LPT: When someone pays you a compliment, you are under no obligation to compliment them back. Just says "thanks."

LPT: When someone pays you a compliment, you are under no obligation to compliment them back. Just says "thanks."


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You could always hit them with the autopilot reply of "you too!" and make it awkward.


This mustache looks so nice on you, John You too, Jane… you too!


This type of situation is *exactly* what I had in mind when I made my comment.


Well if John adds a wink, it could be more suggestive and flirty 😉


I said that today to the woman handing me my pizza and telling me to enjoy


"It would look nice on you too." *winks*


Enjoy your flight!


Sometimes I like to change it up and say "no u"


“Alright John we’ve got you down for Monday at 10:45.” “Thanks you too!” *goddamnit.*


Just say "Thanks! It's got pockets!" To every compliment, regardless of what it is


Alternatively, if it's your hair or a body part you can say "Thanks I grew it/them myself!" Or "Thanks, I got it/them fir my birthday!"


I like to use the birthday one when someone compliments my name


"hey, nice ass"


Thanks, it's got pockets


*nature's pocket*


The ol' prison wallet


My go-to is “I wasn’t fishing, but I like what I caught”


This is actually very cute, this would get a chuckle out of me irl


"You are quite perceptive."


My response typically is, "And you have great taste!"


LPT, when someone says something mean about you like "you look like shit today" use your most cheerful voice and say "thanks, you too".


Real LPT always in the comments


Gold! Thanks for this tip!


Bless your heart!


That's a great idea


Absolutely! 'Thanks, I appreciate it', or 'thanks, how very kind' honours the complimenter.


Wait... I'm supposed to compliment them back? /socially awkward


I still have to hold back from saying “I know.” So I hear ya.


I know.


Just say "you too" every time and be the embarrassment like the rest of us 95% of the time.


Enjoy your movie!


Omg yes I’ve done this so much…. Or saying ‘love you’ when you hang up on the phone and it’s a client…


Can someone please explain me how the fuck is this life pro tip ??


I could see why you are confused. This sub is r/lifeprotips but it’s really just obvious advice or slightly convenient advice that you’ll never use because it’s such a niche situation.


This sub is the equivalent of leaving passive aggressive notes on the fridge for your roommate


So you agree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqqkeH5sEX4&ab_channel=bestdamnavocados


Wait do some people demand compliments back?


As much as I appreciate the effort put in this post, is this really a life pro tip? In what way does this reminder improve the lift of the person reading it? I feel like most of the time, when you compliment someone back, it doesn't really have any negative outcomes; in fact, all parties come out of the situation pretty happy and confident. So the tip would be instead to maybe consider complimenting people back?


I thought it's a polite thing to do, especially when men compliment me because I feel they don't get complimented enough but sometimes that gives others the wrong idea. 😕


Some guys might take it the wrong way, but I think a lot more guys would appreciate it than take it the wrong way!


Same. We just want to be friendly..


I never compliment men exactly cause I might give them the wrong idea. I am in a relationship and my bf is the only one I compliment. When I wasn't in one I would compliment them randomly and it was only when I was interested


You’re getting downvoted but this is practically necessary. I’m a gay guy. I’m fairly oblivious, so when I get compliments I don’t take them as a sign of interest. But apparently that’s unusual, because even being friendly to a guy that is interested in you is often taken as a sign that you’re interested back. With some guys, there’s just no way to win. They hit you up on Grindr and pay you a compliment. Option 1) You say nothing. They get upset at you. Option 2) You say thanks. They get upset at you for not saying something flattering back. Option 3) You say thanks and offer a casual compliment. They continue pursuing and say you led them on when you explicitly say you’re not interested. Option 4) You lead with “Thanks but we’re not a match.” They say you should have just blocked them. Option 5) You block them. They complain about it online, or they create a new account and berate you for blocking them. With a guy like this, it’s so clear that the only way they’re happy is if you’re interested back. So screw you for having your own standards.


I legit just compliment back when I am interested. Saves me alooot of issues and complaints from guys




Really not a lot of actual "life pros" on this sub.


Huh... judging from the post I could've sworn this was r/shittylifeprotips OP is a douche, don't be like OP


Absolute truth. Took me like 40 years to learn this.


yeah totally, saying something like "Thanks you look really nice" may sound like you're only willing to give a compliment if you recieve one and it will sound really un orignal.


That's pretty much what I do. It's not a tit for tat thing, they say it, I say thanks. If I complimented someone, i'm not waiting for one back, it's not a contest


Yeah try that with your wife then tell us how it goes xD


I respond with insults, it knocks them off their feet lets you gain traction and the upper hand. Think they can lure me with bells and whistles. I think not


How to be socially awkward 101: Take social advice from redditors


I know but I like compliments so I return the compliment as a kind gesture.


