When did the 9-5 job become the 8-5?

When did the 9-5 job become the 8-5?


9-5 was from before we had 1 hour unpaid lunches. Most everyone brought a lunch then and didn't take a full hour. Nowadays its 8 hours of actual working an done hour of lunch so 8-5




Yeah, I am more of a 9-3 at the desk with a quick lunch break and then some mornings or evenings where I follow up on a few things. But as long as I meet my deadlines and sales goals it doesn’t matter. I try to golf every few Tuesdays as well.


I'm more of a 3-9 guy


I like going 5-9 personally


What do you do?




Kind of you to shelter a fan in your house.


Kind of you to shelter a mouse in your house.


That's me. I regularly get in to work around 9am, do a full hour lunch, lots of goofing off during the day, and often quit before 5pm. Been doing this for my almost 6 year career and no one has ever complained or even said anything about my not spending the full time in the chair.


sounds like the Hitchcock and Scully way. Also, how do I do this if I just started at a Big Four lol?


Depends a lot on which project you get put on, one of my projects we had to be available on call basically all day, so no time to do what you wanted. Other project I tried to smash out all my work before 1pm, so I could chill and do stuff in the afternoon, with exceptions of course.


dang, olden times had it better tbh


A lot of places will still let you work 9-5 if you're not going to take a lunch break. I think most people would rather have the break though.


That depends on labor laws. In Oregon, employers are required to give you at least a 30 minute, unpaid, away-from-duties lunch break starting at 6 hour shifts.


While that is technically teue, there have been state court precedents that show that no fines/backpay has to be paid out for lunches, provided that you’re paid for all the time you’re working. Source: I work in Oregon and voluntarily skip lunch.


Yeah, but I think the difference lies in the word "voluntarily". Businesses can get in trouble for not letting you take your owed break times. Even if you get paid, it's against the law if they don't let you take breaks in a timely manner.


That’s fair


Unfortunately in Nevada this starts at 8 hours. So if you work 7.75 hours, say 8-345, you’d only get two 10 minute paid breaks. Which isn’t hardly enough to use the restroom and scarf down food. (Speaking from experience as I worked at a giant supermarket chain as a cashier during Covid when schools shut down. My workplace would rather have me work 7.75 hours than work 8.50 hours and get paid for 8 hours by taking that half hour unpaid lunch.)


That's crazy! I'm sorry.


It was awful. Especially when someone else was working basically the same shift (8-430, so just 45 minutes more), and I didn’t get my second break in until almost 230.


Wtf I need your shift I don't eat at work, rarely take my break before 6 hours but still have to go in for a 9 hour schedule.


Wow. I'm in NV. And I thought you were wrong bc of my workplace. But it turns out my workplace offers more than the minimum requirement and I didn't even realize that.. I get the half hour unpaid lunch plus two 15 min paid breaks per 8.5 hr shft.


Yeah, so if you work 8+ hours, they schedule you for a 30 minute unpaid lunch and two 10 minute breaks.


Born and raised in Oregon and I dislike this law, I don't like taking a lunch cause after taking a lunch break my body gets sluggish and I have no will to work for the rest of the day, there should be an opt out amendment but the only one I found is if you work in food service and u are allowed oppurtunies to eat while in the middle of your shift, even then you have to sign a waiver waving ur right to a 30 minute unpaid break and have your boss sign it also


This should be the case but I’ve worked jobs where they absolutely fucked you and never got in trouble over it. Swear to god I did a shift while working pipelines from 6AM until 2AM the next day and they wanted us back in at 6AM that same day. They expected us to work 20 straight hours, drive home, get maybe 3 hours of sleep and come back to work a normal 12 hour shift from 6AM to 6PM. The whole crew said there’s no way because we knew legally they weren’t even supposed to have us working 18 straight without a lunch break or anything. Just having to eat when you had a second. I’m not sure you’re even supposed to work that many hours in a single work shift.


Holy crap. You can work that many hours, as far as I know, but I think at 12 hours you're due two lunch breaks (along with however many on-the-clock breaks) and maybe at 18 you're due 3? I don't quite remember.


It's construction work my man. At 15 I worked quite a few 12+hour manual labor shifts hanging iron, but the unfortunate truth is that's the industry you're in, you're gonna have to get fucked hour wise. Not a single generation in my family has been able to avoid it, its the price of success. HOWEVER, you don't have to get paid hourly, contract and make 300k a year.


