I hope this gets approved


Or you could just take away intellectual property rights from the 3 companies that control the supply of insulin thereby allowing more competition into the market. Edit: This is how insulin stays cheap (around $3) in my country.


In Australia the price will be from $3.20 to 32 a month depending on your income.


How does that work?


The higher your income, the higher the price you pay, but with a reasonable cap. Which is completely fine imo.


Like income scaling traffic tickets, it just makes more sense


People argue that income scaling traffic tickets will wind up with police departments prioritizing pulling over more wealthy people. I don't know what the negative is, but they seem to think that's an argument against it somehow lol


Would be a nice change from prioritizing poor people and minorities Maybe the IRS could learn something from this


IRS is too broke to actually level audits against millionaires much less billionaires. Between the legal loopholes and the sheer cost of pursuing a potentially fraudulent rich dude, the irs find it easier to rip off and target the poor. Republicans crippled the IRS to help their re-election funds. It's honestly disgusting and a very specific half of our government needs the guillotine.


Most countries don't have police stopping random cars, unless they are stopped for driving dangerously. It's all done through fixed speed cameras. Fixed speed cameras aren't prejudice and don't pretend to smell weed.


I was always wondering about speed camera absence in the US. They're everywhere in Australia and UK


Does that mean - lower your income, higher the subsidy?


It could roughly be translated to, if you have plenty of money to spare, you help pay insulin to people with little to no money to spare.


Ah, smells too much like communism to fly in the states. Can’t have someone financially helping someone else when that other person should just work harder.


Sad but true. But also as far from the truth as you could get xD


In addition to the above, we’re not paying insurance companies to make a profit, the government is negotiating with the drug companies on behalf of the entire country (things are cheaper in bulk), and to a certain extent we’re all eating the cost through the tax system (which I believe is what ends up happening in America anyway, indirectly).


I mean I get to pay for old people's health care and social security payments that I will never receive at that age so that's a plus


Medicare, every tax payer contributes a levy.


Healthcare card, it is basically a way for the government to pay some of the price of common medications for you but the more money you make the less the they pay. Anti-depressants are $5.50 for my mother in law.


I’m always surprised more Americans don’t emigrate.


Can I offer you a flag in this trying time?


We can't afford to.


It's also a difficult process to get to any country that you might consider an upgrade. The easier ones aren't exactly going to be a much better life. Look at Canada, I looked into what it would take to move there. You basically NEED to have a job offer, and in order to get one you need to be one of the best in an important field of some kind because they will generally prefer their own people over you. Or you can be rich and they'll take you, which most people aren't. It's just not likely most people will be able to.


I looked into it before and I had thought it was more along the lines of must have degree, job offer, and 50k in savings


Sorry, I figured degree was implied. Anyway, I read somewhere saying that they would usually highly prefer to hire within the country so unless you're truly a standout you're not getting that job


A lot of the time the employer has to PROVE they tried to fill the job with a Canadian before being allowed to issue a job offer to a foreign worker. There are a lot of restrictions on the Temporary Foreign Worker program so it’s not always a case of “we don’t want to hire a non-Canadian”


This is right. I remember Trudeau dealing with this when he first became prime Minister. People here want to have access to the jobs first, which is fair and understandable.


I applied for a student visa form (taking language courses in polish) now I’m working at obtaining a residency permit (karta pobytu) and you can get a work permit with that. Total cost 110 for visa the extra cost was certifying my dog as an ESA to fly Rent is like 400-500 a month in Warsaw , food is around 100 a month entertainment is hard because it’s a pandemic but last weekend I went to a food truck festival that was really fun. And a couple of months ago I saw a burlesque show. But for the most part bring about 5 grand for your time without work, up to 8 months and you’ll be fine The hardest part was not shitting myself every week from the serious dietary change.


Healthcare cost to much. No monies left for travel. Also not enough paid time off.


I mean, fair. But ask any refugee. When you want it bad enough you figure something out.


Refugees generally cone from countries where there is a recognized natural disaster affecting the entire nation, a war, or they face persecution over basic human rights. No country would recognize a refugee from the US.


Just give it a bit more time


The point I realized we were totally boned is when I saw how people can't follow instructions for the big/small cart return in the grocery store parking lot. Some people can't even follow basic directions, pandemic or otherwise.


