I'd like to think so. I'm 22. Used to watch it on Adult Swim as a kid. Rewatched the whole thing on Hulu a while back. One of my favorite series, but at the same time I don't know too many other people around my age who have ever spoken about the show. So maybe not too common for this age group.


I’m 22 as well, just finished the entire series on Hulu. It’s the best show I’ve ever watched and will recommend it to anyone.


I too, am 22


I am also 22. TLMS Rules!


I'm 22 and am currently watching this series on Hulu myself.


same age as you and grew up watching it, it was always my favorite as a kid! just rewatched it with my husband who had never seen it and we both love it so much lol


I’m from North Texas where the show was based around and people either haven’t really watch it here or are in love with it, not much of an in between. Im 26 and the people around my age who like it constantly make references to it. Guess it just depends on your area. I imagine all kinds of people enjoy the show but people from New York probably wouldn’t relate to it in the same way like they do in Dallas.


24 here. Binged it last year for the first time in Minnesota and fell in love. Just moved to Dallas 3 weeks ago and am currently binging it again. I’ve never been to Texas before in my life and I’m absolutely tickled by how accurate, albeit exaggerated, it portrays Texans and Texas.


If you haven’t tried taco bueno yet I highly recommend it. Their bean burritos are phenomenal.


I cant tell if youre serious of not.....but Taco Bueno is like 2 steps down from Taco Bell haha.


What street?


Del Taco is better


Thanks for the tip :) I’ll scope out the closest one


At the food court. At the high school.


I’m also 22. Same thing as you.


Exact same situation except I’m 20


23 here and same! I have family in Texas so it's even funnier to me


In my opinion, this show get funnier as you get older. I watched it while growing up and would laugh but rewatching it now I find almost every episode absolutely hilarious. Hank is just so much more relatable with age


Like a fine tank of propane that gets better with age.


I remember skipping it whenever it was on as a kid. But I turned 25 and moved to Texas and binged the whole show. I definitely didn't appreciate the magic of it when I was younger.


Bobby: Mr. Strickland, have you ever ridden a block of ice? Buck: Of course, Bobbeh. I married Miz Liz! ____ I never understood that joke as a kid.


I’m 35, been watching it since I was a kid. Related to Bobby when I was younger. Now I relate to Hank 😂 funny how that works


Same progression as going from relating to SpongeBob to relating to Squidward.


Me too!! Im 34




Most people I've met who like it are around my age or older. I was born in 1995. Haven't met much people in their early 20s who have watched it


96er here. No one my age is into it either I’ve noticed


Yeah I mean it aired when we were kids so i feel like most people were not into it and kind of just never got into it. When i was a kid I didn't like it at all but now that I'm in my 20s I understand why it's great


Also a '95 baby and while I liked it the little bit I saw on FOX (last season or two), I didn't really appreciate it until I started college. Only one I really know who loves it like I do are friends who are closer to 30.


Same. And people closer to my dads age lmao. I just remember seeing it on adult swim when i was a teenager and not having much interest until I finally sat down and watched it in my 20s


Just turned 25 and can confirm that this show still SLAPS.


30 here. It still slaps for me, as well.


37, haven’t slapped anyone, but still love the show


30 here, what the fuck are you talking about?, how can a television program slap.


24, agree! I grew up with it ♥️


Well i listen to tony danza


Laugh at tony danza


...I listen to Tony Danza...Tony Danza...tony danza


[I laugh at Tony Danza.](https://youtu.be/OqNrJZ_ehgk)




Funcenterfuncenterfuncenterfuncenterfuncenter FUNCENTER!!!!!!1!!!1!!




This is one of my favorite parts


I’m 24 so I’m at the very end of that range, but I love the show. Definitely didn’t watch it much as a kid but just watched all of it as an adult and thoroughly enjoyed it.


I’m 18 and enjoy it, my friends do too


Im 16 yes


I’m 24 and it’s my favorite show of all time. Every time I introduce it to one of my friends, they love it!


I’m 23 and it’s my favorite


Its definitely better the older you are lol. I just rewatched it for the first time since i saw it on a tv when i was a kid. The jokes are so funny as an adult but the show is very relatable in the ways the adults go through their emotions/life.


