How has no one mentioned that one of those senators Texas would lose would be Ted Cruz? Like that alone should make this a very enticing offer for the rest of America.


Ted Cruz is a cockroach, no doubt he would move to somewhere like Alabama, Louisiana or Oklahoma before the secession and keep being a senator.


My first thought also. He’d immediately move to another red state and campaign.


But he'd have to get American citizenship


Now *there* is an interesting statement. I didn't even think of that. Would the people residing in TX have to renounce their US citizenship to be Texas Democratic People's Republic citizens, or would the TDPR allow dual-citizenship?


Even more interesting is would you have to be a US Citizen in the first place to become a citizen. It would be hilarious if in the process of seceding they turned all the undocumented immigrants they hate so much into legitimate TDPR citizens.


He’d move to Cancun and campaign for Tennessee.


> Ted Cruz is a cockroach You stop insulting cockroaches like that right now.


Enjoy that next hurricane. Good luck on the border. Have fun supporting your universities. Thought and prayers with your electric grid.


More importantly: #Have fun with Ted Cruz


You mean their new President!


Until Donnie decides he might want to move to the United Texas of Texas and Rafael will gladly step aside.


He mightn't step aside so much as take a knee...


Maybe two knees?


Definitely two knees… Boebert will show him


What’s the opposite of fanfic?




Autoeroticbiography rolls off the tongue easier


Right the prostitution. She was an escort for Ted Cruz buddy, Koch something


So, there every possibility she really *IS* a Kock sucker?


During the national anthem? That is literally the most offensive thing anyone could ever do!


Won’t be their nation anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You misspelled ‘Texas Texas of Texas’ I’ve been to Texas, when you have a place located on Texas St, Houston, Texas, maybe it’s time to quit


Emperor Cruz


I was born in Texas and I'm pushing 50. This nonsense happens every election cycle. It's all silly posturing. It won't happen. Again.


For once though it'd be nice to see a president just say "Do It". Stare them the fuck down and say "Hey my Tuesday is clear, send someone up and we'll have you out of the US in time for dinner". Better yet TELL THEM "I understand that Texas is looking at removing themselves from the US. Some may see this as a foolish move but I whole heartedly endorse the efforts of Texas lawmakers to ensure the people of their state continue to experience the liberty our founders intended. Make no mistake, I Joseph Biden believe in freedom and believe that this move from the great state of Texas will see benefits for generations to come". (R) voters and lawmakers will run them selves dizzy between trying to be anti-biden but pro-texas posturing.


Our President Joe Biden is trying to divide us by suggesting we continue with our plan of leaving the union! Joe Biden, America's divider! /s


During Obama's term when Republicans had a Congressional majority, they voted in a virtue signalling bill that was horribly written and would have bad effects. Before the vote Obama made a speech laying out why it was a bad idea and shouldn't be put into law. Republicans ignored him and passed the bill. Obama vetoed it. Republicans overrode the veto and the bill became law. When the exact bad results came about that Obama said would, [McConnell went to the airwaves blaming Obama saying that he should have warned them about how it was a bad bill](https://www.latimes.com/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-gop-chutzpah-20160930-snap-story.html).


Dude, the worst thing is they would fucking eat it up.


Yeah, but now, instead of rolling their eyes at Texas, a lot of people are thinking "But do you promise? Really really promise?" My only stipulation is that Texas would have to provide a stipend so people who don't want to seceed but are too poor to move on their own can afford to relocate to another state. No dragging people down the crazy path just because they are too poor to escape.


The next great Freedom Railroad, sponsored by USA Democrats.


That's what everyone said about Brexit


Texit has a nice ring to it!


Well, in the 1860’s the US had a real long and heated debate about if states could just… leave. Turns out, you can’t.


BuH mUh PoWeR gRiD


Good luck on the border ! Power GRID


We're going to need to build a wall after all.


We should build it out of Hillaries, since Republicans just can't get over her for whatever reason.


So smooth just like buttery males (:




I don't think those in Mexico that are crossing the border will be going into Texas once they're on their own. If anything... they're going to have the guns facing inward to keep Texans from fleeing into Mexico.


