PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X


They could've at least given the XL version of MKX with the DLC characters included. It's a six year old game that's already on the psplus collection. Seems like the bare minimum they could do




Don’t understand why they wouldn’t include 11 then, X is kinda irrelevant online-wise and people typically buy DLC for active fighting games


Because the story of X continues to XI, and they’re hoping you’ll want to move up to the game that is recent.


I love me some MK but the story can be summed up in a few minutes if you really wanna play mk for that. Well not 11 I guess


And it will likely become briefly relevant again when however many ps plus subscribers play it next month


Or a gateway to go buy MK11


for sure as MK11 is one sale like every other week


I would have spent money on upgrading MKXI to Ultimate. I already had MKX from PS+ and have not bothered with buying DLC for an old game.


MK11 is $12.49 right now for the blockbuster sale and pretty much just as cheap for the physical on sites like Amazon. They should have just given away 11.


It's the PS4 game meant for people who don't own a ps5, those players don't have the PS+ collection. We're getting 3 games each month, right now, because playstation is catering to 2 different audiences.


I feel like I'm subscribed to depression. It's just getting worse.


im glad tiger woods is out so my dad can play that instead of using up all my VR time on everybody's golf


January I got Maneater and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. February I got Destruction AllStars (*which was decent fun*), Control: Ultimate Edition, and Concrete Genie were both big ones for me. Then March being the biggest month by far with Final Fantasy VII Remake. For April, Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War, were all great. In May I got Battlefield V. For June I got Star Wars: Squadrons, and Operation: Tango I haven’t played yet but still seems like a fun co-op game. July I got A Plague Tale: Innocence. August I got jack-shit lol. For September another fairly big month with Overcooked: All You Can Eat and Hitman 2. Then coming up in October at least Hell Let Loose. For me personally, other than one off-month (*which could have been a decent or great one for other people*), it’s been a stellar year for PS Plus games so far. All of that for paying only around $30 per year is a hell of a deal, considering I’d be paying it anyway for the occasional multiplayer.


I completely agree with this. It’s been a pretty good year from my POV with several games I’ve wanted to play but haven’t gotten around to.


Can't recommend operation tango enough. Had a blast playing that with my buddy.


Ditto. There were some graphical bugs at end and a few glitches that made the last levels impossible, but I actually platinumed it. Really fun game.


I don’t play online on my PlayStation. Never have. I literally sub to PS+ for the games every month and this year has been well worth the price.. even though I’ve barely touched any of these games, but maybe one day I will.


I’m so mortified I missed the PS Plus drop for Tomb Raider in Jan. Didn’t even add it to my library or anything.


Dang that sucks. You just forget?


I might have missed it as well. Need to check. I did pick up Control while it was on sale maybe two weeks before it was announced as a PS Plus game.


Holy shit get a grip


*Xbox games with gold has entered the chat*


They only ever do base models


Except control


I’m still salty I redeemed the PS4 version because it’s convoluted redeeming a PS4/5 version of a game and even more so downloading them


Same here. Will probably not play it on PS5 because of it.


Yeah that was an odd one out


I think that was an apology from Remedy for fucking up the cross-gen launch.


The hitman game last month came with a bunch of DLC


Battlefield 1 is the revolution edition that includes all dlc


PGA 2K21.. Oh boy.. time to chip shot my friends into submission.


PGA is excellent if you're a golf fan.


I couldn't give less of a shit about real golf but hot damn am I excited about getting PGA 2K21! Such a great game to play stoned with friends and it has actual couch co-op!


I recommend Everybody's Golf for that but 2k21 is still good and it's free.


EG is so damn good I swear. It's so much fun with buddies and a few beers. Easy to pick up, kinda hard to master. Perfect!


Makes for a fun drinking game too. Hit into the rough, drink, bunker, 2 drinks, out of bounds, finish your drink. Drink every time an opponent birdies, if you eagle everyone else has to finish their drink. Stuff like that.


Holy damn. Gotta try that lol


yeah and now i can get my VR headset back from my dad hes obsessed with everybody's golf


> Such a great game to play stoned with friends and it has actual couch co-op! As somebody who went through university twenty years ago and played *Tiger Woods* with my buddies, stoned off our asses, most every night, I'm proud to see the tradition has continued!


