Been literally dreaming of this for the past 5 years (best friend) who I've been in love with sent me this last night.. Eyes immediately watered up.

Been literally dreaming of this for the past 5 years (best friend) who I've been in love with sent me this last night.. Eyes immediately watered up.


Wow, please tell me.. did you ask them out???


No. I was just being a friend, he was diagnosed with cancer last year and I basically dropped everything and was there for him (for selfish reasons I admit) and couple of months ago he beat cancer so I took him out to celebrate and had an amazing time.. Then this happened.


"We could make this dream a reality if you'd be up to go out on a date with me. (And of course, still friends if not.)" –You, I hope!


Yes! This! Go for it!


Now that is a little flirting at least. Tell them you had a similar dream 🛌.They’ve certainly been thinking about it outside of the dream for sure


I told him to try and take it easy and we can talk about it when I see him again this weekend. I'm terrified that he's just being emotional and it'll fade after a while.


He's being a bit vulnerable with you right now. If you really are interested, get a little vulnerable yourself and let him know!


By couching it as a "dream" and not something that he is actively thinking about, he is testing the waters. Keep that in mind and respond accordingly.


Oh my god please go for it you’ll regret it if you don’t try I promise


So, now it begins. 5 years of a narrative in your mind has become closer to the reality. I think your dealing with it well, at least he is aware of your take on it all for the present. The relationship boundary changes just with the acknowledgment of it all. You both know the dynamics & changes it can create, positive & negative. I say just let love find it’s way, & enjoy the process 🤟growth of anything can only take place once you both step outside of the comfort zone, go find out what that is 🤗, you only find out how high you can climb, by starting the 1st accent, just put on ya safety rope (emotional version) & pick the spot.


Gonna follow OP till we get an update!


They are DEFINITELY testing the waters! If you aren’t bold enough to say anything you may both quietly pine for each other while outwardly just pretending to be friends forever. I don’t think now is the time to chicken out. With them having just gone through a serious illness they might not feel as sure of themselves romantically with someone they’ve been so vulnerable with… if that’s the case, the only way you’ll ever know is by being vulnerable yourself and telling them how their messages made you feel. Explain that there is no pressure, but you’re pretty into them. I hope you go for it! Keep us posted, please.


Tell them how you feel! I think their dream proves their true feelings for you! Go for it and get that happily ever after!


Saving this post so I can see how it goes, good luck!


as someone who spent 10 years not admitting my feelings for my best friend because i thought he would never feel the same way about me until one day we were playing minecraft and he spilled his heart out to me, i HIGHLY recommend trying to tell them how you feel. this person definitely seems like they might feel the same way you do and neither of you have admitted it yet! <3 best of luck


Update : I went all in and it went [REALLY well!!](http://imgur.com/a/WUwJevn)


Good luck with the move 😜. Go for it


Looks like your friend has realized that life can be short and you never know exactly how much time is left. I advise to grasp the opportunity without expecting anything, to be a loving friend who is open to exploring a deeper and more connected relationship.