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Who are all these other people? it looks like she’s doing a WWE intro.


It all looks awkward as fuck. Half those people look like they accidentally wandered into the room and are too embarrassed to leave


She is the mother of clowns


The Sultan of Stupidity


The Colossus of Cunts


The Titan of Twats


The Crown Princess of Chucklefucks




A... Cuntlossus, if you will.




> It all looks awkward as fuck. Half those people look like they accidentally wandered into the room and are too embarrassed to leave Fuck 'em. Anyone in her presence, anyone inviting her, anyone invited by her ought to know full well what a fucked up person she is and the fucked up shit she represents. If they don't know, fuck 'em for being so ignorant.


Is that not not Boebert in blue? Imagine the two of them at the same press conference.


Did boeberts husband whip his dick out to an under-aged greene like he did to those other teen girls? Is that why we never see him repping "family values"?


Combined IQ of 12


Because 1+ 2 = 12


that's 12 times what I expected


An insult to any living creature that has an IQ of 12.


Cockroaches are deeply offended. She’s not among their ranks, even if they both have similar mental capacity.


2 brain cells fighting for 3rd place.


Look how visibly uncomfortable she is up there too


I thought I read a while back they hated eachother?


I think one thinks the other is too outwardly racist and shit mouthed. The second knows the other is dumber than a box of crushed rock.


So what you're saying is that it's a racist Pinky and the Brain situation?


Except they're both Pinky


Today, Pinky, we're going to lower the level of political discourse to the point that anyone with a shred of decency will be forced to tune out in order to protect their own mental health. Then, while they're not paying attention, we're going to legislate us all back to the middle ages!


The Hooker and the Beast.


The dude in the gold tie looks like Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock.


She’s slow.


I'm honestly worried about her and Boebert a little bit, among others.... like I think they need actual help. They're either really great actors and shills or seriously suffering from mental illness. It's really scary whenever I watch them speak because it feels like I'm taking crazy pills, that these are the elected representatives of America. I'm hoping that they all just sucked the Trump dick too hard, and that shit won't fly anymore, so they're having breakdowns. Either way - someone send help, The GOP might be too far off the rails, even for the crazy train.


That's putting it very mild.


Didn't she cheat on her husband with a yoga teacher?


Obviously yoga teacher has bad taste, or is blind.


Same for her husband


Worse. Her CrossFit instructor.


Every time someone says "go back to your country" all I can hear is "we are unable or unwilling to fix the actual problem". In this case, both.


Pretty sure her ancestors came from the UK/ Europe too. But they seem to forget that.


Margarine Traitor Greeds ancestors came directly from the Paleolithic period.


Her "ancestors" were a toxic mold that was discovered growing on a discarded bowl of gazpacho and cultivated in a peach tree dish.


I wonder if we gave her tree fiddy, she’ll go away


Don't you go givin her tree fiddy, she'll never go away!


I gave her a dollar


Dammit woman!


Ain't no wonder she won't go away if you keep giving a dollar!


I gave her tree fiddy last week






This is exactly it. Verbal shit throwing because there is zero intelligence to be offered.


>Every time someone says "go back to your country" It is every conservative's come back. Instead of responding to your criticism, they reflexively say "Leave, then" or "Go back to where you came from" (the latter said to me one too many times because I'm not White, never mind that I was born and raised here).


Trying to improve this country is the most un-American thing I can think of and deserves exile


America is perfect and we will not tolerate anyone, least of all Americans, suggesting it's not. /s


“If you don’t like it then leave.” So now you support immigration? How progressive of you…


So she has an issue with knife crime in my country but not mass shootings in her own country?


She has a problem with basic thinking.


I’m having a hard time imagining it


Imaging how any one person could vote for her never mind enough to win a damn election!


She ran unopposed.


She has a whataboutism issue. A refusal to face its own problems by bringing up other people's problem.


She will say whatever she needs to get the last word in. It's crazy how rampant mental illness is in the country, and it's even more apparent when our countries leaders act the way that they do its so embarrassing.


