AirBNB trashed after party is shut down

AirBNB trashed after party is shut down


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dont they make you put a credit card down? who ever put the air bnb in their name is screwed


That credit card with a $250 limit is going to laugh at the charges coming its way......


AirBNB has a 1,000,000$ policy the Host guarantee for this scenario.


Lol, they never pay the hosts after damages from guests. Airbnb says they have $1,000,000 policy, but they never give any of that to the hosts


Source? Bloomberg just did an article about the Airbnb team that manages these situations and it states that they are very discreet but they fix this type of situations pretty effectively


I forgot the name of it, but there is an Airbnb subreddit where I once read a number of horror stories from Airbnb hosts. I vaguely recall one where the host had security camera footage of them absolutely destroying his front yard/patio. Airbnb refused to cover the charges AND refunded the damage charge to the renter. Edit: I couldn't find this exact story, but I stumbled upon this one where the guest used the house as a Meth house and caused $350K worth of damage... Airbnb hasn't paid up to fix it https://www.reddit.com/r/airbnb_hosts/comments/h9v80r/at_wits_end_guest_caused_over_350k_in_damages_by


That makes renting in Airbnb really unattractive, doesn't make a lot of sense for the business... I hope that guy managed to get the money :(


My sister in law had her placed wrecked clothes stolen and place trashed left with paraphernalia everywhere. Airbnb didnt give her squat.


Me too. I would hope that, at the very least, police reports were filed and they were able to locate a few of the people smashing things. I hope the se thing happens here. Hopefully the owner has seen this video and can submit it to Airbnb + the authorities.


Well ya security camera footage alone isn’t enough. Off the top of my head I know you’re going to also need to submit receipts, along with the documentation of damage, your payment request you sent to the renter, and there’s probably a time limit on your claim and you probably can’t have anyone else stay there before the claim is resolved. So ya a lot that someone could mess up in claims process despite having security footage.


then you sue their wages get garnished etc etc. best advise, let your insurance deal with it. You dont have the proper insurance? WTF were you thinking.


That’s if they even have wages to be garnished in the first place


Facts, I guarantee half these fools don't work or pay taxes.


Wages. LOL.


I know it takes a lot to get an air bnb account with your credit card and state ID, but someone who got their identity stolen recently will probably see the charges on their credit report in about, six months.


yeah that would suck so hard


I hope they find the video that the idiots made.


I had one small AirBnB incident where I accidentally damaged some of their property was super apologetic but owner was ruthless and wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars in damage over a little wine spill on some sheets. If that owner is anything like the one I dealt with there will be a big price to pay. Good thing all these intellectuals are making no attempt at hiding their identity.


Wild how they tried to charge you for that. I did the exact same thing and ended up staying with the same host a couple months later and they even reduced my rate for coming back lol.


Stayed in an Airbnb for a bachelor party. These people were told it was for a bachelor party and that there were going to be like 15 people total (place slept 20 easily). These people left a note on the counter that said something along the lines of “our house is your house, have a great time and be careful”. They left the fridge stocked with beer and grilling meets and frozen pizzas, it was not locked. 15 late 20’s, drunk guys then proceeded to help themselves. We cleaned the place and left. The next day the best man receives an email basically shaming us and reported him to Airbnb and tried to charge him $700. I thought that was insane but maybe I’m wrong. Edit: this house was owned by a brother and sister pair and did not live there, solely a for profit place. Zero personal items left by owners ie closets and drawers empty. Only thing full was the fridge. Nothing was stated about not eating the food. Nobody had a problem paying the fee, all 15 guys are productive, responsible, well rounded adults who didn’t want to drive drunk or wait 2 hours for food. We just thought it was borderline entrapment.


/u/drlang hosts clearly didn't want repeat business... I also accidentally broke something by accident (and in all fairness it was kind of a hazard) and I told the host and apologised profusely... They just said "ah no worries, this things happen".


We moved a recliner in an Airbnb for my granddad to get in easier from his wheelchair. I guess no one moved it back when we left. We lost our security deposit because "furniture was misplaced" when it was only moved a few feet across the room. Fuck Airbnb


*uses prepaid card*


are you allowed to do that? I know that it would only let me use my credit card and not my debit card when ever i would book an air bnb


Yeah let’s trash this place, record it and upload to the internet


Win stupid prizes.


I want to see their face when they see the cleanup and damages bill.


Yeah. Good luck collecting from these dingleberries.


