Your favourite Underrated One Piece moment!

Your favourite Underrated One Piece moment!


Mine is the first time the crew is on Sabaody and they are talking to Rayleigh. Rayleigh sees the Straw Hat, remembers his talk to Shanks about Luffy. After Luffy yells at Usopp, Rayleigh asks Luffy “Can you conquer the Grand Line?”, almost as a litmus test. And Luffy responds: “I am not going to conquer anything. Whoever is the freest person on the sea is the Pirate King!” I don’t know, that scene/exchange stuck with me.


And it comes back later after Dressrosa, when Luffy rejects having his own fleet. Bartolomeo says, "Could it be... To Luffy... Being the king of the pirates... Means being the most free?" 😭


Oh shiiit. I love Bartolomeo so much. Such a fanboi


Luffy telling Jinbe "I'm your captain now" in front of all big mom's crew




Nami talking to Usopp at the end of Punk Hazard where she reminisced her time with Bellemère and how she saw Bellemère in Tashigi


Its beautiful 😊 nami motherly bonds!! Punk Hazard is the most underrated arc in one piece!


Not exactly a “moment”, but I like the sections of Post Enies Lobby where the crew is just chilling for a few days. Like just enjoying time off while waiting for the ship to be built, with each crewmate just doing what they feel like, it was a nice break. The anime fillers made it fun too, like Zoro getting forced to babysit some kids


Yehh that episode with zoro always makes me laugh, he a soft touch, just wont be made a fool of lol


One almost no one mentions. Enies Lobby, they're all finally rescued by Merry thanks to Robin's fruit powers rolling Luffy out of the tower. He perks up and starts to say "Thanks Robin!" before a hand sprouts and covers his mouth, leading to Robin properly thanking the crew for coming.


Yehhh man robin prober emotional! Tear jerker moment lol


Also on that note the speech ussop holds to luffy when he's beaten up by Lucc is so spot on to what luffy needs to hear but would be so weird to anyone else in any scenario.


This one is my favourite too! what broke my heart was Luffy realizing Usopp was there. He never ever cared that Usopp was weak, it only mattered that he showed up to help too.


That scene was so beautiful


Luffy punching Don kriegs shield with the spikes 👊


Luffy v Krieg is such an underrated fight and showcases Luffy's toughness for the rest of the series


And Sanji's awe looking at the battle.


I think it was more his stubbornness. This world is shaped by your mental attitude, really, and Luffy just *knew* he couldn't lose that fight, so he fought past his own breaking point, past the moment where he'd care about his own hand being mutilated. Unbreakable spirit, more than muscles, really. Although, since we're talking about underrated scenes. Gin's loyalty hit different at the end. Krieg got beaten up on Grand Line and then chased down by bored Mihawk, and then lost to a stupid, stubborn teenager, and basically abandoned by his crew. Only Gin stood by him the way Luffy's crew stands by him at all times.


Luffy punching Vivi. It told me a lot about Luffy's personality and separated him from other Shonen protags for me in regards to his priorities. Similar would also be the fact that he never listened or cared about Nami's backstory. He didn't need to sympathize with Nami, he would fight his hardest for her no matter what


Oh gods yes! It was so sudden! The scene with Vivi I mean. "This is war. People die." And suddenly he's so serious, like not furious or annoyed, he's serious and you suddenly see the flash of future King. I think it was also the first time where we got a real feeling Luffy is way more multilayered than an average shounen protag. I don't think it was "he didn't need to sympathise with Nami", it was more of a... like, he already knew Nami. And he knew how skilful she was. And he liked her. And sure as hell she hated betraying them and having to come back to Arlong. And he was literally just waiting for her to admit that. He didn't need to know *why* it all happened, he already considered her a friend and just hated that his friend was suffering. The loud "of course I'll fucking help you" was more of a relief that she finally did what he was waiting for.


Yeh i never saw luffy to go punch vivi , i was like wtf and when luffy explained it i was crying of joy, cause we get why luffy went that far to show vivi!


