Based AOC?

Based AOC?


She voted against her own conscience to secure future votes. It’s called selling out.


Typical politicians without convictions


“Big promises, but all talk”




But how more could the US fund Israel with higher taxes? Come on now let’s use the big boy brain.


Typical politicians. Ftfy




Wait, politicians having no actual convictions and only caring about themselves? Well I never!


I for one am shocked and also appalled.


Almost there. It’s called “being a politician”. It’s not always optional either. If you only go with what you genuinely believe in, you’re not likely to get elected.


Which is why politicians are trash. You’re almost there!


“AOC reportedly broke down crying on the House Floor after changing her vote from “no” to “present” at the last minute, which many reporters speculated was a necessary strategic move to position herself to run for Senate in New York.” Per Jezebel This couldn’t be more predictable. Internet being in love with certain politician and them being actual hypocritical dogshit when it matters.


I honestly greatly admire how efficient AOC is at influencing the internet populace.


It never translates, unless you are into canceling business. You can’t vote with a keyboard.


Twitter, reddit, FB, Tik Tok and social media in general are thankfully not reprentative of the general person. I can only imagine how much of a disaster it would be.


No matter how much reddit cums on hearing bernie but his ideas and talks are not practically possible to implement as easy as they make it seem , shows their lack of knowledge in various fields.


80% of Youtube views are males in their 20s.


My understanding is that the majority of YouTube viewers are actually young children. The most popular YouTube video is Pinkfong's Kids Songs & Stories Baby Shark Dance, with 7.85 billion views (the most popular videos are mostly Minecraft and kid's toy unboxing). 80% of U.S. parents with a child age 11 or younger say their child watches videos on YouTube, and 53% of those children use the platform daily. Only 54.2% of YouTube's total advertising audience is male. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/youtube-demographics


Baby shark is at 9.3 billion now


Good. It slaps


Doo doo didoodidoo


It is not efficiency it is sunk cost. These retards already anointed her now they live with their decision every day. All she has to do is throw them some scraps every once in a while like the MET Gala. Soon enough though there will be civil unrest in the circlejerk and a counterjerk will form. See Elon Musk.


I like circle jerking around Elon. Not because I’m a particularly huge fan, but because idiots get meltdowns over it


Elon is one of those useful Rorschach tests for who it's good to be around. You don't really want to be in the group of people for whom he can do no wrong, and you don't want to be in the group of people that have a hate boner for him. Somewhere in there are the people who are misinformed and you just have to set a timer for how long it takes them to become truth-pilled about the quality of their sources.


Turns out, all it takes to controll the masses of 18-26 year olds is a pie in the sky socialist dream and boobs.


Nah, just boobs.


Birth to death, milkers are best!


Hope the camera recorded her crying, otherwise it would have been a wastage of tears.


>Hope the camera recorded her crying NGL thought you were going in a different direction


I wish the media would purposely ignore her just to see her freak out about not getting attention


She would claim the media was trying to silence her. Either because she is a minority or a woman or a socialist etc etc.


I hope so to, prime jerk off material.


Last minute emotional decision sound like the sort of thing that qualify you for senate. But leftist are just going to claim that breaking down crying like that is "brave".


AOC, like almost every other politician, has put her political career above everything else. We need another Washington or Cincinnatus to save us before it’s too late.


We need a Caesar. Cincinnatus ain't enough to deal with this.


Sulla not Caesar, Caesar never meant to give up power imo.


That’s the point. Sulla was an optimate bitch boy that protected the oligarchs and proscribed half the populares. Caesar was ten times the man Sulla was.


Scipio Africanus. That guy understood the meaning of putting county above the political establishment. Literally saved the Roman empire from Hannibal and Carthage, and yet was despised by the "swamp" at home.


We can always have the Senate stab him to death after he's fixed things


Because we all know the republic survived for a long time after Caesar's assassination


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Maybe not, but don't forget the motivations behind the senators that assassinated him. They killed him not because he was a threat to the Republic, but because he was a threat to *their rule* over the Republic. I'm not saying Caesar was a saint or didn't employ some forms of tyranny, but if you look at the day-day standing of the average Roman citizen before and after his career you'll find that quality of life improved across the board. Well, except for the oligarchs of course.


Bring back the Don?


but orange man bad


Orange man did very clearly represent something of a genuine move away from career politicians, only for the public to get scared and go back. Whatever your opinion of trump specifically, it’s no coincidence that a non politician was elected in a time of some political turmoil.


