What What If...? scenarios do you expect for season 2?

What What If...? scenarios do you expect for season 2?


What If the various villains won in their own movies and had to team up to take down Thanos? Vulture, Red Skull, Hela, Ego, and so forth.


Feel like if Ego won everyone would be dead


I think a butterfly effect episode could be fun. Like if the what if is something super tiny that spins out to have massive implications in a cool way. I’ll leave the details to the writers lol


Not to be rude but isn't that just what if anyway?


Nah normally something pretty major changes, like Odin not adopting Loki and all that. This would like, what if Hulk didn’t give Scott a Taco in endgame and then it ends in Kang killing Thanos or some shit


Sure, but most of the existing What Ifs are major changes (someone dying, getting super powers, etc.). What if Stark wanted Thai food after Avengers 1 instead of shawarma? Does that somehow lead to a good Ultron and a united Avengers when Thanos arrives? Does it lead Project Insight completing ahead of schedule and Earth is taken over by Hydra?


I think he’s saying tinier. Like right now people died that weren’t supposed to, or Loki wasn’t adopted or Tchalla was kidnapped to space, those are huge deviations. Like what if the avengers went out for Chinese instead of shawarma? What if Thor never had his hair cut And then those things spiral into like the end of the world


That was kinda what happened during the first one, a small change where Peggy stayed in the lab instead of the viewing area. Unless you mean smaller than that?


Kinda but not really. A lot of the What Ifs start with little changes that cause immediate impacts (or rather decent sized changes that cause longer term impacts). A true butterfly effect story would be something where a very tiny change happens that then snowballs in the future. Like if something very minor changed in WWII that caused Hydra to succeed in Winter Soldier.


There’s a great mini-series called Bullet Points that does this. The doctor is killed before developing the super soldier serum, so Steve becomes Iron Man instead. Doing this causes other changes down the line, like Parker becoming the Hulk instead and Reed Richards founding SHIELD after the rest of the would-be Fantastic Four die in space.


There's an issue of Exiles (which the GotM seem pretty heavily inspired by) where they have to save a universe by ordering a cheese danish. They try to figure out what the heck that means before one of them finally buys and eats it and they get teleported to their next mission. We then see a man trying to buy his morning danish, only to get enraged when they're sold out, so he decides to unleash his evil weather control formula (or something) on the city. Thor shows up and uses mjolnir to disperse the stuff which causes it to go global and ruin Earth's weather for a day or two. During that time a Shi'ar invasion fleet arrives to conquer Earth, sees that its environment is a total mess, and decides it isn't worth the bother. Tada, alien invasion averted by eating a cheese danish.


What if Peter Parker joined Team Cap?


ooh that would be interesting


i don’t think it would deserve an entire episode towards it ngl. maybe if cap and tony swapped sides and tony didn’t want to sign the accords instead?


Better yet, what if all of earth’s superheroes rejected the accords?


yeah that’s a better idea ngl. idk why everyone got pressed with me saying that 1 person swapping sides in a battle they held back in isn’t worth an entire episode.


I would love to see a what if Thor landed in titan instead of wakanda, but that’s most probably not happening


Wouldn’t the only changes be that thanos does the snap faster and fat Thor doesn’t happen (not as close to his “failure”)


I mean, Iron Man and Dr Strange were already giving Thanos some battle, so imagine if Thor had joined them


They’d win


What if Yelena was never freed from her mind controll? What if the roles of Yelena and Natasha were reversed?


Then she'd be the poser!


On a related note: Yelena at one point mentioned that she made up a story where Natasha settled down and had both a husband and a child. It would be interesting how the world would look like if Natasha really did exactly that.


What if Taskmaster fought The Avengers


I got a few: * What If Black Widow was never turned and ended up running the Red Room? Would be cool to see her as the villain leader of a massive spy network. I'll also accept a story line of her being evil and taking control of Madripor. * What If Hela won? I just wanna see the extent of her powers with full, unlimited access to Asgard. She drew her strength from it, so I assume she'd just get infinitely stronger. * What If Janet van Dyne survives? And Pym, and eventually Hope, join and work with Shield instead of despising them?