I like it a lot and I'm 20, but the vast majority of people my age haven't even heard of it. The problem isn't that the humor is outdated or anything like that, far from it, just that it isn't on TV or anything so nobody has been exposed to it. I think it would be fairly popular if more people in this demographic watched it.


I’m 19, it’s my favorite show. I watched it new growing up thru the later years and was heartbroken when I found out it was canceled


I’m 48. I’ll watch it any time it’s on


You should invest in the Hulu. You can watch it 24/7.


I was raised on this show, its one if the best quality, most relatable, wholesome animated series made with enough episodes to be rewatchable indefinitely. I'm 24 and still love this show. It depicts the working middle class, blue collar demographic in a way that doesn't make us look like pathetic poor idiots and along with its family values and just overall subjective perfection it'll be loved by my age group for a long time, with streaming services our kids can watch it and carry on its legacy


well said :)


Thank you, I get pretty passionate about shows like this, they defined my childhood, they became more than just shows if that makes sense. I grew up watching this series with my father and wouldn't change that for anything


Same very sentimental and nostalgic. I watched with my dad too! I will never get too old for KOTH


As you get older you start to understand the unraveling themes of the show alot better too. Young you might perceive the topics through Bobby's eyes but adult parent you will see them through hanks eyes lol. Thats what makes this show so great


Totally! Its dynamic like that. I liked* some characters more than others but as I’ve gotten older I appreciate them all for different reasons. The simplicity is what makes it so watchable and wholesome. It really doesn’t have to try too hard. Like beavis and butt-head?


I caught the tail end of bevis and butthead lol, still love it. My dad would wait till my mom went to work and we'd watch it with him, thought we were big shit for it lol


Lol sweet :)


23 at the end of this year and it is my favorite show. It's on my tv 24/7.


I’m 20 and I absolutely love the show


I’m 21 and have loved this show since I was like 10




My nephew is 20 and he loves it. Him and his friends are really into it. That and the old Simpsons episodes


Wait, they don't watch it *ironically*?


Once he saw “Bobby goes nuts” he was hooked


Does it count if I’m 27 but still feel 24?


Loved watching it right before bed after school between 2010-2017 still watching it now. I’m 22yrs


My coworker is 21 and they just started watching it for the first time, and they love it.


My middle-school-age son loves it.


I’m 21 and watching it through for the first time, I love it so much. I did skip an episode last night though like 5 minutes in cause I could already tell it wasn’t going to be enjoyable for me (somewhere in Season 5, episode called Ho Yeah!).


I'm 24 and Im watching it right now


I love this show and I’m in that bracket. I can’t speak on popularity, but I know a lot of people around my age who like it, or have at least seen a few episodes. I feel like most people in this age bracket at least know of it and recognize the intro and characters from being a kid because it was the first show to come on when Cartoon Network switched to adult swim every night.


I’m in my mid 20’s and enjoy it now, but I could never get into it when I was a teenager. It’s definitely more adult oriented than shows like South Park or family guy


My gf is 23 and loves it


I'm 20 and I love this show. It's my comfort show and there's something relatable to me about every character - but mostly Bobby.


I feel like in GENERAL it is going to be more 25+. Like if you’re 22 you would have been about 10 when it ended. Definitely old enough to have watched it and it have been popular when you were a kid, but I don’t feel it strikes people at that age. I’m 29. So I was 17 when it ended. And 17-18 is when I actually started watching episodes in syndication and appreciating the show. Then I went back to it in my early 20s start to finish and fell in LOVE. Now it is one of my favorites. Rewatch it basically annually. That said, streaming has changed the landscape. There are teenagers in this thread who love it a way I MIGHT have if I’d had access to more than syndicated reruns on TV haha.


24f here, been watching it my entire life and I love it more and more as I get older. I just got a KOTH tattoo with my best friend last week


I’m 23 I grew up watching the show occasionally. I just rewatched the entire series a few months ago


Been watching my whole life and I’m 19. Most people my age have seen it, but there’s a very big split between liking it or not. Some didn’t get past episode one and therefore don’t even know about Kahn and Connie. Their opinions aren’t valid lol


It’s still relevant and relatable to the growing up in the suburbs crowd.