You gotta sign your lunch away every pay period though. Had a boss who wanted us to do this so we could work straight past our 6 hours without a lunch break.


Ooh, those are some dicey circumstances!


Yeah they were lol i only made it 1 month For a local pizza shop it seemed excessive. The store was never *that* busy


If you are hourly someplace labor law require employer to let employees had at least 30 mins break within the first 5 hours and prove by providing time cards that show they punch out and in for at least 30 mins else the employer has to pay meal penalty (1 hour rate)


didnt know that was an option, i would love to leave half an hour or an hour earlier lol


Except labor laws prevent that after you're working a certain amount of hours per day.


It really depends on the state. I was SURE that I had to take a lunch break in Washington. I looked at my states site and sure enough I don't have to legally speaking, I just have to be offered it. The company policy on the other hand needs me here until 5 so no skipping lunch for me.


I worked a foodservice job in WA where we regularly chose to skip lunches because who want an unpaid 30 minutes. They started making us take them and everyone complained so much that they went back to giving us the option.


As a CYA (also in WA state), I make sure my folks take their lunch breaks (unpaid) and mini-breaks (paid). Much of our staff in unionized.


Depends on the state, in Cali if you work 6 hours and no meal time they have to pay a penalty hour, same for second meal at 12 hour mark. Sometimes if things are crazy, we have the hourly guys take lunch late pay penalty hour because a machine being down may be costing us 10k/hr so it is worth it. Usually not worth it though.


I would rather eat at my desk while working and leave an hour earlier. I hate having to be at work 9 hours a day, plus one hour of driving round trip. That’s ten hours a day gone.


They didn't; under-the-radar, salaried desk jobs at companies with standardized benefits across all pay grades are awesome, especially if they're far enough away from downtown to avoid any parking bullshit. Wiring every desk with high-speed broadband, and then podcasts becoming a thing just make it so much easier to autopilot than I thought it would be.


Way back when I worked 9 - 5, we still got an hour for lunch, but it was paid. Some didn't take the whole hour, but some did. But it was still a paid 40 hour week which included the lunch time. But then some billionaire didn't like paying people to eat, so started the 8 - 5 shifts with unpaid lunches. And no one complained enough so everyone else started doing it, too.




I know a lot of people that do that.


The 7-3 life is so great in the summer. I eat lunch at my desk.


I used to work that but it sucks waking up at 530


Right! Lol I'd have to be asleep by like 8


Working from home I like to do the 9-5 because I can just make a quick lunch and keep going


So many times I've tried to negotiate not having a lunch break. My boss ate his lunch on the clock, but we can't. After a month or so of nagging he flat out told me he needed 9 hours of potential coverage, not 8. One of the reasons I quit.


As a boss I insist my employees take a lunch unless it's a one off. I find people just work better when they've had a break. That's also why I insist they take at least one full week off as vacation instead of just making lots of long weekends.


Ngl I work from 9-4 and can managers regularly take us out to 2 hour lunches or early finishes to get down the pub. Just depends where you work and what you do


oh for sure, Almost no one actually works 8 hours a day in an office job. Much reddit


Wait how come I’m working 6.30am to 5?


I work 8-4:30 with an unpaid 30 minutes lunch break in between. (Europe Mainland)


I had the same working hours for years in Quebec Canada


Same in the US for me


I work in Missouri USA. Pretty sure there is no legal requirement for breaks, including lunch breaks. I think 9-5 came from the original 40 hour work week. I imagine either paid lunches were common, or lunch breaks weren't a thing.


shouldnt you be getting an hour by law?


Nah, I’m from Europe. Law here is that if you work at least 6 hours a day you get 30 minutes of lunch break. under 6 hours you get nothing.


I live in Maine USA, same law here, so when I worked at a restaurant my boss would schedule a single shift as 5.5 hours. and a double was often 10+, from open to whenever we close with a half hour lunch, no break. Fun times, boss was so nice but that was always such a pain


Where is it a law to get an hour anywhere?? I'm in the US and my lunches have been half an hour my entire working life


depends on the line of work. If you work in a administration/white collar type of job it's usually an hour but many companies will let you just take a half hour. Warehouse jobs and production line type jobs are usually a half hour. I worked for a air compressor company worked 10 hour shifts M-T, overtime in the summer usually 8 hours on Friday and sometimes Saturday and lunch was always 45 minutes. The reason for 45 min is because of the night shift. If we had a plant meeting the night shift had to show up unpaid before their shift started to attend the meeting. Sucks for them.


