Hold the line, comrades!

Hold the line, comrades!


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The "free money handouts" conservatives complain about ended 2 weeks ago and still no one's wanted their shitty jobs. Hmmm almost like it wasn't the extra unemployment, after all! Also, companies that drug test deserve to go under. As if controlling our lives 5 days a week 40+ hours isn't enough they want to tell us what we do off the clock in our homes. Fuck. That. Shit.


Before the Reagan era, drug testing would have been considered an invasion of privacy. How is it at all appropriate for my employer to be able to have my urine tested to see what substances have been in my body, especially when it tells nothing about what state I was in at work?


i dont think i will ever get over how strange it is that a corporation wants to analyze my urine before they will give me a job, even if my experience and interviews went well


We should ask to analyze the corporations urine before we'll take the job. Table the turns on them!


Probably some joint employer-fake urine racket.




Exactly. I started a job at almost top pay and never came back after the first day. I could tell how overworked the staff were and could tell I was headed that way, too. They aren't even drug testing for clinic healthcare jobs and have a hard time finding techs AT TOP PAY!


Take a look at the states that dropped their extra benefits months ago. They're still crying about how nO oNe WaNtS tO wOrK


Yea. I think it was back in July here. Still those No One WaNtS To WoRk signs everywhere!


My favorite dose of schadenfreude is when a shop has to close and they make some big to-do about how it's because of the lazy workforce and that no one wants to work. Like, no, it's because you pay your employees below minimum wage under the table and schedule them for just barely enough hours to NOT qualify for healthcare.


If the employer is willing to control what drugs you are and aren't allowed to do outside of work you just know that work place is asking for unpaid working time. Like when they want you to be monitoring work chats 24/7 and shit or freak out that you didn't reply to a text.


Yep. We already waste 1/3 + of our lives working and they want to control what we do in the other 1/3 we're not asleep.


It's so invasive like fuck off. Stop trying to have control over every single aspect and moment of my life, jfc.


Drug testing was a Reagan thing. Every shit job I have had requires one. When I had professional jobs they didn't require drug testing. Proles can't smoke a J, but the managers can do coke


The only job I’ve had since high school that did drug testing is the job I just got and it is because it is a job in the transportation industry. I’m not driving anything but the rule applies to the entire company. And as far as I know it isn’t ongoing unless there is a safety Incident


Most of the companies in transportation have their DOT pools that is mandated by the feds and then have a NonDOT (company policy() for insurance reasons I used to do the drug tests and handling the programs.


Yup. I’ve got a CDL for my job and have yearly random drug tests. It kind of makes sense for the job. Wouldn’t want someone high on the road with 30 tons of vehicle. That said, it would be better if drug tests tested whether or not you were currently high. I don’t see any reason I can’t have a little weed on the weekend as a CO resident.


30 tons of vegan poop being burned provides 450994322.16 BTU.


Good Bot


I hate this a lot because they just assume you're going to use while behind the wheel.


Yah I’m starting as a dispatcher so not really relevant and I rarely partake in pot usage anyway so it’s not a big deal for me to just not use it


Weed sits round in your system for a long time (weeks) while Coke doesn't show up in tests after a couple of days.


I’ve always felt it’s some sort of cruel joke that weed stays in your system so much longer than hard drugs 😩


People that have to take randoms usually go for alcohol or coke, some times meth


Depends. Most people are just doing UA, so you are correct, but hair follicle and fingernails can show Coke and whatever else long after a UA would.


One of my friends lived in Austin-tech bro startup heaven. ​ She worked at one as a admin assistant-got fired ostensibly because she wouldn't "party" with them. They had all night coke binges in the officer multiple times a week


> in the officer The officer reportedly had a swell time


Go to my country, everyone below executives need a drug test


This is also my experience


We don’t really have drug testing where I’m from which is why you can probably get your whole roof done in under 6 hours here. Those meth heads don’t stop.


