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No doubt she just saved her own life.


Completely useless bystanders as usual


Per an article linked by the OP they didn't actively intervene but he did let her go thanks to them being there. They helped identify the guy and he got 59yrs sentence


I thought the same, but then soon after thought about the possibility of this insane bastard having a firearm. If he was willing to smack down a 17 year old in plain view, who knows what else he'd be capable of. With that said, I would like to think others and myself would do something. But I wouldn't blame anyone for not intervening. What they *were* doing was paying attention to the details and eventually stood by the victim in court. So theres that.


When I lived in SF in the 90's, it was a way different place. The building I lived in was on the corner where lots of prostitutes worked, with cars around the block 24/7. With that much cash exchanging hands, the pimp on hand usually isn't armed so he doesn't catch an extra felony if arrested. But they always have someone nearby with a gun in case someone tries to rob them. That guy down the block having a smoke? He's keeping an eye on things, and he will not hesitate to shoot your ass if you interfere with their business.


Honestly I don’t blame them. It’s so bizarre and happened so fast it’s easy to see their brains freezing. The whole altercation was 30 seconds! You think you’ll be a hero but if you’re just going about your day it blindsides you and you don’t know how to react.


Yup. I have a family friend who got stabbed and died intervening on instinct in a situation like this. Nice to think you'd run in and be the hero. Maybe think about it first. You're running into a situation with armed and dangerous people. That term didn't come from nowhere. Stop judging


Yeah, got knocked out and kicked in the throat. Still can’t speak properly. I tried to stop some bloke hassling his gf. Pretty sure I was quite fortunate.


Oh man. Sorry to hear that.


> Stop judging Redditors with little to no information on a matter: "No"


Ok tough guy watching a cctv video on Reddit. You ready to die in a parking lot bc of a situation you know nothing about while being caught completely off guard.


Fr, i have family members to live for. I can't risk a gun shot and dying just to be remembered on the internet when my family can't be taken care of. That being said, calling the police and keeping them up to date of the situation is the best thing to do when you aren't sure if you should physically intervene. Which those people did, so overall, that Reddit tough guy is probably the most useless of this whole situation since his comment provided nothing except calling people useless.


Yeah you can see the first guy kinda go to help, and then I assume realise that asshole is completely unhinged and he gets his phone out instead. Best thing you can do is record the plate number and try and get video of the dudes face... Especially in the US, you'd bet that dude has a gun. You can't help anyone if you're shot.


100% agree. As shitty as it is I’m not jumping in unless I know for sure I can safely exit the situation. I have a 3.5 year old that is more important than anything.


The good news is this guy got sentenced to 59 years in prison. While the people didn’t really intervene in the typical manner we would use that word, apparently their testimony(along with the footage I am sure) helped ensure that he will be behind bars for some time! [source](https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/dfw/news/17-year-old-escapes-human-trafficker-at-the-shops-at-legacy/)


Damn, poor thing’s only 17. 😔


I volunteer locally with trying to track down missing girls in the area suspected of being involved in these type of situations, and it’s very sad how young they often are, and just how many suspected victims there are. It takes place at seedy motels, nice hotels, nice neighborhoods. Basically all over. It’s a pandemic of its own sort.


I don't understand who the customers are for these victims. I mean paying for sex is one thing, but going to a seedy hotel room to have sex with a crying underage girl???? Are there that many guys willing to do this? How and where are they advertising? As an illegal business, it just doesn't make sense that they could get enough customers to make it worth 50 years in prison.


The real kicker is they make these victims numb with drugs, or they provide things these kids may have been missing in their life: money, a sense of family(some girls don’t want to leave their friends behind), sometimes the girls are escaping their own abuse. These people know how to pick them, how to groom them, how to keep them there. It’s almost like the people running this are smart enough that they could have actually done something good with their lives instead. They just have no moral compass.


I saw a video of one sex trafficking victim say she was provided heroin, not just because it numbed her emotions but because you become chemically chained to it. If you dont get heroin in your system every 6 to 8 hours you will go into a severely painful withdrawal. You cant run away and get help because you'll be running away from the person thats giving you heroin and preventing you from going into withdrawal.


It’s absolutely one of the hooks they use to sink into their victims. It’s sickening.


I come from a family of criminals. I always told them that if they spent half as much time just honestly working as they do scheming ways to do illegal shit, they would all be millionaires.


On a lighter note, I remember seeing a suggested way to cheat on a test in school by photoshopping the answers in place of the ingredients on the label for a bottle of Coke. I thought, with all that effort you could just study.


My adhd found it easier and more fun to print the labels lol. I did this a few times but I couldn't study to save my life.


When smart watches were a new thing, I put a bunch of notes on a notes app on the watch and would sneakily navigate the little screen to get answers. Worked many times before apple made their smart watch and they were everywhere. Also the classic notes in the calculator cover worked a bit for math.


