Woodson Terrace police release canine on suspect, they didn't know someone was recording.

Woodson Terrace police release canine on suspect, they didn't know someone was recording.

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So.... when the felons are wearing the uniform, who do you call for help?


The BPP? Gotta bring them back if we want police to stop acting like this. Communities need to be armed and they need to monitor the police to prevent this kind of crap. The police wouldn't be acting half this bad if the community came outside, armed, and watched them.


The trouble is that if we get too organized the FBI comes knocking. The BPP wasn’t dismantled voluntarily.


So get killed by feds or get killed by dogs? I'll take the feds. At least we tried to defend ourselves instead of just taking it.


Smith & Wesson. But seriously, this is exact type of thing the Second Amendment was made for, but you'll never hear the NRA or right wing media say it.


Taxpayers shouldn’t have to carry the bill from the lawsuit settlement, it should come out of the police pensions. Why should we pay for their crimes?


That's actually a really good idea. Just see what happens when all of a sudden their bottom line is being hurt by the behavior of their own people.


It's common sense is what it is. Or, if cops aren't going to ever experience the consequences of their actions, we should at least be allowed to defend ourselves against them.


It should come out of the salaries the former police earn while making license plates in prison.


no effort to cuff or stop the man from getting up..., because they wanted to release the dog numerous times. reminder they said the man threaten to kill them and they were in "fear" for their lives, smh btw they found a small amount of meth. hence the charge. after responding to a trespass call.




Sprinkle some crack on ‘em and let’s get outta here


Open and shut case johnson


This burglar put out pictures of his kids and family all over the place.


Right. Fuckin thugs with badges allow a pit pull to maul a man who was unarmed and in a defenseless position, and we’re supposed to be believe they “found” meth? Scumbag liars need to go to jail for this. Edit: Belgian Malinois


That’s not a pitbull, that’s most likely a Belgian Malinois. They’re the most common breed for police and military working dogs.


Even if they did find meth none of their behavior is excusable. Sad that this is a common response to a nonviolent crime


> Fuckin thugs with badges allow a pit pull to maul a man That was a Belgian Malinois.


Two of them were scared but of the dog, they shit their pants when it was released.


They've seen what it can do. I've seen the aftermath firsthand as well, and they will mess you up. It's the equivalent of a cop busting out a knife and stabbing a person into compliance for non-violently resisting arrest. Not ok.


Self medicating is a crime… only big pharma drugs are ok.


I dont understand how we / society is still allowing them (drug companies) to get away with it, all the blood on their hands. there is not countless people at the head of this, only a select few.


I mean it makes a lot of sense when you realize we make literally every significant decision on the basis of maximizing profits with no consideration for human suffering :^)


look how they conveniently backed-off and allowed the man in fear, to get up and run.


They let him get up to be attacked again. There was no reason for the dog to be released the first or second time. No amount of meth makes it ok for police, who already have a man in custody to let a dog attack him, twice.


They release the dog the first time to properly terrorize the suspect so he's not thinking and goes into "fight or flight" mode, to set him up. Then he reacts in the wrong way or accidentally bumps an officer, and now they have felony assault charges to throw at him. This is the most fucked up thing I've seen in a while.


It’s all about that footage now. We all thought body cameras were going to make things better, but wouldn’t you know it… a lot of departments get to control exactly how much we see of that too.


Yeah, officers should get immediately suspended if they turn it off while operating, yet now its common knowledge that cops will purposefully switch them off when they want to hide their crimes.


Because a dog is consider an officer so when he kicked back at the dog gnawing on his fucking ankle that's actually assaulting an officer. Absolutely deplorable


Well it's a good thing that this has nothing to do with meth and everything to do with those "officers" being a bunch of degenerate cunts. That's textbook gang behavior.


Why is the war on drug even still a thing? Are people so stupid they can't see its just a reason to lock up poor people? You're not helping anyone stop taking drugs if the only thing you do is kick them and lock them up.