They kinda already did what if Hope joined SHIELD though in episode 3. That's basically the original what if scenario there


I think Simu Liu will be in season 2, so I’d love to see what if Shang-Chi stayed with his father and the Ten Rings. It was an actual What If comic that I own too!


What if the Guardians found a different way? Groot doesn't die at the end of Guardians 1 and so we have a really strong and helpful member of the team through all of Guardians 2 and Infinity War.


I would love to see something to do with Wandavision. What if Wanda expanded the hex over the entire Earth?


What if Hela was good? Anything with her would be cool. What if the super soldier serum was mass produced? What if Galactus died? (Lead in to Abraxas?) What if switched? (The villains are the good guys and vice versa)


It'd be a shame if they introduced galactus in what if? He should have a proper entrance into the mcu


Galactus was seen in episode 8


Wasn't that just a reference? Since it was Ultron eating the galaxy no?


Ultron was eating it but it for sure showed galactus too then


Pretty sure it didnt.


It did though


No, it didn't. It's an obvious nod/homage to Galactus but that isn't Galactus. Whenever/if he is introduced, I guarantee you it'll be in a movie first. For some reason reddit isn't letting me embed the link so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed9W6dH4cSY


I'll be damned You're right that's my bad But that does look so much like galactus it's crazy-- my mistake


No worries dude, it totally does. I'm honestly a bit perplexed at them making this reference since it obviously got some people's expectations up for a near future Galactus reveal. Or else just confused people lmao


Did it?


It was a straight up galactus lol What are you people smoking?


When Uatu was being chased through multiverses by Ultron? That was a reference to Galactus


I'll be damned You're right that's my bad But that does look so much like galactus it's crazy-- my mistake


It’s the prongs on the sides of the helmets, probably


He was shown in episode 8 briefly


I'd love to see what if Hela and Thor grew up together.


What If The Avengers Lost Their Vision? Vision is never brought online. The Avengers foil Ultron's plans, but Ultron himself escapes (potentially orchestrating Civil War himself). The Avengers have to deal with their morals and ideals being pushed to the edge. Tony may die. (Just kidding. I hope they cut down on the whole Tony dying thing.)


We can expect another Peggy episode, probably a zombie episode, and obviously the Tony in sakaar episode. Past that I'd like a what if Tony died in the cave from the first iron man


I was listening to an interview with the writers/producers and they seemed to imply that they felt the Zombie story was over. They may have just been playing coy to not give any hints, though. Realistically I don't know what more we can expect from zombies. What's Spiderman, amputee Black Panther, and Ant-Man's head gonna do against Zombie Thanos with 5 Infinity Stones? I also felt like the season finale showed us that Zombie Thanos won. They said the universe where they fought Ultron was devoid of life and we saw it was the zombieverse when Strange portaled in the zombies. If the entire universe is devoid of life then that strongly implies Thanos won, doesn't it? I guess they could do a different zombie story in a different zombieverse, but that seems confusing.


We did also see zombie cap and some others that were already killed in the original zombie episode though, so (unless that was just an error) the universe Strange pulled them from was not the same as Not-Holland Spidey's. There were a lot of characters not seen in that episode, that were off world like Thor, the Guardians and Captain Marvel. They would pose huge threats still to help the survivors out.


What if Hawkeye got the serum


What if Thor landed in 1995 and swooned Captain Marvel instead. You would get Thor and Marvel duo, hell and what if they had a super powered kid!


I think we will see "what if general Ross was the hulk" the red hulk is popular in comics so would be nice to see in the mcu.


My absolute dream would be what if Sylvie was never pruned.


what if iron man and cap didn’t fight in the end of civil war


I don’t think much would change, they’d still part ways


What If Agent Coulson lived? ^*Cries ^in ^AOS* Lots of fun ideas in here though.


