First time playing, have troubles with power wire load capacity

First time playing, have troubles with power wire load capacity


That's a lot of showers.. Too many duplicants for a start? 😅


u/Bl41x u/thegroundbelowme u/eable2 u/bbarham99 This is the crappy solution I made. Its functioning, but it's vastly not optimized, I guess thats a thing for another playthrough with base organisation and heavy watt hiding. Now its in the epicenter of the base, making everything around -350 decor ​ [https://imgur.com/a/vs9ApsX](https://imgur.com/a/vs9ApsX)


I think you're still not quite understanding something. You've got all your small and big wires crossed. Use bridges. Even one small wire connected to a segment of bigger wire will cause overloads. The thing you need to do is use less heavy-watt all over the place and use more transformers. That's the issue. Make a segment of normal or conductive wire connect to machines until it's just below its capacity (1k or 2k, respectively). That single line connects to the output of a transformer. Instead of stringing heavy-watt over to the refineries, connect each refinery to it's own single conductive wire that connects to nothing else. Feed each of these wires with either two small or one large transformer. And now you can see why I think you don't have enough space. In this screenshot, I would simply get rid of the hospital (which is pretty useless anyway) and expand downward. So maybe you have coal generators on top, a vertical joint plate, and some batteries and transformers on the bottom. You can save some space if you're willing to break your 4-tile-high rule and make multiple rows of batteries/transformers 2 tiles high. If you do this, you do not have heavy-watt running all over the place. You simply have a lot of ugly heavy watt and transformers in a single place, and many conductive wire lines running outward. Hope this makes sense!


Here, this might help. [This](https://imgur.com/a/FBQP0nq) is one of my recent late-game bases. I've got a main power area on the bottom right that has heavy-watt wire. I do string it around to some steam turbines and aquatuners up and to the right, and I also decided I was OK with using a bit for my metal refineries above. But everything else, including the majority of my base to the left, uses normal conductive wire. You can see that I have an array of large transformers that controls the wattage on each wire, and each wire is only connected to <2kW of consumers.


Wow that's clean


I like your transformer blob. I have one on each floor with a central spine but yours looks so much nicer


It seems you're still misunderstanding isolation, and more specifically transformers. Let's start with wires though. For a collection of connected wire pieces (a circuit,) the maximum wattage it can carry is limited by the lowest rated piece. e.g. if you have a circuit of all heavi-watt (HW) pieces, the max wattage for that circuit is 20kW. Now, if you connect 1 piece of regular wire to that circuit, the max wattage for the entire circuit is now only 1kW. So, you always want to keep your circuits of different types isolated from one another. The way to handle this is to have 1 HW circuit with your power production and storage (often referred to as backbone or spine,) and many lower wattage circuits for power consumers. Transformers are used to draw power from the power-producing spine, and put it onto a power-consuming circuit. The decor cost and overlap restrictions of HW wire generally means that you should keep your spine as isolated as reasonably possible, and stepping down to conductive circuits throughout your base. So let's say you have a basic power spine, and you attach a transformer to it. Now you run a regular wire from the other end of the transformer. That is now an isolated circuit, with a max 1kW capacity, and you can safely start connecting buildings to this circuit, up to 1kW usage. e.g. Gas pumps consume 240W. You can safely connect 4 of them (960W) to your 1kW circuit. If you need a 5th pump, you'll either need to build another transformer and circuit, or you'll need to upgrade your existing circuit to conductive wire (2kW capacity.) That's that basics of the power grid. There's are more advanced topics, but that should get your over your current hill.


The potential load is how much power would be running if everything connected on the wire is running. Currently, you have three types of wires there. The basic wire can only handle 1000w before it starts getting damaged. The conductive wire can handle 2000w and the heavy watt wire can do... More (I forget). The best way to handle this usually is to connect you main power to a single heavy conduit and then from the conduit you use transformers to segment out your power grid, to the point you don't have any potential for overloading wires.