Waiting to see what comes after Trump because America clearly isn’t finished. Political turmoil leading to political violence, propaganda from both sides of a two-party system diminishing our similarities. We’ll all be called “Communist” or “Fascist” by the end of the decade… instead of Democrat or Republican. I think I’ve seen this before.


The worst part is that those two terms are so loosely used, especially Fascist, that if a legit Fascist party ran in the US, very few would recognize them as Fascist because it wouldn't fit people's perception of it.


You don't need to wait, you won't see a single Average Joe calling China fascist, event though they basically check out all the core tenets.


"No more career politicians!" Okay, here's a guy who's never held office. "Most unqualified president ever!"


oragne men make 🅱️ovid and give it to Chinese people to make Kung Flu


Unironically, yes. He was elected to drain the Swamp. The swamp is as flooded as ever.


The swamp drained him


I too cried as I smothered the last of my personal morals to death.


Oof. Based and real politik pilled


Too bad I don’t live in New York, so I could vote for someone else


No we arent fucker, that was a slimy move she made.


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I think not voting period or refusing to vote (which is the same as voting "present") you should be treated like one of us normies would if you just didn't show up to work.


I don’t think “present” should be an option. It’s not when I go to vote in elections. Like it’s literally saying “I came to work but refused to participate” just with more political messaging attached. Because what it’s really saying is “I want to support/oppose this legislation, but I’m too much of a coward to actively vote against my party’s interests.”


Exactly. I might be wrong but a big reason why I respect Rand Paul, even if I dont agree with some of his stances, is that he seems to be the only senator that actually shows up every fuckin day and votes even when his vote is a lost cause or against the GOP’s wishes. Whenever I see something like “57 democrats voted yes and 43 republicans didn’t vote because they knew it would be a waste of time” I get furious. I don’t get to do that at MY job.


>it’s not when I go to vote in elections Yes it is. You can write anything you want on your ballot. You can vote for Mickey Mouse if you want to vote without showing any support. He gets a ton of votes every year. Hell, vote for ball-guzzler if you want.


>vote for ball-guzzler You haven’t earned my vote yet, chief.


Why would she cry though? It makes no sense


Same reason why she wore tax the rich dress while partying with billionaires; to throw a carrot to her supporters so that they keep on defending her regardless of her actual actions.


No, no, no! She was hanging out with hundreds of American aristocrats ironically, you see. She was forced to send billions to Israel for The Iron Dome under duress, you see. 😉


My favorite thing is champagne socialists using the Bors "yet you participate in society curious" comic as a defense. Yeah, hanging out at Met Gala is literally comparable to a medieval peasant.


Bro when I saw that picture I was fucking wheezing, "tax the rich" at the mf met gala, the epitome of arrogance and disconnection from the normal person. That fucking dress probably costs like 20.000 $ 😂


That whole fiasco was so funny. She called her designer an immigrant to give victim points (She immigrated from Canada lol). Her designer was herself a major tax fraud who used sweatshops and unpaid interns to produce the clothes. And she was in relationship with a guy who is heir to the multibillion dollar company Seagram. AOC along with her boyfriend were literally partying with atleast two of these guys and her supporters think that there was nothing hypocritical about her actions.


I love how wokesters have an almost pavlovian response to words like "immigrant", "poc" or "indeginous". One of my favorite things when they get uppity in debating is to tell them im indeginous and they immediately backpedal. Tfw: im karelian and white.


Most Europeans are indigenous, which is why they usually exclude whites from the indigenous category. Wouldn't want us to be in control of our ancestral homelands.


The bf is a half-black, half-Jewish heir to the Seagram fortune while playing woke. The levels of hypocrisy are sick.


It's absolutely hilarious her supporters defended AOC at the Met Gala by saying shit like "she was there to protest". I don't see how smiling, laughing, and having a blast with celebrities and rich people is considered a "protest".


I still love her but that’s because I have a huge Latina fetish.


Based and Latina fetish pilled


Based and honestyisthebestpolicy pilled


So do I 🥺.


Take a trip to Costa Rica my dude. American Latinas don't compare.


AOC, at the very last moment said, "fuck those brownies."


