Ny subway freak out on the L .

Ny subway freak out on the L .

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A moment of silence for the food that was dropped…


And the people that need to clean that shit up.


and the people getting sprayed with blood


She’s legit wiping the blood off her face and flicking it at people. That’s fucking abhorrent.


It’s god damn disgusting and deliberate. No doubt to try and get a further reaction from those sat opposite so she can project blame on anybody but herself. What a garbage human being.


She needed to get her ass beat


Not to mention the unmasked man she is flicking her blood at. I am pretty sure this is how zombie movies start


Can you imagine a zombie movie where instead of becoming a flesh eating violent psycho. You turn into a dis orientated toddler with a tantrum.


I couldn't believe they were sitting there just like that, I think one of them flinched, but I'd be so far from the flinging blood in that scenario


mmm blood


I’m sad that sprayed soda didn’t get her directly in the face


Yup. Missed twice lol. Only got her with a drizzle at the end 😕


That man's aim was awful


Looked like 90% shredded lettuce, no big loss there.


But the lettuce is food


[KFC Shredders! ](https://youtu.be/GkXtqKj3rCc)


The guy who sat motionless with this leg crossed through the whole thing is gold.


Haha always easy to spot the real New Yorkers


I'm from London and the tube can be pretty wild but the new York subway is another level.


There are plenty of lessons dished out in the subway. The first one is don’t be an asshole, keep to yourself and go about your way.


This is another level? This is tame no one got naked


I've lived in NYC for 20 years and I've pretty much seen all kinds of shit on the New York subway from arguments, fist fights, peddling, thefts, guys peeing, vomiting, defecating, masturbating, even wholesome things like exotic pets, performances and acts of generosity, all of this is normal to me and welcome at this point. But by far, my worse experience was this one time where a fully packed subway train I'm in got stuck underground for 2 hours due to some malfunction, the train was not moving and the AC got cutoff in the middle of summer!! The people inside were fainting, hyper ventilating, some with fears of claustrophobia where on the verge of a full freak out and in the midst of all of this, one guy just cracked!!! He just lost it!!! and started a hate speech tirade towards every minority within his immediate vicinity, spewing the most hateful shit you could imagine, people started calling him out but nobody could do anything cause we were all packed like sardines. But all hell broke loose when his gaze caught sight of a group of Hasidic Jews in the middle of the subway car, he started unleashing the most foul anti-semetic Nazi shit you ever heard. The Jews who were the targets of this along with everybody else weren't just gonna stand there and take this shit so an epic vile shouting match ensued for the next 2 hours. Imagine a packed and baking hot subway car where everybody is angry, yelling with some people fainting, it felt like scene from hell, fuck me!! it's one of those experiences I wish I could delete in my head. BTW this happened early 2010s where phone videos weren't as ubiquitous, otherwise I'm sure everybody would have been filming that mess.


That’s how to survive in New York.


Went to new York for vacation for a week once. Had to take public transport once in a while. Me and my wife learned that quickly. Remain motionless in situations like this. Blend in with the background. Don't bring attention to yourself. Almost like a chameleon or some other kinda sneaky animal...


Or like Drax from Guardians of the galaxy


I take the subway everyday in NYC and let me tell you, I see so many different scenarios similar to this, that you just find it as the norm. Just 2 weeks ago my train was delayed because guys decided to fist fight over an empty seat…in a pretty much empty train cart with 10 people in it. We were all sitting there like “Okay guys, fight outside in the station, not in the train, some of us gutta go home”


A couple years back I was taking the bus to work in the City of Buffalo. I worked across the street from the airport, so there'd always be people on there with luggage and shit that were obviously flying out. One day this completely ratchet girl was on there. She was spitting on the floor, talking on her phone on speaker, listening to her music without headphones. At some point one of her suitcases fell over so the handle was basically right next to an older woman sitting across the aisle. The older woman reached over to right the suitcase for her and the ratchet bitch went ballistic on her for trying to touch her shit. The bus driver kicked her off and I truly hope she missed her flight, because she was a total piece of shit.