Just wanted to add that you dont need NINE lavatories and showers, you can use your sheddule to basically make them use them in different times of the day. This works cause they dont have personal lavatories, unlike beds


I dont? Oh, you're probably right, thats why bathroom room req is to be max 64 tiles. And I was wondering how the heck do I put all of that in such a small room. I've seen it in a youtube video so I thought it's just the correct way.


showers don't need to be in a bathroom, so I like to make individual bedrooms rooms for dupes and put a shower in each


Apparently Im retarded, I made a whole post but only the attached images are present, can you see the text guys? ​ Well, TLDR: how do I increase the power capacity of my grid past 2kW (conductive wires)? Cant use heavy watt because of decor hit and inability to run it through tiles and doors


The usual setup involves a heavy watt wire spine. Which branches into several subgrids. Each subgrid is capped at 1kw (1 transformer plus normal wires) or 2kw (2 transformers in line with conductive wires). What type of wire/load you choose depends on a)the availability of refined metals and b) the load on the user side. For example it's pretty common to hook up an aquatuner to 2 transformers + conductive wires since they require 1200kw to run. For heavy industry you can just use heavy watt wires.


Okay, so basically i try to hide the heavy watt wire all over the base and then use small lines of conductive wires that join them directly to a couple of power devices, so that way i have a one big grid of heavy watt wires, but several grids of conductive wires. Is that right?


you got it Also the decor hit isn't that bad, I typically run a majority of my base off of a 2000w loop and stick all the high voltage stuff directly on heavy watt on its own circuit where dupes don't spend too much time if they aren't operating a machine


The other thing is, you don't really have to worry about a high negative decor in a few areas as long as you have a high positive decor in most places. Your dupes' decor morale bonus maxes out at 120 decor, but that's the *average* of all decor your dupes were exposed to over the full cycle. The actual values that go into the average have no limit, though. So you can have one area with a total decor of like 500-600 (through a "decor bombing" of metal/carpet tiles, planters, statues, paintings, etc), and just going through that area a couple of times a day can completely balance out the negative decor hit they might take from passing by heavy-watt. That's why you'll frequently see bases with random decor items filling otherwise empty spaces. With enough decor bombing you can easily have a max decor bonus every day, even with dupes walking by heavy-watt wire on a regular basis. Also, if you have a gold volcano tamed, making heavy-watt conductive wire out of gold cuts the negative decor by half.


So is there any reason to use transformers then? I can just make a whole power line out of heavy watt and then decor bomb the rec room, great hall and barracks and that would be it


Yes, because *constant* exposure to heavy-watt is still not great. It only averages out to a positive value if you're seeing positive decor more often than negative decor. You can easily balance things out to a neutral value, but getting that max decor bonus will be much harder, and late game you'll need a big morale bonus to offset having several top-tier skills. Also, heavy-watt wire is 4x as expensive and requires joint plates to pass through walls. Joint plates are not insulated (unless you're using the "insulated plates" mod,) so that can complicate builds - you have to make special 1x3 vacuum chambers (joint plate on both ends, single heavy-watt wire connecting them, vacuum inside) just to transfer power without leaking a ton of heat. It can sometimes be very difficult to make compact builds if only using heavy-watt.


Here, I found a guide that might be helpful: https://reddit.com/r/Oxygennotincluded/comments/noiauz/quick_visual_guide_on_how_power_works/


>Cant use heavy watt Then you're going to have a lot of trouble! You don't have use heavy watt all over the place, but you do want to use it in a single small area to connect power generators and batteries (like you're starting to do here). Then use transformers to step down into multiple smaller circuits. Move that extra coal generator attached to the refineries into the central area, then use additional transformers. Because conductive wire only goes up to 2k, you'll need a transformer for each refinery.