She was literally sobbing as you can see in the pic https:https://www.agefotostock.com/age/en/details-photo/a-woman-in-the-sudetenland-greets-incoming-german-troops-with-tears-and-a-nazi-salute-world-war-two/IAM-WHA-063-0364


lmao noice


I don't think it's the internet being in love with her. Her fanbase is composed of a few "breadtube" goons who are desperately trying to pretend to be meaningfully different from Rachel Maddow, plus a few boomercons who saw that picture from when she was in college on Facebook and think she still looks like that. The rest of the internet just makes fun of her for being narcissistic and incompetent.


Imagine that a politician not voting for their constituents


Someone recently tried to argue with me that AOC was anti-establishment. Gonna direct them to this.


All revolutionaries (cosplaying or otherwise) are anti-establishment to the extent it requires them to become the new establishment. She’s running for POTUS in a decade. Book it.


Oh so you think she’s a revolutionary also. Quite a light revolution wouldn’t you say? She’s a democrat on steroids. Don’t kid yourself.


Nope. I think she’s cosplaying as one. And I think she certainly panders to many who have not entirely abandoned the democratic process. I think, above all, she has the soul of a politician and it has shown through since last February when she began distancing herself from some of Bernie’s crankier and crazier statements


She’s also cosplaying being anti-establishment. Voting present on the Iron-dome after crying about Palestinian human rights is about as cosplayed anti-establishment as you can get.


Based. She never was against the ruling class, she's part of it. Her saying that the democrats have become a workers' party is really the cherry on top. American politics is a circus


Based and rare-diagonal-unity-pilled


Lol you think she’s gonna go back to making a bartender’s salary? She sold out in the middle of her first term.


Right. She has become the elite that she not so long ago claimed to oppose.


AOC absolutely was doing this for show. I’m a libleft and even I realize this


I get the crying for show, completely theatrical, but why not just vote “no”? What prompted her to switch her vote to “present”?


To get pro-Israel votes


Then why cry? It sounds like she was crying because of how strongly she feels in opposition to the bill. It's the equivalent of voting no a thousand times and then writing in "fuck you no" a few more times. Something is not adding up between the vote and the crying.


It’s a double edged thing Cry for the nerds who like her on the Internet, give them that visual. The “present” vote is for the people who actually care about action, the Pro-Israel crowd, who will ignore the tears because they see how she actually voted. That’s her intent anyway.


Interesting. The intent makes sense then, but I don't think the Pro-Israel crowd is dumb enough to believe it. Voting absent is symbolic, openly weeping about it is symbolic. The latter is a stronger gesture that shows how important the issue is to her and how much she actually wants to vote no. It makes it more than clear that she will not be expected to support Israel on any issue where her vote could actually effect the outcome.


Feelings don’t matter in politics, the actual vote is what matters. I think it’s a smart move by her because some people will remember the tears whereas some people will remember the result. I hope I’m wrong because I think she’s a POS and bad for America but…


I imagine she believes the crying would get more sympathy from Rose Twitter.


Elsewhere someone quoted Jezebel as saying they think she's going to try and run for senate. Her current brand likely wouldn't work too well in a statewide election in New York, so she's going to need to pivot hard in order to do that. Part of that pivot would be taking a softer stance on Israel so she has more of a chance of getting Jewish votes. I think it will be hilarious if she actually does try this, because I think her brand is too toxic to survive outside of her district. She's going to lose her bid for senate and then get primaried in the house by someone who runs on the platform that got her elected in the first place.


He worst part is even if she fails out of politics Hollywood will nail her out with movie and book deals.


I cant wait to see her crying on cue on CNN She can have her own segment at the end of her show, "Tissue Issues"


She's one of the few people in New York state who might actually manage to lose to a Republican.


Ha not a shot in hell


we aint gonna feed the hand that bites us


Next she's going to buy a 5 million dollar mansion for "show"


Did she assume leadership of BLM, Inc. or something?


No, it's just that she seems to be making compromises on her principles while making a show out of it... but she is in Washington... its an absolute swamp of corruption.


Looks like we need someone to..... drain the swamp?


Yes, but not by replacing it with different swamp monsters


>Don’t worry boys, I’ve turned the swamp into a bog!


Common misconception.... "The swamp" isn't the people or the "monsters". The swamp is the honeypot they work within. When you have the largest honeypot in the history of the world, it will always attract the greediest, scummiest, most immoral people in all of society. As long as it exists as is, no matter who is inserted into he situation will become "swamp creatures"




I noticed last year how she by far has the best long-term prospects of the squad, maybe Pressley too. She’s not willing to burn down entire institutions wholesale, she does understand to some degree strategic parliamentary procedure, and she is willing to relent on principles that I have no doubt she firmly believes. That is an ambitious, clever woman with one foot in leftie populism and another in institutionalism. She’s a lot smarter (and more politically adroit) than I think even her supporters realize.