Oh man. A solid chuck of their populace would bail, and anyone with money would be gone fast, no corporation wants to be outside the US and isn't ALREADY outside the US. Then they'd have to find a global niche, like being the only country where you can sell adulterated milk products just to drum up enough revenue to keep the lights on. They'd also become a theocracy, which works out great for the middle eastern undeveloped nations. Who knows maybe they could actually regress to the bronze age.


The feds would never allow Texas to secede peacefully. They house the federal strategic reserve of helium.


according to the wiki the government's been trying to phase it out and sell it to private individuals since the 1990s, so that might not actually be a problem


It’d be very satisfying to watch red state secessionists find out how dependent they are on Daddy California. So much of the obvious and even lesser known benefits are lost on their ungrateful, entitled selves. Cali even literally _feeds_ them.


CA pays more in federal taxes than 42 other states combined. We literally support these stupid, broke ass red states. Would love for Texas to secede.


Imagine what Blue States could get done if they didn't have to subsidize hellholes.


This but unironically. I literally believe that the average citizen of the USA would be infinitely better off if the country broke apart into at least 3 countries based upon the west coast, east coast, and flyover states + south. Possibly 4 with the midwest being it's own country and the south being another country by itself. This would mean no more subsidizing of red states, where they would quickly fall apart into shithole third world hellscapes where republicans can live their christo-fascistic dreams. The blue states would most likely hyper-liberalize and become much more like a European country, especially considering how many left leaning people would flee into them and republicans would flee out of them to live in the conservative states. Imagine a Washington state not bogged down by the eastern side/Idaho republicans living on the border. They'd probably get high speed trains built within 10 years to link up the state and look like Germany or the Netherlands.


> republicans would flee out of them to live in the conservative states. I somehow doubt that. Despite all their rhetorics, Most conservatives prefer what they call "government handouts" over not having shit, high debt and dying. They'd rather stay and be disruptive.


Wait, is that true? Edit: no, it’s not. I did the math and California pays more in federal taxes than 25 other states combined. It’s still a lot, but it’s not 42. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_tax_revenue_by_state


Thanks for the correction. In truth that number was what I read two years ago. I didn't look it up again. Glad to hear that we are paying less, but still a huge amount to support states that only take. The amount of money Kentucky for example...McConnel's state.... gets is downright rapacious.




I mean the border wouldn't really be an issue would it, who would want to cross in if they're not part of the US?


People passing through to get to the US.


Like we'd allow a hostile foreign state on our border. Texas would be invaded the day after it seceded and retaken within a couple weeks. These un-American traitors are free to leave whenever they want, but we're keeping the real estate.


The entire US military is no match for muh AR-15


i like how they think a bunch of untrained fat people with guns can go toe to toe with the most heavily funded military in the world


Heavily funded by the same ones that want to take them over now. 😂 Being a Republican is wild.


It would kick off a civil war though. We're not invading Texas without other states joining in defending Texas. They'd still lose, but it's a long war with lots of death and destruction. As long as we actually treat them like traitors at the end and not the kumbaya bullshit we did after the first civil war we can maybe join the 21 century off social democracies.


It would be a civil war within the state itself. Those of us in the cities who have half a brain and understand economics wouldn’t support the rebellion of small town bob mctreason. And our cities are BIG


Yup and we know which ones they’d be. *Hint: it’s the ones that supported slavery


Still do


Wow. Imagine the south as territories instead of states. “Yeah, we’d love to grant you statehood. First we have to figure out how to ensure our political system stays balanced though, but don’t worry we’re going to get to you just as soon as we figure out the whole dc and Puerto Rico thing. Until then keep paying your taxes and we’ll be sure to give you a few bananas and a pallet of toilet paper after the next natural disaster.”


Sherman should have kept on marching.