Would there be a credit card on file?


yea but doubt it'll cover it -- i thought this was an issue when airbnb started out, and they offer some level of rental insurance baked in now? EDIT: [here's the page covering insurance](https://www.airbnb.com/d/host-protection-insurance)


I agree the credit card maximum likely won’t cover the damage. Not sure about whether mandatory rental insurance is charged through to the customer. What I do know is that if you do something like this, you were banned for life from Airbnb. So at least there’s that.


How do they id a person? I’ve never used AB&B so I’m genuinely curious how they could do this if a customer wants to make a new account with a new credit card, email, phone number, etc… do they keep your license / SSN on file?


Yes u have to upload ur license or some type or state ID


BFD, I'll get my other trashy friends to rent the next house.


Yup, you have to upload your license. But it looks like most of these idiots were probably guests of the renter so they may or may not held liable financially. Hopefully criminally though.


The problem is they can ban the person that booked, but how can they stop everyone else who was there booking?


In Australia this'd be prosecuted as 'criminal damage'.


Also, doesn’t the host have all their info, including the credit card they used to book? If these were my friends, I’d be pissed.


Host probably doesn't if this is an actual Airbnb. The host is at the mercy of Airbnb for upholding their damage claim.


People like this always do us the favor of recording their crimes because they're fucking worthless, ignorant dimwits.


This is why AirBnB renters say "no house parties" in their listings -\_\_-


i see now


Yeah, it's like that weird rule that you see somewhere. It's there for a reason because someone did something to make that weird rule. Not that "no partying" is a weird rule, but someone had to frick up another house or the loaners had a bad experience or heard of one that caused the "no parties" to go in the listing


There probably a "no shitting in the air vents" for a good reason too.


Damn... They mustve felt manly when they kicked the door off its tiny hinge


Thise things are sturdier than you think


And how would you know? /s


He kicks doors off their tiny hinges


Damn I even swept when leaving my last air bnb


Well fuck you for wanting to be remembered as a good guest!


As big as they are pieces of shit, they are also incredibly dumb. Keep recording yourself committing a crime and uploading it to social media. You're doing the police's job for them


None of them have the money to pay for this shit. Everyone loses.


This beyond paying for it. This is prison time type shit.


I don't understand why anyone would do this in the first place. Dont get me wrong, Ive been to some pretty crazy parties in my life. Have even collapsed the floor in someone's house but that was a legitimate accident. It doesnt even look like there was that many people there and the damage was obviously intentional.


I once had a house like this. The previous owner wouldn’t pay the mortgage so it got foreclosed. In retaliation he let his pets shit inside on the rugs and slaughtered a bunch of animals in the kitchen before leaving


> slaughtered a bunch of animals in the kitchen cockroaches I hope?


Mostly cats and squirrels


Ok, why do psychopaths always kill cats?


My friend and his ex were going through a divorce and she sabotaged EVERYTHING she could. She did not kill any animals but she did save her piss/shits for a few days and put it all in three large crock pots on simmer and then left for a week before he came back from an out of town job. He told me he could smell it from the street in front of his house. It took weeks to get the smell out of the walls.


Jesus Christ…..imagine being an adult and a woman…and capable of such intentional disgust. What a petty, nasty bitch.


They have since made up, I mean they are still divorced but she was a...very *very* heavy drinker at the time and has since gotten sober and made amends. Then last time I saw them they came out to a party I went to (each with their new SO's) and she looked like a new person. They were poison for each other when they were young.




Jesus christ


Bahahaha they have to pay for all that shit. If that was my BnB I’d be hype about getting a free remodel.


Bold of you to assume these asshats actually have money to pay for the damages.


Oh, it doesn’t matter. Whatever company the BnB is booked with will cover the damages and come collect from the renters.


Oh interesting, well that’s good to know. Fuck these people.


He's right




A million bucks in property damage is unfortunately not very much, totaling all the damage the insurance company is going to try to weasel out of it as much as they can. And it’ll probably be months / years before the owners see anything during which time the property is unusable and hemorrhaging cash. What they’re doing isn’t just a dick move, but is potential life altering (assuming the AirBnB is owned by a person and not a company that specializes in properties, at which point the risk was calculated).




At this point the person needs to hit up the Airbnb Twitter and it'll most likely be resolved much faster


Do you mean the payment provider? I don't think those people would be booked in by a company. Would be interesting to know.