We already had a [What If](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5916832/) episode of that But yes we need more Colson. Clark Gregg has to keep up his record of having a Marvel appearance every year that the MCU has existed


What if the other half was snapped


Wouldn't that just be gg? No Ant Man or Stark means they couldn't go back in time. Although I suppose there is good story potential for things that can happen after the snap


I think Ant-Man would be immune bc quantum bs


Came here to say this. I think Dr. Strange being around to help opens up alot of possibilities for story telling.


Ooooooooooooooooo that's genius


You guys are not thinking outside the box, What if the character that plays Tommy lee Jones in Cap 1 took the serum instead of Peggy/Steve. Of course he needs to do the voice acting.


What if… Joss Whedon had directed *Infinity War.*


a josstice parody ep would be savage


What if Zemo unleashed the Winter Soldiers on the world


I think the next season definetly could use some episodes with Zemo. What if Zemo became a super soldier himself? What if Zemo never appeared in TFatWS? What if Zemo never lost his family?


What If Steve Roger's was the Winter Soldier Though I suppose that may seem obvious




I think the credit scene implies we're going to get that in the Captain Carterverse.


What If…Loki succeeded in killing Thanos and seized the black order.


Wouldn't he just be a less effective thanos?


no but he’s good now


What if Iron man fought the actual Mandarin? What if Hank Pym never leaved shield? What if Natasha never escaped the red room? What if Captain America was arrested during civil war?


What If Hela Won?


A battle against Thanos for the tesseract would be pretty engaging to see


My money is on Hela if Thanos just goes there without any stones. She crushed Thor's old hammer like it was nothing before she got to Asgard.


What if... Steve Rogers was "on your right" instead of "on your left"?


I don't really have any particular ideas in mind, but I'd be interested in something that has to do with Shang-Chi in a future episode.


For strange Supreme to do something with the Infinity Stones because he had that look on his face in the last episode


Just 9 episodes of Tony dying within the first 10 minutes.


I really think we'll see an Eternals based What If. So maybe, "What if the deviants won...." or something that ties into the movie.


I'm sure there will be a "What if Shang-Chi returned after his first mission". Since this would've been 10 years before his own movie, it could cause a lot of changes for the overall timeline.


What if iron man became a villain


This was kind of where I was hoping the Kilmonger episode was going, but alas.


What if Rocket was Groot (a raccoon that only said one word) and Groot was a talking tree?.


What the heck that's a funny what if. Lol I don't get the down votes. Perhaps would get old like what story would u give them. It would be the same stories it seems just different bozos saying slightly diff but same stuff


What if Captain Carter and Black Widow started dating? What if this show passed the bechdel test?


What If does pass the bechdel test. Are you a troll?


No. Are you?


Maybe someone can find out what’s M’Baku been up to


What if the "Tony Stark on Sakaar" episode got made?


What if mysterio actually fooled the world. He would get accepted by the public as an avenger, but then when the next mcu avengers level threat attacks, he needs to play an important role and is totally unprepared


What if Wanda and Pietro's parents survived the bombings


What if Thanos in Endgame won? What if Loki was an only child?


What if Agents of SHIELD was in the MCU


What if iron man won civil war?


What if Uncle Ben lived and Aunt May died?


What If Tony Stark stay alive for goddamn once


What if......The X-men fought Thanos instead of the Avengers?


I'd like to see one where the Avengers never got separated and were more prepared to fight Thanos, either because Zemo didn't manage to drive them apart or because Ultron never destroyed Sokovia in the first place.


What if Sheild rescued Yelena instead of Natasha? What if Wenwu went after Aim? Plus Loki gives a ton of options What if Sylvie became a Valkyrie? What if Loki survived Infinity War? What if Kid Loki killed Thor


What If… Steve Rodgers was the Winter Soldier? This would be the part two of Captain Carter