The people who enforce the laws want to see those people locked up


No, it’s because they’ve realized that arresting random people off the street is *a lot easier and more profitable* than actually solving crimes. That’s the thing about living in a city. The cops literally don’t solve crimes. One time a thief was sitting in the mailroom of my gf’s apartment and *leisurely smoking crack while going through packages to steal.* He was in there for an hour after they called 911, she could see him on the security camera the whole time. It would have been the easiest, most cut-and-dry, open-and-shut arrest on earth. Literally all they had to do was arrive within an hour and handcuff the guy. There was a cop car 100 yards away at Wingstop. I know that for a fact. All they had to do was walk over there. FIVE HOURS LATER, the cops roll up. They flat-out say there’s nothing they could do, and they’re not even going to try to look for him. Over a thousand dollars of people’s stuff gone. You know why “defund the police” is a thing in large American cities? Because *cops in big cities don’t solve crimes.* They just arrest random minorities. It’s fucking ridiculous.


They literally said "let him up"


I mean, he didn't even run at first. The man tried to stay against the car when they backed off him the first time. Then they put him at ground level and did the same thing. No one in their right mind is going to stay at ground level with a dog attacking them.


They fucking told him to, one officer said "look out, look out, get up" and they released him, backed away and let the dog loose. Reminded me of the scene in Django unchained when they let the dogs tear up D'artagnan, these cops are fucking disgusting excuses for human beings.


That scene was brutal and I’m a horror movie fanatic.


When they bring the dog out like that, what they want you to do is get scared and try to push or kick the dog to get it off you. This will earn you a severe beating AND a battery against an officer charge.


They wanted him to run. Jesus fucking Christ, imagine of this dude fought back against the dog.. he'd be shot dead before his foot followed through. How any cop could see this video and not immediately be on the phone with whoever they could to do whatever they could to get these pigs charged is themselves guilty of this same shit. ACAB. PERIOD.




For real. Getting pleasure from his pain


Isn't that a requirement for police officers?


No, it’s a benefit.


There's a guy who does an awful lot of police training, and one of the things he teaches them is that the sex they'll have the day they kill a suspect is the best sex they'll ever have in their lives and that's a benefit of the job. I'm not joking or being hyperbolic at all. He also encourages them to hang pictures of children and pregnant women on targets at the gun range so that they can train away their hesitancy to kill someone. This is how you end up in situations like that jewelry store robbery/hostage situation, where the police showed up and killed the suspect, the hostage *and* a couple bystanders. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/police-trainer-best-sex-killing/


This is fucking sickening. So they are programmed to act like animals? Dominate and subjugate another member of their own species and get high off it. This is some homo homini lupus shit man.


And then wonder why so much of the country thinks no cops at all might actually lead to safer situations than having cops who kill for fun.


You're doing it wrong, the benefit comes when the police investigate the police and find no wrong doing...again.


They'll find something...then the cops will get the worst of punishments...A PAID MONTH OFF OF ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE


How to know if cops are innocent or not in one easy step: have they released bodycam footage? Nope - then they are guilty as fuck.


Well you see, they all errantly powered them off within 10 seconds of each other, so…


App body cam footage should be collected and held by a third party. But we all know that will never happen


It's the only way they can get an erection


I thought they could also get one by beating their wife.


That's true in the beginning but after a while even beating their wives isn't enough to get their evil hearts pumping blood.


I'm just waiting for all the boot lickers to show up and explain how this situation could have been prevented with more training.


The AP just had a story about departments wanting "sensitivity training" which of course is a bunch of bullshit, it's lack of consequences that leads to police abuses.


Which is roughly the equivalent of BP going "sorry" for dumping oil in the ocean.


"We're sorry"


The sadly hilarious thing is that the cops themselves don’t even have an excuse for a suspect flipping out when a K-9 is around… as they shoot civilians’ dogs “out of fear for their lives” *all the time* just for a couple of barks and maybe a sudden movement… let alone gnawing on a body part. Some people react viscerally to dogs. I had a pit bull/Labrador mix (had some features of both) and you’d see some of the toughest looking dudes get all “lone woman at 2AM” and nervously cross the street, even though he was super goofy/friendly and on a leash. If a police department can’t understand basic psychology, they probably should get out of policing and just work at Wendy’s.


Dont say things like that. I know wendys employees that could apprehend this guy without a dog.


I mean, the cops in the video Dod apprehend the guy without the dog. Had him in custody against the vehicle, then they chose to put the dog on him just so they could laugh.