As an American expat in the UK, you'd be surprised how many countries have pretty hostile immigration laws,even to other members of the so-called first world.


How did you go about doing this? Was it difficult to get a work visa or a company to sponsor you? (Not exactly sure on the whole process/requirements)




I’ve looked into it, most countries only want Americans who work in certain fields. Otherwise they don’t want us there so we’re stuck.


I’m Australian and have good friends working in our federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. They fully expect hundreds of thousands of American migration applications when our Australian borders reopen. That and UK immigrants escaping Brexit. Edit: hundreds of thousands of **applicants**. It remains to be seen as to how Australia’s current migration cap would be reinforced in such a scenario


And I will welcome them with open arms. I feel sorry for Americans right now


foolish American hubris. i grew up thinking my country was the best in the world, that it saved my parents when they moved here as immigrants, and was incredibly proud. but reality is so disappointing it’s cruel. also it’s expensive as fuck to move out :P


It's not always super easy. Just like I can't just up and move to the US and work there, they can't just move to Europe or Australia or wherever else.


The grass is always greener on the other side. Every nation has their own problems. Unfortunately we have not created any utopias.


Eh there are countries that are better in basically everything. Then again an immigrant who only speaks English isn't going to integrate well


>Unfortunately we have not created any utopias. I mean, if you have wealth, (even just a bit of it!) you can smooth over the remaining problems in various countries. *Japan?* No crime, amazing climate, infrastructure, history, life expectancy and food. Hard language, unfriendly, terrible bureaucracy and paperwork. Solutions - hire a language tutor, get a great accountant, start a social club/pick-up a team sport. *Norway?* No crime, crappy climate, great life expectancy, mediocre food. Solutions - Go on vacation to warm countries, learn to cook or hire a chef.


You’re implying that no country is better than the other... because each country has their own problems.. what??


North Korea likes that concept.


In my country (Sweden), insulin is free...


Won't happen, too much money in it for politicians to care.


Intellectual property is theft. Government mandated monopolies are a fucking travesty.


This is the US though. Political parties on both sides get millions from the people who own these rights so why would they want to lose that money to help the people who elected them into office?


still expensive but Walmart sells over the counter insulin 28 bucks per 10ml


You are way too optimistic.


Optimism is better than $1000 a month for a vial of insulin.


the two are not mutually exclusive unfortunately


I now get my insulin for $35.00 per bottle via my health insurance plan.Call a n Insurance broker today!


How much is your insurance plan a month?


Not him, but my wifes insulin is $20/month. My insurance costs nothing. Unfortunately, your experience in the U.S. depends on the employer. My daughter is a government employee for the parks service and pays very little as well. My son gets to ride on mine until he hits 26.


It gives companies leverage over employees and large companies (with more power to negotiate with insurers) an advantage over small businesses.


"I was raped by my boss." "Yea, but your insurance is great and your mom needs the insulin to live." The American dream.


Happy cake day


I think this just caps it what the insurance company is allowed to charge. So its not a price cap. In the end everyone who got insurance will pay for it.




Hmm, it seems my country is the only one that uses Novolin. Is this good or bad? Knowing my country it's bad.


Novolin is a more dangerous type. Doctors typically don’t even know how to properly dose it. Many people in the US suggest diabetics switch to “Walmart insulin since it’s $35. This is Novolin and people die from it commonly or end up going blind, having organ failure, or losing limbs.




Well, I’m an uninsured type 1 diabetic living in the US. I was on Novolin against my endocrinologist suggestion because I couldn’t afford regular insulin. After a year on it with horrible blood sugars, I lost most feeling in my feet and can no longer pass a basic eye exam. I resorted to selling n*de photos to afford higher quality insulin and since then I’ve gotten much better with an A1C at 7.8 instead of 12. The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is actively against Walmart Novolin insulin as we’ve seen our friends die while using it. Very sad.


Fuck dude, America is such a raging dumpster fire.


Your comment has hit me hard. Glad to hear you’re doing better, really.


I’m type 1 and I tied using Novolin whil I was dealing with insurance issues. It sucked.