When Wyper finds out the reason Luffy wants to ring the bell is because Luffy is acquainted with Noland’s descendant*. It makes me emotional every time.


Yehh that makes me emotional just thinking about it, such beautiful lore and character devolpment man.


Skypiea is my favorite arc in One Piece. So many amazing moments


noland's descendant\*


When sengoku tells law to not find a reason for someone’s love. Gives me chills every time


Zoro going for the kill on Charlos.


Lol, kid realizing the rumors that the Strawhats are all crazy are true always makes me chuckle.


Yup, I legit lold at that one.


Lmao after seeing this the first time.


“You want me to give you directions or something??”


He got so offended that Zoro of all people offered him directions that he just immediately took a shot.


Sanji breaking his spine to protect luffy and nami at drum islands and him not even mentioning it when nami asked him what happened And usopp's speech when luffy's dream was insulted during alabasta


>Sanji breaking breaking his spine to protect luffy and nami at drum islands and him not even mentioning it when nami asked him what happened And he didnt count on Luffy's stubborness kicking in to save both of them. Basically he was sacrificing himself so Luffy could get Nami to a doctor.


It's only after wci that all of sanji's sacrifices get way more meaning, he literally doesn't think he is worth saving, it almost makes all these moments seem like he was being suicidal


Yep. Its terrifying to think about that now. Enel. Kuma. Drum Island. To name a few.


The wings of the Pirate King are willing to burn themselves to pay the cost of reaching the dawn.


Oh my god it makes nothing happened even better


Because Zoro regconized that self destructive nature of Sanji and took it instead?


Yeah pretty much. When Kuma tells Zoro to take all of Luffy's pain, Sanji proposes himself instead. Of course Zoro knocks him out, but Sanji would've definitely died if Zoro hadn't stopped him.


Sanji's willing to die for them. Zoro was gonna fight for them. Thats why he survived and knew that Sanji wouldnt.


I love that moment when Usopp says Luffy is gonna be the Pirate King and when other laugh at a friend's dream. That and a lot more reasons Usopp is one of my favourite characters.


Especially as ussop the first crew member after zoro to say that!


Yes, when Zoro said it was awesome too!


To be honest, whenever someone starts saying that, it's such a powerful declaration of loyalty. Oda never takes these words lightly and the characters never back down on them.


Oh dude! All the way back when Luffy was trying to recruit Sanji and you see Sanji smiling for the first time as he talks about All Blue to Luffy!! It’s one scene very close to my heart and in my toughest of times.. I go waych that scene to cheer myself up


Kyros crying when Doflamingo was taken down. Dude couldn't cry for 10 years.


Kyros backstory hts different. Imo the most tragic backstory in the series


My favorite side character no doubt


Those tears were everything man. All the emotions. All that... pain. It was a good cry.


This one really hurts because I always think about how he couldn't really cry after he lost his wife. And the way he lost her.


yasuie helping scabbards with money and telling them educate themselves ..so that oden will be well respected by other citizens


Friendly reminder that Yasuie never ate a smile fruit. He became a jester willingly to make sure Ebisu town had a reason to smile, rather than being forced to smile.


Yasuie mann😭😭


Rest in fuckin POWER >! I just can't believe Zoro makes *one* friend for himself after all this time and dude immediately gets un-alived !<


When Usopp was fighting against one of the Arlong's crew members, (the fishman with enormous lips) and Usopp was planning to lie (again) and put on him ketchup in order to make the others think he was really fighting. But At that moment he said that he was useless and pathetic, and he started to cry.


Yeah, the first time where we see Sogeking in Usopp, really. Who would have known? Fishmen are absurdly strong after all, and I did my best! I should just come back to them and... and we'll celebrate victory and laugh and... and... Who would've known? I would've.


On fishman island, when Franky tells Luffy that Tom’s brother,Den, was doing the re-coating for the sunny and Luffy says “So he’s a shipwright who is coating Franky’s brother” The moment of silence before Franky says yeah that’s it kills me everytime.


