds meaning she wasn't even speaking slowly.


I’ve found her much better in this go. Not giggly, adding in little bits. She’s still far from my first choice, but she’s good.


makes you wonder if she’s getting better direction/ feedback now that the EPs not also going for the same job


I was pretty critical of her the first time around, but I just watched Monday's episode, and I agree that she's much better so far.


Yeah cause Matt is on the other end.


Should just make Matt the host. For his run he can be both the contestant and host.


"Win Matt Amodio's Money"


Agreed. She went from the near the bottom of my list to somewhere in the top 25%. Much better this time around.


She’s an actress. She can take notes and make changes. Plus first time I think she was just so excited to be living a dream it was a bit much. She’s really good IMO.


While I am still not a fan, I feel like I need to emphasize how much she has grown. Imagine her with another whole season to improve. Also, while I don’t really know much about the process, most of my grievances might come down to editing. There was a painful shot where she just repeated the answer and the camera switched to her for all of two seconds which was a bit jarring.


It’s so funny because I was thinking the same thing. She’s definitely toned down the giggling after every response and seems to be improving. Still not a fan of the selection but there might be hope yet for her.


Can there be one master thread for people talking about how much they don’t like Mayim Bialik?


But people need to add their two cents after every episode.




It should be right next to the master thread for people begging Sony to choose Buzzy and and the master thread for hating on Twitter users that really wanted Levar Burton to host.


Yes, for the love of God, please. This is beyond obnoxious at this point. We don't need multiple new threads every day.


Yup. I blame misogyny.


Me too, AnalBlaster42069. Me too.


I noticed she did that a lot on today’s episode. I don’t mind it if it’s actually adding some information or clarifying the answer, but that wasn’t the case today. She essentially just repeated what the contestant said. I found it quite annoying and distracting.


When she had to explain the number clues at the end of the category today I just about lost it. We. Know. What, did she think we were completely lost for that whole category?


Yeah that explanation felt a little unnecessary, borderline patronizing. Like yeah, that’s some first grade level cryptography on display.


She's definitely better than she was during her guest stint. The only time I haven't cared for her extra this week was when she did the Spanish with the stupid accent.


Her two cents is mainly repeating the answer. Stop! We heard it already.


My favorite GH was Sanjay Gupta. But I know he has a day job.




She must not be wasting too much time considering they still get through all the clues. I absolutely couldn’t stand her the first time around but she is like a completely different host now. I haven’t noticed her adding in her two cents at all really anymore. Could you give some examples? Otherwise I think you’re just blindly hating her now.


Yeah at this point it's just obnoxious the amount of hate she's getting for things that good hosts have also done. Not sure how it benefits a Jeopardy viewer to be so incredibly negative about the host instead of recognizing her improvement and trying to enjoy it a little more. People just love to be upset I guess.


I hated it every time she said “yes, *what is* ———“ It’s like, yes, we know. That’s what they said. Move it along please.


Right. She doesn't need to do the form of a question thing. How has nobody told her that


The host usually adds the full name if only the last name is given. Since Matt only gives last names when applicable it feels like it’s happening every clue.


She definitely did it at least a few times where she repeated the exact answer without adding anything.


Right, but Alex never emphasized the “what is”


That’s a good a note. I had thrown in FOR her after her performance was so much better than her original run but you’re right that’s very annoying. The host doesn’t have to answer in the form of a question. She seems to be good at taking notes. Hopefully someone gives her that one


I think someone will slip her a note about this one: **"Correct. You're back to zero."** She did this to both challengers tonight. A backhanded compliment if there ever was one.


She hasn’t earned the right to be a jerk yet lol. Alex could call people losers because we “knew” him and were in on the jokes. She hasn’t won any affections yet


I think it's kind of funny, correcting Matt for his "Wuts ___". Like, see dude? It's not that hard! I'm getting less bothered by him with time, but I still think he's way more distracting and grating than Mayim




Yeah but I bet jeopardy speak is pretty hard because it’s a unique way of questioning answers. So maybe part of that is her own way of getting that speak into her head.


I totally agree! Just shut up and do your job. We don't care what you think or how much you know. Hosting Jeopardy! is NOT about you. Ken Jennings, where are you?


This is one of the most popular opinions on this subreddit, not sure why this needed its own post. Sorry you don’t like her.


Forgive me, I don't spend my days on The Jeopardy! sub reddit.


Apology accepted.


There's a little search button at the top of the subreddit that allows you to see if this topic has come up before. If you search it, you will see that the mods actually had to make a post because there was so much hate for Mayim Bialik in this subreddit. Also, barring that, it usually helps to elaborate on your feelings in the text rather than putting everything in the title. A title alone doesn't really foster much discussion.


And yet, here you are, ironically adding your extra two cents.


"yes did you figure out the code?" The first letter A was 1. No shit Sherlock. Would've been better if the numbers were reverse I.e. Z being 1 etc or have it more complicated like a multiple but oh well


That was the strangest category I had seen in a long time.


I think for a Jeopardy round category that code was fine. Making it any more complicated makes it difficult to think through in five seconds. Making the code more complicated would be acceptable for a Tournament of Champions category.


So condescending. She acts like she's the smartest person in the room.


The worst two for me were “WE ALSO WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED BRUCE WAYNE” and when she felt that we needed a deep dive into the entire genealogical tree of Peter Rabbit.


It’s pretty common to give extra information like that during final jeopardy. You think she just came up with all that by herself? And also it’s pretty common to give the other correct answer too. So you’re just hating on her for doing what every other host does.


