Is gloo even a good tank?

Is gloo even a good tank?


No he is not


Roamer does not equal tank. He's a tank because he can take a lot of damage and charge through to their back line or to zone out enemies from objectives. He's one of the few tank heroes played in the sidelane. There's a reason he's picked a lot in the MPL.


A roamer is someobe who supports the team overall. Whether they be supports, tanks, or even an assassin like Natalia (really the only one besides Mathilda) but they all play differently as supportive heroes. Gloo isn't a great tank but i guess he is good at zoning. Still I'd rather take a cc tank then something like gloo


i mean, if you use s1 then aim s2 at s1 then the stun is around 1 second, kinda useful when i use him since it gives my allies enough time to kill the enemy hero, i also use petrify to stun em longer


No he's not good but really fun to play as


Yes, he is. Not in the traditional,'protect teammates', 'help mage or mm' way. But he's very good at chasing them away because once he uses his ult. The only way to counter is by going into a turret or you risk losing a teammate, thus helping his teammates escape


His the cutest and most adorable tank.


I award that honour to Belerick Gen 1.


He's just super annoying to play against because of his tankyness, so basically Uranus


you should be able to understand using Gloo after 10+ match. Terrible to learn at start but now he’s one of the easiest hero I have learn


He's good for soaking damage. Just look at uranus. Tanks are generally known for just being damage sponges that go on the frontlines. Ccs come second


Gloo is an exp laner like uranus Not a good roamer


Yes, if you play him right; last season i am mythic 3 with gloo being my go-to tank and always got mvp or grading between 8-10 and wr of 70%, i say he can be offense and defense. I'll try make a general guide of roamer gloo if i have time or not lazy.