I dont quite understand the transformers tho, they limit me more than anything. I know that they control the overload on the wires, but they also stop the flow of energy. I'm capable of building both a small and large transformer, however the wires can hold only so much energy. I made that terrible-looking second power grid in order to have my copper refinement active at all times on a totally separate grid as it consumes the most power out of all devices. ​ I learned about the automaton wires, batteries, generators, but I can't seem to understand how to make a one big grid that would hold all dem watts. It's not that I don't want to use heavy watt, its because the game discourages me to do so (decor hit and lack of option to run it through tiles, making the whole place a mess).


Don't think of the wires as holding energy; it's simpler than that. It's just about wattage. They do not limit anything; the only thing they do is prevent overloading. At this stage of the game, there's really no reason to separate power grids. Power will go wherever it's needed. If the concern is drawing too much power with your refineries, that's just a general problem with having sufficient power (i.e. build more generators/batteries/transformers) or trying to power too many things (2 refineries really shouldn't be necessary in the early game). If you insist, you could hook up a smart battery to your refineries and tell them not to run when reserves are low. >lack of option to run it through tiles Want to make sure you're aware that joint plates exist! That doesn't mean you should run heavy-watt all over your base, but it does mean that you don't have to put all of your power infrastructure on a single level. >making the whole place a mess I will say, you've limited yourself a bit here with where you've placed things. You will need more space. Since these machines produce a bunch of heat and CO2 anyway, I strongly recommend putting the main power plant away from the central area. Put it far to the side or below. It makes trips to refill a bit longer, but you can help a lot by using auto sweepers and coal storage bins.


>you're aware that joint plates exist! Yep, I could make a connection through a wall, however that would still make my base red because of decor >That doesn't mean you should run heavy-watt all over your base Not sure how to organise it otherwise, I have lamps, machinery and all kinds of stuff all over the place, it seems kind of imminent that I run a big chunk of heavy watt right next to my ladder along with the pipes, fire hose etc. I think the decor hit would make all the place red, as it probably stacks and has a range of 6 tiles, so that means I need to run it somewhere out of sight. Maybe I should set a hard wall somewhere and never expand that way again and run it that way through a tunnel made of tiles? That would separate it into a "room" of some sort X - a single tile XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX >I will say, you've limited yourself a bit here with where you've placed things. You will need more space I made it this way because I thought that I will be constantly expanding on every direction (besides my water reservoir) so it doesnt make much difference as to where I put it because people will run around it anyway


There are two type of transformer and you connect to smaller one.And your output is only 1200W ( 2 coal generator) it can’t handle 2kw if all the consumer devices are working at the same time.


I've seen some people come up with hijinks involving shutoffs and batteries but idk about any of that. If you really insist on zero heavy wire, then You'll need to come up with a compromise to keep your systems under 2k. Maybe use two circuits? A generator and battery for each refinery?


So here’s general info about wires: - what causes a wire to overload is the power draw. A regular wire can push 1kw of power before taking damage. It all depends what the wire is hooked up to. In your 2nd pic, you have 2 metal refineries hooked up. Each uses 1.2kw. Since you have 2 in one circuit, that’s 2.4kw of power, which will overload conductive wire if they are used simultaneously. It also depends whether equipment is used a lot. Power draw only means the power is being used. So say you have 100 algae diffusers all hooked up to 1 circuit using regular wire. That would easily overload the circuit. But say only 2 are operating and the other 98 are turned off. That would NOT overload the circuit. It all depends on usage. - a standard wire hold 1kw, conductive holds 2kw, hww holds 20kw, and CHWW holds 50kw. - the best way to isolate power is with transformers. - small transformers will drop wattage down to 1kw - large transformers will drop wattage down to 2kw - what many people do, is they will set up a room outside the base for all the power production using CHWW. Nearby, people generally like to put a room for all the industrial equipment, ie refineries, glass forges, etc. that way you can just use chww for all your industrial equipment and not have to worry about transformers for each piece of equipment.