She was asked nicely to stop three times, then got smacked for running her mouth none stop, then retaliates again the wrong guy and tears his groceries up? She needs to check herself into a phycho-ward


At the end, isn’t she like flinging the blood off her with her fingers towards the guys across from her? It sounded like she was mad at them for not helping her? She crazy.


Yeah someone flings blood on me they are going down I don’t care what their gender is.


I’ve always said I wouldn’t hit a woman but goddamn, if this bitch would be purposely flinging blood at me…


nah she retaliated against the 'right' guy, the first guy in black who got hit by her was trying to defuse the situation, thats why he was goin "miss please, miss" he was gettin between her and the other guy


And then it looks like she hits him with the tablet


Then he hit her thru the tablet lol


That new update makes the 3D features WAY better


I kinda wanted to see that tablet stomped on his way out.


And did anyone ever say “the other guy” put his hands on her in that original situation? Nope. Like you said - it was being defused, so why did she feel the need to assault either of them?


Because she's a cunt and thinks she can put her hands on men they aren't supposed to hit her back. Her delusion was clear when she started asking the male onlookers why they didn't help her stating why don't they help women. Lmao this bitch wants traditional fairy tale " men don't hit women and men defend women" but doesn't act like a traditional lady by screaming and hitting people and throwing her mess on people when they refused to help her. LMAO


That’s the move. Sit and mind your fucking business


New Yorker: "I didn't hear a gunshot, no reason to move."


I like when she blames the other people in the end


I like how that lady was like fuck this and moved Hella quick


You of all people should know if you ain't first, you're last


Very true! Shake and Bake! Slingshot engaged.


That old Asian lady had lived in the city for a looooooong time...... She knew what was about to go down.


Classic "This ain't none of my business, I'm out" move.


Sit around long enough and you become a witness. Then you’re liable to be stuck talking to someone for no reason, talking about shit you don’t care about , that you’re not being payed for to ppl you don’t even know. Wasting time and money. We got a saying here. Not my kettle of fish


I swore she was going over to help her and then NOPE outta here


100% right decision to make.


I guess you develop that intuition when you take the subway for a while. Saved her from having lunch on her shoes, someone else’s blood on her clothes or even receiving a stray punch.


I mean she made a super smart decision haha! I would have gotten out of there as well


I mean I also love the people just sitting across from her who are just committed to not loosing their seats


There’s a case to be made for both Moving Woman and Staying People to be the truer New Yorkers.


Yes, both are definitely doing that subway math in their heads rn


Short ride? Be Moving Woman. Will miss out on the action but will be fresh as a daisy at your destination. Gonna be here a while? Be a Staying Person. Might catch a punch but there are snacks.


I've been hit by stray spit on public transportation. Ever since that day, I jet out on the first sign of a fight.


she's the type of people who survive in scary movies...


And starts flicking her own blood at them….. no one knows where she’s been…


Someone should've slapped that bitch again.


Man, I still remember that one slap that tall guy in the jacket did. It connected so well, anyway, assault is wrong but sometimes funny.


Im 99% sure you are referring to the 8ball jacket guy lol




We like this place Lou!


Please Lou!!!


You should join our club...


*everyone 👁️👄👁️*


She would have received a second ass whooping if she was flicking blood all Willy-nilly in my direction. She was wild grabbing onto that kid’s shirt like that.


Isn't flicking blood a felonious assault or something?


If I was sitting across from her, I'd call the cops for that. Trying to toss bodily fluids at another person is assault in NY.


On the bright side she has all the space she needs now


Yeah, she has the balls to get in the dude's face and start hitting him with her tablet, and then when he rocks her it's like " how dare all the men not stand up and defend my honor!?" What an entitled bitch


Hits man with tablet. “He broke everythinggggg I haaaaave!!!!!”