I'm 25 and I'm like the only one who loves this show :(


I’m 18 and it’s my favorite childhood show


Me and my wife are in our late 20s and we got her younger siblings (19-23) very much into the show!




I’m almost 40 and liked it in my younger days


I'm 30 and I love it lol


I’m 23 and it’s my favorite show


I’m 24 and a huge fan. People younger than me love it too, even 16 years old in my family.


My gf is 21 and watched it for the first time at 20 and she loved this show


I imagine a lot of the humor hasn’t aged well. I didn’t watch it when it first came out but watched it later in life and absolutely love It, makes me nostalgic for the late 90s. My bother is a lot young, 22, he thinks it’s “boring and racist” so….that’s one opinion but he’s very representative of his age group in the area we grew up (Philly area)


Alot of the humour is still pretty relevant


Oh it’s shockingly relevant haha, I love it, I find it funny how many things are still relevant. But apparently the younger generation is out off by a lot of the jokes at the expense of the LGBT community and the portrayal of non-white people in the show. Not my beliefs but the question was asking about that demographic


I'm 24, and love the show. There are definitely some jokes /skits that wouldn't fly today, and they shouldn't. I saw several anti-LGBT and anti-POC comments in this sub the last few days when people were posting their KOTH costumes and it was really sad - we have to learn to change with the times and accept things as they are, like Hank learns over and over throughout the show. I think it's ok to enjoy the show even with the out-dated jokes, again with the understanding that it's just a relic of the times. While anti-LGBT jokes were socially acceptable at the time of the show's airing, they aren't now, and we can appreciate the show without perpetuating anti-LGBT and anti-POC sentiments.


I don’t feel like people like that make up the majority of my age group,they’re just the most vocal.


I think it’s Regional




I’m in my late 20s and started watching it this last year. I didn’t really think about the show until randomly I gave it a try. This show makes me laugh so much, probably more than any other.


Duh 🙄


YES i have watched since i was young. Favorite show of all time and im 21 now still watch almost every day/week! lol


i’m 23, wasn’t interested when it was on air but upon binging it over the last year i have fallen in love fr. it holds up really well and has a lot of modern relevance, even if some of the references fly right over my head. it’s like a time capsule to early 2000’s culture, which is great because i was too young during that time to do any type of cultural analysis. i think what makes me laugh the most is hanks ultra-repressed nature and the wall between him and bobby. and, of course, dales undying loyalty to cigarettes


I’m 19 and see it get memed constantly on top of the fact most people my age caught it on Adult Swim years back. My parents watched it some in front of me while it was still on when I was little since it was the tamest of all the adult cartoons but I still felt like I was going to go to hell or something for it lol.


26. Been watching koth since I was 14.


I'm 23 and I just finished rewatching it. First time watching it in order, and only didn't know like two episodes which was surprising for me.


I watched all 13 seasons when I was 19


I was going to answer then realized I turn 30 in a few months. Nevermind...


I’m 24 and like it. My girlfriend is 21 and absolutely hates it


I'm 23f, one of my favourite shows! My bros, 20 and 25 like it a lot too


100% me and my friends (18-24) absolutely love it




I'm 22 and have watched the show for a few years now since I was 18. I first saw it on adult swim with my brother when I was a kid. It's now my most watched show. I'll finish it then wait a day or two then restart it again. I only know 2 other people who are my age who watch it, but they aren't super into it.


23 and one of my favorite shows. Watched the whole thing a year ago


I'm 34 and I've watched this show for years, I watch an episode daily..every night, even though I've seen the entire show over 10 times now lol. It never gets old




21 and love it still


Yup! I'm 24 and love King of the Hill! I didn't watch it at all growing up but I fell in love with the show after watching a few episodes last year.


I mean you’ll find a bunch of people that age group and a touch older that like it on here but generally speaking I think people know it in like a few quotes and not much else at this point


Yep. I’m 22 years old and I love King of The Hill


Yes i love the show growing up and still love it. 24


I like it, and I’m 21. I feel like i’m the only one amongst friends and family and neighbors that likes the show, or even acknowledge it.


I’m 33 and I remember watching this on tv. I tell you what this show will always be funny to me


I’m 23 and watched through the whole show for the very first time this year. One of my favorites ever


20 year old here. Me and my friends love this show.