> It’s crazy how rampant mental illness is in the country It’s all the lead we’ve been exposed to over the years mark my words


Yes and no. My partner is one of the leading researchers in the ways that lead exposure effects brain development in adolescents. The largest change they saw was from children at an orphanage in china that was less than 100 feet from a plant that was shut down for unsafe lead disposal. And that change was on average 7 IQ points. That’s not nothing! But it’s not enough to produce MTG. If I recall, the gap between children whose parents both had college degrees and those that didn’t was about 16 points. The biggest effect of lead was poorly developed stress responses.


Was increased aggression noted in the poor stress responses? Also remember reading about that too


Mate she's an ignorant, stupid, dangerous cunt. Dangerous because her fellow stupid cunts believe her.


Technically it's that she has a problem with black people. But yes.


Sometimes I look at Boris and I'm a bit ashamed of our leaders over here in the UK, but then I look at the land of the free, and thank fuck we lost the American revolutionary war.




US has more shootings than the UK. In fact, they have the most by far in the developed world, surrounded in the rankings by struggling crime-ridden developing nations in Central America, whereas the UK has basically zero gun crime. “You guys have mass stabbings!” US has more stabbings per capita than the UK also. MTG just knocking em out the park with her extensive knowledge as usual.


Somehow though America has a higher knife crime rate than UK too. Edit: For the smoothbrains saying USA is a bigger country, go look up what the word "rate" means.


Woohoo we are #1


WOOO! USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸








Comin' again to save the mother-fuckin' day, #YEUH!




Obviously, but mainly because Muricans use [high-precision knives](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DufSuECVsAEtSe_?format=jpg&name=medium).


American knives have that "go getter" attitude that Boomers love.


The American knives pull themselves up by their boot straps, which is why they can kill so much better.




Wanna k ow something even funnier. In 2020 the US had 1739 murders due to stabbing/cutting. At 330 million people that results in 0.526 stabbing deaths per 100k population in the US. So you are also more likely to be stabbed to death in the US than in the UK.


Yeah, but it's entirely your own fault for getting stabbed in a country where you are legally allowed to carry firearms for self-defence. /s


There are 393.3 million guns in America meaning that every knife murderer had to get through 189k people armed with 1.19 guns each. #america (Please don't check my numbers, that's rude)


When you can be working three jobs until you nearly drop dead and still be poor. I can understand why some Americans turn to crime.


And a lot of that crime is people turning to drugs because it's the only way they know how to escape their terrible existence if only for a short time.


And more dumb politicians than UK


We’re running them fucking close though


And funnily enough, they’re both from conservative parties


“Mass Stabbings” fucking lol.


In the UK when someone tries to go on a murdering spree with a knife, a man with a narwhal tusk can save the day. In Uvalde, 15 officers all dressed in tacticool couldnt stop one guy.


>In Uvalde, 15 officers all dressed in tacticool couldnt stop one guy. Thats not true, they stopped the parents and one armed cop from entering the school.


Didn't they also tell the federal agents to back off?


Probably. I'm certain though while waiting they were all talking about how much they loved season 8 of Game of Thrones.


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse


These are the people that follow the advice of the 10th dentist


yeah, I half think the footage from the body cams might show a physical/verbal confrontation between BORTAC and Uvalde PD where they say "You can't go in there" and essentially get told "You can stop me, but if you try I'll fuckin' kill you" because Border Patrol is like eternally keyed up from what I've read


All it takes is a good guy with a knife to knife them back


Good guy with narwhal tusk.




She's so ridiculous.


She’s ridiculous, but you have to realize that is truly the belief and argument of everyday “normal” conservatives. As someone brought up in a conservative Christian area whose survived the right wing indoctrination tactics of childhood, I can tell you this has been their argument for the 2nd Amendment’s rampant over expansion since Columbine explaining why the US has so much more murder than the rest of the developed world. It makes no fucking sense at all, but hell, they also think video games are more responsible for mass shootings than the white guys doing the shooting.


>they also think video games are more responsible for mass shootings Accurate, my parents didn't like me playing battlefield in the past, because they thought it would desensitize me to violence. They didn't want me playing Need for Speed because they thought it would turn me into a street racer. Neither things have happened.