Do kids still learn how to program to-83s? That used to be the easiest cheat method in math. Just program the formulas in and then you could punch in numbers and it would spit out the results. If you really wanted to put the time in you could even make it show steps so you could cheat the “show your work” sections too. So much work instead of just studying, but calculator memory is much less faulty than my own brain.


Also, you were studying in a round about way. When I cheated, I had to figure out what I was going to write and how to use it. Memorizing an equation vs reading it off an eraser is one thing, being able to use the equation is another.


This is why some teachers allow cheat sheets. It's tricking you into studying.


because being good at rote isn't a sign of intelligence.. just according to all schools..


Yeah , nice sentiment but all skill not so transferable and not all gateways open. Point taken though, they could do well enough.


Idk man I used to sell weed illegally when it was illegal and now that it is legal in my state I got a job selling it legally and honestly I think I made more before.


That these people could've been great social workers or helping people at orphanages/clinics/etc., were it not for their curdled morality, is a real hidden tragedy to it all. Not an excuse (they all deserve jail time), but there's a cruel calculus to such lost potential _and_ humanity.


I get that, and it’s hard to articulate sometimes without sounding sympathetic to them. But I have zero sympathy for them as they are now, I just don’t believe people are inherently bad, and often these are people who fell through the same cracks as some of their victims. With the right resources, who knows who they could have been? I feel sad for them in the sense that this is what they chose to do, because, there are many people who have had unimaginable life struggles who would never intentionally inflict pain on another person, much less a child, because their experiences grew empathy within. What makes these specific individuals doing things like this put all their humanity to the side? I wish I understood that better.


> going to a seedy hotel room to have sex with a crying underage girl???? Are there that many guys willing to do this? Yes. And we owe it to women and children to stop burying our heads in the sand and acting like this isn't a huge problem in our society.


What’s crazy is it’s not always a “seedy” hotel, Hilton & Marriott properties are known for this in my area.


Hilton is fuckin thriving with it. Can check in without stopping at the front desk, it's even more invisible than before.


You know I never thought about that having an impact on this. Very solid point.


Worked in a Marriott Courtyard and I can confirm this , lots of sick fucks out there!


Do hotel workers get trained in how to identify if someone is being trafficked? Similar to how flight attendants are? Or is it just keep your head down and don’t interfere with customers?


I worked at a doubletree in the bar for several years and yes, we had an annual course everyone at the hotel took on spotting these situations.




Honestly nothing of the sort was ever mentioned to me during training (this was five years ago) I was hired to work the AM shift at the Bistro not front desk. I would work from 4am to 11am. Every morning I would have the usual crowd. Truck drivers, travel nurses ,familys passing thru town, college kids all hung over ,people clearly meeting up for an affair, prostitutes ect. Everyone friendly would strike up the usual combo. But I remember every so often these guys maybe mid 30s (middle eastern and asian )would come in twice a month with young girls and when I say young I mean probably 15 to 16 year old girls (most of the time young Asian girls) , now like I said we would get all sorts of characters but this was different. I remember these girls would come in a group of three, they were never alone always one of these same guys with them. He would order the food for them as they stood behind him. No eye contact not a peep from the girls. I remeber getting a weird gut feeling. I'm a very friendly person so I love to talk to my customers. I remember being annoyed with the guy because these girls aren't having a say in anything. So I ask one of them "hey the breakfast sandwich for you right? You want cheese added?" Just to see if she would talk. She just glances over at this guy but doesnt say anything. The guy is on his phone and looks at me and says "yea" I'm like wtf ok. I see they sit in a booth he's on the outside while the three girls are nestled in. STILL ON HIS PHONE. The girls just staring down blank faces. I let my cook know how weird that the guy is ordering the food and the girls are like zombies . To my surprise the cook was familiar with him he tells me " Oh yeah that guy is a photographer, he comes all the time with different girls, he always buys them all breakfast " at this point I get a gross gut feeling. I tell the cook that these girls look 16 tops! Wtf ? The cook then goes on " yeah he tells me he gets girls from all over to photograph and they meet up here to do the paperwork"? (mind you the cook was not the brightest person) I ask the cook if he's ever spoken to any of the girls and he's like nope. Never. I then observe them. The girls never touch the food. Never a word spoken between them. The guy gets up and goes to the front desk to check out or something. I run over quickly to wipe the table and pick up the plates. Again i try to talk to them. I'm like " hey did you guys enjoy the food? They just nod yes. No smile. Not a peep. As I look closely at them these poor girls look so tired, like I've been awake for days tired. But no energy at all, no life in them in a way. The guy comes back and notices me hanging around and let's em know let's go. Never saw the girls again. All the girls that would accompany this guy were the same. Young girls and same thing everytime. I always wanted to slip a note or something but I realized that alot of them couldn't speak English. I knew this because in one occasion i took the receipt that needed to be signed so it could be charged to the room, I would try my best to make any contact but like I said they never spoke, one of them whispered to another in what I can only describe as russian? They never signed it. The most disturbing part was that two other guys would do the same thing. Always "on the phone" order for the girls. Almost like if they tried to make it look as natural as possible. I'm 100 percent sure that these young girls were being trafficked no doubt in my mind. I often see the missing posters when I stop in rest areas and try to see of I recognize any but again so many faces.


