Not bad advice at all!

Not bad advice at all!

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As a former pizza delivery driver, I wholeheartedly agree with her.


The worst are apartment complexes where you can't discern which building is which, especially at night. Each building should have to light up their number/letter.


Oh yeah, or buildings with numbering systems that don't make sense.


◀═ 2130-2149 2160-2179 ═▶ Not pictured: 2150-2159: Two miles away by road because you have to use a completely different entrance to a different, disconnected portion of the same-named street.


Oh hey u outside? Be right down. Edit: Hey I'm out here, I don't see you, no headlights... wait is that you? Oh no, that's my neighbor Tom, I can tell because he needs to change his serpentine belt. So where are you right now? Oh I don't know the complex, it was two rights and then a tight right from the 2nd entrance on Waters.


So triggered, I can feel the anxiety of this delivery order!


Were you coming from the left or right on Waters? No, my left.


Stage left fucker


Man I can hear that serpentine belt from over here lol


Uhhhhhh wheres building number 1? I found 2 through 9 i assume there had to be a number 1? Oh yeah out the gate to the right till it deadends youll see the other gate.


My apartment building is only visible from the street and has a fence if you want to get to it you have to drive 2 blocks to enter the complex and go onto a path to get to my apartment building. The number is not visible from the road in the complex. I have given up and will meet the delivery driver at their vehicle. I had transferred from a different apartment building in the same complex that was disconnected from the main complex road and could only be entered within a 3 second window on a giant turnaround. Google maps insisted there was an invisible road connecting the 2 areas so many drivers entered the main complex area and couldn't get to my apartment. So not much of a difference between the 2 apartments except the new one has a washer and dryer plus better ac without any changes to my rent.


As a current pizza delivery driver, I agree. Also putting non reflective numbers on the mail box is such a dick move.


What about the good ol black #s on a black surface.


Holy fuck yes. Also with houses with long driveways and no mail boxes; have the numbers near the door. Unless I have a pair of binoculars, I can’t see that shit.


Also at night when they put the numbers behind the porch light or behind a pillar Like do you want to be found or not?


I hate the holiday season because of houses with numbers on the door. This chick had the audacity to bitch about me driving past her house three times, but the area didn't really follow standard addresses. They would have 2 or 3 lots to one house so the numbers were impossible to follow logically. She was yelling and throwing shit, and still expected me to walk up to her militant psycho ass while she was telling me she wouldn't tip. I dropped the pizza at the sidewalk and said, "You're stupid ass festival garnish is making my life hard, lady I cant see your numbers." We stood there for a second while her pizza was cooling off on the frozen ground. Got in my car without a word, and drove off. Im surprised we never heard anything.


Gonna imagine you shared a quiet moment, love was possible, but there were pizzas to be delivered and you parted ways. Sigh...


"But there were pizzas to be delivered and you parted ways" is such a line... I love it.


The moment she realised you‘re right she could have said sorry and tipped you well for the unnecessary hell she raised, but you know people yelling and screaming at delivery drivers probably don’t have that type of self reflection.


Apparently she was self aware enough to realize afterwards, since a true Karen would have called to complain and insisted the driver be fired.


Sounds like someone was hangry, not a full time Karen. She's probably embarrassed at herself and won't call again to apologize or even order.


Yeah I use to deliver in the city and it's just the worst or they have numbers with no source of light and I gotta find a house like 5 down and count.


My dumb house has a curlique type stained glass number you cannot see because of the wood inlay it’s in. Great plan, awful execution. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep the potential nice look, but dodge the dark bg. I think paint it a creamy white, then go over it with glow in the dark, or at least reflective paint, then put the glass back in.


Maybe you can put another house number elsewhere, like on the curb with the reflective paint.


My favorite was black metal numbers, spelled out in letters, posted above the garage door but directly underneath a flood light pointed into the street so you cant see any numbers (or letters) at all, just a bright ass light and everything else is shadow.


Or just the first 2 digits of a 4 digit address number... Useless.


As someone interested in the field of pizza delivery someday I am also in agreement.


As someone with a slice of pizza in my mouth. I agree too


As a slice of pizza, I too am in agreement.


As someone thats about to put a frozen pizza in the oven, I also agree. I tend to forget shit in the oven….


Take extra condiments with in car in case someone asks and always take some cheese and peppers will get you a lot of tips


As a pizza customer, I run down my 3 floors for you, because you guys walk back and forth all day and shit and shouldn’t have to run up 3 floors with your hands full, but some people still let it happen. Just wanted to feel important in the conversation. I’ll be gone now


Door dash driver here, the customers at hotels, hospitals, businesses or apartments that meet me out front are my favorites for sure. I'd rather a quick easy drop off than a big tip to be honest.