No shit! I played Mario Bros and NBA2k. I didn’t become Italian or make it to the NBA. Maybe I just needed to play more…


How's your mushroom consumption though, that's the real concern.


Strange my mom was afraid if I played FFX I'd laugh like tidus, and that DID happen.


Same people who run ad after ad with their guns shooting everything they don't like. This was after years of warmongering and soldier worship. They are the hotdog meme


It literally happens all the time on Reddit, people use the UK has mass stabbing defence all the time


A quick search for statistics gives: * People killed by guns in the USA, 2020: 43,551 * Population of the USA, 2020: 331,000,000 (approx.) * That's about 1 person in 7,600 killed by a gun, or 0.01% of the populaton. and * People killed by knives in the UK, 2021: 235 * Population of the UK in 2021: 68,207,116 (approx.) * That's about 1 person in 290,243 killed by a knife, or 0.0003% of the population. So that makes you about 33 times more likely to be killed by a gun in the USA than by a knife in the UK.


Knife crime is higher per capita in America than the UK so it really baffles me why that's their go to argument all the time. They can be so dense, that's such a simple Google and would save them some national embarrassments if they remembered what that is


> Knife crime is higher per capita in America than the UK so it really baffles me why that's their go to argument all the time. Dont let facts get in the way of a good mass stabbing


Probably because in the UK we also restrict the carrying of knives in public.


Texas just legalized open carry of swords a few years ago. You can now legally walk around downtown Houston with a claymore strapped to your back.


[2016/17 source for reference](https://www.euronews.com/2018/05/05/trump-s-knife-crime-claim-how-do-the-us-and-uk-compare-)


*Taps forehead* can't be a national embarrassment in a nation of embarrassments


Not only is it higher, it’s *way* higher.


The truth is inconsequential to her agenda. All that matters to her is the right people hear it.


This is pretty much exactly how this goes with these people though. "Well you can kill someone with a potato too, you gonna take away potatoes?!?!?!"


what's great is when we do have bad stabbings in the UK (which it does happen) - police with guns turn up. Emphasis on the words "turn up" - because they don't have to be afraid of a kid armed to the teeth with an Ar15


London Bridge attack lasted 8 minutes before armed police killed attackers. It's actually crazy how quick they are.


>London Bridge attack lasted 8 minutes before armed police killed attackers. It's actually crazy how quick they are. For reference, in the London Bridge attack 3 people were injured and 2 killed over the course of 8 minutes. In the [2019 Dayton Shooting](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Dayton_shooting) 17 people were injured and 9 were killed over the course of *32 seconds.*


> In the 2019 Dayton Shooting 17 people were injured and 9 were killed over the course of 32 seconds. Literally best case scenario response time for "good guy with a gun" and 9 people still died


Dw, most of us Americans know yall carry longswords everywhere you go and are amongst the bestest archers in the world


All those mass longbow...ings? Mass archerings? Arrowings? Either way she's an insufferable, idiotic, cunt.


Oh, trust me, most Americans are aware lol.


Let me know when a mass stabbing leads to 60 deaths.


Or when there are 10+ in a given weekend.


Yeh no idea what she’s on about. Living in a nice little echo chamber isn’t she lol


This dipshit believes every meme she reads online


In 30+ years I don’t recall any mass stabbings in a school in the UK. Sure some kids have knives on them and would pull it on someone in a rare instance but rarely would they ever have the stupidity to use it on a classmate


Reality isn't going to slow these morons down one bit, they wanted to ban Muslims after [the Bowling Green Massacre](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowling_Green_massacre). I would be impressed by their tenacity, if it wasn't helping cause the downfall of society.


Reality? They are actively opposed to it. These people thought Jade Helm was a military takeover of Texas. They think JFK and/or JFK Jr is going to come back to life and support Trump. They believe in fucking lizard people ruling the world. I could make a huge long list of outright lunatic crazy stuff they believe.