I'm going to guess. Australia?


I wish, nearly every manual labour job I've taken had required a drug test


Close, Uzbekistan


Ahahaha, so close! Didn't know there was a meth issue in Uzbek


that’s a real country?


it would just as easily apply to florida too.


Nah, we have drug tests for almost everything that’s not food service.


Nah. There's plenty of drug testing in the US


> Those meth heads don’t stop. yes, it would apply to florida. and do you have any idea how easy it is to beat a pre employment piss test?


>We don't really have drug testing where I'm from No. It wouldn't. And no one was discussing beating drug tests. We were guessing where in the world the commenter might be from based on having meth heads AND ALSO no common drug testing. Strange to pick one phrase out from a comment and go off on a weird ass tangent about Florida even though the very first sentence of the comment automatically excludes the entirety of the United States.


you obviously are too fucking stupid to realize what i'm talking about.


LMAO god damn dude he didn’t get your joke it’s not the end of the fuckin world. Get your shit together and lay off the meth, you’ll feel more pleasant. dickhead


how about you go fuck your mother


German soldiers


Southern Ontario?


Lol yes


A good chunk of any workforce in Ontario is on something. If they brought up drug testing our economy would collapse.


Unfortunately we don’t have a safe drug supply. Overdoses are mainly what emergency services are dealing with.


Drug testing is definitely a thing down here.


[kinda sorta not really](http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/policy-drug-and-alcohol-testing-2016/5-drug-and-alcohol-testing-situations) It's not allowed as part of the screening process and there is plenty of room for rehabilitation upon the discovery of an addiction. It's also difficult to override the employee's privacy rights.


Cause those damned blue collar tweakers are running this here town.


> Meth Heads Someone lives in the Midwest.


In Brazil there aren't any drug tests either.


yeah the drugs, *thats* the reason nobody wants to work at your shithole


Places that don’t test for weed in states where it’s legal may genuinely get more applicants than places that do, so I’d say this is a good first step for some of these companies. That said, you’re right. If you were struggling to find workers, simply not testing for weed isn’t gonna suddenly get you an influx of people wanting to work for you. It might make it easier to actually hire some of the people you’d like to hire though.


I've only been tested when I was in the Navy. So I quit smoking weed for six years. After I got out, I swore I would never work for a place if they tested. I don't really smoke much anymore (an ounce a year) but I would still never worker for a tester. Might be a lot of people like that. Just like I'm a guy yet would never work for a place that carved out birth control from their insurance.


Yeah, the only reason I’m moderately ok with being tested is because I have a CDL for my job and it’s required by the state for CDL drivers to be subject to random drug testing.


Same for me in the Navy. Can't have me operating a submarine all jacked up, same as you can't drive a semi around so much. Some jobs I think should be tested, but no testing without a *real* need!


My last company had been doing a drug test for all employees when hired (this is at a 100% white collar job-only company). Honestly, it was mostly out of inertia - everyone else does it, so why shouldn't we? We offered a guy a role, and he rejected basically on the basis of the drug test. He told the recruiter "I don't think I can pass it since I smoke weed but also I don't know that i want to work for a company that is so old school that they still test for it". And it made us change our policies because we really couldn't afford to not get talent because of something that dumb.


Lol, IKR???


I dont even do drugs but i’m against drug testing


That is how it should be. You recognize the rights of your fellow humans to use the small amount of time allowed by the machine for themselves instead of living in fear of a piss or spit test.


I got an offer recently, a sales type role in the residential cabinetry industry.. They do hair follicle testing as part of the pre-hire process. Hahaha, nope, even with a +$25k/yr salary bump.


The one job I had a follicle test was working in a distribution warehouse taking things out of boxes, putting stickers on them, putting them back in boxes. We also knew that they would require urine samples randomly. 10 years later I was working in finance handling hundreds of thousands of dollar per transaction and I asked about drug testing at the interview because I was on a medication that shows up and wondered how they handled it, the guy who became my boss asked "Do you do drugs at work?" I said no and he said I passed their drug test.