I mean the easy option there is not show up unless you're getting paid.


Pretty sure requiring unpaid work for hourly employees is illegal in the US, and I thought we had some of the more conservative/business-sided policies. In several states, employers can label something as option, then fire you without cause though.


We work the same hours and technically we get an hour - 30 minutes for lunch and then leaving 30 minutes earlier.


It was much more common back around the era when the "9-5" movie was made, to actually have office buildings where everyone showed up at 9am and left at 5pm, all together essentially. Then they all took lunch at the same time at like noon for 1/2 hour. So you'd only get 7.5 hours of work a day.


Fine with me. Look at the studies in other countries like Sweden went to 6 hour a day full time work weeks and studies show employees are more productive in 6 hours then 8. Better quality of life. I loved that movie 9-5 I would do anything for those hours at work. At least it's a compromise because being at work 9 hours and only getting paid 8 is ridiculous!


You shouldn't be working for that 1 though. You should be off enjoying lunch in the sun someplace.


I'd rather be at home with my family not sitting by myself somewhere


It’s not really your own time if you are stuck onsite, though.


Well I guess my point is I have to return back to work. I'd rather go home.


I work 7-3, 5 days a week. I love it, have a good amount of time to do whatever i want after work, and get to chill on weekends.


That’s what I do. 7 to 3/4, I just eat while working so I don’t take a lunch. I love having my long afternoons off


Doing what?


At least for me, I manage a gas station and work M-F 6-2. It’s awesome.


I do 7-4 and love it as well. Now that we have work from home, the hour lunch means I can get my workout in and have more time after work


It doesn’t exist if you are talking hourly work. But for most salaried employees this is the way. I am salaried and my hours are 9-5. I do not clock in or out and I take lunch pretty much whenever I want (usually in the middle of the day when I’m hungry), and lunch can lay anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many meetings I have that day.


Almost like you're an adult who can decide when the optimal time would be to put down your work and take a lunch break, because you're the one directly doing the work.


8-5 is the regular? Where??


In California in many M-F offices it is. 8-5 with an unpaid 1 hour lunch.


Oh America, lol...


When we let it. I'm currently sticking to my schedule. Not a minute more. I was working at least 20hrs overtime a week without any pay. When I asked for a few hours off to take my wife to a medical appointment I was told no. I mentioned all my unpaid hours and was told it's up to me, nobody is making me work all those hours. So now, not a minute more. I don't answer my phone outside of my hours either.


That’s a horrendous lack of empathy from your manager, incredibly shortsighted and really quite stupid. I hope you work with someone better in the future!


I work 7-3. Two 30 min breaks. 1 paid. Days fly by!


Pretty much the same for me. I can work whatever schedule I want as long as I am available for any meetings that pop up. I typically start at 7 and quit by 3.


In the 1980s. Businesses used to pay for lunch. They decided they didn't want to, and extended the workday so you had lunch on your own dime. It saved a relatively small amount of money compared to the goodwill it smashed. Source- old enough to have started working in the 80s and remember old timers bitching about it.


I’ve had a salary job and I’ll never go back. I just get my job done and it doesn’t matter how many hours I work. Generally I’m working 6 hours a day with the rare 10 hour day once a month or so.


It's the other way around for most salary positions; generally 10s with a rare 6.


Hopefully people can get in a position where that's not the norm. There are some weeks I put in less than 15 hours, and get paid very well. Work's done? no one cares.


That's highly unlikely in this society. You got lucky. Figure, we call people who work 70+ hrs/wk lazy for not being millionaires while we call those who never had to fight to survive "smart with money" simply for winning the birth lottery and having their investments pay off. So no, I don't see it happening here. Not without a truly massive societal upheaval that, if it happens, will be to big to settle into stability within our lifetime.