I'm excited for it, I put a lot of hours into the Club 2019


PGA!? Aw man I was hoping for Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge!


I recommend putter. You have chosen 3 wood.


How does it compare to tiger woods? In college my roommates and I spent an unhealthy amount of time with the tiger woods games


The career structure isn’t as good as some of the tiger woods games I played in like 2008-2009 (don’t remember exactly which game it was), but it does have a lot of really good things. The settings are great for making it a super casual experience (aim, hit), or very hardcore (surface matters a lot, lie matters, no helping ui, etc). I really like that clubs you buy as you get more money are usually lateral moves with higher stats in specific areas, but lower. There aren’t just objectively amazing clubs that make you better when you’ve played a lot, it’s literally just what bonuses you have preferences for. If I recall correctly there isn’t a typical sports game progression system where you add more points to skills (like power, accuracy etc), but that the improvement is more tied to your mechanical skill improving. It’s really fun. Definitely recommend it as a fan of old tiger woods games


I’ll definitely check it out. I’d like to play a good golf game casually and the latest Mario golf was a step back


I think it's better than Tiger Woods, although it can be a bit tougher as you can't put spin on the ball in the air and such.


Maybe divot derby lobbies will actually fill up now! Would love to play with 20 real players


Yesh it's a chill game to play stoned lol


I'm not a golf fan. But I had fun with the older one on ps now. I'm low key excited for this one. It'll be fun to play, for a little bit.


I had this in my cart during the last sale when it was $15. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger!


I did. lol Damn


Hyped for this. Last golf game I played was Golf Story which was amazing in my opinion but I'm sure this will be fun for more of a challenge.


I implore any Battlefield / WW2 history fans to try out Hell Let Loose. The Beta was a blast and the devs are very receptive and productive into [polishing the experience for consoles](https://www.reddit.com/r/HellLetLoose/comments/px3z89/day_1_console_patch_notes_aiming_deadzone_news/). It basically plays like a hardcore Battlefield match but with beautiful, ultra-realistic, satellite accurate maps: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9iqLqmPqDc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9iqLqmPqDc)


I agree with you completely that everyone should try it. I missed the PS5 beta but own the game on Steam. Based on the complexity of the gameplay with regards to garrisons/supplies/etc and the need for strong verbal communication to be successful I'm anticipating that a lot of folks are going to find it isn't to their taste. From my experience it's also a lot harder to see people to shoot them/see where you were killed from, which I think will be an issue. My prediction is that we will see a lot of complaining when it drops and many will bounce off it. The people that love it will really love it and it will become a niche hit. I personally look forward to giving it a go.


I think you're right here, it's honestly an odd choice in my mind for ps+. This is a very niche game, realistic hardcore shooter requiring voice chat to do well with tactics and requiring squad leaders etc. to actually put down forward positions. I don't see it doing that well with casual players.


I think Sony just doesn't have very many PS5 titles they're willing to just give out.


I'll give it a go, but any game requiring me to voice chat with strangers is pretty unlikely to snare me


It's not really required, unless you are choosing to play the squad lead or commander roles. Just as long as you listen to your squad leader (assuming they are using voice chat), you should be fine.


There's already 10 million PS5 owners so I'm sure there are thousands that will enjoy a game like this. According to Steam's survey, I don't think the majority of PC gamers can even run HLL, at least not well.


I think it’s the only shot Hell Let Loose has on console.


I take it this means this game is large scale, team based only? No small maps and solo modes? I really don’t care for team modes in public lobbies, honestly.


Will definitely check this out


Is it good for people who traditionally are not good at first person shooters like call of duty? I'm looking for the team play aspect where I can be a medic or engineer or something else to help out


Yes absolutely. Its way slower than cod. Its more about taking cover fire and work together as a squad to move up on attack or defend. All those support roles are very helpful toward winning the game. Its not about the K/D in this game.


theres definitely support roles you can play. i think one of the medic loadouts you only get a pistol. support drops supplies and ammo. you can be in a tank crew and drive or spot. you can sit in the HQ and shoot artillery at targets your team marks. you can youtube artillery and tank guides


I’m guessing they’re probably receptive to console polish because Sony came knocking for Pkus, lol.