Delivering to my local hospital is the worst. It takes up multiple city blocks with several confusing entrances and sparse parking.


As a future pizza delivery driver, I also agree.


As a person who eats pizza, I agree wholebellyly


Fun fact: house numbers in Tokyo were given out chronologically, when they were built! So the numbers are all over the map and have no order at all. Delivery people have no choice but to use GPS. Insane! Japan, your traditional ways are sometimes rather dysfunctional. Not that you are alone...


GPS isn't even that old. How did they do it before that? Detailed maps?


Lived in Japan before GPS was everywhere. Wasn't a delivery person, but generally everything was done in blocks with the lists of numbers in a given area. And yes, very detailed instructions. You also have to remember that delivery wasn't as spontaneous as it is now. You had a local mail deliverer, and they knew their neighborhoods decently well.


That's like Steam code ID on a grander scale, the coveted 2-4 digit steam ID, the dream


i used to get seething mad over this when i was delivering pizzas. really doesnt help when you call the number provided and they dont pick up


She actually seems lile a pretty fun time tbh


...and, I'd bet no fucks given.


dude, i'm a women's size 2 and don't have the confidence to wear what she's wearing. she seems like a fucking blast.


She has a tattoo on her shaved head. Her clothes are the least exotic thing about her haha


I’m going to guess by the outfit it’s probably hot as hell.


Yeah shes got great confidence to be singing, talking, while letting it all hang lose. Her look says idgaf


> Her look says idgaf Her look says Idgaf what you think. She's holding it down with a song in her heart. We should all be like this chick.


She's alright in my book


Former Satellite TV installer. Fucking hell yes.


Same. First home we had, I bought myself a fantastic, solar, lighted house number so my beautiful food delivery drivers never, ever would miss my house.


As a burglar, I agree. I need to know which houses my padawan cased.


You have to use the Force before you use force!


as a former paper boy, i concur


She’s not wrong!


My street was renamed because it had the same name as another street in the city, a guy had a heart attack, and died because the ambulance was going up and down the wrong one looking for his house #.


When streets in the UK are renamed, it seems the renaming of the street goes... Clive St-> Bob St Signage Clive St -> Bob St formally known as Clive St FOREVER!


in my city in ontario canada, we had a street that was not not connected to anything, it just ended and went into the woods, at some point a developer developed the woodland and connected most of the streets, but didnt actually connect this one, Peach St., but they did make another part of peach street, and called it peach st. (extention) so people would know where to go, eventually when the house market got back going they connected the street and its just called peach now. It was good they called it peach st extention on the signs and what not cause the area was hard enough to deal with. Its called the P-patch, and has about 20 streets all starting with P in it. Peach, Plummer, Pine, Princess, Palace, Prentice, etc....


That's why they never made B Batteries.


But they did make B Batteries, they just have no real uses anymore.


The Sault?


Gropecunt Lane didn’t get that memo. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gropecunt_Lane


"Gropecunt, the earliest known use of which is in about 1230, appears to have been derived as a compound of the words grope and cunt." Thanks Wikipedia!


Someone got a PhD outta that one.


My boss almost died due the ambulance not being able to find our building after he had a massive heart attack. The reason they couldn’t find the building is because there were some overgrown shrubs beside the building that blocked the building address. We had asked the landlord multiple times to get the shrubs trimmed because customers had trouble finding us as they drove by. We also pointed out to him that if there was ever an emergency, the responders wouldn’t be able to find us easily. The landlord had a crew out the day after the heart attack trimming the shrubs.


If this was in the US, him being on notice about this deficiency could potentially introduce some liability regardless of how fast he was to cure after the event.


Boss literally took one for the team there.


I had something similar when I called 911 for a guy in our parking lot having a cardiac event. I was taking the trash out after we closed up and a guy was sitting in car door open feet out on the ground but laying back on the passenger seat he waves at me and says call an ambulance he’s having a heart attack. I call 911 on my cell and say “I am at the Blockbusters in Kennett Square, there’s a man having a heart attack please send an ambulance” the operator says ‘there is no Blockbusters in Kennett Square what’s your address” and I didn’t know the address off the top of my head, so I’m telling her which shopping plaza it’s in, other stores nearby and I know we are in Kennett Square, that’s what our mail says and what’s on the side of the cop cars. Finally she goes “okay I found the location, next time you have to call you make sure you know the right info, you’re technically in Marlborough County not Kennett Square.” I was so pissed, nowhere and I mean nowhere does it say that county name anywhere. Anyways the dude survived but it not fun for either of us .