I'm a nurse and I can tell you that's how it works. It's also *really* easy to find out yourself by Googling anything like "Walmart insulin". But since Reddit rewards petulently asking "source?" over even *attempting* to find trivially available information yourself, [here](https://diabetesstrong.com/walmart-insulin/) is the very first Google result for "Walmart insulin". ​ >The over-the-counter insulin from Walmart that costs about $25 per vial is limited to two types of insulin: > >Regular (insulin R) > >NPH (insulin N) > >You can also get a premixed combination of NPH and Regular called 70-30.  > >Both of these insulins are what’s called “synthetic human insulin”. It’s different from newer insulins that are called insulin analogs.  > >Both require a very rigid eating schedule. In the “old days” of type 1 diabetes management, a patient taking Regular and NPH insulin would have to eat a very specific number of carbohydrates ever 2 to 3 hours. > >If you don’t adhere to a consistent eating schedule and carbohydrate quantity, you will experience recurring severe low blood sugars.  > >For example, as a child with type 1 diabetes in the 90s, I followed a regimen like this: > >8 a.m.: 45 grams of carbohydrate > >10:30 a.m.: 15 grams of carbohydrate > >12 p.m.: 60 grams of carbohydrate  > >3 p.m.:15 grams of carbohydrate  > >6 p.m.: 60 grams of carbohydrate  > >8:30 p.m.: 15 grams of carbohydrate > >Your life is ruled by the clock when you’re taking these types of insulin compared to the flexibility and freedom that comes with today’s insulin options. Oh, and it's not just about 'convenience', measuring your carbs down to the 1/2 ounce and watching the clock all the fucking time. If you make a serious mistake while adjusting to this *radically* different regimen to save some fucking insurance company $400 a month? You can very easily go into a coma and die.


Thank you for this. I’m not a medical expert but I am very knowledgeable and attached to diabetes and very active in the community. Apparently that isn’t enough for most people to believe me about what I have personally been through and seen hundreds of others go through.


"YoU caN JuST BuY INsULiN foR $25 at WalMArT. ThE FRee MarKEt HaS ProVIdEd A soLuTIoN bUt YOu ENtiTlEd bITcHEs dOn'T lIKe thAt It'S NOt COnVEniENT EnOUgH!!!!" Copy and paste 25 times on every single fucking post about insulin you see on Reddit...I'm so tired of countering that nonsense. I should just have a form-letter response at this point. Sorry, you were being kind and grateful and I barfed rage all over you. I just really hate this nonsense diabetics go through. Keep up your good fight!


Fellow nurse here, and diagnosed with Type 1 as an adolescent in the R/NPH days. And I don’t miss those days at all. The current analogs were gamechangers, and all the “But Walmart insulin!!1!” people have no conception of what it requires. Hell, they don’t even know what modern insulin usage involves.


Thank you for your service as a nurse, I know it isn’t easy. We appreciate you -sincerely a pharmacist


Excellent reply, very informative! Thank you for being a nurse. You are a hero!


Found these: https://diabetesvoice.org/en/diabetes-views/relion-insulin-dangerous-for-type-1-diabetes/ https://www.thediabetescouncil.com/relion-insulin-everything-need-know/amp/ Seems that novolin is an older type with a high level of variance. Most of the problems seem to stem from people moving from a faster acting insulin to this slower and more varied type.


Novolin is just a brand name for insulin. EDIT - I know they're not all the same but arguing to say that Novolin isn't a brand of a form of insulin is idiotic nonsense.


It's not all the same. There are fast acting insulins, rapid acting insulins, long acting insulins, mixed insulins etc.


Sorry, poor phrasing, I meant Novolin is a form of insulin. Had just woken up :)


My roomate is a type1 he does lots of reading and research. He was going on and on about now novalin(sp?) Is so bad and its like 26.6x more likely to cause precancerous cells to go full kill mode. Hes knows lots of other stuff too.


This lines up with our covid vaccine options. While all our neighboring countries banned one specific vaccine, we bought more of it (and got its name changed).


The lack of healthcare in the US is ridiculous. Many far poorer countries are way ahead of the US in this aspect, it's amazing.


There's health care all over everywhere in America. All any American has to do to *win* health care is compare offerings, enter the inherently adversarial 3-ring circus of health care vendors, health insurance sellers, and other ... customers ... and buy health care as a lone, competitive shopper with a handful of annually expiring discount coupons riddled with exclusions and limitations, then fall on the mercy of a post facto property damage adjudication system when the whole shit show goes sideways. What America itself ~~can't seem to figure out~~ refuses to do, and has refused to do for 8 uninterrupted decades, is literally cheat off the test answers from every civilized 1st World country on earth to shop, pay for, provision, and deliver health care. Nothing amazing at all here. Just a fucking obscenity.