Lmao, I love that scene


In this same vein, the moment when Luffy first saw a zombie rise from his grave in Thriller Bark and his immediate reaction was to just silently walk over and try to shove him back into the ground was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen.


It truly pays off when he identifies an old guy as "severly injured old man" The crew was like "WE TOLD YOU THEY ARE ZOMBIES" and the old guy goes "No im actually a severly injured old man"


I’ve read through Thriller Bark at least three times, and that part gets an out-loud laugh from me every time.


This part was hilarious.


Luffy climbing the mountain on drum island while carrying nami on his back and sanji with his teeth, and getting to the top after all that time, completely destroyed and telling chopper to take care of his friends first.


Also when Sanji just kicks them away from the avalanche to save them knowing full well he'll probably not get care. But because its Luffy. He'll carry the both of them.


Another one. When Luffy saw that baby Lapin trying to dig its parent out, and then when it growled at Luffy... luffy still dug the adult Lapin out.


and later the adult Lapin helps them out by stalling Wapol and his gang, True respect right there


When luffy says he couldnt save single one of his crew member and accept his fate as kuma uses his attack on luffy in sabody archpelego. That moment when luffy just stares at the palm is so heart breaking still today.


that really broke me man. I was right there bawling with him (also went into this with no spoilers and was really like wtf gonna happen now)


In a sick twist of fate. Robin was the last crewmate to be sent away... Right in front of him, reaching out to him... Man. Robin being the last one he saw is so damned symbollic. The whole sequencing was amazing. Zoro was first. The right hand and one of the top 3 power characters. And Sanji raging out for Zoro and Brook... one of the few times.


Only Sanji knew the terror of Kuma on Zoro. He was worried shit for Zoro the most that he didn't even look out for Nami-swan and Robin-chan that time.


Chopper went insane too that fight had so much tension. Raleigh with the most badass entrance of all time


Its one of the most impactful moments in one piece man lol


Maybe not as underrated, but for me episode 405 of the anime was a peak. It hurts especially when watching the anime or reading the manga when you know there are already 400-600 episodes beyond that, and expect the crew to overcome the challenge, but instead have all of them just vanish one by one to the sound of popping bubbles, leaving you in utter confusement until you start the next arc. It was definitely one fof the peak moments for me, kinda sad it gets overlooked for the Ace part, because that one had a lot more buildup and follow-up, and wasn't just a one-episode shock and utter confusion.


sogeking telling robin to believe in luffy on the train.


Sanji kicking luffy in the face when he is about to tell usopp to leave the crew


I was gonna say that moment, it's really good. Later, Sanji and Zoro are arguing between them and Nami says that there were too much yelling for today, if i remember well.


I know I'm late but one of the most underrated moment is when Sanji told Usopp there are things he can do, and things he can't do that Usopp can. It really means a lot to Usopp after his fight with Luffy and the whole merry fiasco. And it pushes him to save Robin from being taken by the marines at the last minute. And I know someone has also mentioned it, but that part when Sanji kicked Luffy for almost saying something hurtful to Usopp really makes sense to me. I can't understand why some people hate him for doing that when it's obvious Usopp and Luffy's friendship would not be the same if he actually said those words. These subtle show of Sanji's character solidified him as one of my fav characters.


Yea 100%. Sanji clarified to Usopp that there’s a reason they’re all in the Pirate King’s crew, as they all have their purpose. Chills.


A fairly recent moment: When the celestial dragon, Donquixote Mjosgard, who was in fishman island and met up with Otohime, steps in during the Reverie and hits Charlos with a club when he tries to make Shirahoshi his pet. It's one of those moments that show how even some of the worst people can change, and feel remorse. I think it's an awesome moment for a character very few think about


When I read Fishman Island, I couldn't believe he could actually change - I just thought that Otohime had annoyed him into signing for her. I was amazed seeing him in the present story.


