Appropriate interview outfits for the biotech industry (x-post from r/femalefashionadvice)

Appropriate interview outfits for the biotech industry (x-post from r/femalefashionadvice)


Even though the day-to-day dress code is casual, people still dress formally for interviews. It’s hard to say without seeing the actually items, but I would go with a blazer vs a sweater. You also wouldn’t feel weird wearing a blazer inside all day if you’re cold, whereas a coat might be weird.


I agree with the blazer. Nice slacks, a blouse (can be button down, but doesn’t have to be) and a blazer are a good bet. If you’re interviewing for any type of lab position, be sure to wear closed toe shoes in case they take you on a lab tour. Good luck!




Or take a blazer you have that is a bit boxy to a tailor and get it fitted to you. Just buying a new blazer is likely still going to leave you with a poorer fit than a tailored blazer. Also if you want to wear the sweater try putting the button down under it with the collar showing. Add some jewelery and nice shoes and you'll be perfectly dressed. Seriously don't skimp on your shoes, I've had so many recruiters and hiring managers stress the weight they put into a candidates shoe choice (beat up vs nice, appropriate vs trying to hide non work appropriate shoes under long pants).


I’m not a blazer person either. I’ve had successful interviews with dress shirt or formal looking sweaters, for what it’s worth.


I have similar issues being a petite person. I know it's expensive, but J Crew actually makes small sizes that fit well without extra tailoring! They have XS too. I justified the cost as I only need one fancy, well-fitting blazer.


I tend to go for a nice button down cardigan over a blouse as a top for an interview. I think you'll be fine.


Business casual for interviews.


Pants and blazer are good, if you want to be a bit more fun, get a nice print blouse


The biotech I work for, everyone dresses casually for everyday work, but for interviews we expect people to dress up a little bit. Dress pants, a blouse, and some nice shoes will do you great! A blazer would also be nice for when you get chilly. You’re going to do great on your interview!


Is the longline coat blazer ish?


I work in big pharma and formal- suit or suit equivalent is standard. I also always feel like it looks ridiculous on me but better than being under dressed. I’m not sure what a longline coat is but you’ll want a blazer.