Same here. Just doesn't feel as strong in the current patch. There's always a meta though. Hopefully he falls back into place soon.


grandpa's getting old.


Not a Kled main by no means but i personally feel like he has a lot of bad matchups (that are stronger/meta) so it’s making a lot harder to get a real advantage


Kled himself hasn't been touched which is a double edged sword. On one hand, no nerfs are a good thing (especially when the meta is in his favor). On the other hand, champs like renekton continue to get the occasional buff, which will make him incredibly hard to deal with. ​ I'll repeat, Kled hasn't changed. One person had said it well, the more us mains play the champ, the more bored we will get in time. Switch it up, people. I double as a Rumble main and the same thing happened to him. He was a top lane king but now really struggles in top. Rumble is not, however, a bad champion. Rumble players (myself included) started using electrocute and running him mid. It took some adjustment but it started working really well. Kled mid, conversely, is also really good. Kled jg also is pretty good once you get the hang of it. He can 1v1 most, if not all, early game junglers. His only downfall is that, if you get behind, it's really difficult to comeback without farming champions (especially with tiamets price increase). Speaking of, try rushing a DD instead of tiamet. Your wave clearing takes a big hit but it feels pretty good having all that AD early on.


He's not really weak but he is weaker when compared to some other top laners from the beginning of the season. Shen, Darius, Renekton, Fiora, Rumble, Cho-Gath, Garen, Gnar, Aatrox, Ornn. I think that's all of them but I may be forgetting some. All these champs have been buffed since the beginning of the season (from the top of my head, I may be forgetting somethings). But Kled still dumpsters many top lane champs, he's not weak at all but it's simply many others that have a better shot at winning against him than before.


I still do *extremely* well on Kled. Still, here's my 2 cents on as to why so many Kled mains find him bad recently: 1. Jungle meta - Right now jungle tanks like Sejuani and Rammus are in a very good place. Kled is reliant on being able to play agressive and chase people down. Sej and Rammus (and other jungle tanks) can make your life absolute hell and make it impossible to play agressive without inting. 2. Toplane meta - Not the worst for Kled in my opinion, but still worse than a few patches ago. Urgot is still good (and very hard to fight with Kled if he's good), Fiora got buffed *again* recently, Jax is still very good. 3. Support meta - Feels like all supports used these days are counter-engage supports that make Kled's life hell. Janna is the obvious one, but people have been learning to use Yuumi and she can be extremely good at cock-blocking bruisers with the ultimate and her enormous heals. While we can ult through the Nami wave, Yuumi ult still collects stacks on you while you're unstoppable. Janna ult is instant (can't predict it).


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He is not weak!


He feels weak for me


Build crit, for me he has never felt stronger