Been a long time since any one checked how many hours I worked. Is the job getting done? That’s all that matters


I’d love that Our place isn’t like that They’re super strict on time


I will never go back to a job that requires a lunch, especially an unpaid hour. I felt like I was back in school again, I'll eat something when I'm ready and I liked working through my meal, I feel more productive.


You must live in a state that does not mandate lunches.


The most disturbing part of this question to me -- **unpaid** lunch (hour)? (I am not in the US, clearly)


Where are you from? Unpaid lunch breaks are pretty common in Germany as well. At least in office jobs, where I work.


Brazil. Although come to think of it, not sure it's unpaid so much as by law you have the hour (depends on the industry, of course, but regular, boring office jobs usually follow the same rules). And often the workplace in some way pays for the lunch itself (cafeteria or credit or something).


Yep. Capitalism baby...😅😓


I have brought this up several times and even in the /legaladvise section. 100% in the United States this should be banned!! I do not work 40 hours a week! I work 48 hours a week with an unpaid lunch! Literally could just use a couple 15 minute breaks to snack on which is already paid for. Do we HAVE to go out to Taco Bell or Jack in the Box every day? I would LOVE to work 9-5 and feel like I actually have a life during the weekdays!


After 30+ years if jobs that were mandatory 9+, and weekend work on top of that, I finally made the move to a position with no chance of weekends and I work from home 2 hours a day. I'm in the office maybe 36 hours a week. It feels like stealing, which is awful because I have clearly been conditioned to believe work time was first priority. My last company would ask you why you were leaving early if you left before 10 hours. Then you had to work a minimum of every other Saturday to cover overtime. I've literally worked a minimum of 50 hours a week for the last 25 of those 30 years. Salaried, of course. Exempt. It took until about 2 months ago to finally stop checking my email at home.


9 to 5 was never really a thing honestly. 9 to 5 means 8hrs of work. But...most jobs give you a 30min UNPAID lunch break so working 9 to 5 with a (normally required) lunch break means you will actually be working 7.5hrs. Also, most places open around 9am, but they want employees there BEFORE that time to get everything ready for when doors open. So you'd want people in there at 8:30am at latest. ​ So "9 to 5" in practice is actually 8:30 to 5. Me personally? I'd hate that schedule. Add in my commute and I'd be getting home at 5:30. way too late. I work 7:30 to 4pm. I honestly would love to work 7 to 3:30 but entire department would have to agree so that probably won't happen.


Yep I work 7-3:30 and I'm very satisfied with it. The sun is always still up when I get home.


9-5 is an 8 hour work shift, which is the regular


What a way to make a livin'


Barely gettin by


It’s all workin’ and no livin’


its not, thats only 7 hours of work and 1 hour of lunch


If you take an hour for lunch thats on you


>If you take an hour for lunch thats on you In my (American) state: "No person shall be required to work for seven and one-half or more consecutive hours without a period of at least thirty consecutive minutes for a meal. Such period shall be given at some time after the first two hours of work and before the last two hours." So, no. It's not "on you/us", in terms of having to take a break. Other states may be different.


IANL, but that sounds like they can't "force" you to work 7.5 hours without a break. Not that you couldn't work straight through. The job just can't require it of you. But again, not a lawyer. That's just my reading of it.


No, it's required. My place of business gets audited on it.


In such states, the GOVERNMENT cannot force you. BUT...the company must provide it and if not shown on time card, the company gets audited and fined for it. The company does not want this, so if you don't take a lunch you'll receive disciplinary action from the company. Up to and including termination. No company would willing get fucked over on time card audits and pay fines just because you don't feel like taking a lunch and wanna go home sooner.


The average american has an 8 hour work shift, 30 minute break isnt included as work hours


is that the law? like if i take a 20 minute lunch id be able to leave 40 minutes early?


Look up your state laws. Idk if this is the case in mine but my previous job insisted I take a break by the 5th hour mark or else the management got in trouble.


Dude i dont manage your work schedule, if you get a quick 20 minute lunch break id assume depending on where you work, you could probably get it changed to be that way


Right. If you want an hour lunch, it’s unpaid and you add it to your day.


I've been working in offices in the US since 1979, and never had 9-5 hours. 8:30 to 5 was the norm, with 1/2 hour lunch.


My husband works 7-5. Thinks it’s normal. It’s bullshit.


When the fuck was it even 9-5? For me, in my previous job it was 10-7 and in my current one it is 11-8. FML!!