Yeah, she surprises me too... I suppose I should be thanking her for being a thorn in Pelosi's backside


Wish she was the knife at pelousy's throat though.




I'm old. I watched the dems talk all their shit and roll over and piss themselves like scared dogs under W. I have no idea how this wealthy, ineffectual, out of touch old bat manages to keep getting speaker when she hasn't done dick and when it came down to brass tacks she voted for whatever the opposition wanted anyway.


She continues to have the reins of power for two reasons. The first of which she is the best fundraising speaker of the house in US history. The second of which is that at the end of the day she does manage to wrangle her caucus and keep votes together, while working out political cover for people who need to vote against a democratic bill. The house democratic caucus runs the gamut from five socialists all the way to deeply religious, anti-immigration Hispanic blue dogs. So, she’s a good parliamentarian, terrible for what she was elected to do.


She has definitely read up on her Marxist organizing, and the incrementalist approach to leftward shift. I don’t think it takes a genius to look at what the Republican Party did in the last 40 years either. It’s about playing the long game in a republic


“*compromises on her principles*” Bold of you to assume that anyone in that cesspit even knows what a principle is


She doesn't have principles and never has, she's a grifter, the whole squad is and their voting record shows it every time.


Her merch must be flying off the shelves


Buying a mansion to own the reps




She is a wealthy socialist, I mean-


So bullshit to cry while voting for your best interests


I genuenly can't find a vid of this. Just a single pic of her dabbing her eye. My money is on the media spinning it again.


This is why i don’t pay taxes




Tears of joy as she realises soon she’ll be able to afford a new 10M house


But only because NY politicians are routinely gifted $10mm homes and not because she deserves it


so when is the left gonna find someone who is actually proactive and backs them?


Kinda felt Sanders wouldve had a bigger backbone….shame his voting populace are a bunch of college hippies who are too lazy to vote for him in the first place


He also backtracked alot and wasnt hard enough on biden. Bernie had alot more backbone in 2016 than this election


I guess a more accurate question would be, when will the left have someone who is pro-active with a back bone because the “squad” backed by a 80 y/o man isn’t cuttin it.


They had it with tulsi who they shat on for not being the good girl of the establishment and being able to garner support with right wingers because she wasnt a fucking moron which they viewed as her somehow being basically a neocon because i guess you cant unite both sides of the isle now. Then when she challenged #girlboss kamala and warren and establishment beloved biden, the big shot dems took her out. Just like trumps nomination and subsequent cock suckery from the GOP to him after tearing him apart made me lose faith in anyone in the GOP having a backbone, the same has played out with biden and the dems.


She’s too pro-war/closed borders. Which makes her a racist on Twitter. Twitter is the current driving force of the lefts “perfect” narrative. Lefties will never follow behind someone like that. The current left will only stand behind a perfect human. Which is why the left tears itself apart so much. Instead of changing themselves to find a real leader, they would rather donate money to an already rich streamer or something.


And even in 2016 he had fuckall for backbone. Barely pushed on Clinton. 2020 debates drove me insane. Constantly leading with "[Candidate] is a good person, [Candidate] is my friend, etc" like fucking hell


The DNC really didn’t help either. Normal lefties are never going to have a voice with the current establishment involved. Same goes for lib-right.


TAX THE RICH 💅 _so that we send fun boom bombs to other countries_


This but unironic


Do you even know what the iron dome does?


Could we just remove the "present" vote. I don't know the purpose behind it; is it suppose to represent an "undecided or for sale" vote?


it means you are counted towards quorum without taking a position on the bill itself.


Not even surprised anymore after that Met Gala stuff


my first thought as well. I guess she had some "convincing" conversations when she was there....


hahahaha "based" more like spineless.


You can't make Israel an enemy and try to run for office in New York.


Based and barmitzva-pilled


Authright be like "America first" *immediately send a billion dollars into some middle-eastern war*


Apparently LibLeft too lol.


I have nothing against Isreal in general, but I think we're at the point where perhaps we should stop sending out all foreign aid until we get our own shit under control.