On Zou - when they read Sanji’s note about having to leave to deal with the Wedding stuff, Zoro is visibly upset. On the surface it seems like his usual temper at Sanji’s antics; but if you combine this with his earlier assurance that Sanji wouldn’t have let anything happen to the crew, as well as the innate trust the he and Sanji have between each other, then you can tell he’s really upset at losing Sanji. I absolutely love the way Oda plays with chapter names. He had the “All Stars take the Stage” chapter that on first hear sounds like it’d be about King & Queen stepping up (which it was), but it also ended up being about Zoro & Sanji taking the stage for the biggest [solo] fights of their lives. Then there was the “Two Peas In a Pod” chapter, which on first hear was how Hyo noted Zoro/Ushimaru’s appearances, but we also got a nice look into Zoro & Sanji’s chemistry together in battle. In my headcanon, Zoro and Sanji found something in each other that they’d both been missing from their lives. In Sanji, Zoro found the rival who’d keep him on his toes he lost in Kuina. In Zoro, Sanji found an actual brother who despite bickering with him all the time, clearly cares about him and would give his live for him if he had to (which he literally almost did).


>In my headcanon, Zoro and Sanji found something in each other that they’d both been missing from their lives. In Sanji, Zoro found the rival who’d keep him on his toes he lost in Kuina. In Zoro, Sanji found an actual brother who despite bickering with him all the time, clearly cares about him and would give his live for him if he had to (which he literally almost did). Just here to say I love this analysis


I really love that headcanon and I can actually see it being true. They really compliment each other and care about each other. I really love Oda for creating the "wings" dynamic.


I'm not sure if it's underrated but "Raizo is safe" still gives me the chills everytime.


I know that scene is amazing, those the one piece popular always talk about this moment lol


Then maybe, Luffy's smile while he was about to get executed in Logtown. This one is too old and not many remembers it but I truly loved that scene.


hell YHHHHH its almost hardly spoke about now, its such momentous scene, but it goes under the radar! Buggy could of been the one who killed luffy "future pirate king" lol


I mean. Who knows? Oda has mastered the art of foreshadowing.


There no way he didnt plan every detail!!! His storytelling and world building is second to none in any manga! Its not number one manga of all time for no reason.


When Usopp gets introduced to the crew as Sogeking for the first time. Everyone including Kokoro recognize him except Luffy and Chopper who ask him where is the sniper island... Usopp tells them sniper island is in their heart. And NAMI yells at him. Still cracks me up.


franky asking luffy for permission to fight with the tontattas, and being so into it that he’d be willing to go against Luffys orders but still wanted to ASK l, and luffy without hesitation says go for it and 100% trusts franky, I love that pure trust.


Tbf that scene with franky reminds me of zoro one, your right franky had that right imo and luffy all about standing up and helping anyone that is decent! Just don't want to be treated like superheros lol


Just rewatched Professor Clover’s speech to the Gorosei in Robin’s backstory and man that got my blood pumping. That old man had 5 of the most powerful characters in the story shaking and basically outed the world government as the ultimate villains of the entire story.


Clover is a total beast lol


Luffy shouting on Ussop for asking Rayleigh about one piece. I feel that this the most underrated moment in one piece, every time I watch this scene I get literal chills.


Yehhh litterly hardly anyone says it! Luffy hardly ever loses his cool like that!


Him losing cool with his crew mates is even more rare.


Its normally always ussop and nami he loses his cool with 😂


Even though it's one of Oda's favourite panels, I hardly ever hear it being discussed: that party scene in Skypiea. I read Rave before I started One Piece and really loved their end of arc party scenes, and that scene was very reminiscent of Rave (even though it's almost definitely the other way around). Sidenote: Fairy Tail is such a disappointing follow up to Rave, even though it had so much potential.


And that scene is made so much more important to the story by >! the sun god Nika thing !< that's going on.


yoooo one of my all time favouritee tooo. another one would be luffy n usop impersonations during skypiea. the ride w sanji was vv wholesome too me


Usoop revealing himself to Luffy in Enies Lobby. Usopp: Luffffyyyyyyyy! Luffy: Usopp... So.. you came...? This scene made me weep like a baby. I mean wtf man... You fucking dumb captain.