It’s almost like stupidity has been weaponised


I love the picture they use on Wikipedia for that > Bowling Green Massacre Survivor


Not only that, but the US has more stabbings per capita than the UK! And obviously they're also among the top globally for gun deaths per capita, and the only developed nation in the top X. The whole stabbing scare stories about the UK that the US right wing extremists love to parrot is utter bollocks.


The last mass shooting in the uk was in 1996 and we banned hand guns after that not a single school shooting since


US murder rate is 4 times that of the UK


They also have a larger amount of stabbings per capita than the UK... Edit: sorry this comment is duplicated. Reddit App doing its thing again.


They also have a larger amount of stabbings per capita than the UK... Edit: sorry this comment is duplicated. Reddit App doing its thing again.


[For everyone downvoting because it doesn't fit your worldview](https://infogram.com/us-vs-uk-on-knife-crime-1hmr6gyrxmlo6nl)




Mass stabbings. Ah yes, so many in the news. Kid goes to school, fatally stabs 22 people. Same as guns, ofcourse, why not. I liked MTG better when I only knew it as a card game tbh.


Imagine bringing the same argument as the Americans about guns. Oi bruv, we better give all the teachers knifes. Only a good guy with a knife can stop a bad guy with a knife.


Hahah omg that would be utter chaos. Imagine if they took christmas card photos with all their knives in hand looking all gansta. They'll take this knife from my cold dead hands.


This is comedy gold. As someone from America I'm laughing my ass of thinking about this.


Ever seen a chav? They dont even wait till christmas!


I actually had an American suggest we adopt the same gun (non)restrictions in the UK to help combat knife crime. Not even the craziest shit I've heard from right wing yanks, they're proper mentz


Well, yeah, it would work, if the knife guy would be stupid to not get a gun. Even MTG would think to get a gun to get rid of the dems instead of a knife.


It is funny because even if you are looking at stabbing homicides per capita, it is still higher in the US. I don't understand how people so disconnected from reality get into positions of power.


What the actual fuck


She's just so breathtakingly stupid


It's a craft she's masterd from years of practice


"We like our numbers here" ah yes big fan of large quantities of innocent children being gunned down /s


The hard pressing question she needs to be asked is "What's it feel like to be a fuckin idiot?"


fucking full automatic knives, man...


come on man everyone who knows anything and i mean anything about knives knows there are no fully automatic knives on the streets only semi auto and maaaaybe a few bump tangs. you probably think AK stands for assault knife too


Who the fuck put that lady in charge of anything? Get the fuck off the stage with that shit.


She ran unopposed. 25% of the people in the district actually voted to have nobody represent them.


It's scary that she might win again with proper opposition. A lot of people unfortunately like what she's been doing. The alt right love this shit.


It's scary that her supporters (and the domestic terrorists amongst them) learned that death threats work. It's scary that the facist portion of the GOP has learned that death threats work. That is WHY she ran unopposed. Her supporters threatened her Dem opponent with death threats until he withdrew.


She’s a trash human.


God, what a bitch


Remember that time when the dude tried to stab a bunch of people on London Bridge and got pasted by a fire-extinguisher, a pike, and a narwhal tusk and then the Police shot him like 11 times? Yeah, hit me with that 'mass-stabbing' argument again. If Boebert and MTG could just spontaneously combust, that would be wonderful. 1000 deaths are not enough for MTG.




i read a bit about that. man pulled it off the wall of some pub or something like butch in pulp fiction looking in awe up at the katana


He was on day release from prison too. Pretty sure his heroics got his sentence reduced/early parole


The other one that gets me is this > One man fought the three attackers with his fists in the Black and Blue steakhouse, shouting "**Fuck you, I'm Millwall**", giving members of the public who were in the restaurant the opportunity to run away. For those that don't know Millwall Football clubs fans had a notorious past reputation for hooliganism.


I would also like to add that the guy doing the stabbing looked like he had a bomb vest on at the time. They didnt know if it was real or not (turns out it wasnt) and still, they intervened to stop more people getting hurt. We really dont want that stuff to be happening in our streets so our people generally try to stop it and that concept is generally pretty strongly supported by all areas of the political spectrum in parliament. Its utterly shocking to see so many american politicians so at odds with the concept of preventing mass casualty events and the amount of denial and deflection of the fact that this is a serious issue that needs tackling.