If the job requires so much brain power that I couldn't possibly have been able to do such a complicated job after smoking a joint 6 months ago the minimum wage is 6 figures and there better be a path to a 7th.


The rate of profit is falling and they think If we are sober we are more productive🙃


As a sober person whose never had a drug addiction i gotta say that sobriety really aint all its cracked up to be.


Same, although if it were legal and testing were not an issue with my employer, I would totally toke up on weekends and probably enjoy some shrooms about once a month


snort the line, brothers


People who use cannabis suffer more from drug testing results than almost anyone else who recreationally uses intoxicants. I can leave work and start drinking in my car and spend the whole night shitfaced and as long as I am sober when I get to work all is good. I could get high over the weekend a few times and for a month I have to worry about random drug testing. It is the same with the half assed attempts to drug test people on state benefits.


Where do I sign up? I'll test any drugs they got.


It is so odd to read about jobs in the US requiring drug tests. In Europe this is an absurd concept. This is such an invasion of privacy. I hope the drug testing for you goes away and stays away. We need to evolve in so many ways as a species.. and thankfully we are evolving.


It's only for unskilled hourly labor jobs usually (except restaurants... restaurants would not have employees if drug testing was a thing)


Nope, I get them quite often for IT Positions.




I think you're the outlier. I do a lot of contract work for companies that range in size from 10 people to Fortune 500s. Usually as a Project Manager, but in support roles also. Usually here in Portland Oregon where a marijuana shops are literally on almost every corner. Pre-employment drug testing for every position is a real issue and a lot of people are pushing back on it.


I'm in a union and have to take tests. Bad work culture that even collective bargaining doesn't fix.


My dad complained about that all the time! "Get wasted on booze Sunday night football, show up Monday, hungover as hell, but 'sober' on tests, you're covered. Smoke a little weed, and for WEEKS the tests say it's your fault that something goes wrong, despite how clear your head really was!"


Doctors are not required to take drug tests but people who work at McDonalds are.... The system is broken beyond repair.


You...you...what? You can become a full fledged doctor with no drug tests?


My thought would be, if you did/do drugs while obtaining your medical degree then more power to you.


yeah dude. YEPPERS


No, pretty much every medical school in the country has a drug test as one of their pre-matriculation requirements. I believe you need to do one before starting residency training at a hospital as well. As far as *already* being a doctor and beginning a new job, I wouldn't be surprised if no drug tests were required for private practice and outpatient jobs. I would be surprised if drug testing was not included as onboarding for a hospital job though.


It is included for hospital jobs yes.


Workers with zero decision making authority and whose actions affect almost no one must take drug tests but people whose decisions affect everyone in the US, if not the world, do not, like the President, members of Congress and the Supreme Court.


Is that even true?


The first time I ever met my boss we smoked together I feel pretty fortunate to have a pretty chill work environment (where we obviously don't get tested)


I once had a job where I ended up at a coworker’s house for a BBQ one Friday night. Didn’t know anyone else there who smoked, I never advertised it. Imagine my surprise when my boss ended up rolling a bunch of joints. Hands them to me and goes “I don’t smoke anymore but I was always pretty good at rolling.” Turns out if that company drug tested they’d lose like 90% of their staff. Good times.


Everything except pay a living wage huh


Paying a living wage? Wouldn't that make you A COMMUNIST!?


If you're on drugs to the point of messing up your job you'll get fired anyway. If I do the job just fine and do drugs at home to relax how are you to know or care? The job gets done just fine.


Toyota and Amazon— two huge employers in this area— basically said they will no longer drug test as long as you are sober at work. Honestly I think that’s the best stance to take for businesses. If there’s an incident or cause for concern, then see if they are under the influence of substances at the time. But other than that it shouldn’t be your workplace’s responsibility to monitor your personal life outside of work insomuch as it pertains to substance use.