When Raleigh reminisces about Roger at the bar. “I never drank as much as I drank that night. I never laughed as much as I did that night. I never cried as much as I did that night” And also when he has the flashback to meeting Roger for the first time, and sheds tears. Honestly might be in my top 3 moments of one piece period. Gets me every time.


Hannyabal’s determination to stop the prisoners from escaping. I like how morally gray that entire situation was and how it made us question Luffy’s actions.


Omfg. This. This is definitely underrated. Hannyabal, for all shit he does against Magellan. Hes still a damned warden that serves justice.


Bruleé tending to Katakuri's wounds and talking about Luffy. It's a small moment but it really fleshed her out and made me care for that bond.


"I always knew" scenes always get to me. She knew he wasn't the man everyone said he was, but she also knew that he became that man for her sake, and for their family, so she didn't care. Big Mom might be a fucking psychopath, but maybe the kids are alright.


'Thanks, I needed a light' - Sanji vs Enel Also, the second hiking bear


the second hiking bear moment is gold lol


Sanji using knives to fight like a swordsman


I really loved sanji vs waize, just felt like the perfect fight for who sanji is.... a cook!


Sanji escaping the Big Mom Pirates after the Curly Hat Pirates left Dressrosa. Keep in mind that: --He only had half the crew with him (and except for himself and maybe Brook, it was arguably the weaker half) --Took stock of the people and resources he had on hand (including Casaer) and came up with a plan in *minutes*. --Was actually successful in getting away


And this is why I disagreed with people who said Sanji lost his wits post time skip. Sanji is still just as good at it, on top of showing off his great leadership.


Brook calling Big Mom a young lady


Hell YEHHHHH!!!! Special mention when he breaks mother carmel photo too!


I also love the moment after when Brook pulls of his mask and people freak out because they think he ripped of his face.


Brook is a funny bastard lol


When Luffy, Sabo, and Ace are kids and Sabo tells Luffy that Roger is Ace’s dad and then says don’t tell anyone. 2 seconds later they enter the house and Luffy goes ‘Oh Ace! I didnt know Roger was your father’. It was just funny how dumb Luffy is.


Arlong asking luffy what he can do for his crew. Such a strong moment that not a lot of people talk about ive noticed


“What can you possibly do” “I can beat YOU” Best clapback in the series


I think my favorite is Zoro's and Kaku's post-battle banter. "Paulie told me to give you guys a message. You're fired." "Ah, man. My only other skill is assassination. Where am I gonna find another job?" "There's always the zoo." I think what I really love about that is how Kaku played along. He was really chipper for a guy who'd just been beaten.


It shows that luffy doesnt take any of his crew for granted, he needs them as much as they need him! Makes them the ultimate crew when you help each other out in the areas you struggle in!


“Don’t catch a cold” Nothing striked me as hard for the rest 1000 episodes.


When Pedro died and Brook started crying ,it really was a tragic moment, especially for brook who lost all of his crew, watching them dying one by one .


Shushu the dog


The talk between Iceberg and Robin when he’s about to be assassinated - I just love the fact that these 2 characters, both with knowledge passed down by their mentors that would caused the WG to assassinate them, have such differing views on humanity’s worth and if they’re willing to die for humanity as a whole or not.


When Strawhats went to Enies lobby and Sogeking saves Robin from up on the tower and marines couldn't locate where the shots were coming from.


2 stick out. I never see them mentioned and a lot of times inferior translations lessen the experience. 1. When Crocodile and Luffy fight for the third time, he lists all the reasons why he's superior and says he tried and failed to be the pirate king. And Luffy responds "I dont give a damn who you are. I will surpass you!" 2. When Bon Clay stays behind at Impel Down and Magellan asks if he has any last words. He strikes a fighting stance, "I have no regrets."