I think they do get basic psychology. The subject flipping out means they have more reason to lock them away or even to kill them. And it can make them look better if the suspect hurt the poor innocent doggo.


Couple of looters during a 10k protest? Execute all of them! Video after video of cops violating human rights? Just follow their orders.... I just can't keep up with their logic.


You gotta be able to rely on your training. My training took over. My training kicked in


Did you know that if you had more training you could have understood the training you got to train the training instructor about your training


Officer felt threatened by the dude with both hands on the car and then his training kicked in for his own survival. /s incase it’s needed.


Any other dog is getting put down for that attack. But this one, well this one we’ll celebrate it and charge the detainee for obstruction if they _resist getting chewed on_ and then sweep it under the rug when its handler forgets it in the squad one hot day. That there is _one special dog_


That's sergeant Dog to you, civilian.


And then when they release the dog knowing the perp has a weapon, the dog will get shot and killed and they’ll have a funeral in a football stadium with an [open casket](https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/06/22/metro/braintree-police-have-somber-procession-funeral-k-9-kitt-killed-ambush-that-wounded-two-officers/) and all the pomp and circumstance, all on the taxpayer’s dime and *hope* that donations will cover “most” of the costs. I love dogs, but c’mon.


The part about killing them in the hot car is very real. "Heat Stroke" is one of the top causes of death for police dogs, if not the top cause. I read that as "they were left in the hot car." Closely followed by being shot and killed by a cop, by the way. It's far too common that they release the dog to chase a suspect, the suspect pulls out a gun or a knife to defend themselves, and then the cops open fire and empty every damn magazine killing both the suspect and the damn dog.


get on the ground while there is a rabid dog down there who will lunge on my face and eat my face no matter what I do. I dont think I will.


Well, they'll shoot you if you don't. Pick your poison.


They will shoot you no matter what position you are in. Remember the guy who was crawling like the officer asked him to and was gunned down.


Daniel Shaver.


One of the most tragic videos i have ever seen.


Between the videos of Daniel Shaver, Elijah Mclain, and George Floyd, I have lost any faith I once had in urban policing as a force for good.


Daniel Shaver....Never forget


Is that the guy who was shot down for losing simon says with a psychopath holding an AR15 giving commands in a hotel?


The psychopath who has retired early with a full pension.


Yep that's him.


Then there's people saying blue lives matter LOL


That's the point. You can get chewed are resist arrest - which means they can use force to subdue you. Using the dog gets them justification to use dog.


There was a high speed chase in AZ a few years ago that ended at a freeway entry point. Police used a pit maneuver, boxed in the car, shot the driver, and then released the dog - all on live TV from the overhead copter. Everyone watching got to see the dog rip off the man's face, literally.


They should be fired and prosecuted.


https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/fbi-investigates-woodson-terrace-police-in-wake-of-video-of-department-k-9-biting-a/article_d14b3700-f060-5fea-9d8d-27cc041baf6d.html Happened last Monday and police are investigating.


Well of course. They're investigating how this person was allowed to stand in clear view and record these guys. Training will be shared with all active officers about their situational awareness to cameras before they do some highly illegal activities. Edit: This is sarcasm which is seems most of you understood. But here's an edit for a boot licker that thought I was serious.


Don't forget looking into the victim's past since birth so they can go for maximum public defamation because they haven't actually charged him with a crime after this attack.


followed by administrative leave for the cops.


"Temporary, paid administrative leave"


Don't forget about the taxpayer funded settlement that will be provided while admitting absolutely zero wrong doing.


And that is the American justice system! abibbitty-bibbity-bibbity that's all folks!


We're very disappointed. Try not to enjoy your paid vacation.


And a promotion to the state police union president after a few years, because they stood in solidarity and didn't snitch.


Love how they always attempt to justify their actions by bringing up their victims past, or the reason he was being arrested In the first place. Like that'll somehow excuse their abhorrently violent behavior. See George Floyd for the biggest example of this.


I would say Breonna Taylor is the biggest example imo. She was asleep and I kept hearing about how she used to date someone who is now under investigation for dealing drugs.


They really will find a way to excuse them huh.