Exactly. She lost me as she’s flicking her nose blood on fucking man sitting across from her and has the audacity to blame them. Not OK. She needs to take responsibility for her own actions and not expect other people to be there in a chivalrous manner…on her behalf when she summons them. Dumbass.


I’m surprised they didn’t freak out on her. A stranger flicking blood at you is actually terrifying


And assault.


That's where she lost you? Really?


I was so confused at this comment too 😭


“Thanks men!” Um, bitch that smoke was all for you.


Should helped the poor dudes who were getting attacked by the lady


Exactly. Her big mouth got her in trouble, that's a her problem. To expect another to fight the battles you create is ludacris. And honestly, the way she was flicking her shit toward them, I'd wager she wasn't clocked hard enough. No lessons learned, she'll walk away believing she was right and men are bad. 🙄 Edit: my subconscious attraction to 00s rappers make spelling hard.


What did Ludacris do?




Is she... flinging her blood at people?! 🤮


Another to punch to the face would be in order after that one. Fling blood at me? Noooo thank you.


Pretty sure that flinging blood on people should fall under assault like spitting


Its a felony in NY last I checked.


So in other words someone could deck her in the halls like it’s Christmas and that would be considered self defence?


Didn't say that, but flinging blood at people can be considered assault with a weapon. At the very least, the cops can haul your ass to an emergency room and make you get a full panel screening for any potential contagious diseases. I remember that was passed in NY a couple decades ago when cops and rape victims were scared of getting AIDS or Hep from assailants.


You could also smash the iPad on the pole. Or on her?


Pretty sure that's assault on everyone. Bloodborne pathogens are a big deal. Idk if the biological hazard affects the charges, but I'd file them.


I can't believe they just sat there and let her fling blood at them multiple times.


They're New Yorkers... blood is the best body fluid they get thrown at them haha


Along with lots of persecution.


Yea like an animal


Even animals know to use the corner, Fry.


Aw man, his lunch.


Looks like he dropped his meds too. Sucks.


Damn you’re right, nice catch


The lunch made me sad


Looks like it was a burrito, that sucks!


Thanks Men!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Made me yell “Fuck You” when she said that. It isn’t my job to fuckin protect your stupid ass when you decide to bite off more than you can chew.


Yep! She hit him first.


She initiated physical conflicts with men more than four times in that short clip. And then she blamed men for not protecting her (while flinging blood at them). I mean, which is it? Are you so strong that you can start multiple fights or are you so weak that you merit chivalrous protection?


Bitch could barely stay in her seat whilst yelling at them in the beginning. Overweight and unathletic people shouldn’t start fights, especially when they’re dumb bitches like this one.


The rule is simple: if you’re seated and still fall, you’re too fat to fight multiple adult men.


See my dumbass would tell her, “You’re welcome,” and then it’d start all over again.


Same, I’d tell her I don’t help pieces of shit.


As a man, I make it my duty to not give a shit about everyone's sensitivities. I have become my father.


So entitled, blaming others for not helping helping she clearly started the problem. Its mindsets like this that show how ignorant people can get


Talk shit get hit


Tall guy showed a ton of restraint. Kudos to him.


I hated the guy that pushed him at the end


Should’ve cold cocked her. It would’ve made the train ride a lot more pleasant.


The bitch fucked up his lunch, stretched out his shirt, and probably got her nasty blood all over him. He should broke her damn iPad


Stone cold steve stunner than bitch


Literally had multiple chances to stop. Kept being crazy and confrontational, all up in multiple people’s faces, hitting people in the face with tablet, ripping people’s stuff, yelling. WHY DID NO ONE HELP ME!!! D:


Yeah, and her whole issue was that a guy stood near her on the train.


bro lost his pills. he bouta be pissed


If she could stop flinging her blood all over people that would be great.


I read this in Lumbergh’s voice.


She must be related to that Karen in Victoria's secret a couple months ago who tried to hit that black lady and then just broke down and laid on the floor crying when she realized she was on camera.


That shit was wild… and the audacity of the lady checking out being like “why don’t you just get away from her?”