> I have nothing against Isreal in general, but I think we're at the point where perhaps we should stop sending out all foreign aid ~~until we get our own shit under control.~~ I'd rather my money stay in my own pocket rather than go to some foreign shithole, 100% of the time.


Based and domestic aid pilled


that foreign aid has a few strings attached, we can only use it to buy shit from the states


That's actually pretty interesting. Do you have a source by chance? I would like to know more.


the main sources i could find are in hebrew


It's pretty common. Most foreign aid is just welfare for domestic defense contractors. Instead of paying them to dig holes, we're paying them to send F-16s to allies.


As someone who has a younger sister, those crocodile tears are fake as shit


based and older sibling pilled


Weird how such a divided congress that has repeatedly failed to serve its own people could be unanimous in something so retarded… sans the fact that our country is being run by retards [I wonder what could cause something like this…](https://www.wsj.com/articles/pro-israel-group-lobbies-for-u-s-aid-funds-congressional-trips-11550174834)


“Government by the people…. Of the people…. For the people…. But the people are retarded.” -Osho the only dank thing he’s ever said.


And thats how Platos Republic was born.


So your saying the state of Israel…ie Jews are behind a 100mil a year lobbying effort for Americans to keep paying their missile defense bills? Color me surprised AuthCenter wasn’t wrong for once…


I heard that her district has a lot of Jews, so she did this to appease them


I would think voting anything other than "yes" would make them angry. Voting "present" basically just says she doesn't care if Israel gets hit by rockets.


Present is better than no, so who knows what the Jews might think


What is the difference between present and no?


Basically nothing, but you can pretend to you didn't vote against it which is technically true even though the outcome is the same.


So present is like saying I won’t answer the question.


Yes. Since the bill would only pass with a certain amount of "yes" votes, voting "no" and voting "present" function the exact same way since there is one less "yes" either way.


She wants to tax the rich and send the money to Israel


Why are we paying for Israel's weapons defensive or otherwise? Can they not afford it?


Because the data from Israel’s constant use of the system is extremely valuable for our own air defense systems.


Also the iron dome is maintained by an American company.


Israel ain't poor. While they would have less weapons without our aid, they would still have most of them. I want us to just stop funding Palestine AND Israel. It ain't our squabble. Why should it be our money?


Because daddy USA is in the killing business. And business has been good.


Based and Megadeth pilled


One billion up front, and one billion when I’m through, And I know just what to do, And ya know I’ll do it too! Then I’m coming back for you, (Back for you!)


Booming one might even say


it’s not like peace ever makes money


I guess you haven't noticed that we fund almost half of the world's national' defense bills...


Well the world has come to a point we're the second we leave an area, china comes right in with cheaper goods.


Why do they even need money for that, isn't Israel rich as fuck?


I understand people’s opposition to supporting Israel in a large variety of ways, but the Iron Dome system is purely defensive. It’s entire purpose is to shoot down rockets that would be killing innocent civilians otherwise. I’m not sure how someone would be against supporting this in good faith. Not saying my mind can’t be changed, but I don’t get it.


I hope her crocodile tears just end up making her look weak to anyone on the fence. You really want that to be your leader?


It was so hard for me to vote present instead of Nay... Fuck out of here with your weak ass convictions. Vote nay or vote yae. IDGAF but don't vote present and make a show about it.


Isreal is like that one homie that asks for money even though they've got more than enough to buy whatever stupid shit they're trying to buy


The thing is simple USA is one of the buyers of the iron dome and if we pour more money into manufacturing and the development of it the pros get even better


But I’m not sure if she actually wants this or if it’s just some decision for publicity


well the vote was 420 (nice) to 9. so she cant be the only progressive that "compromised."


420 yay 9 present and 2 nay is what I heard


Ok so saying "present" is basically abdication of your vote, right?




420 yes, 9 no, 2 present https://twitter.com/_nalexander/status/1441114646434385929?s=19 Here's pelosi having a chat with aoc and then aoc going over and changing her vote from no to present.


How is this based?


Hear me out, or don’t. I don’t care, I just need to vent. Fuck Israel, it quite frankly was not meant to exist in its current form, given the absurd amount of effort that the rest of the world has to put in just to keep the whole operation afloat. However, defunding the iron dome will only cause your average Israeli citizen (who is literally just trying to go about their own damn life in peace) to suffer, while the people at the top will get off scot free, so it really doesn’t solve the problem.