Strictly speaking, a referendum literally cannot be held on this issue because the whole point of the Civil War was that secession is illegal. Technically, Texas and the other states never actually seceded. Their treasonous governments fielded treasonous American citizens to fight against other American citizens. It’s just BS to rile people up. And it’s working. Here’s an article from the Texas Tribune in early 2021 that explains in more detail: https://www.texastribune.org/2021/01/29/texas-secession/


As a coworker of mine framed it, The Civil War was not the North vs the South, the Union vs the Confederacy, or the Blue vs the Gray. It was the *United States Military* vs some southern traitors. The Confederacy was not a country, and shouldn't be treated like it was on equal footing to the country it was committing treason against. But they've been "both sides"ed so much over the past 150 years that people like to see them as equals. Also, that the war was a close one, where it could've gone either way (despite that it was fought almost entirely in the south). The casualties were about the same amount, but the north had *more than double* the amount of soldiers.


We'll have to spend a lot of money hardening the US border to stop all them illegals from Texas from getting in. Lol


Quit threatening us with a good time!


It's like Corona all over they killed themselves to prove a point then too.


And they did prove...........that coronavirus is indeed dangerous. We have appreciate those whom sacrificed for the sake of science.


Its crazy how long we spent still having 1000+ people die a day, and that implies around 970 of those did not take the vaccine. But they all still held on to that belief, some till the bitter end.


It hit over 3000 a day at one point


Yeah this is a real "Bye Felicia" moment.


I haven't followed EU politics well but isn't this going to turn into another brexit? Theyre going to immediately regret separation when they lose all the strength of having a federal government and the states are going to rapidly degenerate. Also how would borders even work? The US is split into two parts of coastal North America and the United GOP will be central North America?


This tweet is referring to only Texas leaving, not all of the GOP states. But yeah, they would definitely immediately regret it. The UK seems to regret leaving solely for economic reasons, but I think Texas would be dealing with economic downturn AND very soon turn into a Christian theocratic hellhole as well. This is never going to happen though. Per the Constitution, they can't legally just vote to leave. So we can all crack jokes about their "we're big bad Texas rawwr" grandstanding and roll our eyes. In reality, while I wouldn't be sad to see the state go, I would still be concerned about the sane people who live there, so I would find the situation much more grim.


While the legality of secession got settled a century and a half ago, I do wonder if there's merit to revisiting the question. Quite frankly, if a state is so insane that they actually might want to leave, it's probably for the best *for everyone else* to just be rid of them. In practice, the volume of things that would need to be untangled logistically would be so complicated I can see the federal government refusing on that basis alone. Regardless, I'm not certain being forever sworn to the empire is necessarily in the spirit of ostensible democracy.


Instantly, Texas can say goodbye to ALL THEIR MILITARY BASES. Say goodbye to NASA. Even the NSA. All will be pulled. Try it, Texas. The Texas GOP are fucking inept culture war drama queens, geezus vote them out.


Gerrymandered or not, these clowns should be devastated in Nov. but...


Morgan Freeman: In the end...when allll the dust settled, one thing was made clear. The number of people flying American flags on their trucks and shouting about the American constitution matched up pretty well with the number of people that voted to leave America. They expected the military bases to be shut down. They did not expect the bases to remain operational as an occupying force in a now-hostile nation-state. This 'second civil war' as it became known lasted only a fraction of the duration of the first. But a hundred years later, idiots from every state would still be flying the 'Texas Freedom' flag as a symbol of ongoing bigotry and ignorance. Thus the cycle continues.


I legit read that in his voice


I had to go back and put myself in the right headspace. You know. Read is as slow as he speaks when imparting words that make me want to be a better man. Really roll the allllll bit. Oof. Perfection


Never underestimate stupidity. Brexit happened after all.


Can we call this one Texit?


I'm upvoting you because you are correct. I'm still sad though.


Confederacy still alive and kicking in the south. They never got the fucking message they lost and that’s because the north didn’t go back down and kick their heads in a second time as soon as they started misbehaving again.


The only thing Sherman did wrong was stop.


Oh, way down south in the land of traitors Rattlesnakes and alligators...