I know right. Like the woman is literally running TO get away from her. The fuck?


Do you have the link?


[Here it is](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/oj07uu/full_video_white_woman_attacks_black_customer_in/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


This is definitely one of the best ever


So just in case anyone is interested. The lady that made that victoria secret video got a $100k off gofundme....


Notice how everyone slowly evacuates from her seating area. I saw one lady sit for a minute but when she fell down, the lady was outta there. 😄


She literally chased him and got in his face and is surprised he defended himself? She’s lucky she didn’t get knocked out.


The silence after the first slap


When a woman get's slapped in public and no one whiteknights....you know she done started the whole fucking thing...


Yeah you can actually see her hit the dude in the face first with whatever is in her hands. I don’t know if you saw that already or not.


Did she think no one was going to hit her back because she’s a woman? Thanks men for standing up for me! Like it’s their fault? She’s so dumb.


Her calling the men out was my favorite part of the video. Lol.


Yeah she's like "Why you no protect waman?!?!"


It's the perfect punchline to the whole embarrassing scene.


Not the tiniest bit of sympathy. What an entitled trash heap.


What I am personally enjoying of this video is when the guy in white goes back to get the bag the woman has snatched from him. The guy in black starts pushing him for no reason from behind. Then he gets blood directly flung on him by her and decides he needs to pick his own bag up 😂


Hahaha right? I was like tf when he pushed the guy for no reason from the back. Just to get blood flicked on him by that lady lol


She is a lunatic… you hit him, you are going to get hit back - simple as that… don’t act all shocked when you got smacked after you hit him with your ipad and then, cleaning your blood and throwing it at people sitting near you 🤬 She must be on something as she was aggressive towards everyone. Wow, what is happening to this society


You don’t even make eye contact on a NY subway. Opening your mouth is a definite nope.


Bro when you hear crazy, either turn the music up in your headphones and look down, or pretend you got them in and look down.


Ma’am. Please stop throwing your blood around. We’re in a pandemic.


She deserves to be in jail for that shit


New Yoork, Neeew Yooooooooork!


This bitch crazy lol.


1) Fucked around 2) Found out


*Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.* - Mike Tyson


No cap, I laughed a bit more than I should've when the sprite bottle rebounded off of her dome. But for real, there is a **serious** **mental health issue** in the US from the start of the pandemic. It feels like a lot of people who were functional have become more unhinged and there aren't enough resources for people to actually get help before they hurt themselves or others.


I was just talking about that with my gf. It’s like people are regressing. I can’t figure it out.


I think constant social interaction keeps us rational. Too many of us are alone all day and going out in the world feels terrifying and confusing. I've definitely noticed myself feeling more alienated the more time I spend alone, and I've had a ton of bad interactions lately that are probably a result of some combination of my own weird vibe and other people being genuine assholes lol.


The pandemic has made my thank god that I'm naturally introverted. I can spend a lot of time by myself and I feel like it actually makes it easier for me to deal with people. I get worn down by too many interactions and I just get sick of people everywhere all around day in and day out. But after a few solo days of recharging im much happier to chat with strangers and stuff.


Nah this typical NYC


She seemed to have gone off her meds....seriously....gone off them big time.


That bitch started a fight with 3 separate men, ruined a man’s entire dinner, got smacked for it, then got mad at other men for not stepping in and defending her from the situation she put herself in. What a horrible human being.


She fuckin sucks. I wish I could pay for that guy’s food that she jacked.


The asian woman in the beginning was very smart to quickly move away from the crazy woman and the whole situation. The other men in front of the wacko should have done the same and now they have all kinda of std infected blood over them. Watching videos like this remind me to keep a fucking distance and be aware when shit hits the fan.


Why do they always wear those stupid sandals? Do you automatically become a gronk as soon as you put those middle aged angry white woman sandals on


I shall test this and report my findings


The scientist we need but don’t deserve


I’m surprised that the guy in the white sweatshirt didn’t knee her in the face after she threw the food all over the place. You know how expensive food is in NY? It’s worth at least three knees in the face, I’ll tell you that much.