He means whatever company was the platform that connected the renter and the property owner. Whether that be Airbnb, VRBO, or some other company.


a lot of ppl don’t have money but they’re still taken to court. if court isn’t a big deal to poor ppl cause “nothing will happen” then why are ppl scared of getting taken to court? you know why


You think the people smashing things are also the people who paid for the place? There's a reason they don't give a damn.


Good god, what a bunch of degenerate scums.


Why are these future doctors and astronauts so upset?


Sue them all for destruction of private property and breach of agreement. EDIT: Do these people have money? Who knows, impossible to know for sure, but if you’re gonna comment “lol they probably are broke” shut the fuck up. You really expect a property owner to not want to take action? Because fuck them right? Fuck them for wanting to turn over a profit and rent their property out. Shit man…..


Well, destruction of property, yes.. but only one person is probably on privity of contract.


I like saying the word privity


At this point you want to pursue criminal charges first then civil.


Hopefully wherever it is has good property damage laws and they demand restitution in the criminal cases. On my state they often order it be joint-and-several, so if ANY of them have money the property owner gets it and the guilty parties have to sort it out amongst themselves.


If they can't pay for it then throw their asses in jail.


The property owner probably owns this as a vacation home and rents it out when they aren't using it. This would be devastating to come home to. I'd 100% be suing the renter and all of the party goers.


I see everyone’s panties.


What's even the point of wearing pants hanging well below the arse 🤦


Easy access


For the homies


Bet none of these people have nice things anyway


Considering almost every single one HAS THEIR ASS HANGING OUT OF THEIR PANTS. 👌🏻very classy


Does gucci belts and jordans count as nice things?


the invention of social media was a mistake, it just eggs people on to do this shit.




Worldstar is the worst I have a friend who posts from that site non stop and it’s always just.... crap.


Damn I hadn’t heard that phrase in a long time. That’s still going?


I think it’s called woldstar hiphop or something it’s a fucking nightmare


This is why you never rent out your Airbnb to kids who want to have a party. Always a firm "fuck right off" from me.


What if they don't tell you they plan to throw a party?


Pull up your pants weirdo!


Seriously how the fuck do women find that shit attractive and how the fuck do men think they look good sagging their pants its the most ridiculous looking fashion choice i see daily. Its like they purposely buy a couple sizes too big to make sure it sags.


I whispered to one kid “hey you have a shit stain on your boxers” he actually pulled his pants up. I felt like a genius


I’m saying.. look at the females they’re attracting, lol.


I was thinking the same thing while watching this. Yikes... 😬


I heard one time that saggin started as a way for prisoners to say that they wanted anal to other prisoners.


Still is


by being a bunch of low intellect individuals.


Yeah someone mentioned it


There are likely weeks or months of innocent people who had that place booked and will now have to find somewhere else to stay. That sucks.


Let's see who gets banned in the comments.


*sort by controversial*


I can count the number of brain cells in that room


On one hand


Who are these animals that think they can rent and treat someone's home like this?!? They are a disgrace to humanity.


Please don’t compare innocent animals with stinky, disgusting trash bags.


Because they dont work hard in their personal lives.


And people wonder why AirBnB is more expensive than hotels now...


The goddamn security deposit and cleaning fee doubles the price of a weeks stay. It's absurd, and I don't blame the owners for it either, it's assholes like these people fucking it up for everyone.


That tv did nothing wrong


That's what I was thinking. At what point in a party situation would it be beneficial to damage a piece of entertainment equipment? Just oh idk watch it?


lucky they skinny and pants are down to their knees and cant kick properly even tho looks like they dont know how to throw a kick


Why are they always yelling?




All of their combined IQ is probably 80


That's extremely generous


Oh my god, the girl in the jean shorts screaming about her phone used to live with me. She is an alcoholic and tried to make bacon in the oven on a paper plate while drunk, and damn near burnt the entire house down. I tried to help her out because she was homeless , but after like 7 months of abuse from her, I kicked her out. It doesn’t surprise me she was involved in this- because when she left, she stole all my luggage bags and all my gym clothes (for some reason) lmao


Of course its on wUrLD sTahR


Off topic question but why do guys wear pants like that, nobody needs to see the calvin kleins. And something other than “easy access” please


Loudest place on the planet


See this makes me laugh people are like yeah ima destroy this and never get caught then all of a sudden Being able to sue/credit card:Alow us to introduce ourselves


Please tell me that these people are just plain dumb and didn't realize that this is a damn house and not like a hotel room. How in the fuck are people just so ignorant and inconsiderate.


And this accomplished what exactly


Pack of animals.