23 and yes for me and my boyfriend (24) it speaks to us as well


As someone who was 24 just two days ago I can say it's well known because of some memes. A coworker of mine who's 19 is watching it currently


I was once 18-24 and I like it.


I’m 20 and I always thought it was funny. Obviously once I got older I understood a lot more of the jokes though. I feel like it’s just extremely relatable to a lot of people. I grew up never playing or watching sports with a conservative dad that was a quarterback and loves sports and values hard work. Me and my dad watch the show a lot and we both love all the jokes that essentially make fun of both of us. I think Norm Macdonald said something along the lines of “you need to respect someone for it to be funny when you make fun of them”. Mike Judge doesn’t hate boring straight laced conservatives he respects and relates to them, that’s why he’s so good at making fun of them.


I’m 27, so above the range, but I love the show. I used to watch it as a teenager and I can agree that it gets funnier as you get older.


I'm 32, but I introduced my fiance to the show and she loves it. She's from Japan (she is 30) so there are times when she doesn't understand certain references but I guess Hank and Bobby's appeal are universal. Hank is essentially my dad, so I think she enjoys that.


I'm 17. It used to air on Cartoon Network at 9pm for a couple years. My friends and I have all seen it.


I’m 23 and I absolutely love this show


Been watching it since I was in 8 I'm 24 now


I’m 17 and I think it’s the greatest show ever made


Been watching this since I was probably too young to watch it with my older sister. I still watch it now and I’m 21. My favorite show of all time.


I mean I’m 19 and enjoy the show a lot. Some of my friends get my references from it too


I loved it then, I love it now.


22 and finally got to watch the whole thing through in order on hulu


I’m 25,would watch this with my dad growing up. Re watching it now it’s even funnier than I remembered


I'm 23. Yes.


I’m 19. I hated it when it came on on Cartoon Network. I would have much rather watched Family Guy or American Dad. One day, I was like 16 probably, my dad had it playing on his TV and I realized what I had been missing as a kid. I love this show.


Id day very popular thanks to adult swim having it be the very first thing that played when cartoon network switched over to it back around the late 2000s/early 2010s. I remember watching most of the series when i was a kid that way (Currently early 20s for reference)


Just got into the show and I am 23


It wasn’t as good when I was little but I’d always watch it on Adult Swim at my Grandmas house. Now I’m 23 and I’ve seen all of the episodes on Hulu a few times.


Coming out? Do you mean on adult swim? I’m 35 and I remember new episodes on Sundays. Still a great show.


My husband loves it. He is 39


31 y.o. and I grew up on king of the hill


Idk I’m 17


I’m 16 and I like it


Yeah, I’m in that age group, and Ive happily watched it every night before going to bed for the past… 5-6 years? It’s a great comfort show lol EDIT: I’ll mention I’ve been watching it since I was in middle school though


I think there are two things at play here: 1) It is definitely still popular within the 18-24 age group, but seemingly with nearly every other age group as well. I think the show is well suited to have a little something for all walks of life, without trying to sound like an ad for it. 2) Since it isn't being actively produced anymore, it doesn't seem like it's being actively aimed toward any specific age group, or anyone for that matter, so i think a lot of its viewers are people who either caught an episode or two on TV and were curious, or those who had it repeatedly suggested to them by another fan. I think the show could come out, from the beginning (maybe with some remastering for S1-2), right now, and be just as popular as it was before- if not even more.


I'm in my mid 20s. I watched this show for the first time two years ago. I think it's hilarious, lol. I even got my sister to watch it too


Yes, reruns played on adult swim in the 10s


I started watching it regularly at 18 when I came home from my night shifts at work, and instantly fell in love. Now I’m 22 and I’ve got the full series on DVD, which I’ve watched multiple times


I’m 23 and my mom wouldn’t let me watch it when I was a kid because she thought it was stupid (although she let me watch SpongeBob so I don’t know). Now I’m 22 and my sister and I watch it. It’s sooo friggin funnyyyyy lol. I still can’t get over hank hills butt lol


Turned 21 less than a month ago and it’s my favorite show of all time. I’ve watched the series more times that I can remember and am currently watching again. Although I will admit it does get better the older I get. It especially got hilarious after I had a kid and a wife


Yes. I grew up in a bilingual home with no cable. I liked KOTH because it was the only cartoon on at night. My mom didn’t know what they were saying and just let me watch it. Now I’m an adult and I regularly watch before I go to bed, I think it’s so funny and being from Texas I love it so much


I’m 29, I’ve watched since my early teens. The show makes more sense as I get older, lots of references I didn’t understand as a kid.