Nothing pisses them off more than an educated metrosexual, straight, glasses wearing liberal from Massachusetts. Edit: holding a Starbucks cup


Not if you ask Ted Cruz: >"If there comes a point where it’s hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil,” Cruz told an audience at Texas A&M University. Not surprisingly, that's not how this works...


Not only that, but it would be incredibly easy to starve the "new" state of any income. Immediately demand that all companies that wish to operate in the US cannot cooperate with seceding state. There goes Walmart, Target, all major grocery stores, all major fast food companies, manufacturers, technology companies, infrastructure companies, cell towers, internet providers, you name it. With all of the military bases, the national guard, all federal funding, and a simple trade blockade by the US the state would turn into anarchy. Not to mention that the seceding state/country is now an enemy foreign power with lots of oil, gas, and land right next door...


In other words, they might need a little... freedom?


Ayy girl how you doin got oil? 🤤


The US could invade and give them democracy!


Fuck yeah - I hear they have oil!


At the very least tariffs would force the businesses to relocate. I'm surprised the GOP, self-described fiscal geniuses, can't see the glaring ways this would impact their bottom line. Either that or it's an empty threat used to drum up the dummies.


They just think succeeding gives them the freedoms to be openly racist and deny abortions, and the queers rights. They don't think beyond 3 days at a time


They don't expect this to pass. They won't pass it. Its just bullshit that their hateful dumbass constituents will eat up and go to the polls to keep voting R in federal elections.


The southern Texas border would be unsecured, essentially wide open, the second they succeeded in splitting from the US. All those border patrol agents? They live in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas now.


Another huge issue is the other border, the one with the rest of the US.


Build a wall and make Texas pay for it?


Perfect; then we can say “Go back to your own country!”


I’m like please leave Texas for the love of God leave. No more Greg Abbots, Rick Perrys or George W Bushs to lower the collective IQ of the nation 20 points.


Only 20 points? Aren't you being kind.




At this point, they should start relocating military installations. Where else would we allow threatening action against our government and give them access to so many key military operations? Edit - as in removing soft targets and reduce and fortify remaining strategic bases. Unless the military planned to build the wall, finally /s


Texas needs to take a lesson from Catalonia, Spain. If push comes to shove, we would take Texas land for the US.


The southern rebellion would be put down…again


Huston we have a problem


Texas has been tooting that horn as far back as I can remember. About as serious of a threat as Krispy Kreme going gluten free.


These assholes have no intention to do this at all. Republicans in Texas know this won’t happen. So if everyone’s in on the joke, then why perpetuate it? Is there anyone left in Texas who believes this bullshit?


It’ll trick enough when they send out their fundraising emails “We’ve tried to get stop your taxes going to coastal elites but we need your help to flip the house and senate first. Please check this box to make your support recurring”


Funnily enough, the bottom 60% of Texans are taxed more than the bottom 60% of Californians. The next 20% have pretty equal tax rates, but the wealthy top 20% in Texas are taxed so much less than the top 20% in california. Not to mention that Texas, like most other Republican states, receive more federal tax aid than they give. Meanwhile, most blue states give more in federal taxes than they receive, meaning they practically fund red states.


And people still vote republican 😂😂😂


They’re more afraid of a theoretical child being read Green Eggs and Ham by a drag queen than by being permanently financially stunted. This might be admirable, if severely misguided, if they gave even a single shit about children in any other capacity.


Yep. The entire GOP platform is projecting. But the welfare state!!!!


More like "uncheck this pre-checked box that is really far out of the way to NOT make your support recurring"


There was a time I would've agreed with you, but the whole "what started off sounding like a joke ended up actually happening because nobody took it seriously enough to stop it" thing has happened one too many times for me to be truly confident anymore.


Careful, assholes in UK managed to pull through a brexit. People were saying it was stupid but idiots still voted for it.


The difference is that the EU has a political mechanism to pull out. The US does not have a way for a state to secede, at least not explicitly.


Not explicitly or legally. The Supreme Court case Texas v. White outlaws secession.


If they can take down Roe why not Texas vs. White?


Yesh but SCOTUS decided precedent be damned.