The beta was fun even with the bugs and aiming issues on console


Not seen many people mention it but the soundscape in HLL is incredible. The hiss and snap of bullets flying over your head will put you on edge, and then you hear those artillery shells dropping and the subsequent explosion as you dive for cover while the boom reverberates. Survive that only to hear the low rumble of a tank and the TWONK of a shell blasting nearby as you crawl on your belly to a nearby tree to regroup, call in reinforcements over comms and aim your rifle at the enemy running through the smoke. Play it with headphones and mic, and enjoy the carnage.


your post got me pumped man. As an avid BF fan (besides BF5 trash), I'm really excited


Haha I actually love and still play BFV. But I got into it a few months after launch so maybe it was more polished.


I finally downloaded it 2 months ago and I'm still playing it. First battlefield game and I've really enjoyed it.


Only thing that sucks is it REALLY doesn't work as a game unless you communicate and/or have friends to play alongside with. I play on my own so while the shooting was fun I found myself getting bored with it since I don't play with anybody being that I have no friends on PlayStation since everyone's on Xbox.


Honestly, after playing CoD WW2, BF5 and now another CoD ww2 game, I'm really burned out on the past. If I'm not getting vanguard, I don't think im gonna download yet another ww2 game. But golf, I'll be up for that with a few drinks.


I have probably over 300 hours on PGA. I basically only play the MyPGA mode. Biggest tips I can give to people are the following. 1. Make sure you go to practice mode and do the swing calibration. You are literally hurting your performance if you don't. It takes account for the timing you use to swing to figure out what a "perfect" swing looks like for you. 2. Don't think you need to jump up to gold/purple tier clubs. They aren't "better" per say. Yes they all tend to hit the ball further, but if you are struggling with swing path and timing they will only make things harder for you. They are very unforgiving for new players. 3. Pay attention to the lie of your ball. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, it tells you an estimation of how much power your swing will have based on the surface it currently sits in. Adjust your club and power accordingly. Also take into account if the ground is not level. If the ball is below your feet height wise, the shot will slice to the right. If the ball is above your feet, it will cut to the left. Again, adjust your target accordingly. Everything else you kind of just learn by playing. This is really a game that the more time you put into it the better you get. There is no way around that here.




Great tips. I sadly bought pg last month but I’m not too mad because the game is great and I’m addicted to it.


How much has changed since PGA Tour 2008? Because that's the last time I played a PGA game way back on the PS2. I know it's technically 2K also instead of EA, but the question remains. Has the series evolved a lot since then? I used to just do the Tour/ Season mode, whatever it was called way back when. Just competing in tournaments, making money, buying new clothes/ gear. That was the loop for me. Sounds already like a completely different, more realistic experience right off the bat.


Hell Let Loose seems worth trying out. Edit: Shit it [looks cool](https://youtu.be/f9JJ9fdxMFA)


The beta was fucking awesome. To me it’s like insurgency (came out yesterday) but ww2


from what ive heard and watched, there are a lot of better maps then hurtgen too.


All the maps are better than the hellhole that is hurtgen forrest


Nah Purple Heart lane and foy suck. Rest of the maps are great though.


I heard the controls were not great using a controller (especially aiming). What was your view on that?


At first I thought that, and I played with the sensitivity some. My thoughts are that we’re all used to call of duty style shooters that make aiming feel like it’s easy and quick. I think the game makes it feel like it should, you’re raising a ww2 rifle to your shoulder to shoot, it’s supposed to be clunky to a degree. I think it negates the run n gunning, adds realism. first match I found it annoying, then it grew. I also thought about how I’m used to hunt showdown which has the same terrible control situation where it doesn’t feel perfectly smooth or right. But I think because this is ww2 grounded shooter it works insanely well. In real life you’re not gonna run around with an M1 and just pop people, you’re gonna find a proper position and work it etc. there’s a lot of complaints I’m getting to my comments because I said it’s got some insurgency vibes. Those people expect an entire game to be non stop shooting and have no tactical elements. Hell let loose has vehicles, artillery, etc. you gotta be smart. I’ve never played cod and been like ‘yo dude, help me lay down fire on this MG nest so we can move up’ but that absolutely happens in this game. The detail in the game is also top notch. The first time you get a head shot and you hear the helmet plink is golden.


Does it make use of the adaptive triggers?