I just dont understand the concept of power isolation, i want to use heavy watt because it holds an abundance of power, but i want to limit it down to a mere 1-4kW with a transformer? ​ >they will set up a room outside the base for all the power production using CHWW But you have to join these wires will all other devices, so how can you join "only" the power production devices? That's one of the steps, yes, but if the output wire holds 1kW it doesnt matter if I use CHWW / HWW to join power production as it will simply not work


Hey so imagine you have two coal gens on a conductive wire. 1.6/2kw is fine right. But if farther away you use a normal wire on the same grid - if the grid consumes more than 1kw then the section of normal wire will start breaking. Late game when you're consuming up to 10kw+, resources and space won't be a problem. Typically you have a power spine (long hidden HWW/CHEW wire stretching up and down, or across your base.) then say you want to put a telescope up at the top, you put a transformer for a 1kw wire right next to your power spine, and then the 1kw wire is what you actually plug buildings into. if you're say, putting a few pumps and a textile loom (>1kw), then you'd use a conductive wire with 2 normal transformers to supply 2kw, or if you're sure the wire will never consume more that 2kw, you can put a larger transformer. Also never put batteries on the receiving end of a transformer and toggle the transformer. Keep the batteries on the power spine side. (when you toggle off a transformer via automation it doesn't just stop power flowing out, it stops it from being charged, which can waste all the stored charge) tl;dr: power spine, focus on managing "potential consumed", batteries stay on the power spine side transformers at different places along power spine wherever power is needed That was a lot of information so if anything isn't clear please do ask. Edit: *Yes, connect the power generators directly into the power spine with the (C)HWW*


Imagine an octopus. The head of the octopus is all your power gens; coal, nat gas, petroleum, etc. all that power will then Branch out to individual devices, in the same way the individual arms Branch off of the head of the octopus. The transformers are like the point where the arm and head seperate, so to speak. So the chww can go to all of the transformers and power them all, then the transformer can drop the wattage to power things. Transformers effectively seperate the power Also note, at least what I do, I’ll set up my generator room. From there, I make a room solely for batteries. I vacuum it out, fill it with hydrogen, 2 wheezeworts to keep it cool, and fill it with batteries. From there, I send my chww to a room solely for transformers. Also filled with hydrogen and wheezeworts. That’s where I pull all my conductive wire from.


The first pic is pretty ideal (power wise at least...), most people tend to go with a heavy watt "spine" that uses transformers to split off into other areas. As for the second, there isn't a way to have two refineries on a single wire like that without heavy watt, BUT you probably don't really need two refinerys and if you really do (and really don't want people seeing heavy watt while they work), you can use transformers in a similar fashion to the first image to split the them onto two different conductive wire circuits. You're refinery dupes won't see the heavy watt below them and both refinerys can run without overload.


You can hide the decor penalty with tiles and doors.


This is exactly what destroys all my colonies, how to avoid it?


Image 1 -- you've got a single transformer feeding up to 2kw. It should not go over 1kw, since there's only a single 1kw input (unless there's batteries on that side), but it can brown out. I would suggest moving the 3 oxidizers on to the 20kw bus, it's a constant draw. You can also split the section in two - one transformer on left handles half, and add a transformer on the right to handle the right hand side. Image 2 - you've got 2.4kw on a 2kw wire with a 600w feed. Why not just remove 1 metal refinery? That would prevent the over-draw, and can go at up to 50% uptime on the single coal power source.


Lots of showers... one thing I learned is that you should always have multiple shifts. I always have 3 shifts. That way I can have 9 dupes and only 3 toilets/showers. They will all have different bathroom breaks. Once you get in the later stages you can give them a private room with all that stuff.... or don't! Its a game and you can play it however you want. Im not good myself but I absolutely love having more shifts


Okay, you’re mixing all the wires together, but they can only take the maximum load of the smallest wire. You need to have heavy watt, or conductive, or regular wire. Separated by transformers. Use bridges to enable wires to skip over other wires of different gauges. Typically you’d want multiple transformers to break up consumption into their respective circuit sizes as dictated by the type of wire you use. Fwiw - you can over provision a circuit, provided that not all the things are running at the same time. This can of course be problematic with things that are always on such as the aqua tuner, party line phone, lights and more.