LPT: If you do want to compliment them back, don't do so immediately, wait a bit. It will seem more sincere.


Or maybe tell them "you're welcome"... To piss them off.


Or just push them to the ground and spit in their face


I just say “oh! It’s always nice to hear from a fan!” And keep moving.


I was always taught that when someone pays you a compliment you give them a genuine thank you, but the next time you see them you give them a genuine compliment. Most importantly the most well received compliments tend to be directed at someone someone has control over.


This seems like a selfish tip. What does it hurt to return a compliment? What do you lose by spreading some love around? Sounds like something a stuck up person would do. More and more people are losing their ability to love but are practicing hate on a regular basis. Lighten up, smile, give compliments, give hugs, love your fellow neighbor...


Because sometimes you can't think of a return compliment right away, and then it gets awkward. Just accept the compliment gracefully.


Yeah sure if that situation arises, I understand. Seems like this tip is implying don’t bother because you don’t have to.


I'm pretty sure it's more directed at the insecure people who don't know how to accept a compliment, and who typically feel even more insecure after receiving one. This crowd should understand that, most of the time, compliments aren't given with some ulterior motive, such as a lure to be given a compliment in return, or, the far more malicious idea, as some sort of prank, wherein the compliment is fake, and really meant as an insult. Rather, they're offered as a genuine token of appreciation, or even as an effort towards making a connection. In this light, the tip isn't selfish at all. It's telling these insecure people to embrace the compliment, because someone else is spreading love and positivity their way. This spread of love that you're calling for does not necessitate reciprocation, and, if it did, it would cheapen it.


Alternatively, when someone thinks they are paying you a compliment, you are under no obligation to express appreciation if you don't actually appreciate said compliment. Saying, "thanks, you too" is especially poignant under those circumstances.


Except if the compliment is about a dress with pockets. It's mandatory to point out that the dress does, in fact, have pockets.


Multiple pockets??


Yeah? I have multiple dresses with two pockets. As far as I'm aware, that's more than one, and thus multiple.


I find it amazing when designers can incorporate pockets in all clothing


It is! Especially when my dress pockets are bigger than my pant pockets.. It's a wild world out there haha.


And usually the pockets are hidden! My friend asked if I wanted her to hold my keys (men's pockets seem to be getting smaller) and not knowing she had pockets was confused at first.


I've always done this. Other people don't???


No complement them back, but only mean it. Make it a rule to find a few things about each person, that you like, so you can stay in a positive vibe.


I like to hit'm with the "Right On"


How should one respond in that Lindsay Lohan/Rachel McAdams movie situation though? It went something along the lines of: A) You're really pretty! B) Thank you :-) (sheepishly) A) ...so you agree? You think you're really pretty. B was all kinds of flustered, but luckily C and D came in and moved the convo. along. What are some ways B could've responded?


"Not particularly but I'm glad somebody does"


You forgot the name of Mean Girls?


"I love you..." "Thanks."


Bro, this happened to me. Well, it was a Hispanic girl who said it to me, so I’m not sure how serious the romantic intent was, or if it was just an extreme choice of words on her part.


If the compliment is "I love you" from a significant other?


Unless you feel like they're not sincere, then you can just glare at them until they go away.


I don't feel I am in obligation to, I just like to compliment, but I need to have something to comment.


I usually just say "Thank you!".


..so I says to Mabel, I says...


Unless you have trouble accepting compliments, then it's a nice way out.


Reminds me of the time someone wished me a "happy birthday" and I replied with "happy birthday." 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


“Thanks, that’s so kind of you to say!” Works great. Accepts the compliment and then returns a compliment by noting their kindness but without changing the subject away from the original compliment. …compliment.


Thank you. You just made my day. ​ ... is my usual response.


Sometimes I say "I know".


I guy awkwardly complimented my (M) hair a while back. It was nice to receive a compliment so I quickly looked him over trying to find something that caught my eye about him. Nothing. He was wearing a uniform with a hat and was standing behind a counter. I tried.


Oh I say thanks to everything at the checkout. Weather's nice Thanks


The girl I'm seeing is really bad at receiving compliments, but I personally love giving them, I'm just gonna tell her to give my hand a light squeeze if she appreciates or reciprocates the compliment, and I'll know


I usually say something like, "Oh you think so? I like the color." or whatever. I don't thank them for giving me their opinion. But I will thank them for sharing. It is unhealthy to view a compliment as something meant to judge you or be nice. Just think of it as someone offering their opinion. Works the same for negative things too.


YES! This! working in an office really opened my eyes on how fucking fake people are Some people really do expect a compliment back just because they complimented you. Like no, fuck you. I’m not playing this fake-positive thing with you.