This mofo stole a pack of gum when he was 4. That just shows that they've always been a shitbag and our behavior was totally warranted. You should back the badge. /s


That article glosses over it completely, but the chief already said that his cops did everything right, and now is saying he's investigating.


I wish someone would secretly record the "sensitivity training" since I know it's probably horseshit.


Yeah... But that might actually result in some change from within. As well, another investigation now into the leaking of this training. I can imagine it, "We've got a bad apple amongst us gents.", and they proceed to find and force "good cop" out.


They could complete the investigation by watching this video.


Seriously. What's so hard about watching the evidence and saying "you are barred from policing for life, goodbye"


There's procedure, like getting statements from everyone, and trying to find some way to go back in time and sprinkle a little crack on him.


FBI is investigating, which is better than the police. There might actually be some accountability.


Flash to the usa gymnastics case.


we have investigated ourselves and determined that we did nothing wrong.


"Two months paid vacation for the officer"


aka paid leave


it'll be paid leave though... fucking trash


Yep. Tax payers will pay for his leave, and any settlement that comes to the victim too! Yay us!


Pisses you off doesn’t it? This is why EVERYONE needs to be raising hell about getting rid of qualified immunity.


If someone in the medical field or care facilities neglects a patient - just neglects.. they can be fired and charged. Fuck the police and their golden umbrella system. All of them are fucked


No kidding. Even groomers have a higher personal liability bar then police.


I have personally fired multiple people for abusive actions at a care center that were much, much, much less serious than this.


>They should be fired Into the sun


Or just fired at. Maybe with some real consequence they’ll shape up.


Isn't that what the second amendment was originally for? To protect us from a Tyrannical government? The police is from the government. . . .


No, they should be prosecuted and put in stocks in a busy public area to raise funds for the victims by selling rotten fruit to be chucked at them. Then fired.


I’m just gonna walk my attack dog by these stocks… whoops!


Nah they’ll get a slap on the wrist, paid leave, then just transfer to another department. Rinse and repeat


Justice should be served... But it typically doesn't.


How about fired and prosecuted. Jail. No pensions.


At this point each state needs a completely independent entity that polices the police. This is fucking insane. This is gang shit. Not police work. All of them should be fired.


100% camera surveillance at all times is a start, I'm talking continuous rolling with covering the camera being an immediate termination with no appeal. Two cameras and a mic per person and 360 coverage on the car.


Only problem with that is that they can be caught on camera and still get away with it - because torture is legal. Simple as that. Cops need to start going to prison for crimes like kidnapping, attempted murder, torture and maiming, and obstruction. And so do their colleagues who fail to stop them.


And when victims get settled in court, the money needs to come from them not our taxes.


Also they constantly “lose” the video or it gets “corrupted” or something convenient like that every time they do something bad and it’s caught on film. It’s all just a bunch of gang members protecting their gang


When do we run out of the "few bad apples"?


We don't. They already spoiled the bunch.




This stuff makes me feel so bad. I've encountered many legitimately good cops in my life (and I'm black for what it's worth) and I've met a few really shit cops as well. I used to try to stick up for those good cops because some of those interactions will be with me forever, from being a dumb teenager till now, some cops have really left long lasting positive impressions on me. However these days with all the shit I constantly see, it's hard for me to be like "there's a few bad apples but they're not all bad!". It just seems now that the entire orchard is rotten and there's only a couple branches here and there that have some good fruit.


I have my degree in criminal justice and wanted to be a cop one day. Learning about the system made me no longer want to be a cop. All cops are bad because they uphold the current state of policing.


It’s as simple as that. Anybody who learns about this system knows they can’t “change it from the inside”. The system is built this way on purpose


It's one unarmed man against a car surrounded by three police officers. In what world did they need to need to put the dog on him? He wasn't trying to get away or resisting arrest. Sickening behavior.


They take “I suck at my job and I’m a vile piece of shit” to a new level. I never understood why how cops like this can be so proud to be terrible at their jobs and terrible human beings. I guess when you’re that stupid, you don’t know you’re that stupid. And when you’re evil, you own it. Too bad the dog isn’t as dumb and bad at its job as they are. If it was it might accidentally attack one of those assholes and bite their tiny dick off or something.


