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Bob baga uncomfortable ga unnadu


Nenu osari gadapa meda ninchunna....daggarki vachi...gumnam meda ninchocha? Ani adigadu...naku ardam kaka...haa ani cheppanu. Hand stick toh rendu pikadu.


still whatever position they are in, cherish those moments. nenu chinnapadi nunchi maa thathayya tho chala close, andharam kalisi undevalam oke intlo. Thathayya ki 3 yrs back lung cancer ani chepparu and we all got shocked. Appati ninchi oka 1 yr torture anubhavincharu, at one point we forgot how he used to be. The progressive, scholarly man we knew was weak and unable to even speak his thoughts properly, we had to remind him where we were. Chala badha ga undedhi alaa suffer avatam chudelkapoyevalam, he finally went to his hometown and passed there itself. ippatiki chala badha ga untundhi bc he was main role model and person i looked to for any support or advice when i was down or stuck. sometimes i hit a dead end and struggle to find my way from there, i calm myself down and move on thinking he is there with me in spirit. Our elders have a lot more value then we see in them, and we realize there value more than anything after losing them. So pls cherish them, nenu appuduppudu maa thathayya ni thitukunanu ayinaki rendu moodu sarlu thinatam ani gurthucheyalsochi, but dhaniki nenu chala badha paduthunna.


In my situation itll be -- "me with slight hearing difficulty due to overuse of headphones"


Indian Psycho?! 🥲 how i awaited this day.


Venakala background lo song play avutundi song Peru chepara. GTA 5 lo radio lo vinnatu gurtu.


What's the name of the background music?