Its still a thing. You just have a crappy job.


a job that lasts until 5pm is crappy to me. lol. That's way too late in the day to punch out. Many people prefer to start earlier and get home sooner.


Crappy company Structure * would probably be the better term I quite like my job tbh, just hate the time that I have to be there Seems wasteful to me


But if you hate the time there, what exactly do you like about it?


I'm guessing the job itself. Starting at 8 means you need to get up earlier compared to if you start at 9, you're also there longer.


Being there is a part of the job though


Well in switzerland a standart job is 42h a week. 7:30-17:00 inclueding an one houre of break mostly 15min and 45 min for lunch.


Here in NYC, in most of my jobs, I worked 9-5 Folks starting at 8 in the Midwest are starting at the same time as me


8 to 6 Monday to Friday and 8 to 12 Saturday if you work in Latin America


I find it interesting that a 9-5 monday to friday is a common undertanding of workplace life. It’s just so perfect for what a human can handle.


I work 8-4 with 30 minutes paid lunch and have free weekends. I'm from Czechia :)


As unions go away (or as union leaders get too friendly with bosses), the worker benefits that they protected go away.


Factory/manufacturing/production jobs are mostly 6am-2:230pm. At least we fet to pick up our little ones from school.


ITT: a bunch of salaried workers blissfully unaware how bad hourly workers are treated


8-5 is a thing? Where are you based? Where I am it's almost always a 9-5. Thankfully my job is quite flexible with that, and I can do 8-4 or 10-6 if I want, as long as I do my eight hours (including lunch hour) and don't start later than 10/leave earlier than 4.


Somebody realized paying you to eat lunch was expensive!!


What?! You guys aren't working 6-5? I thought everyone worked 11 hour days, 6 days a week?


What? You guys only work 9 hours? What the fuck?


8 to 5? You are lucky, in Mexico everyone works from 8 to 6/7. Sometimes more and extra time is not paid.


*Laughs in 12-hour shifts*


Lunches should be paid, but only 30 minutes. I wouldn’t need a “lunch break” if I wasn’t working for you and I can’t go anywhere anyway so pay me for staying at work. Also, everyone should bring their lunch to work. Don’t burden the poor food workers with ridiculous lunch rushes and save your damn money.


....many places literally rely on those lunch rushes to stay in business. Eliminate the lunch rush and several of those poor fast food workers will go from crappy job to zero job.


I ate at the BK across the street once a week. Not because I was addicted to the food but because I am addicted to sanity. As much as bringing from home saves I'd go nuts if I didn't break the monotony that was on top of all the other monotony. Also helped that I made it Wednesday so that "Hump Day" actually had something tangible to it.


I woke up at 9:30 today and shut work down at 4:30. Get a good job and the hours don’t matter.


have u work a 12 hour shift


4am to 4 pm for me


6am to 6pm i felt like shit afterwards they never paid me for the extra hours


Damn! At least I’m getting paid the OT


Lol have you ever worked a 15 hour shift followed by a 16 hour shift the next day? (and no, no OT)


i agree with u 100% its how life works 9 hour jobs are the new thing


Try 7-5 or 7-6. That’s normal hours for me


Same here. It was about 7-7 for awhile, but it's gotten a little "better" recently. Most days are usually 7-6. Yay for having no life outside of work


This is geographic in the US (and probably also by industry). I'm on the east coast and it's 9-5, always been 9-5. I only heard about 8-5 on the internet.


Worked at a county appraisal district here in TX and it was salaried 8-5 with 1hr lunch. So far only salaried job I've had so grain of salt maybe.


Yes in nyc alot of places are 9-5.


Y'all are working 8 hour jobs? I'm at mine 12.5 hours x 5 days a week. :( I have no life


When did the 8-5 become 7-6, then 9-11? Thats the normal workday in IT.


I do 10am/4am + 6pm/12pm so you should be happy to do just an 8/5


Where I'm from 7-5 is the common place lol


Could be introduction of RDOs. I work 8-5 but work 9 days a fortnight because I do 152 hours over 18 days.


fuck. I work 5:30-2:30 lol


6:15 - 2:30 here ;)


I work 9-5. I just don't take a lunch break. I eat at my desk.