Atlanta has 15 streets named Peachtree. You can actually stand at the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree.


Atlanta you can drive straight not even bend and the road changes names 4 times in about 5 miles.


that is due to racism mostly as white people didn't want to live on the same street as people of color, so they changed the street names instead of moving people


Is that a joke (ah! good one) or is it for real (the fuck)?


And she had a positive attitude. Amazon has a cool chick there


>Jeff's algo has detected she has an Amazon badge on her clothing. It has also detected too much joy, and the fact she spent 10s extra delivering parcel. > >Pain bots will be on their way. That 10s x every employee is why Jeff couldn't hit the Karman Line you selfish bastards.


Yes, she’s correct.


She isn't mistaken.


What kind of psychopath doesn’t have numbers on their house?


[The guy next to the guy who is trying to keep them from repossessing their house after he told them he would take the numbers off "his" house.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y409FQGbBrQ&ab_channel=blobbem)


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=28q88Tcs3FU Works great to avoid warrants too! Or you can swap the street signs for that


"This has been 1 Bonneview for *25-30 years!*" I knew what that was before even opening it!


Get out of here you alcoholic


... shit apples ...


I obviously love the trailer park boys, but one of the things I love so much about ricky is how cocky he gets after fooling people. He’s always like “yeah you better apologize for wasting my time” or whatever, all the while being *incredibly* guilty.


"You realy think the cops are stupid enough to fall for this?"


"I know cops, and cops are fucking stupid"


George Green is the dumbest cop on the force.


This was definitely the best thing the boys ever did.


I have never ever watched that show… it looked fucking dumb. I know realize it is the correct type of fucking dumb… now to find a streaming source


Oh, yeah, it's real fucking dumb, but in a good way. Just... be warned about the change of quality after they moved to Netflix. It's just not the same :(


They have some golden moments. But overall yeah. The first seven season were way better


[Better way to trick the cops](https://youtu.be/kthOJJT93IY)


Says the guy who grabbed a dog by the hind legs and pushed it around like a vacuum cleaner.


*It also says that you once grabbed a dog by it’s hind legs, and pushed it around like a vacuum cleaner*


I was in the third grade


Yeah, well, it all goes on your permanent record.


I drive with my girlfriend for Amazon flex. A ton of people don't have numbers visible. Especially in richer neighborhoods.


They put them in non normal location like on a huge Boulder. Took me a long time to find it, turn out it was block by a bush.


This is so funny to see pointed out. Come down to South Florida if you wanna see some wacky shit. You wanna see a Flamingo or a Dolphin sculpture with the numbers hanging out their mouth? How bout an alligator with them on it's back. Sure I've seen some boulders too but that's lightweight shit. It's like a goddamn competition around here I swear.


People who don’t want the government to know where they live.. seriously I’ve heard that too many times.. “you do know the post office is part of the government, and they know where you live..”


Lol they also presumably have a driver's license and/or voter registration Not to mention the utility bills and bank account information they could get their hands on so easily it might as well already be in their systems


Sure wish the Johnsons paid Taxes, if only we knew where they lived....


Post Man: That's his house, Officer. He's the one who has been setting children on fire. He also doesn't use correct postage.


>they know where you live You'd think that. But with how many times my things get delivered to the wrong address... I have doubts.


As an ex mailman, around 20% of houses. Its a huge problem and is causing stupid delays, giving delays to customers and higher prices.


As a part-time door Dash driver, let me tell you you’d be surprised how many people don’t have visible addresses.


I drive for Ubereats. It's easy to pick out the right house even without the numbers. It's the only one on the block without their porch light on.


My neighbor intentionally removed theirs. It made it hard for me to report her abusing her kids, but I gave dispatch the house address of the neighbor and a physical description of the a-hole’s house as well as the cars in their driveway. The dispatcher stated that this house was known to the Sheriff’s office...so, that’s the kind of person who doesn’t have numbers on their house. The kind that doesn’t want to be found 🙁


It is a big problem for police, fire, and EMS, not as big with GPS, but even with that there can uncertain seconds.


Even with gps it can be difficult. GPS gets you to the general area but if it’s a complex or like in the city with buildings close together, I’ve gotten frustration with finding a business that doesn’t have their number visible


I'd say a good 20% of the houses I deliver to. Especially in the more rural areas. The flex gps is terrible too.


Hah… I thought for sure this was going to be a crazed rant…. Then was pleasantly surprised to see someone give really, really good advice. I used to manage a business in Santa Monica yearrrs ago and part of the Fire Inspection one year they informed us that we had to mount street numbers on the back of the business (the front doors faced away from the street) specifically so that emergency responders could locate us.