Everytime they say that the policy wasnt broken its them saying that they dont give a fuck about shit like this. If I let me dog go at someone like that I would be in jail for years and my dog shot but for some reason we just allow this shit to happen. Come on america where are your guns and liberty at now if this is normal and acceptable.


Police are fucking dangerous


Police are a crime gang. ACAB.


No, no, no. They are Privateers. They are American Pirates stealing, kidnapping, extorting, and ransoming citizens


Don't forget raping, brutalizing, and murdering in that illustrious list of deeds cops are regularly caught doing.


Apart from the ones that are [literally gangs] (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynwood_Vikings)


Where are all the 2A people promoting defense-of-another in these cases? They got a man in their custody, and decide to unleash potentially lethal force completely unnecessarily. Standing by and watching a man potentially get bit, suffocated, shredded, and beat to death almost feels like being complicit. I would think anyone who believes "good guys with guns save lives and stop tyranny" would be in favor of saving lives getting taken by tyrannical cops. I would also think a country that values "good guys with guns saving lives and stopping tyranny" would likewise stand behind anyone who interfered in these cases to save a life from being unjustly taken by tyrannical cops. But instead, the ones who scream "good guys with guns save lives and stop tyranny" the loudest are the same ones who support keeping the police untouchable, unaccountable, and uncontrollable. Fucking fascists.


Police are grotesque creatures


[Full Story](https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/23/missouri-police-dog-attack/) - according to police.


So, basically, exasperated police make a dumb threat against a non-violent (but non-cooperative) perp and then feel obliged to actually follow through. That was still terrible judgment. They have much more appropriate tools but used a poor one out of laziness. What's crazy is, based off of the description, it's most likely this guy was asked to leave for refusing to wear a mask. These days that would be 90% of your "trespassing and refusing to leave" calls to the police if not more.


I don’t think “laziness” grasps the severity of the issue. It’s a total lack of decency. Sicking a dog on someone is brutal torture. It can result in lifelong injuries.


Cruel and unusual punishment.


>Cruel and ~~un~~usual punishment.


This. A dog is not equivalent to handcuffs. Police dogs are not half as well trained as people think they are. That dog could potentially prove lethal to this man. Even so, a dog's mouth is filthy, and he's gonna need some antibiotics now to resist whatever infection may be in his blood/wounds. There were 3 cops against an unarmed non-violent man. The use of a police dog was a highly excessive use of force, and certainly a violation of protocol... not that American police face any consequences for that.


If 3 cops can’t control one suspect then maybe they shouldn’t have gone into the policing field lol


a taser would be too convenient and less fun... according to their action. you know what they say??? you're who you are, when you think no-one is watching. you're right, refusing to leave was likely a mask thing.... and possibly drugs


Cops use dogs to administer second hand violence. Its a convenient way to hurt or injure a suspect while keeping their own hands sort of clean. Using dogs in any role other than maybe their sniffer is barbaric.


> Using dogs in any role other than maybe their sniffer is barbaric. They immediately ruin the dog's training, making police drug-sniffing dogs barely more accurate than random. Cops shouldn't have dogs.


It’s been shown that a lot of the time cops will give cues to the dog to mark the presence of drugs (when there are none) on purpose just to search (and probably plant) something.


Drug sniffing dogs are nothing more than another tool they have to trample our 4th Amendment rights. "You see how his left ear twitched when he went past your rear passenger door? That means I can continue to harass you and tear your car apart for 45 minutes so I can fish for bullshit to charge you with. Oh we didn't find anything? Honest mistake, now beat it before I ticket you for loitering. #ThinBlueLine"


"Woodson Terrace Police say the suspect refused to comply with police, even after being told the dog would be used if needed." “'The subject continued to resist, causing minor injuries to one of the officers so the K-9 was released and gained control of the suspect’s foot. The suspect went to the ground and the K-9 was pulled off', according to a statement from the Woodson Terrace Police Department." "Then officers attempted to place the subject into handcuffs but due to the subject being under the influence of drugs, he continued to resist. The subject got up and attempted to flee from the officers and the K-9 was released again, biting the suspect on his leg. The officers were able to handcuff the subject and the K-9 was pulled off.”


> the K-9 was released and gained control of the suspect’s foot. disgusting twisting of language here


Passive voice. Just like when they say "officer was involved in a firearm discharge incident". No, the office shot someone.