Honestly I don’t remember, i think it did though because I’m pretty hooked on feeling trigger tension after siege etc.


It does, but I still turn it off because I feel the adaptive features make controllers break easier.


BL3 broke one of my triggers so now I pretty much have an impending fear whenever I turn on adaptive triggers. Really pissed off/sad because that was my favorite feature of the ps5.


It’s nothing like insurgency. In insurgency you actually see enemies in the first 10 minutes you’re in a match.


Yeah i tried the hell let loose beta and damn it was slow af. Looked pretty nice but i can't play 30 minutes just to get into a couple of fights


Gotta give it a little more time man. Once everyone gets into the flow of how the game works it’ll play a lot better. For the first 2 hours I was lost as hell and thought it was super boring, but with people knowing what’s going on it’s a ton of fun and an experience not yet on console.


Yeah I'm definitely going to download it and play it for a week to see. Other maps might be more my style too.


They’re all big ass maps but the console community will learn very quickly to PUT DOWN GARRISONS. (Keeping it caps as I also really want anyone who reads this to know to do that.)


thats part of the teamwork aspects. you got to get in the transport truck at the start and then get your squad leader to build garrisons and outposts


What? It’s literally nothing like insurgency? Did you play it?


Yeah both. And they have a lot more similar than they do different. Both grounded realistic shooters that focus on teamwork and strategy. Yeah ones ww2 with larger battles but they both use no cross hair and follow a hardcore style, one bullet will drop you etc. beyond one being ww2 and the player count for battles, they have a very large similar focus on play style.


fps is really unstable. But it looks cool if they could fix the performance


It really wasn’t that unstable. It was 60 fps 95% of the time for me in the beta, which was better than I was expecting


Its a mil sim pretty good, rough optimization


Mother In Law sim?


Mother In Law sim called Hell Let Loose? Sounds about right...


True terror.




Hope it kicks ass


So the leaks were real. Sad that MK X is already available on multiple places. Hell Let Loose is cool tought.... *Lineup will be available on Tuesday, October 5 and will be available until Monday, November 1 btw* Edit: lmao, they are really giving up the vanilla MKX version?


>lmao, they are really giving up the vanilla MKX version Well that sucks. Basically just an invitation to spend $50+ on DLC.


Which no one should do since the core fanbase will all be on 11. They would have been much better off giving the base 11 game and then hoping for DLC sales on that.


I disliked 10 immensely. I put a ton of hours into 9, but I liked 11 a lot. Idek why I hated 10 but I just couldn’t get into it


Agreed, very disappointing. In that case maybe it is primarily being offered to drive sales of MK11.


Even worse that you can’t buy the XL version out right cheaper than all the DLC when on sale since the store will recognize that you already have the base game tied to your account. Learned my lesson with SFV. Not allowed to buy the champions edition since I got it through PS+, only the DLC upgrade. Just went and bought the PC version.


Somehow even worse….I just found out MKX is part of the ‘PS Plus Collection’ meaning it was already free, and thus we are getting entirely screwed by October’s ‘free games’.


Yeah, it's a bummer, since I already have it as part of the Playstation Collection PS5 freebies. MK11 would've been nice (though it'd likely cost almost as much to upgrade the inevitable base edition giveaway vs. just buying the "complete" -- or whatever it's called -- edition) On the bright side, [there have been worse months](https://blog.playstation.com/2021/07/28/playstation-plus-games-for-august-hunters-arena-legends-plants-vs-zombies-battle-for-neighborville-tennis-world-tour-2/), and my backlog is *friggin' massive* already.


God hell let loose and insurgency this week. I turn 31 Tuesday, going full hermit


Hell let loose is going to keep me from getting Insurgency. Wish they weren't both dropping right around the same time.


My buddy is in the same boat. We played the hell let loose beta together and loved it. I’ve worked non stop past 2 weeks and haven’t played much of anything besides starting kena. I didn’t wanna spend money on insurgency last night but I had a bonus from working extra and I was dying to know how it was. I’m gonna be playing both of these til battlefield.


Same. Played both betas. Both fun. But HLL was a blast. If insurgency was a summer release I would have been all over it. But between HLL and BF2042 I'll be covered for a long time.