I’m sorry but the having your pants below your entire butt is so silly looking. Like why even wear pants at that point. I don’t care what color of the entire rainbow you are, when you do that you look silly.


I'm willing to wager these folks have never been accused of being smart.


I think we all know what is happening




I’m sure that Spirit Airlines flight home was a joy for those lucky passengers and crew.


No respect for anyone else besides themselves. Disgusting.


If you think there people respect themselves, you're sorely mistaken.




What a bunch of fucking degenerates.


It’s like witnessing the lowest level of human evolution at this moment, like this is pretty much the low bar.


Nice group of people


They make black people look bad. THEY are the reason I get followed in stores (Among other things).


I love how they don't have enough strength to kick in the door that's open. Gives me a sense of pride in my local home Depot.


Of course the f\*ckheads record themselves committing the crimes!


These people are just scum - I feel really bad for the people who own this, regardless if they are financially covered, that is their property being smashed


Dude recording and posting it online thinks he is doing God’s work.


This looks very similar to some chaos I’ve seen at chuckie cheese. Had a lot of similarities. It’s really sad. Noah don’t AirBNB the boat. We need it desperately!!


Did she ever find her phone tho?




People so mad there pants keep falling down.


They're literally kicking doors off the hinges, how do they become such animals... 0 Manners 0 class. Owner should have come home and handled all of 'em for damaging property, rats.


Human trash


Look at this group of human trash.


Mmmm yes delicious delicious evidence


Cant believe people do this to a rented house






I hate when little tiny girls who would be KO’d by s stiff breeze act like they are the hardest thing walking


What a shock


Accountability is racist


I hope he sued the fuck out of them


wow, such nice behavior




At least they were nice enough to show their faces on camera.


They need an ass kicking...


What a surprise.




Ah yes, our youth at work in constructing a peaceful future us all. It’s truly a thing of beauty


You can’t really party in an Airbnb, they tell you that as soon ass you rent -_-


That’s what happens when you’re raised by shitty parents. Clowns the lot of them


One thing I actually like about social media and everyone recording everything is that this horrible behavior is being shown. People are being put on blast and they need to be.




This is the definition of trash. These people are trash. I hope they get hit hard on the wallets and get some well earned jail time.




I think there is a Chris Rock routine about this.


Ugly girls mad cause its time to go and they aint get scooped by anyone.




Videos you can smell


Bunch of upstanding citizens working hard to not show a stereotype.


Just a dispute between doctors about the ethics of physician-assisted suicide.




“That party last night... lit”


Genuinely wanna know what happened to them after this.


What a bunch of scum bags!


Y people gotta be like this




As a guy who rented a air B and B for my buddies bachelor party this summer, I am second guessing


Please, anyone who rents out vacation homes, get a licensed independent insurance agent to help review and make sure you're protected properly! Actually no, literally everyone should do this no matter who you are. As someone who works in the industry it's incredibly sad to see people in situations where they should have had some coverage in place, but are either underinsured or uninsured completely. An independent agent typically has multiple carriers they represent as opposed to calling somewhere like a Progressive or Geico, and can help you really understand the coverages you have and what they mean. Edit: I'm not able to reply to the comment that says all homeowners insurance is the same. That is not correct. While it is true that there are similarities (ISO forms are an industry standard) not all insurance is cookie cutter. Yes, admitted carriers like I referenced can be extremely similar if not identical, but not everyone qualifies for an admitted market. Coastal risks, PC 9/10's, prior claims or lapses in coverage; lots of reasons to need E&S coverage. And Excess and surplus lines markets can use forms and endorsements to alter the policy outside of ISO form language. They can even script their own forms if they have carrier approval. Insurance policies can be vastly different and for good reasons. Source: I am Underwriter for a MGA/Brokerage, hold multiple licenses and designations, and have helped to script new policy forms for Lloyd's.


Sucks when you find a woman that looks attractive and behaves like this. No hope for the youth.


Reasonable behavior right guys? ….guys?


This is the almost 30th to 31st video I’ve seen people destroying Airbnb’s because of partying or shutdown of a party. And in 100% of the videos they were black. Cmon guys we gotta do better.


If this was a scripted TV show it would be tossed for including too many stereotypes.


Why is it always WorldStarHipHop with the worst stuff


Imagine if seeing a group of black kids destroying your property with little to no consequence. I'm not saying it's right at all, but this can certainly be a way that racism is learned. Way to go kids


I'm gonna say it