Vidicously attacked and latched on to the suspects foot doesn’t fit their narrative I suppose. Gross.


Looks to me like they twisted it all the way from slave patrol.


Police are amazing gaslighters. It’s a common thread. They do one thing while changing reality by saying another.


Yeah the subject got up after the cop with the dog told the other two to let him go. No shit he tried to run knowing the dog was about to be set on him again.


>suspect refused to comply with police >subject continued to resist, causing minor injuries to one of the officers >subject being under the influence of drugs, he continued to resist. >subject got up and attempted to flee K.


> subject got up and attempted to flee ... >attempted to flee (being torn apart by a dog)


Reprehensible and inexcusable. These P.O.S. cops took this right from the playbook when police released dogs on civil rights protesters from the south in the 1960's. I hope this man files a civil rights suit against the city.


When are we allowed as citizens to start intervention?. I would have no problem if someone shot all three of these PIGS to save this man. Totally justified as they are without any doubt assaulting him with the purpose being to inflict pain and bodily damage. Fuck them and fuck America right now. We are living in a police state.


It’s not about being ‘allowed’ to intervene. It’s about having enough people intervene so that the cops don’t stand a chance. The police should fear citizens, not the other way around.


charges for all three and thrown in gen pop


Pigs are fucked up




To a group of comparatively under-educated people, militarize them, and then send them into our communities.


Remember, this is the country that Conservatives want to live in, with a big government police state which terrorizes it’s citizens.




Fuck 12


Monstrous! This is gang violence, not public safety. End qualified immunity and make the police as liable for criminal acts or deadly "mistakes" just like every other profession. These guys should be stripped and banned from ever serving again. Where is the national police registry? If a doctor kills someone they don't just up and move to a new city and start over.


Just curious will the dog see any repercussions from this? I know it's not he's fault but if my dog bites a cop we all know what will happen.


If your dog barks at a cop we know what will happen. Or looks at a cop. Or is at the same address.


I’m sure they will investigate themselves and find that they did nothing wrong


Wow look at that. More bitch cops.


The KKK didn't go away. They just joined the force.


Some of those that work forces


Are the same that burn crosses


I don't trust and I am scared of cops. They have proven they are not even human


I feel like we're really close to stuff like this happening, and bystanders walking up and shooting the police doing these horrible things in the back of the head to stop them. I'm not making a moral judgement on if that would be right or wrong. But an organization, government or not, can only abuse people so much before people get violent in return. And at that point I don't know what we're going to do as a country.


Lets hope they at least have good aim.




Fire all these motherfuckers.


They should also be arrested for the sadistic assault that they perpetrated.


This is why BLM exists


*dog biting at legs* Cop: Get on the ground (so he can bite your face. It's the only way I can get off anymore)!


This is torture, no other way of looking at it.


This is used as a torture technique,


It’s shameful that we as a society let all the psychopaths become cops and let them write all the rules to protect against atrocities. This is just insane.


Thanks to the internet (although recording didn't help Rodney), the media cannot bury these stories. The next phase is getting something done about it. serious jail time, licensing officers, allowing the public to sue them personally etc.....


God Bless the person who recorded THIS OUTRAGE. Thank You so much. Without video, it would be the same old police coverup that they use so often. Victim resisted arrest, assualted officer, refused to comply with commands...."Had to use force repeatedly". The Woodon Terrace Police are trying to cover it up....same as they always have. DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. CALL THE FEDS......


The police here are sadistic and should be criminally punished for torture. In addition I don't know why the guy started to run after he was put on the floor. You should know that they were just gonna let the dog tear you up, this is like in horror movies where the killer torments one of their victims by giving the illusion of a chance to escape.


>I don't know why the guy started to run after he was put on the floor. Fight or flight is real. I think once people come to understand and accept that they'll have a greater understanding of a lot of these interactions.


It isn't just fight or flight either, it is the most severe level of fight or flight that is often refereed to as "condition black". In this state a person acts purely out of fear and anxiety. The worst part is that police are trained on the "Cooper's Colors", and they know how to take advantage of it.


Cops: get on the ground Me: but that’s where the dog is… you want me to put my face near a attacking dog?