Thank you! definitely feeling old this week. 24 hours at job 1, 35 hours at job 2, 24 hours door dashing. I have had no life lately


Nice. I loved playing Tiger Woods back on the PS2


I miss old school tiger woods. PGA 2k is fun but doesn’t scratch the same itch


saves me $40, so hell ya


Already own the other games. Hell let loose is a fantastic title and I can't wait to check it out next Tuesday. I hope this doesn't affect my HUNT: Showdown addiction ;-)


Are you playing Hunt showdown on PS4 or PS5? How is it in terms of performance and playerbase?


Pretty stoked for Hell Let Loose


Glad to see hell let loos on there. Thr beta was rough as shit. This lets give it a second chance and try the full experience


Hell Let Loose is amazing! Can’t wait. This is the best game of the three.


Hell let loose is a great game. Been playing on PC for awhile.


Hell Let Loose, let’s fucking gooo! Console tactical shooters are back!! Insurgency: Sandstorm today, and this on October 5th. I sincerely urge everyone to give this game a shot. Just brief yourselves prior on how each class works and how the two game modes work, and you’re good to go!


Especially after they announced what is coming in the day 1 patch.


Yes, even more optimistic now!


Where do I find this info




I’m assuming by tactical shooter you mean it’s just far more realistic? As in 1-2 shots and you’re dead? Does it require a lot more coordination with teammates?


A lot more coordination. 1-2 shot dead, if squad lead doesn’t put a spawn beacon thing down, you’ll be running up to damn near 3-5 minutes to get the action. Tanks are absolutely lethal. It’s really fun, but definitely not for the casual crowd






No problem then. First BF2042 beta, then HLL. Also Insurgency on the side!




Yeah lol. Spoiled for multiplayer choices this year. - Splitgate - Quake - Insurgency: Sandstorm - Hell Let Loose - Call of Duty: Vanguard - Battlefield 2042 - Halo Infinite (if you’re Xbox or PC)


What is the control scheme like in PGA Tour 2K21? Is it a three-button press (start, stop, swing) or analog swing like the Tiger Woods games of the past?


Analog. Makes the game more challenging. Plenty of options for changing difficulties too.


God damnit I just bought PGA


I'm super excited to play Hell Let Loose. The guys over at Waypoint (Vice's gaming vertical) seemed to really enjoy this game.




[Leak was right.](https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/pvr32m/playstation_plus_game_of_october/) Hell Let Loose should be fun, at least


If you want a grounded ww2 shooter it’s fantastic


I haven't played a shooter of any kind for quite some time and last online game I really messed with was splatoon 2. I think I'll give this a try.


Just realize there’s nothing arcadey about it. It rewards playing objectively as a team/squad. I love it but some people are definitely gonna say this game sucks even though I’ve had some of the most intense and bad ass moments I’ve had on my ps5 during the beta for this.


Yeah thats why I want to give it a shot. Been so long since I played anything like that. Who knows I might hate it and go back to playing my single player RPGs haha. I've got hundreds of hours in CS:S and GO but that feels like a lifetime ago.


I never had a decent pc so never got to get into counter strike but I’ve always been huge about being as real/tactical as possible without being a dork about it. I have one buddy I really play online with and we decided that it’s time to put siege up on the shelf this week with insurgency and hell let loose. If you want someone to team up with just msg/add me (OG_Dab_Kitty)


My favourite moment was from before the EXP Glitch hit and games actually had commanders in them.. I'm in a trench, and me and 2 enemies end up running into each other. Before any of us can react, we all get exploded by artillery (my team, I got TKed). Spawn at the closest garrison, and just as I make it back to the trench, an enemy bombing run goes the length of it, and I get exploded again. I got destroyed twice in about a minute, and just sat there loving it. It can be brutal, but it's still so much fun.


I started golfing last year and now I’m an avid golf fan so I’m excited to play PGA Tour!


Haha me too, how the handicap coming down?


hey you cant say that on the internet


Terrible, I mostly play to drink honestly. Idk my handicap and I won’t bother calculating it. I always shoot at least 35-40 over par.


Same here!


Gimme that golf game babayyy I almost bought this shit like 2 weeks ago happy I didn’t


Oh fuck yes Hell Let Loose is awesome


Nice! Never really played much mil sims but seems like it could be fun!


