SAJID JAVID: Health arguments for opening up Britain are compelling

SAJID JAVID: Health arguments for opening up Britain are compelling


This is the new Health Secretary in the UK. Feels like the tide is turning here particularly with his appointment. He’s written in the past about how lockdowns were ill-thought through and just pushed through by governments copying each other without due consideration of harms. We’re gonna be opening up with high and rising cases, but low hospitalisations and death.


"Tragically, the last time we had 28,000 new cases of Covid-19 in a day, we saw about 500 people die each day. On Friday, we had almost 28,000 cases a day, but 24 times fewer people lost their lives." ​ Excellent. Should have changed the way covid deaths were recorded earlier.. there is a subtle difference between "with" and "from".


\*Cries in Ontario\*... Where somehow we aren't able to admit that nobody is dying and hardly anyone will even if cases rise.


What I keep seeing from all the experts and politicians here in canada and ESPECIALLY ontario, is the citing of how the delta variant has caused the UK to slow their reopening and a significant rise in cases. They just assume that nobody has access to news from the UK I guess? I wonder how quickly they'll drop the "UK got overrun with delta and we don't want that to happen here" when they see that their health secretary has come to the sensible decision that opening up HAS to happen and that cases will have to rise as a part of that. And that they will have to start treating it like the flu and allow society and the economy to begin functioning again. I'm sure as soon as they see any movement in this direction they'll immediately drop it, or they'll just cherry pick the data and continue to fearmonger about cases (with that same assumption that nobody in Canada would do their own reading and will just blindly accept a scary headline).


Yeah I remember last fall we were supposedly treating Covid as something that needs to be lived with and the media and experts were screeching. Then we did a flip into basically zero covid without ever calling it that. The line about "caused UK to delay reopening" is pure gaslighting. It also could have "caused" Australia to lockdown. It even could have caused some people to die in India. But what it does to us physically depends on a completely different set of factors and what it does to our society and economy is completely up to us.


This is music to my ears. Still, it’s pretty funny that a seemingly major change in the government’s approach to the pandemic was brought about by Matt Hancock being a horny idiot.


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As long as he supports opening up for everyone, not just the vaccinated.