Mexico should invade immediately after the secession vote.


The cartels are probably already licking their chops.


And the ATF will accidentally help arm them.


And the CIA


I’ll help them too


What do you mean accidentally


Pardon me, "accidentally."


The cartels are blushing with envy at what our *elected* officials get away with while simultaneously getting reelected year after year. Anything better than a D tho KKona


#BUILD THAT WALL!!!! .......around Texas when they turn in to a neo feudal Christian nationalist hellscape where petroleum warlords sell oil to hostile foreign powers as they slowly run out of water, and the fake patriot propaganda watching poverty stricken dipshits realize they're not allowed inside their new lord's compounds and shit, lmao




One Star state


Lone star country lol


Went there once , it’s indeed a one out of 5 stars




America wishes a bitch would…


Lol, yep. Girl, bye...


She keeps saying this, but then I wake up, and this bitch is eating my cereal.


And whinging about the type of cereal, also theres none left so if you could grab some more on the way home that would be great


And why don’t you have soy milk?!


Liked Brexit? Try Texit!


Dumber than a box of rocks. There was a whole war about states seceding from the Union, and I recall reading that no state can do so because it's, um...what was it....oh yah, against the Constitution these idiot dipshits beat off too. Unbelievable.


That's the point. Their goal is to cripple the constitution. They want to set a de facto precedent that the states have more power than the federal government without actually having it written in law. They've created the myth that they are the party that respects the constitution as written, but they are actually just terrified of the idea of power being codified into the hands of the people, so they cling to the symbol of the constitution, made up nonsense about what it says, and rebuke any attempts to interpret, discuss, or alter what it says, and generally disrespect and ignore it when actually governing. Because if we actually respected the constitution, we'd have to respect all kinds of laws, and their crimes would have consequences. It's the exact same thing they do with the bible.


Now this would be making america great again!


Not even hyperbole. Outside of the short term effects of losing the oil, the advantages would be incredible. Like successfully carving out a cancer.


Have you met the American military? We’re pretty good at invading foreign nations for their oil. The republic of Texas would have no standing army and oil just waiting for us to “secure”.


Time to bring "democracy" to Texas.


Can they assimilate to being Americans? They still haven’t.


Idk, those first generation foreigners never really assimilate. /S


They have to sell their oil to us. Who else would buy it? We'd threaten anyone who would recognize them as a nation then embargo/sanction then into the ground.


Seeing as how they’d have no real military force and be entirely dependent on the rest of the US for the survival of their economy, getting access to the oil would probably be pretty trivial anyways


We could just invade to you know…liberate them…


But then we might end up with Texas again, and nobody wants that


Nah, make them an unincorporated territory like they've been forcing Puerto Rico to be for a very long time.


Trillions would be sucked out of Texas in the blink of an eye just from removing the military alone. Let alone all other other US assistance Texas receives. Oh, and all the jobs based on supporting the federal government in Texas, and the jobs that support those jobs. We haven't even gotten to the pipelines and refineries being scuttled. Or the tech industry pulling out. Or the immediate shutdown of tourism. I know Texas doesn't have a reputation for thinking, but are they really this fucking stupid?


The GOP party platform wasn’t written *by* stupid people, it was written *for* stupid people. Texas Republican politicians know that it would be all but impossible for Texas to survive as an entity separate from the U.S., but their constituents don’t. All *they* know is that they’ll be getting their own white man’s paradise if they keep voting Republican.


Yes, but hey at least they’d be following their advice of “don’t like it well then just leave.”


What would happen to all the Federal land, parks, and military bases? If that land is owned by the USA, then secession shouldn't affect that land. Texas would have to take it or ask for it. Also First Nation lands would have to be protected by the US still due to treaties. Texas could still use the dollar as their currency, but would lose access to the Federal Reserve. I imagine that would result in astronomical inflation. Texas would have to pay tariffs on any goods they export to the US. Imports would sky rocket in price due to the inflation. No more Coast Guard to protect their off-shore assets. They would have to overcome US veto powers to join UN or NATO.


