That’s gonna be a hard no. The first problem is that the gorillas would have a tough time getting a grip on the hatch. There is only one handle, it’s likely only big enough for one gorilla to hold on to. The rest of the hatch is sealed tight to body of the tank. The second problem would be the gorillas coordinating with each other. They would have no idea when to pull or how to synchronize with each other. Even despite all that, let’s say there were three very smart gorillas working together to get the hatch open and the had enough handles to hold on to, they probably wouldn’t be strong enough. The action require would be most similar to a deadlift. The issue is that gorillas aren’t really physically capable of deadlifting. Their spines aren’t curved the right way and their aren’t short enough. Even then, if those issues were resolved, let’s say the gorilla can lift 2,000 pounds (the going rate for a gorillas strength), we’re looking at a total of 6,000 pounds. In a video, a steel nut about half an inch in thickness took about 85,000 kgs of force from a hydraulic press to even bend. The steel on the hatches is solid and thicker than that. The joint itself is massive. Hydraulic Press: https://youtu.be/u8o_3vvWobA Gorilla Deadlift Numbers: https://www.quora.com/Could-a-fully-grown-male-gorilla-deadlift-1000kg


You could never withstand a SWAT team, Michael.