First, I have two categories in mind when getting rid of something. CATEGORY ONE But if it's something that I know for certain I can earn (like I'm in total control of earning another sponge or another streetlamp part like that one in your bottom row or remaking that flower bud that's next to your wheels. ) I sell it off anything like that if I need the space., unless my task list is asking for one. Unless it's level 5 or higher in that item's chain. (like that pink dustpan. I'd keep that if I could.) CATEGORY TWO If it something that depends on luck (wheels, car parts, bolts, door parts, pot pieces, gloves, drawer parts), I keep it. Btw, The best way to know what you'll need soon is the wiki task list. Even if it isn't currently showing in your task list, You can see from the wiki that the next step that will show up will need, for instance, 2 streetlamps and one towel. (I made that up, BTW) You're working on a LOT of special events at the same time, I think. (Casey, Isaac AND Lindsay NY.) I see multiple items for each. I tried to do that and ran out of space to play the main game. I'd pick ONE of those events to leave on my main board and for the other two events If you have any space in storage, put the top 2 items from each of those two events in storage and sell off the lower-ranked ones. . Some items I just wouldn't keep are the sprout thing that's in the 6th row down, and the partial booster that is 2 spaces from the blue mask. They're nice, but take way too long to complete because the pieces drop so rarely and meanwhile take up too much space. And unless you have a task asking for seedbags, get rid of all of those (the ones below the blue mask) . Because, remember, you have total control over your ability to make those when needed. I also would sell that blue water bottle thingie in the bottom row next to the streetlamp part. You have 3 clear plastic flower vases in the right bottom corner area. Merge 2 of them, which will create a white one. That will give you a space and leave you with one blue (the one next to your broom cabinet), one (new) white, and one clear (existing). Keep an eye on the shop for pot pieces, bolts, and drawer knobs. Buy them whenever possible if you still need them. That REALLY rambled. Sorry, but I was up until 4AM watching NBA playoffs from over here in Italy. :)


Make sure to do the daily tasks that give boxes of cleaning supplies. They don't offer them every day, but when they do they can really help.


Sorry for that really really long response above, that I accidentally posted here instead of in another thread. (Guess it's time for me to switch from my tiny pink pills to my big blue pills.) 🤡🤡


I’ve got a bunch of similar tasks and it’s annoying. I merged my three broom closets a while back and have only one now. It seems like I’m always waiting for it to charge. I have started checking the shop for whatever they are selling that is cleaning related.