Give the military stationed there the option to switch to the national guard and wish them luck getting their paychecks.


The National Guard in Texas was cutting the education benefits out from the Guard as it is. They would struggle to pay them.


Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and El Paso would immediately secede from Texas.


Pretty much. It would be really weird it would be like a West Berlin scenario since all of those cities also have an international airport.


Also good luck maintaining your country when your major population centers and tax base just gave you the finger and became exclaves of the US.


I'll get the door.


No, no. I insist.


Oh no, please, allow me.


No really, no trouble at all.


Let them go. Let all that want to remain in america move out of the state and for all that stay mandatory revocation of their US citizenship and all benefits that come with it. All their businesses should be subject to foreign tariffs and taxes also. Remove all US military equipment and bases. Let them have their paradise and see how long it takes for it to crumble.


It would become a Evangelical ‘Saudi Arabia’


Saudi Arabia but with bikinis and a different book.




It'll take less than a month for them to bitch and moan about coming back. Same thing with brexit. God, I wish Texas had balls to do this.


It would quickly become a corrupt authoritarian “Christian” state with oil enriching the ruling families, everyone else poor and powerless. No worker rights, no social programs, no regulations, no environmental laws. It would be very similar to the various middle eastern nations.


Lol you described Texas now


Handmaid’s Tale full of public executions


I always like when they talk about making money from oil in this scenario and I'm always like, who are you gonna sell it too? I doubt the U.S. would make it easy to sell it to anyone. That's assuming that the U.S. doesn't turn oil fields into smoldering craters.


The cartels would move in from Mexico and run the place pretty fast.


I'm an Aussie and even I know there is nothing in the American constitution that allows a state to leave the USA, there is a way to join but no way out short of war to leave.


> nothing in the American constitution that allows a state to leave the USA Not only that, but the state of Texas itself [filed a lawsuit over exactly this](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_v._White), arguing that Texas did not have the legal right to secede. It's a settled question under US law, short of a constitutional amendment creating a mechanism to allow for it.


> It's a settled question under US law, You mean like Roe?


Another zing!


They can keep Rogan and Musk, too.


Alex Jones can be their fearless leader. Lol.


Don't they do this every 4 years?


Then we can talk a wall


And Texas will pay for it!


Even if Texas *could*, USA would never let it stand. Cue the military forcibly taking over the state on federal orders.


This is just theater. A lot of Texans thought we had a right to secede and this law would make it legal to vote on secession which Texas still would not have the right to do. Just another dog and pony show for the GOP base.


Red states forget that, combined, they form the economy of a shithole country. ​ EDIT: Yes, I'm aware that Texas is the Saudi Arabia of Redneckistan


With the oil, there is a scenario where they become the next Iraq!


That is highly likely. Texas would be very similar to Iraq or Iran. Run exclusively by oil tycoons and religious zealots, which will very much overlap.


As a Texan: Please don’t


Yeah it becomes pretty clear just how much liberal & marginalized folks in red states are not given a fuck about when this bs comes up. We’re all dead if this ever happened & I wouldn’t put it past the idiot GOP to actually try it here.


I'm not in Texas but this is what always comes into my mind when I see comment sections like this. Everyone hates the holders of power in Texas so much they forget who is most directly oppressed by them: people living in Texas. It's easy to quip on Reddit about how we'd love to see Republicans lose some numbers on a federal level but there are millions of people with effectively no influence over the situation who will have a very bad time


That’s fine but The USA is keeping the oil wells and beaches.


What beaches the gray oil stained sand of Galveston, no thanks.


I'd bet money some Texas Republicans would a) vote to secede b) call the removal 2 senators and house seats unconstitutional c) completely fail to see how fucking dumb they are I guarantee there'll be a not insignificant number of TX GQP who honestly believe they can have their cake and eat it too.


It's only a threat because the state is turning purple. They would rather take away the electoral votes and house reps from the game board instead of watching them flip blue in the next 10 years or so.


Willy Wonka: -bored and uninterested- “No, wait, come back.”