Do online friends you've never met in real life, count as real friends in your opinion?

Do online friends you've never met in real life, count as real friends in your opinion?


Sure. Different type of friend. Might be a bot, might be a real person. Its not like a friend IRL but it can give many of the same beneficial effects. The one I have a problem with is people that consider themselves to be in an emotional/intimate/SO type relationship with people they've never met. My old man brain just can't make that work. I am open to having my mind changed but so far haven't been convinced.


Virtual or online friend? Yes Real life friend? No


If you talk about real and personal things, yes, IMO. If it's someone you just discuss a particular hobby with, I'd think no.


Will they drop you off at the airport? If the answer is no, they arent a real friend you can count on


I disagree. If you have a friend who moves to another city and can’t physically see you, are they not your friend anymore? I think as long as they talk to you and provide support, they’re a real friend.


after a few years you usually lose contact with them and they are gone... not really friends


So if they don't have a car, does that mean they aren't a real friend?


For me, no, they are just people I know, I know a couple of people for 13yrs online and still talk to but wouldn’t call them my friend (they know it aswell) but I’m an antisocial weirdo I don’t even count people I know in real life for 20yrs friends.




Yes. They offer support, advice and companionship


Yes, but it’s a different category of friend that didn’t exist before (maybe a pen pal would be the closest thing). Will they help me move? No. Can I share a story from “my buddy” without clarifying I only know their screen name and never saw them in person? Sure


real, yes but it's a completely different sort of friendship


Sure. Especially VR friends. The presence of someone feels real in VR.