Or you know, stop testing for weed


Don’t be a SCAB


This is the way


Drug testing is such an American thing. Outside of the USA, we are WTF are you talking about.


I am here in Europe waiting to be seen by a doctor for free, whilst enjoying the paid holiday the company is required to give me by law thinking: Well... so long as you have freedom mate.


mfs will do anything but pay people more




I never understood this. As long as you're not under the influence in work I don't see an issue with recreational use in your own time.


But you are company property.


And there is no reliable, easily implemented testing method to determine the 'when' part of cannabis use. As someone who lives very close to a state border with a 'legal' state, this makes employment across borders interesting.


There is no reliable test to determine if someone is currently high because there’s not enough will to make one. Companies don’t give a fuck if you’re high now or if it was last weekend, companies hate having employees and any excuse to fire someone is good enough.


No shit i applied for a couple jobs for the first time in almost ten years a couple months ago and was absolutely astonished that they immediately wanted to drug test me. I honestly thought that wasn't a thing people went through anymore


Sometimes it's required by insurance, sometimes an employer had a really bad experience with people's recreational habits affecting work. But a lot of the time it's "just because".


Sam's Club did a drug test before hiring me..... for a position in the food court.


You can probably buy drugs from the manager at sam's club


My only concern is if this results in people operating dangerous work machinery while high. IDGAF if an office worker comes in on Monday with a buzz; what the hell is the worst he can do, make a typo? But I ***really*** don't want the dude driving a gasoline tanker to be drug-driving.


Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs




It’s almost like they should have never even had them in the first place


I noticed a few years ago a lot of the jobs I applied for or even got didn't do driv testing, rather they would have you go in for drug testing if they felt it necessary (which they didn't really ever do either.) The thing is, they realized it honestly didn't matter so long as you were productive enough. I know with almost certainty that one of my previous employers would force us to get drug tested because of higher up mandates but wouldn't do anything an out it. I had coworkers who I know had their treats come back with things like pot and heroin but who would come in every day like it was no problem, with our managers never addressing it even once.


As it should be


+You'd have to be high to want to work here -Funny that you say that. Also as a European I have never seen drug test done on any job (I am sure some require it, but it is rare AF)


I'm cool with Drug tests depending on the statement of work. The last thing I need is some jerk coming to work impaired, craning 10,000 lbs over my head and accidentally killing me due to negligence.


I am sorry I am Favor of them, some types of Drugs you must worry, but their is lots you don't need to as much. They need to be done as a safety for the Public.


Problem is all those "bad" drugs leave your system in 3 days; which makes it very hard to catch the "bad" drug users. Andddd employer drug tests are very easy to cheat on, they can't watch you pee


Drug tests are really just pot tests or intelligence tests.


We don't have them in Europe and the public seems to be fine.... less riddled with bullet-holes too. People don't even use dog insulon around here


Americans just keep justifying all their bullshit instead of doing something about it. We are all fighting each other when we need to fight FOR eachother. It doesn't need to be this way but they've effectively shut down any common sense in favor of greed and power.


Even if your position is the right one, this only applies in jobs working around heavy machinery/dangerous materials. As a poster above said regarding office jobs: What's the worst a guy is gonna do? Make a typo? For most jobs drugs should be a non-issue. Especially considering the same person who could illegally come in high could LEGALLY come in drunk and do just as much damage.


I’m smoking as much as I can for y’all!


Took a job in a state where weed wasn’t legal, told them I’d test positive and they gave me the job anyways.


As long as you don't operate heavy equipment and could hurt somebody, then who cares. You're either going to be serious at work and do your job well, or you won't and get canned. What you do in your free time should be your business, not your company's.


Walmart was this desperate years ago, that was their main selling point 3 and a half years ago when I started working lmao


Fine with me, the druggies will eventually get fired for screwing off/screwing up anyway, survivalism.