I work part time so on weekdays after school I work 3:30-6, but on Saturdays I work 9-5 w a 30 min lunch break. I know a lot of people start from different times tho, I think it just depends on the job tbh. -Canada


Lol me still on 9-5. 30m break


When we were allowed an hour (unpaid) for a lunch break. As opposed to working 8 hours straight through.


When I became supervisor it turned into 8:45 to 6:00


My summer internship was a 9-6 with an hr lunch break. Current job is 8:30-5 with 30 min lunch. I actually liked having a full hour break to get tf away from my desk and actually enjoy my food. 30 mins is a crime to me


I work 7:30 to 4:30 and figured that was normal until a few people asked me how long was my lunch. I have a regular hour lunch.


hour lunch.


I blame Dolly Parton


I worked hard for all of my adult life for my current work schedule. It's everything. I work 10-6, for 2 whole weeks then I take the next 2 weeks off.


At least they're on a set schedule I wish I had that kind of stability with my job


9-6 M-F


Well I worked in banking in 1980 and you always heard about 9 to 5 then but it wasn’t. We worked 830 to 530


6-6 4on 4off is the best shift pattern you can work in my opinion and I don't think I'll ever go back to 5days a week but most of the Monday to Friday jobs here are either 8-4 or 9-5


9-5 tends to be with salaried workers who get their bonuses based on their production and so are incentivized to work as needed (which often means staying late). It's worth noting that it's fairly recent and entirely reliant on significant advances in technology that the standard workday isn't something like 14/7. Even a hundred years ago, most workers weren't productive enough to live on just 40 hours a week.


I work 9-5 with no lunch. I just eat while I'm working at my desk.


Joke on you : i do 10-4 - but you do you best


I've only ever worked in places that gave me 30 minute lunches. Some paid, some didn't. Never had 45-60 minute lunches. Then again I've never had a half decent job...


I worked at an office where you worked from 9am-5pm everyday with a 1 hour unpaid lunch. That meant we worked 7 hours a day. Except that we didn't have a lunchroom and everyone ate lunch at their desks. My supervisor also frequently scheduled meetings during the lunch hour, which meant you almost always ended up working 8 hours without being paid for it. It was excused by saying "it evens out over time" but it never did. One of the many reasons I'm not there anymore.


Depends on the company. Last two companies I worked at were on average 9-5 but it was more: get 8 hours of work done, we don't care when.


I'm contracted 8-5 but I wfh so sometimes I'll fuck about for a few hours if I've worked hard that day and achieved what I needed to


Sometime after the 7, 12's


This doesn't happen in any serious first world country.


In Canada it's every 5.5hr, you get 30 minutes unpaid break. No 10 or 15-minute breaks are in the day unless it is a perk your employer is offering.


It's not that uncommon in Europe


I work 8-5 on Monday to Thursday, and then 8-1 on Friday. There's a half hour unpaid break on Monday to Thursday in between.


0700-1730 here, though yesterday it was a 14.5 hour shift. 30 min break. UK. I don’t think I’ll ever see a 9-5 :•(


6-2 M-F I'm a construction worker. At one place we would do two 15 min breaks so we could get the hell out of work.


Do you mean the commute? That doesn't count.


Well you lot are a lucky bunch! My job's 10 hours/day + 1 lunch hour And if you log in a less hour a day you have got to make it up the next day.


I work 4 10s, usually a few extra hours each week as an engineer to ensure I finish my work. Unfortunately salary


in tech it's become 10-6:30


Some general thoughts in no particular order: 1. I don't agree that it is. Many jobs, my own included, are still 9-5. 2. People take lunch during the day and still get in an 8 hour work day. 3. The traditional work day has been blurred for years with the increase of technology. It's easier to "just send that one email" while sitting on the couch from home. This got even more amplified due to the pandemic.


I have no idea but i assume its a labor law. When I was interviewing for my current position they wouldn't give me the salary I wanted so I negotiated a 7-3 schedule. Im happier w the schedule than with the extra pay.


I am a 7am to 3:30pm guy. I hates it. ...I guess better than a 1:30pm to 10pm (my old job)


8-16 is way more common where i live. Very few get off at 17.


I dont think I actually know anyone on a 9-5, 10-14 hour shifts seem to be the norm in my experience, would be nice to work 8 hours and then knock off home like