He was smart. Very smart. He's a black dude, she's a white Karen. He doesn't know how much of it was recorded. This whole thing could have been distorted to make him look guilty. He could have faced prosecution for all he knows. The best way to behave is to get the fuck out as soon as possible. He doesn't need to revenge himself risking his future. She's already an unhappy bitch, life itself is already her misery.


I love how she blames men for not standing up for her childishness lol. You better act like a proper lady if you want men to act like gentlemen.


Felt bad seeing those meds drop and get lefted behind. Hope that wasn't important medication


Well said 👏


Biggest victim was the guy at the end that had her filthy blood flicked on him. Of to get a tetanus shot lol


More like "get tested for HIV and 2 forms of Hepatitis and repeat the tests 4mo later".


i love how she sees the second black dude and just starts swinging cause blackness


Thanks men… holy shit this lady was batshit crazy who in their right mind would help her


A real damsel in distress.


Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays :( -


Dam what a waste of good food...


That's a lot of work to get the entire bench to yourself.


You don't have to be drunk, on drugs, or mentally ill to do stupid, shitty stuff like this. Don't give her an excuse to act this way. She was an asshole and bit off more than she could chew. She's REALLY lucky no one else went for a round 2 after flicking and splattering bloodborne pathogens from her nasty mouth all over those men.


Respect for the lady who skedaddled out of there


Why does she hit someone in the face first, then blame the people she hit for hitting her back, then blame others for not defending her indefensible actions?


What a dramatic attention seeking entitled c*nt!


I wish people would stop the dramatic gasping when a man hits a woman who is literally attacking him. If you didn’t gasp dramatically when she was flipping out on him and hitting him then don’t fucking clutch your pearls when he gives her a taste of equality. My mom always told me that nothing about me being a girl says I have the right to hit a boy because I’m angry and can’t control myself. This was instilled in me. And it should be for everyone. Enough is enough. This is insane. Edit: just saw the rest of this video. Yooooo is this bitch is crazy and omg- did nobody see that guy sitting down that pushed the other guy she was attacking while she was attacking him? Seriously? She’s now gone and assaulted two men yet still some guy sitting on his ass too scared to think straight puts his hands one of the guys being victimized as if he’s the problem?? Ugh. I can’t.


“Thanks men, that should be there for people” lol fuck you bitch, you’re an equal, dont pick fights you can’t finish


An absolute disappointment on the spray bottle tho


I don’t condone violence against women, but this chic definitely was asking for it, with all that shit coming out of her mouth.


I don’t condone violence either but I’m a firm believer in equal rights. Don’t ever touch anyone unless ur ready for them to touch u back. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


Psycho Sheila


She hit him he defended himself she’s a nut that brought that all on herself! Crazy bitch


He came into her space?? On the PUBLIC bus?? Um that’s no how that works.


"thanks, men that should be *there* for people! yeah, i'm looking right at you! thank you guys!" as she flings her blood all over the place. absolutely unhinged.


The part that scared me is when she wiped the blood off her face and sprinkled it in the air.


She sounds drunk.


Asian Lady knew what was coming.


That "Thanks MEN" line at the end really infuriated me. You wanna fucking start a fight for no reason then get angry when nobody is on your side? Men are scapegoats in the 21st century.


She had to be drunk. Or she's a masochist because she literally asked for all of that.


Well, she's not wearing a mask either when everyone else is... sooo, that tells me all I need to know.


She can get arrested for purposefully wicking her blood on to them, right? All because “the men” didn’t come to her rescue after she initiated a physical altercation with someone she had no business putting her hands on.


Anyone else laugh when the bottle bounced off the top of her head?


I honestly hope those guys are okay after that attack.


When she doesn't think she will be punched in the face only to get punched in the face


It makes me feel a little bit better knowing that she hit first. People like this are why i drive instead of use public transportation.


Whale in distress lol.