Hmmm… only thing I can think of that’s underrated is Hody. People talk waaay too much about how weak he is but disregard the power of the “humans did nothing to me” scene


Yep. That is terrifying. Honestly sure hes "weak" physically. But storywise hes one of my most terrifying villains.


On Drum Island where Chopper explains why he can't join the crew, and Luffy just shouts "SHUT UP! LET'S GO!". Luffy's stubborn and easy going attitude that makes Chopper finally feel accepted by others again is such a moving scene. It makes me emotional every time.


When Jimbe comes back before the Onigashima raid, I don’t know why but that “As promised, I came back alive” really got me.


Magellan vs blackbeard, blackbeard came hyped up because him defeating ace stablished that he was a really powerfull villain, and then this random bat guy comes, one shots him, tells him that he doesn't have time for him and leaves, it's such an awesome moment for me


His whole crew wouldve died if shiryuu didnt come and save their asses, its insane


When Bartholomew Kuma came to Thriller Bark. No notice, no warning, and **we readers didn't even get any hints about it**. He just... showed up. Just like that. Kuma was terrifying af


Usopp sniping Sugar. The scene gives me chills everytime I read it, I don't get how other people doesn't praise it.


maybe not that underrated but after Luffy punches Charlos, i’ve always loved that none of the other Straw Hats get mad or shocked or freak out, they’re just like “Yep, guess this is happening now”. it’s one of my fav moments cause at that point you really see how much of a family they are and how hard they’ll ride for a luffy no matter what. Sabaody def one of my fav arcs just cuz it’s filled with moments like these


Sanji kicking luffy. Luffy was about to tell Usopp to leave the crew in the heat of the moment of their argument. Sanji just had to step in. Luffy didn't mean it after all.


Yep. As people have said before. Sanji deals with Luffy emotional side. Zoro deals more on Luffy's orderly side.


I mean, let's be honest, they *are* teenagers. It's honestly surprising this doesn't happen more often, but probably life threatening situations kinda take wind out of their sails in that regard.


Super small moment but I like Ideo saying "No one makes it in this world alone kiddo" before losing to Dellinger. As much as I wanted to see him do some big explosive punch, I like how the back and forth of gladiators and Doflamingo's executives going down sold the conflict.


Usopp vs. Perona fight. I just love psychological fights in anime


Zoro doing Tarzan in Skypea. The comedic moments of that whole arc is still the reason I consider it the best arc 🤪😂😂


I guess it’s not overlooked but Luffy telling Sanji that he won’t eat until Sanji is back in the crew and he can’t be pirate king without him. I cried my eyes out at that chapter. I still remember exactly where I was when I read it. It’s probably not a top 5 moment for anyone but it’s my favorite moment in the series. My second choice, Luffy saying the pirate king doesn’t need to rule anything, it simply means being the freest person on the ocean.


Those moments between Luffy and Sanji in wci were all tear jerkers. One of the best moments of op for me too. Luffy saying, "You are hitting me. But you are the one who's getting hurt." And finally Luffy Punching Sanji and saying, "Tell me what do you want to do." Gets me man. It gets me...


luffy carries nami and sanji up a mountain in drum island.


While we're on the subject...man does Luffy *rock* the shit out of Nami's yellow checkered coat. Can we talk about underrated outfits in One Piece?


Espically the fashion that we see in dressrosa and wano!


Wano is all about sick gloves and I am here for it. The kimonos are cool too, but the gloves yo. Move over Sanji, you got some competition for drippiest man in One Piece now that Izo's back.


Underrated outfits in one piece? Ok Nami - the first zou outfits and the water 7 (the one with a tie) luffy - dressrosa Chopper - zou Brook - whole cake island ( the first one)


Luffy before he reaches the top and almost loses his hand on those spikes, DAMN that was hard to watch man


Gotta be when Usopp stood up to Kuro. It was the first time he didn't run from a fight. Despite how terrified he was, my man fought back the tears and proudly declared that he wouldn't let Kuro pass. I could relate to that.


Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper absolutely decimating the Franky Family. It starts off with a walk that gives Arlong Park a run for it's money, and then leads into the Straw Hats showing just how much of a dangerous force they are by taking out an entire gang, damn near effortlessly, right down to *tearing the entire building to the ground,* all to avenge their friend. Beautiful.


The crew discussing Sunnys name


When Luffy meets back up with the crew on Sabaody and Luffy dodges the Pacifistas beams and then one shots it.


Not underrated at all but each time the crew gets a big bounty increase and there's a montage of their friends and families reading the newspapers. The obvious one is "The Fifth Emperor of the Sea Emerges" - it always makes me think about how the first time we see Luffy he's alone and sleeping in a barrel.


Forgot which arc it was but mine is when Luffy sneakily picks his nose and sticks the booger on Usopp. Peak one piece.


At the end of Arlong park arc when Nojiko asks Genzo why he isn't wearing his pinwheel and he replies with "I don't need it anymore". Then we cut to a flashback of the pinwheel making Nami smile, finally, we see it at Bellmere's grave as Nami sails off. It's such a small and simple scene but I find it to be so beautiful.


Bon Chan screaming in support of Luffy until he spits blood, looses his voice and is on the brink of collapse.




Sanji smoking in front of Enel!


Thriller bark- oars getting his horns stuck in the ground and the strawhats have the most sinister look on their face, you dont get many chances to make the strawhats look evil. I love it


Nami not needing to give a second thought to buy Camie back with all the money she spent arcs protecting. Everyone in the crew also seemed surprised, but it shows that Nami’s money obsession is solely a survival instinct ever since her childhood. She’s easily able to give it all up to protect or save anyone. People make out Nami to be some evil, greedy, rude person.


Yeh people who say that about nami honestly understand her character! She always will use the money to help and she will always put her life on the line if she can help! I dont mind her being aggressive as she adds so much to the crew dynamics and its a top navigator and a soild support in fights!


One of the reasons Luffy likes Nami is because she is a really nice person and will help you if you need help


One that I have never heard talked of and completely forgot about it until I reread the book is when the straw hats come around paradise and are faced with the red line. It’s just such a great halfway point in the story and even though it’s overshadowed by Sabaody it is such a hype and emotional moment.


When Sanji says he wants to go back home to the Sunny in Wholecake Island.


Pekomos sacrificing himself to save puffy and sanji


People keep making a sogeking joke about it but seriously. Take a moment to realise how FAST usopp agreed to shooting down the world government's flag. No hesitation. No doubt. No questioning. And thats coming from Usopp. Seriously. Stop joking for a moment about Sogeking and realise that this was one of the bravest things Usopp has ever done with 0 self doubt and 0 regretting. This... is what a Pirate King's Sniper and a brave warrior of the sea should be.


This [scene](https://youtu.be/1wSeO2Yu4jU) i recently rewatched.


Honestly, there are just too many to choose from! For me, the two Bellamy punches and for different reasons. First one was happiness seeing a cocky mf getting put in his place. Second one was pain seeing a betrayed man sticking to his belief to the end knowing it was wrong and asking his friend to free him.


Beginning of the Whole Cake climax - Everyone is panicking because of the multiple Luffys, Brook casually pimp walks up to a yonko who he had previously insulted and slept with and smashes her most prized possession.


Chapter 619 Luffy introduces Shirahoshi to Franky but tells him her name is Wimpy and franky goes: “Wimpy, huh? You better pull yourself together, Honey!” Cracks me up every time


When Dr.Hiriluk said When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No! It’s when… they are forgotten.


Gomu Gomu no baka!! A genius move that is a great defense against low level Haki.


Usopp asking Nami if he really is a coward, after realizing that him yelling at Cricket about him trying to trick the strawhats with how convenient it was for the knock up stream to appear the following day, was more about him being scared than not really buying Cricket's story. Love how Cricket respond to him just calmly explaining what his reasoning was for that, saying that he was really glad to meet dreamers like them, and calling him friend.


Sanji crying in WCI. That scene hit in so many levels.