I was fine with the Bruce Wayne thing, since technically Alfred was hired to be Bruce Wayne's butler rather than Batman's. It was also a little cheeky, which isn't the worst thing to bring levity to a show.


Technically speaking, the clue was poorly written. Alfred wasn't hired to be any hero's butler.


I thought the same thing when she was guest host. Hopefully the focus groups they love so much conclude that it's annoying.


Just watched last night's episode, and AFTER the contestants correctly answered every question in the Crack Our Code" category, she said "Did you crack our code, A is 1, B is 2.." Trust me, that earned her a first class eyeroll.


It's very likely that was scripted, for the benefit of some viewers at home who might not have understood what was going on. And believe it or not, some people at home didn't get it.


This should have been a comment, not a post.


I'm just surprised people are still shitting on Mayim's hosting abilities this second go around. People bitched about her giggling and interrupting the flow of the game with personal stories and she obviously went out of her way to fix that, and now people are just looking for other reasons to nitpick. Just admit you don't like her due to her personal views and leave it at that.


LOL, wut? I don't care about her personal views, I care about her ability to keep the show flowing along. She doesn't do too good of a job at that. She has to add in her thoughts, or she repeats the answer in the correct speech if it were coming from someone like 'who' is Matt. She likes correcting him.


I'm not sure what's confusing about my post. Also not sure why you're addressing me like I was talking to you specifically. I'm just making a statement in general about the comments on this subreddit regarding her hosting style.


On her trial run, my boyfriend and I would often shout “Shut up, Blossom!” after her anecdotes. Now she’s grown on me.


I'd say my opinion has soften a bit as well.


So you think she’s gotten better, or are we just softies?


I feel as if she's gotten a little more into her groove, and isn't as grating as her first GH spot was.


I love Mayim. She has a good personality, she chats well with the players, and she's intelligent.


Ken and Buzzy are my top two but Mayim Bialik was right under them for me. She’s better this time around.


I really liked her, too. She was actually my choice for permanent host behind Ken and Buzzy, but I never thought it would happen. Ken is still my number one choice, but I’m not gonna be upset if it’s Mayim.


I’m a big fan of her too as a host.


I personally think she has been great in the second go-around. Personable and articulate but not distracting.


Hated her guest run. Dislike her views and shilling. But I had no problem with the way she hosted these two games.


Yeah I think she improved during her guest run. The focus has shifted from the various hosts to What’s Matt Amodio and the other contestants. I thought she did great last night.


Shouldn't that be "What's Amodio?"


I'm a fan. For me, she doesn't need to be Trebek 2.0. She just needs to be Mayim and if she's quirky, so much the better. And, as a woman, I appreciate that she's not been "Glammed Up". I LOVE her 2 cents and her smarty-pants attitude.


I'm sorry if I sound mean but do people realize the banter that Ale carried on. I actually am in need of some levity this season. It's too come in, read clues, leave so far. And I think the engulfment of blue makes things too serious.


Thank you, this is exactly what I can't stand about her as a host


Surely someone here will be the inevitable person to actually do the time math and see if this is really the case.


She’s the woooooorst


I noticed that too. Drives me nuts.


She's not doing that now.


Oh well, some of us like her. I think she does a fantastic job in every aspect of hosting and gets better all the time. Maybe the daily anti-Bialik posts can be joined in one master thread as suggested below because they are getting redundant.


>Maybe the daily anti-Bialik posts can be joined in one master thread as suggested below because they are getting redundant. Make a master "omg Matt Amodio is so awesome" thread while you're at it. I'm personally getting tired of those. *I just want to see a competitive game, is that so wrong?!*


according to the people who downvote you in every game thread, yes.


It seemed like they shut her up after the first half of her first show. She had to repeat the responses on every single question. She didn't do that in the second half of the show as much. I'm guessing someone coached her. I'm probably done with Jeopardy once Amodio loses... She is just way too annoying for me.


More Mayim hate? I agree some of the criticisms are justified, but she's the choice (or at least one of the choices). Might as well get used to it if you're going to continue watching the show. The constant griping is starting to sound petty and whiny.


Yeah, you haven't watched the last two days


I have and I still don't like her. Been watching this show for about 25 years. That may be coming to an end. I really dislike her and her mannerisms.


Exactly, my thoughts too


Nah man, stick it out until Ken comes in. Shit, at least watch Matt.


Same. We just removed it from our DVR recordings. Will tune back in when Ken returns ... probably. Maybe. But after watching religiously for 30-ish years, we're totally meh about Jeopardy! now. We've found that the British trivia shows are much more entertaining and clue quality is top notch, so give 'em a try if you're giving up on J!


We will continue to watch as long as Matt is on. Once he is done we will remove Jeopardy from our DVR until she is no longer host.




personal history is not mannerisms and behavior. I don't care about her personal history either. Her mannerisms are offputting. I don't care for her as an 'actress' and I don't care for her as a host.


Sure have.


She's not as dreadful but today she couldn't help subtly reminding us that she's from New York. Dear Mayim and all New Yorkers: You're not special.


And Alex reminded us often he was Canadian. Your point?


Did anyone else notice how she had to pronounce vigilante with a big bold Spanish accent? What a show off!




Ok, got your point...lol


Mayam is amazing, I absolutely love how she's doing.




She has other obligations though. She can't be comitted.


I hated her guest run because of the giggles but I love her now. She has really reigned in the laughing a d commentary. And Matt wouldn’t be an easy guy to host - his cadence is odd, he’s super fast and he generally blows away the competition.