That’s why Norway classes the USA as a third world country. In many ways it is.


> That’s why Norway classes the USA as a third world country Did this actually happen? I mean, there are not a lot of reasons for a country to class other countries as anything, and the Three-world model isn't particularly helpful.


I can’t say for Norway, but in Denmark a lot of statistics often refers to “developed countries excluding USA” because they rarely have the same development as the rest


1st world military, 3rd world structure to care for its citizens.


It's a banana republic in sheeps clothing.


Yup. Keep in mind those prices are per *milliliter*. A bottle of insulin costs me (a T1D) about $500 each. It’s one of the things that keeps my dad stuck in the job that he hates. It pays too well for him to leave, we couldn’t afford to *keep me alive* otherwise.


We're #1!! ^in ^healthcare ^costs ^^^please ^^^help


only best country in the world if you are wealthy. if you are poor, it is shit


It’s not even just insulin. My vision all of a sudden started going overnight. Went to work one day and couldn’t see a clock I could always see clearly. Like an idiot I went to the hospital cause I thought I might have a tumor or some shit. My blood sugar was in the 300’s, I was diagnosed type 2. That hospital stay cost me 4K with insurance. That was almost 2 years ago and I still owe 2k of it. My gp wrote me a script for metformin to bring my sugar down. When I got to the pharmacy we realized she made a mistake and my insurance didn’t cover that brand so it was 800$. I couldn’t afford it so I had to go without for a week while waiting for her to write another. Good thing it wasn’t life threatening, if I had to go back to the emergency room that would have been another 4K. I know I have a higher quality of life than many on this planet but I really fucking hate this country sometimes.




FWIW, he was only elected to the state legislature in 2018 and was a teacher prior to serving and is fairly young. He's put forth a lot of good legislation in a short period of time. I get that politicians shouldn't have to experience something to care, but I think this is less "I didn't care about this problem until it happened to me" and more "this is a problem and I've already cared, but here's how I've personally seen it work" to better persuade readers.


So in otherwords nearly dying and being faced with absurd medical bills made him get into politics to enact change.


I'm not sure what your tone is here, but that sounds like a good thing


It 100% is a good thing.


*tone clarified*


God damn that was a wholesome exchange (was not expecting that). Made me smile. *omg nested smiles*


From what I remember the last time this post came up on reddit, he was hospitalized *while* he was on the campaign trail, so just a crazy series of events overall




Evil ***DEMON***crat. Socialism is a tool of the devil. /s


That diabetic episode did get his attention. Politicians are usually so cocooned the only things that get their attention are from lobbyists. The Rs will block this law.


I agree with you especially with politicians since it's supposed to be a part their job to make sure the people are heard. At the same I can also understand not recognizing how important of a problem something is till it happens to you. I feel we all have a list in our head of how important some things are in comparison to unimportant things that may be very important to someone else.


I disagree. If someone has any sense they should be able to understand how messed up the price of insulin is from just a single tweet about it. It is unmistakably wrong an letting something that bad slip by is insane.


Seriously this is fucked. I watched a pharmacist help Steal insulin for a homeless guy the other day- and it’s like fuck....


How did that go down, exactly?


Give it to the dude and mark it as disposed in the inventory system and order replacements


I imagined more of a nurse Jackie situation


nice try, narc


Low profile hero right there. Mad respect for someone who'd risk their career to help someone out like that.


I have lots of extra high-quality insulin I am looking to donate. If you can get in contact with this pharmacist, I would love to ship it to him so he can give more to the homeless man. PM me if this is possible.


Messaged ya


Wow what a hero. Fucking praxis right there.


should be free


All diabetics are welcome to live in India! Our prices are 36 cents for a dose!


You can get it for free in Brazil, along with other types of meds for specific diseases. Afaik, you don't even have to prove you can't afford to buy your own insulin. Of course it's a flawed system, but it's better than nothing (or paying 1k USD for it). Edit to add that our price cap is less than/around 25 USD.


yeah this isn't a feel good story at all. it just reminds me of the 68,000 americans that die every year because they don't have healthcare.


The die with freedom!!