Sanji cried under the rain and can't even smoke his cigarette.


The Pudding betrayal scene was brutal


Luffy and Zoro chilling before setting sail. It was in romance dawn.


one super underrated moment that got me very early on was when nami leaves the crew to go back to work for arlong. Luffy and co follow her there and luffy ends up meeting some of arlong's crew on the island. Although they look for a fight, luffy just non chalantly walks past them saying he is just out for a walk. Oda captured a lot of subtlety involved in friendships through small incidents like these where luffy chose not to interfere in nami's affairs until she decided to finally accept his help. One more underrated moment where chopper recently joins the crew and they reach alabasta. Chopper is worried that he is not good enough for the crew and what can he do when luffy and others are so good. I don't remember exactly but I think it was zoro or sanji who said something to the effect of each of us just has to do the best to our capacity and its not about comparing who does more for the team. Just do your best and we'll be fine.


Nami being deadly worried seeing Usopp beaten up by Franky brothers, even telling him money doesn't matter. And then people say Nami only cares for money.


Fans that cant see that nami puts her loved ones over money clearly dont understand her character :) Yeh that scene was so impactful!


Reminds me of when Nami was 100% ready to spend every beri they had to buy back Caimie’s freedom in Sabaody.


Yehh man, nami and luffy would do anything for anyone, i just think nami puts on a bitchy front which i find funny about her lol


Also! Jinbei calling Big Mom a “mere Yonko” right to her face, because he’s about to join the crew of the future pirate king. Legendary.


Kid sanji's reaction when he came to know that zeff gave all the food to him, when luffy just smiled at death before almost got executed at loguetown, when Straw hat pirates speaking out their dreams by lifting their foot on barrrel before entering grand line, Dr. Hiluluk's speech about when people really die...that's what I can remember now...


This is one of my favorite moments but I love when ulti is fixing to headbutt Nami and she says to take back her words about Luffy becoming king and she says he definitely will. Knowing ulti was fixing to rock her shit to pieces


Tashigi at the end of Punk Hazard telling the marines to shut up.


Enel's cover story as a whole. It was so full of lore and the fact that oda decided to introduce aliens in a fucking cover story is hilarious to me.


Sanji saving Ussop from Enel and taking an El Thor head on, thanking him for lighting his cigarette, then taking a drag is definitely an underrated Sanji moment that doesn't get talked about enough.


I know it usually didn't end well, because cause of blackmail and stuff, but Sanji kicking his father and brother's asses.


Issho wanting to know what Luffy's face was like... After hearing the hearts of the dressrosa citizens escorting them out of Dressrosa.


Zoro after Luffy beats Usopp. Zoro's speech about believing in the captain instantly solidified Zoro as my favorite character


Luffy one-shooting Bellamy. Get. F*cked.


When Dadan is beating up Garp after Ace dies and Makino begs her to stop saying that Garp is hurting more than anyone and she says “No. Luffy is the one that’s in the most pain!” And screams to the sky telling Luffy to not give up hope and Makino has that flashback and cries and runs away. Yeah. That gets me every single time.


The words from Dadan's mouth at that time, are words of a grieving mother. Just let Luffy sees Dadan one more time after becoming the king of the pirates.


It's not a moment per se, but I love the slice of life antics of the strawhats hanging on the ship. I really love seeing then all just going about their business and being a big goofy family.


When Genzo stops the villagers from storming Arlong Park after Nami got kidnapped, and mentions that “the only legitimate military power strong enough to take them on is the navy of the grand line, and it already has it’s hands full there.” Little do we know that this adds a whole new layer to the story: At that point we really only know of the grandline as this wasteland where so called big named pirates get demolished (ex: krieg and his armada), but now we know there’s actually a Navy within the grandline that’s on the level of the pirates over there that eclipse East Blue level pirates. Not only that, but now we know there’s a whole lot of them, and it really makes you wonder (assuming if you’re just starting out the story) what kind of insane pirates and navy men are out there.