And she added a little song! She's fantastic.


And she has more confidence than I ever will. I had to a double take cause I thought she was rockin a sports bra. Hell yeah girl, it's hot as hell on the streets. I want to be her when I grow up.


Now I’ve watched it 5 more times to try to figure out what your comment means. Isn’t she wearing a sports bra??


"I thought she was wearing a sports bra...and she was!"


this should be under humans being bros not public freakout


There is so much shite that should be anywhere else but this sub.


Yup, and all the subs where it should be also have a bunch of shit that shouldn't be there. That's the problem when you have a bunch of bots and karma whores just reposting/cross-posting shit to any popular sub.


Yeah, I downvoted as a matter of principle. I enjoyed the video though


Someone should auto-tune this helpful little ditty.


If all is right in this world, this will happen. !RemindMe 1 week




https://imgur.com/a/N5xQjrH i suck sory


Doesn't suck at all dude! 👌👌


I hope someone does and make it good, she seems super lovely as well!


she makes a very good point. i deliver for amazon and the most frustrating thing is a house with no clear house number on it. it happens so often. some people even hang plants or decorations directly in front of their house numbers and it blows my mind how they can do that and not realize what they are doing.


We rent a house on the corner of two streets, and while it looks like it SHOULD be addressed as Street A it is addressed as Street B; someone who lived here before us put the address on the house/fence/curb in no less than 11 places. We can only assume the delivery nightmares that precipitated this


We have a sideways house near us. Their address is the front of the house, which is on our street. But directly on the other side of their house is a field. Their garage faces the Main Street. There’s absolutely no reason to ever go to the front of this house, as it faces another field. Apparently the plans to keep this street going failed. Their house number is on the front of their house. No one ever sees it.


When you finally find the number, you’re like “oh that was a nice place for it 8 years ago before your shrubs grew over it.


I have an 18x18 square that says my house number in like 10 inch letters, wit hthe street name below it, bought it on etsy, ive had multiple delivery drivers and amazon drivers say they love the sign. [Link](https://www.etsy.com/listing/916296055/outdoor-house-sign-house-numbers-plaque)


I hate houses where it does have numbers, but it's deep into that "well" of a front entrance, effectively removing any benefit those house numbers provided.


As a guy also working deliveries, trying to find the numbers for a house can suck sometimes. Sometimes it’s written on the curb in front or in a spot that no one can see.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some have head tatts.


And she is what we used to call "Vesting it" where you wear no shirt and a vest. Takes a strong person to do that.


I think it's awesome they can mostly dress how they want, especially working for Amazon.


It’s the little things that make peeing in a bottle alright 😌


Mr glass half full alright Edit: Bottle*


No no, the glass is fine. I like to feel fancy when I sip from it.


Piss Jug* FTFY *It’s the way of the road*


Pretty much the only plus side of working for Amazon is being able to go to work in your gym clothes.


I delivered for a dsp for 2 months Everyday it was basketball shorts muscle shirts with my vest over only way to survive


That person exudes confidence, in a pretty cool way


She seems fun.


This is the most respectful “fuck you” I’ve ever seen


the kind of FU that makes you wonder if you should say Thank You or FU back!! decisions decisions decisions.


Well the homeowner was the one who shared the video and her follow up said thank you. They had just recently bought the house and it was one of those things they knew they needed to take care of but delivery lady pushed them to get it done ASAP.


That’s awesome. The delivery woman was so casual and seemingly in a good mood so I’m glad it was received positively.


The perfect irony is if she was delivering the home address digits from amazon


I think you can do both


Thank fuck?


Thanks for the fuck, you


Fucking thank you




I don’t think that was an FU at all. I think it was just some really good advice by a decent human.


How is this a "fuck you"? She says I hope your Monday is well and offers good advice and why it would be beneficial. There is no "fuck you" to any of this.


This tells you more about the internal concept of the world OP has than anything else.


Not getting a “fuck you” vibe at all here. Perhaps she was mildly annoyed that it was tricky to find the place but made it constructive.


I want to upvote this ladies spirit but it doesn't fit the sub :(


Downvote it and upvote the inevitable repost to another sub.


Valid points.


Not really much of a freak out is it?


This sub has almost no freak outs on it since it got popular lol


Remember when it used to be full of people screaming, fighting, breaking stuff, or getting maced with basically no context? Pepperidge Farm remembers


Right? This is just a chill friendly person giving some useful advice. Where's the freakout? 🤷‍♀️


I miss shit like "WHY ARE YOU CLOSED?!" 'round these parts


The perfectly disarming “have a great day” at the end lol


The world would be a better place if everyone corrected others like this. Singing, shirtless, and polite? Sign me up.