Man, HLL was a 100% purchase for me, but I also wanted Alan Wake, so this is amazing


Pga tour2k21 is amazing I have it on pc and play it a lot totally suggest giving it a play if you like any golf games


Just gets worse every month smh


PS+ has been shit now for a while for the PS4 user who doesn't like multiplayer or sports.


I'm subscribed to PS+ just to take advantage of the PS+ Collection for PS5. Once I'm done with those I really don't see myself maintaining this subscription for limited offerings like we've had the last few months (the "good" games are ones that are years old like Plague Tale, Hitman 2 and Mortal Kombat X).


I guess it’s cause Halloween is an American Holiday but it would’ve been nice to get a cheaper scary game like Resident Evil 3, or Little Nightmares II instead of Mortal Kombat.


Stoked on 2k golf.


PGA tour it is, I guess...


Hell Let Loose is my only choice, bought PGA 2K21 earlier this year and got MKX in the PS+ Collection for PS5


Putting a PS+ collection game in the monthly games wtf


I don't get why people are shitting on HLL so much. It runs far better than the PC version did at launch. You're getting a $40 brand new game where Xbox is paying full price. Yes the beta had issues, but name a multiplayer game in the past 5+ years that hasn't had issues, and most of those games are CoD and Battlefield. Mortal Kombat and PGA I can understand the hate more, but not HLL. Only complaint is MKX because it's on the PS Collection.


I think people are hating on it so much because they don’t understand it yet. During the beta, no one was using a mic, there were no commanders, and no one would build a garrison. This resulted in a bunch of people complaining about the lack of action and having to run 20 minutes to get to the objective. Granted, the game could benefit from a tutorial. Once people learn the game mechanics, and understand it isn’t an arcade shooter, I think they will really enjoy it.


And the devs already have a patch ready: [https://www.reddit.com/r/HellLetLoose/comments/px3z89/day\_1\_console\_patch\_notes\_aiming\_deadzone\_news/](https://www.reddit.com/r/HellLetLoose/comments/px3z89/day_1_console_patch_notes_aiming_deadzone_news/)


Hell let loose and pga?! That’s a good score, I nearly pulled the trigger on those recently, so I’m stoked


Hell yes! So glad I waited for PGA was ready to pay $49 the other day for it


Who keeps getting these leaks correct every time lately?


Cynical me says the people that Sony tell what the games are a week ahead of the announcement...


Well somehow this has to be true, because at first only people at the company know which game they will giveaway.


Nice, haven’t played a golf game in years.


I wanted to play some golf so im satisfied


Hell let loose seems really cool. No hud no hit makers. Immersive 50v50 WW1 shooter




Thanks for the correction


as someone who plays hll a lot its the best ww2 game on the market and one of the best all time. its a realistic tactical shooter


No interest in anything this month for me unfortunately


Hell let loose is AWESOME!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


If you're excited about HLL (Hell Let Loose) then here's a beginner's guide for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaY27yiOPPA It's quite a complicated game that can be SUPER FRUSTRATING due to player-built spawn-points being incredibly important. I'm also working on a quick-start type guide for new players that should be published in a few hours. Here's a link to my HLL Guides with over 30+ videos on every single topic: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_xYuVQ7ZF4TMGa4jImMwR_It_Mk73EFi


Pga2k is such a chill game with friends after a chaotic session of Warzone.


Does anyone know if MKX and PGA are cross play between PS5 and PS4? I have Googled but can't find any answers. Thanks in advance for your help.


If you are playing a ps4 game on ps5, yes. If the game is native ps5, it depends on the game. So, I would say MKx and PGA are crossplay


Man I bought hell let loose last month. I mean, I got it for the PC, and it was on sale, but I probably would have saved my 30 bucks RIP


ive been wanting to play pga 2k21 for ages


Looking forward to Hell Let Loose, and glad to see the majority are as well!


Can you still get hell let loose if you don't have a PS5 and just download it form the library once I get one ?


Cant wait for HLL. Beta was insane fun. Haptics were amazing. Now we get 9 maps! Already took friday off for a long weekend


Never played a golfing game since the PS2 but everyone says that this one slaps?? Gonna have to give it a go


can't wait to play Hell Let Loose, I was planning on getting it anyways so this is a big plus