LOL i love ur parting dialogue. it’s a very nice way to tell people to quit whining and start doing. i agree, you’re doing god’s work out here :))


Heheheh 🙈😊 Thank you! ❤️❤️


I like the “screw what I said or did, I know I already have my desires” And the “I am already who I want to be”


right!!? We had those moments when we just always doubt ourselves or overanalyze what we did or say. I literally did all the worst things yet after changing my thoughts, my world also changed, so it means? It doesn’t really matter!! What matters is what we believe in.


Thank you for posting this... I am greatfull to have seen this.


❤️ Thank you!


Very lovely post, thank you so much for composing this! As you mentioned above, I’ve found one of the biggest game changers for me besides self concept, was STOP QUESTIONING AS TO WHETHER OR NOT I’M DOING IT RIGHT! lol It’s like, did I ever question myself on manifesting all the circumstances I didn’t like? Of course not, so why question what I’m doing for the circumstances I do like? Again, wonderful reminders, thank you so much, and congrats on all your success!❤️


I think that’s one of highlights in this whole manifesting journey. We need to understand that everything is alright..questioning ourselves is the only thing that makes it NOT alright. 😊


Thank u 🙏🏼❤️


Powerful stuff, this is perfect for me to read right now, thank you so much! It gives light to what I’ve been stressing about lately and now I can simply let go and just be. <3


Whether you stress about it or not, you will always get what u want as long as you still want it.. If we have these choices, why do we even bother stressing? 😉


Wow, amazing. Do you never do SATS or any of that anymore?


Not anymore. 😊 I write down the things I want to manifest and then leave it. I don’t do scripting like before or I don’t keep affirming anymore.. which means… thru time, we literally change as a person and we literally become who we want to be.


Amazing!!! I love it.




Funny how movies show us our abilities and we just don’t know how to use it. One time I had a phone call with a friend and we were talking about Neville, and what Neville meant by imagination creates reality—and I told him, “we are always imagining. At this moment while we are talking, I’m imagining that you’re driving and that you’re wearing a white tshirt.” And he’s like, “that’s creepy because I’m literally driving and wearing a white tshirt right now”. We’re miles apart by the way. No way I can tell. 😂😂 I just imagined and poof.




It’s the law. Hahaha!


Woah!! LMAO!!


To touch up on this, so if you wanted $10,000 for example you would just write "I want $10,000" in a notebook or something and then leave it? **but when you leave it what do you do during your conscious day and especially when your desire pops up in your head?** ty


Yes, I’d write “I have $10,000” and when the desire pops up, I just tell myself “I have $10,000”. But you gotta know what you really want and not put a condition on your desire. Example, Wednesday last week I had a job interview. After the interview, I asked myself, “do you really want this job?” and I know I wanted it. The next day, (Thursday) they gave me a job offer. Reason I asked myself was because I also had a few job interviews a few weeks ago but I didn’t really want the job so I didn’t get it. After the interview, I moved on with my day and forgot about it.


This is brilliant news! Love hearing stuff like this. Super pleased for you! Keep it up!


Thank you very much 🙏🏼❤️


I really love this, thanks ✨


Thank you! ❤️❤️


Thank you for the awards wonderful people! I am wishing you all the great things in life.😊☺️❤️🙏🏼


This is amazing I truly needed to hear this I’m struggling with my current 3D in manifesting an SP and you’re completely right despite the horror show right in front me I need to have faith and accept what I want not accepting the small movements it’s all and it’s already done, I’m defo gonna try your method too thanks so much for this!!


Your post is amazing. I was wondering if you can explain how to work on self concept. I'm a beginner and I don't have a complete understanding of it yet...


It’s really just believing in yourself no matter what. Never ever go against yourself or say anything bad about yourself. Never doubt yourself. Never compare yourself to others. Be there for yourself no matter what. That’s just it. Example: You’re at work and your workmate was acting a little off. If you have a good self-concept, you will not react to it negatively. You will still say hi, you will still converse… because in your head, “I am amazing. I am a great person. I am loving.” So this person will nice to me coz I deserve that. That’s an example of simple self concept.


That was an amazing explanation. Thank you! I appreciate it:)






Grateful to have seen this post, thank you !


Thank you very much ❤️😊


Love this thank you 🙏🏽🌅✨💐


Thank you very much ❤️


Wow ❤


Congratulations! Wish you more success!


This was eye opening!! The part that we should not force things or react OMG i absolutely needed to hear that. Thanks !!


Found your post so much inspiring and encouraging.,😊 Would you mind of i dm you for some help.


What if one don't feel like the need of affirming or visualisation...but satisfaction I think it is wish fullfilled state..?


Yes. 😊


Can you tell how did you worked on self concept Read some book? Or applied some technique?


I think I'll answer this for the op. Basically self concept is working through any self limiting beliefs you have surrounding your manifestion. So with the unfolding of my relationship I realized there were a lot of stories I kept telling myself that did not serve me. For example "I am not wanted, people always leave me." You have to look at those stories u tell yourself and tell yourself the opposite until it hardens into fact. Most people only have 2 to 3 self beliefs that are out of alignment. You don't need to make a huge list.


That’s really very well explained. Thank you very much! ❤️🙏🏼


Right on👊🏻


from where to start doing self love, when you are filled with negativity,fears and doubts?! Thanks for the post.. . Appreciate your effort 🤗


“I love myself” 😊 Just start with that every day. It makes a huge difference.


Does it require feelings to put? Coz I don't feel it any way while saying other affirmations also so. Thanks for your reply ☺️


In therapy my therapist asked me something really special t. She made me visualize my inner child or myself as a child and asked me: would you say to him/her something harmful? If not, why would you say horrible things to yourself today in the present? If you cant get over this situation, going to therapy would help a lot. Maybe there are some traumas that need to be healed before you can reach a nice self concept


How you worked on your self concept?


I needed to see this, thank you!


How are things with you guys??


Very amazing!!! He did a 180. Totally a different person than who he was before!! We’re going on a trip next week. ❤️


I couldn’t be happier for you two! I’m so glad this all worked out for you both.


Thank you! And that only means it will also work out for you. It always does. 😊


Wow so happy so inspiring




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Why are you looking for evidence in your 3D to begin with???


What would you say to yourself regarding your sp... Cause I am on the same journey.. Would really like to give it a try.. really love your post looking forward to hear from you..❣️❣️


Can I message you?