MTG is a fucking hillbilly!


That's an insult to hillbillies.


You leave Magic the Gathering alone


Wow even Boebert in the back is thinking she should have stayed on the sugar baby websites.


"I fucked Ted Cruz for this!?"


Apparently they hate each other. Boebert hates being associated with MTG.


I found a list of mass stabbings in the UK. Glasgow Hotel - 6/26/2020 1 death (the stabber) 6 injuries London Bridge - 6/3/2017 11 deaths including the 3 stabbers 48 injuries Other weapons include a van which accounted for 2 of those deaths. Rackham's - 12/8/94 0 dead 15 injured Reading - 6/20/2020 3 dead 3 injured Russell Square - 8/3/2016 1 dead 5 injured Tell me again how stabbings are just as bad when we have one gunman take out 19 children and 2 adults? Killing 3 times as many people as the worst stabbing rampage in the UK?


So what I'm reading here is, in all five of the mass stabbing events that have happened in the UK, a combined total of 10 people have died due to being stabbed.


Don't you just hate when you're walking your dog and step in a big pile of Marjorie Taylor Green?


Anything, and I mean *anything*, my dog produces is infinitely better than Marge.


She's the type of person to bring a lemon to a knife fight


Mass stabbings??? Lmao What is this idiot on??


Facebook Not even once


That's the idiot argument. She has nothing of value to add to the conversation or this country.


MTG is a dumpster rat


That "go back to your own country" line really rolled off her tongue, sounds like she's used it before


These people are literally sickening.


Mass stabbings in the UK? Off the top of my head I can recall only three mass stabbings in the UK in the last ten years. Yet in the states I can recall more mass shootings in the last few years than I can count on my fingers and toes. It's embarrassing. She's embarrassing.


I can’t recall any “mass” stabbings? But to be honest I don’t know the benchmarks of classification either? What makes it “mass”? We MTG to update us.


Yes, but the problem with it is the mass stabbings are inhumane. You see, in America, we prefer mass killings with guns, the quick and humane way to kill as many people as possible. Knives are barbaric, and we are a sophisticated society. ^/s


It’s such a strange argument. UK murder rate per 100,000: 1.14 (128th highest in the world) USA murder rate per 100,000: 4.96 (64th highest in the world) That is a murder rate over 4x greater… New York City alone had 485 murders last year while the entirety of the UK (Northern island, Scotland, wales and England) had 594. Is the UK perfect? Absolutely not. But what she is saying is pure misinformation.


That little troll needs to get back in her hole. Idiot.


It's hard to believe someone can say something so profoundly stupid with a straight face... professional POS.


She's so fucking stupid


I am so sick of this fucking bitch.


She argues like a twelve year old


If I go back to my country Taliban and alqaida would cut me in pieces because I proudly served for United States marine corps. I love patriots but not these kind of idiots! My life been hell because of racist people like her.


Mass stabbings, you lying horrid old shit bag, just so you know we don’t!, these people will lie directly to your face expecting you to be too dumb to check for yourself, these people are the enemy of the United States and until you realise this you are a meme to the world!.


I think she earnestly believes it, though. This woman has no critical thinking skills, no capacity for nuance or scale, and fervently seeks out any "information" that strokes her confirmation bias. She read some dumb take on Twitter about knife crime in the UK and now believes that because you can't regulate 100% of violent crime there is absolutely no point in trying at all.


Wait did she just say “Go back to your country and worry about your no guns cause we like ours here?!” Wow! She must have manure for brains lol


I'm tired of people saying go back to your country when The USA is a Country of immigrants. And everyone if free to come here its what makes us great


That even made GED congress Karen in blue uncomfortable.


i respect the old school republicans but these new uneducated populist oafs are just an embarsssment… you get what you elect though


As an American who went to Highschool in england and dealt with Brits daily let me be VERY clear here. I had a knife pulled on me in the U.K. I had a gun pulled on me in the U.S. Only one of these made me drop a denim dookie dragon. Ill take knifes over guns anyday.