Got to stay positive: just think, by the year 2100, maybe we'll have enough politicians with enough diseases that a lot of the coverage gaps will be filled.


why is the US so messed up in pretty much every possible way? im worried about you all...


Because it's not a flaw of the system. It's a feature. Due to our lax regulation and lobbying laws, every decision made at the highest levels of our government are not decided by the welfare and interest of the general public, but by the welfare and public interest of those with the most disposable income. In this country we really do "vote with our wallet". Unfortunately, the majority of people's wallets aren't thick enough to actually have a say in the decisions being made. We live in a country where the interests of 10 ultra wealthy individuals outweighs the interests of 100*MILLION* citizens.


Oh yes late stage capitalism. Were gigantic companies can fuck an entire country and half of the public still thinks it is alright.


The real answer is that its meant to be. Our legal system is set up so that it can only be fixed once it breaks. Also so many people are stupid and so backwards they elect officials who don't do anything.


The primary role of government is to protect property from the majority. In this case with IP laws to protect pharmaceutical companies and very little balancing regulation to protect the purchaser.


Pffffft that is the only choice in elections


usa is a big testing ground for social manipulation


When giving the choice between letting poor people die or raise taxes, they prefer to let the poor people die. Because raising taxes takes away fweedom. /s


when selfishness is justified as freedom






Republican pelicans


I personally wouldn't put all the blame on one party. While they have fucked up alot there is good they have done for the country just like alot of people, parties, and organization. But also fuck the two party system. (Said by an independent)






Ya me too


every super power has to fall. The US's most arrogant idea was that they weren't susceptible to collapse


The US Healthcare system is responsible for more avoidable American deaths than any terrorist group in history.


By a truly unimaginable factor too. Not even close. The amount of deaths in the us caused by terrorism are laughable.


New rule: You always have to use quotation marks when talking about the US healthcare "system"


You misplaced the quotes it's US "healthcare" system


US ? More like THEIR


You mean the US health"care" system?


I will never be not baffled how a first world country is such a shit hole for poor people like the US. Wow. Insulin for a over 1000 per month


Why change it when we have a system that already benefits the rich?


50$ a month is still outrageous and inhumane. Just because its a little better doesn't mean its good.


OK. But it's not "a little" better. It's a lot better with much room for improvement.


Why is US health care so shit? What the fuck is wrong with them?


Way too many people here are afraid of anything that’s anywhere near socialist, it seems. I’ve met a lot of people who had the attitude of “Oh no, free healthcare! Socialism is going to destroy our country!” They weren’t joking, or exaggerating, sadly


It blows my mind that a country who eulogise their Fireman and Military (both funded through tax dollars and fiscally ‘socialist’ concepts) can’t see that everyone has a right to live. Your TV has more protection than some people..


If you are from the US, try to imagine how little you want to live in Iraq or Afghanistan. Thats how most people in Europe feel about living in the US.


I work for a German company in the US. A lot of Germans use the company to move permanently to the US. Not saying you're wrong, just that I personally know a lot of Europeans who've moved here.


Am from Europe. Disagree. If you have a high paying job life in the US seems great. Big if, though.




Well actually most of those jobs will pay for your healthcare.


Redditors seem to forget all the time that there are jobs that make more than minimum wage lol


But it's still super messed up that so many people in the US literally can't afford to live if they don't have one of those high paying jobs.


Seems great. It doesn't matter how good your job, you can lose everything. I don't know if it's still the case but you could end up getting kicked of insurance if you were costing to much.


Exactly this!


50 is still too much imo


I still firmly believe it should be free and will always hold to that, there's no excuse.


If the ill didn't kill you, Then the bill of the pill will


Price cap laws are rough. Companies can voluntarily choose or not choose to make insulin, and price caps usually decrease supply. Insulin is extremely cheap to produce but legal patents and FDA regulations etc prevent other smaller pharmaceutical companies from producing and selling it. One of the reasons affordable insulin isn't available is because there are so many anti-competition laws protecting big pharma. I think it would be more appropriate to deregulate the pharmaceutical industry in certain areas than to price cap drugs and blame their initial high prices on capitalism.