Absolutely, as far as I can tell. I’ve loved it for years despite not having grown up with it and friends my age always enjoy any clips I share with them.


Ho yeah!


This is a fucking loaded post.


My 20-24 year old friend group and I watch this show constantly together. So I would say yes


I think most people in their 20s would like this show if they gave it a shot. Even if they didn’t like it at a younger age catching the occasional episode. When I rewatched the series in my early 20 I appreciated it more than as a kid and teen growing up. I got a lot more of the jokes and appreciated the subtle humor that I missed at a younger age. I rewatched again closer to 30 and that was like my 5-6 rewatch of the show. And honestly I enjoyed it the most then even after I’d seen it so many times. The humor just gets better and better as you get older in my opinion. In short yea I think most anyone in their early 20’s would enjoy this show.


i remember watching it when i was younger and thinking it was funny, but not that funny. im 19 now and crack up when i watch it


I watched the entire show when I was 12 through a streaming service, then again when I was around 15, and nowadays as a 20 year old I watch it when I’m at home with my family. It got better each time for sure.


Im not even american so i never watched it as a kid. Watched it for the first time when i was about 20 and loved it. I am also the only person i know that knows about it


I was a kid when it originally aired and peggy used to drive me nuts. Bobby wasn't particularly relatable to me. But I still watched it. Now im 31 and the show is much more relatable. The fact that it's a social commentary more than political gives it a real timeless quality.


At 22, loving the show. Haven't finished yet, but it's been a great watch. Definitely sort of a time capsule of that 90s-00s era. So yeah, would say it's most likely popular with the 18-24 crowd.


I’m 22, and I love this show. I watched as a kid and yeah, I thought it was hilarious but I didn’t really get the humor. Now that I’m actually an adult I understand it and it’s about 100% more hilarious. Dale’s still my fave. My cousin also said the same thing (she’s the same age, 2 weeks younger than me)


I’m 19, used to watch KOTH on adult swim all the time back when it was still on there. It’s still one of my favorite shows to this day


I’m 26 but didn’t watch it until a couple years ago. Used to think it was the boring show that came on after family guy as a kid (on adult swim or maybe cable idk I was too young) now I’m obsessed and rewatch it constantly, got my younger siblings into it too.


I’m 19 and still love the show. I’m from Texas and started watching the show when I was 9 so that has a lot to do with it, but I still think the shows as funny as it’s always been


18 and i’ve been watching it since i was a kid. still love it


I’m in my early 20s & it’s my favorite show ever by far


Yes! I didn't understand it as a kid, but I got really into it when I was 12-13. Now 21 and still enjoying!


Even at 18 almost 19 it's hilarious. Everyone says it's funnier as you age so I'm genuinely excited for those times haha.


Zoomers like anime. King of the Hill is technically anime. Try to sell it to them that way.


I'm 19 and it's my favourite animated show


I am 25 and this show is in my top 10 of all time lol.


Me and my friend group are in our early 20s. I don't think it's our favorite show, but at least me and one other friend like it.






I’m 21 and I love KOTH. I did like it when I was younger but the older I get the more I love it.


I’m 25 and currently rewatching it for like the 5th time


I’m 28 and was never able to get into it.


I'm sure it is, since we grew up around the time it was airing/our parents watched it. Yet I've never run into anyone in real life whos also seen it lol. its definitely not as popular as family guy or those other gross shows. I'm 24 and KOTH came out the year I was born. grew up with it my entire life. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people my age wouldn't like it watching as an adult, since a lot of the humor is sexist & homophobic. (they actually have a few progressive episodes later on, when it comes to the homophobic thing tho) so I really don't know what the general consensus is due to the fact that i cant find a friend who also watches it, but If I had to guess I would say it's mainly positive.


I’m 29, this show is life.