🎶Well you can suck my ass 🎶


🎶 It’s gamey in the center. 🎶 🎶 Oh look, we have a renter. 🎶


Someone kindly - and light heartedly - pointing out that your house is hard to find: public freak out Noted


Up next: a moderately heated phone call on a news show! And after that, a kid cries until he realizes his birthday present is hidden in a different box!


She seems rad


She has more confidence in this clip than I’ll ever have in my entire life


Prime includes alot these days


Wake the fuck up Jennifer!


What's going on? There are actually positive comments in this thread. Very refreshing to see.


As a mailman I one thousand percent agree especially when it’s a new route or ur a new guy no fun


I would like to be her friend please


Cool video! Wrong sub!




As a Dasher (DoorDash driver) please leave house numbers and clear instructions to your home. You get your stuff faster and ensure that it gets sent to the right place, people like to steal packages as it is so do yourself a favor. And if it’s an apartment leave a building number if it has one and directions from the street view, some apartments you can’t see numbers from street view and becomes a much longer process to find your house


Food delivery to apartment FF 10. You drive into the huge apartment complex, the customer didn’t give you a gate code. You finally get a response and make it past the gate to find the road splits 3 ways. Theres a sign with a left arrow A-G, and two straight arrows that say H-L and M-Z. Where’s FF? The sign has no right arrow so you go right. You see building Z and the road splits again, no sign, you go right again. You spot a building with JJ above the entrance, keep driving and now you’re at building BB? Somehow you finally get there by finding EE. Apartments number 1 through 9 on the first floor, you go up a flight of stairs and it’s 22 to 11. Where’s apartment 10? Please for the love of sanity where is number 10! Call the customer and turns out there’s a separate set of stairs on the side of the building. For apartments 10 and I guess 20 and 30? As you walk back to the car you read the signs above the stairwells, they all say 1-49. Final glance before getting in, tiny Building FF sign behind some bushes.


I see Amazon has relaxed their dress code


Eventually all you’ll need is the vest


Touché my dudette


My daughter is a paramedic, and this is legitimately great advice that could be the difference between life and death someday. Everybody, make sure your house numbers are clearly displayed! If not, fix that, like TODAY! If u wanna get fancy and order cool numbers on Amazon or whatever, put a big piece of cardboard with your number on it out until you can do it like you want 👍


Firefighter here put some damn number on your house. Big ass motherfricking numbers. Helps allot cheers!


The only freak out are some of the people commenting on her weight or what's she's wearing.


People commenting on her looks, weight and how she dresses. My FedEx guy looks fine, dresses fine, and looks fit. He is probably as bad of a delivery person as he can be without being fired. At least this girl cares enough to be friendly and concerned enough to make a good point about her customers address to get the delivery right. So if you have a problem with her looks or weight it’s really your problem


Diggin this chick. Seems like a fun gal to be around


I want to be her friend


She is correct. Its also law many paces that homes must have numbers that can be read from the street. Its a publlic safety thing like she mentioned.


Is this Florida?


Based on the sunglasses that say “wreck em”, I would assume Lubbock, TX (home of Texas Tech). Source: Live here and study at TTU


Correct! This was posted on r/Lubbock about a week ago.


Paramedic. It sucks. Get numbers on yo shit. Mins for our once and a career calls (unless your a black cloud of doom) can really matter. Choking. Cardiac arrest. Stroke. Bleeds. Anaphylaxis. Asthma....etc All of those can get bad really quick. Put the numbers under your house light on the front porch. Edit: thanks bot!


As a current delivery driver for food.. 1. Put numbers on your house (spot that make it easily spotted) 2. Turn on lights if it’s night out cause I’m not a damn owl I can’t see in the ducking dark 3. ANSWER YOUR FUCKING DOOR. you are the one who ordered food, not me. I don’t want to wait at your door knocking and calling you for 20 minutes because you fell asleep or forgot. I don’t give a fuck. If I tell you I’ll be there in 20 minutes don’t go walk your god damn dogs either. Edit: lots of “why don’t you leave it at the door” I do leave the food at the door. I walk back to my car and confirm they took their food. I’ve had too many people in my city say they didn’t get their food. I’m poor and can’t refund everyone or make them another order cause they greedy. And he’s I’ve seen DD and Grubhub drivers take pics of the food at the customers doors then take the food for themselves. I do not work for DD pr Grubhub. I own a small business and can’t afford to just give people meals.


>I can’t see in the ducking dark I too, can't see in the ducking dark.


I’m in love!