My son was on daily medication from birth to age 3. For one particular med, we paid $90/month after insurance. One month when we refilled it, our portion came up to $265 after insurance. We talked to the pharmacist who told us that 6 pharmaceutical companies had been producing the med, but 4 of them were bought out by the other two who jacked prices just because. I’ve never known turmoil as I did in that moment standing at the pharmacy trying to decide if I could afford my child’s medicine. I talked with my insurance provider, who requested documentation from doctors stating the prescribed medication was actually necessary. Our son’s pediatrician, urologist & internist all provided documentation. But insurance still declined to pay more because they didn’t deem the med necessary. BTW, I’m a registered nurse for one of the largest US hospital systems, operating in 26 states. My insurance is through this system. The doctors in question are also employees of the same hospital system. But some insurance office worker gets to decide what meds are/aren’t needed and how much to pay for them.


The fact that a business that only exists to make money can override medical professionals expert opinion is so fucked up.


It’s better than communism tho. We don’t want that in ‘MURICA. /s obviously


I'm so sorry this happened. I cannot imagine how hard that is and I'm so sorry the system ducked and failed you so badly. As someone from the UK the mind boggles that you would have to even face that situation I hope your son is doing OK.


yeah good point. all these other countries like canada and european countries don't have insulin anymore because of that........smh


There are plenty of generics. But not that many people are producing them. Cost isn't just manufacturing. you need to support a whole business that provides a return on the investment while they could be producing new versions. If you force prices lower than what people can make a profit from you'll 100% see shortages.


I know it's a very different situation, but here in Brazil an insulin from the big pharmaceutical companies goes below $ 35 already with a good profit margin, and I'm talking about the very expensive insulins in the brazilian market


We, Sweden, have a yearly cap on all prescribed meds. Its about $250. It has a step with 50% off. You decide what brand you want but not all is included under the cap. Insulin is actually free as for some other HIV meds. Under 18 all meds under the cap are free. Under 21 birth control meds are free.


Is it just me or is 50 a month still stupidly expensive?


Insulin should be free to those who need it


I hate USA. It's literally like demanding ill people to pay for right to live.


Wtf? In my country insulin is free and somebody in America pays 1000 $ just to get a supply for one month?


Meanwhile here in the UK, people who need insulin pay *nothing*. Everyone would freak out if they suddenly had to pay $50 every month. It would be political suicide.


Why make anyone pay any money at all for this?




This needs to be done affirmatively


Finally the cost of insulin and epinephrine in the United States is simply criminal.


As a European i am just baffled that this is a "victory". Purely factually it is, but damn the USA are dystopian as fuck. "People die or go into a high finical debt because they are can't afford life saving medication so effected politician pushes to make it cheaper, but still more expensive then most of the developed world" is the brutal truth behind this headline.


In Sweden, everything you spend over ~230 dollars per year for medication, will be provided free of charge. I can't even imagine needing to spend 1000+ dollars a MONTH on just insulin. Get a grip America


Read this: In India, a vial of insulin costs about 900 rupees or around 13$. My aunt’s whole month insulin dose costs around 40$. She takes about 20 units 3 times a day. Let that sink in. US healthcare is flawed.


U.K.: free insulin.




If we can pass legislation to cap insulin then we can pass legislation to put a cap on all medical supplies and meds. This would be a start to help with the ridiculous overpricing of medical costs.


The fact that if you have a life long illness in the UK you get every prescription free. Even if its not related to that illness.. I feel so sorry for everyone in America having to pay these prices. Its despicable


This is awful. How can anyone afford $50 extra a month simply to live. That’s literally taking food out of babies and women’s mouths.


As an Australian who has Diabetes, my jaw physically dropped when I got told how much US DOLLARS your insulin costs. Fuck. That. For comparison, Novorapid is about 60 AUD for a months supply, Solostar/Glargine is like 50 AUD a month...


I think this is only for Texas tho


undo Biden's BS


Didn’t trump do this and Biden reversed it?


Sure is a Shame the Biden repealed Trump's Atcost medical Executive Order. Which would have made companies and hospitals sell drugs like insulin AT COST of production and not a penny higher. This proposed bill was never needed until I believe it was January 24th ish is when Biden cancelled that executive order.


As a type 1 diabetic, I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I feel that everything I need, from insulin to strips is free. I shiver at the idea of having to pay for all this stuff, my lifestyle would go down 2-3 levels.


remember the who made insulin wanted to make free


America. The land of the free 🙄🙄 The land where guns are more important than your children’s safety at school, and where money is more important than your life. Yey.


Paying $600/year for insulin still sounds rough for a low income household.