Not trying to give you a hard time but why did you never call the police...?


Yeah especially tourist towns like where I live, right along highway 97 with easy access to I-5 straight into Mexico or Canada, no matter how "nice" you think the area you live in is, someone's pulling fuckshit somewhere.


There are so many foul people out there. Regular people that you work with, work out with, drink with, smoke with. I guarantee it's not hard for these fucks to find customers. I have a few friends that used to escort, way before only fans or anything. The stories of the people they met blew my mind. Large number of these customers can't even get hard without the girls crying or begging them to stop. I'm all for kinks. But some of the shit these people do to others. . .


Right into the fucking death note




The world is far worse than you could possibly imagine. One of my previous jobs involved gathering evidence to convict sex traffickers. The psychological toll it takes on the people trying to help is immense, yet that pales in comparison to the extraordinary suffering that the victims experience. We needed to have a psychologist on hand for the people that had to peruse the gathered evidence in order to make a convincing enough court case to get a guilty verdict on a trafficker that had been released twice due to insufficient evidence. So much time, energy, and mental turmoil just to send one evil person to jail. So many victims. So many evil traffickers. We made a huge impact on the individuals that we rescued, but we didn't even make a dent in the overall problem. You have no idea how horrible this world is.


The mental toil on us defence attorneys is great also. I haven’t done any trafficking work but a lot of child porn. Not fun


Wouldn't that be a lot of those simple possession cases that get a light sentence? Or are we talking *manufacture?* Possession cases are just pathetically sad, especially if the perp is married with kids. Manufacture is this crazy rabbit hole of international crime, [most often linked to expats who teach english to kids in Asian countries.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Paul_Neil)


> Wouldn't that be a lot of those simple possession cases I mean, dude still has to look at the evidence. Even half a dozen items per case would be pretty draining. And hard drives and cameras are spacious


I find it fascinating that people don't know this fucked up shit happens all the time, everywhere. Out of sight, out of mind I guess. If you can think of it, it's out there.


My grandma was a social worker almost her entire life, as her mother was an early version of a social worker, too. Her job for many years was staying on-call to go to the hospital and counsel child rape victims. I have no idea how she did this for so long, or how she kept going after so many victims. Covid took her a couple years ago at 95 and she was still fucking working. My whole family works in that field, but I personally just couldn’t do it. My point is, people like you and her were out there, fighting the fight at the expense of your mental and physical health, and your actions certainly outweighed a lot of the evil in the world.


You probably know more than one person who would be customers.


> Are there that many guys willing to do this? See: History of man for your answer


Lots of people don't care. Look at how many consumer goods are manufactured by slaves, or slave wage workers. Look at the amount of trafficked labor in this country. People want to get their cheap shoes, and get their pool clean, how that happens they don't care


True we are huge consumers of sweatshop goods, but I think most of us would turn down the cheap shoes if we could see the crying Bangladeshi child sewing them right in front of us.


You'd be surprised. I work with many CSEC victims and you'd be shocked at just how prevalent this stuff is. It's EVERYWHERE. Tons of sick fucks are absolutely willing to pay. Advertising happens on the Internet. It's insanely lucrative. Think of it this way: drug trafficking sentences are often much harsher than human trafficking ones are. Drugs are consumables- you can run out of them. You can turn a human out hundreds/thousands of times. I live and work in a wealthy picturesque and "progressive" county and it's everywhere. Everyone was so shocked with the Epstein stuff but that shit is likely happening in YOUR neighborhood and you have no idea.


When I was in High School a girl that looked much younger than her age (looked 12 was probably 16), would go on ad nauseam about how she was a prostitute, and how much men used to pay her and shit. The cops found her after like a year, none of us even knew she was missing, because apparently her mom was her pimp, and basically as soon as she could she was prostituting her own daughter. They only caught her because our school was like, she hasn't been here, there's been no records of her moving or starting homeschool, we've contacted CPS and they haven't seen her, now we're sending the cops. This was at a top ten school in Washington state... It's happening every where.


Thats the thing about prostitution, you never really know why the girls/women are there.


Porn as well.


For sure. Have a cousin who was groomed into porn from child molestation. It screwed her up so bad. I hate to think people can still watching vids of her abuse.


Crying is a feature/ fetish for these people.


> going to a seedy hotel room to have sex with a crying underage girl???? Are there that many guys willing to do this? Take a reasonable sample of Congress and imagine the rest of the population is along the same lines. PLENTY.


Congress is not a proportional representation of the general populace. Not at all. That's not how statistics work.


That’s terrible. Good for you for volunteering your time like that! I’m sure it’s emotionally draining at times.


Thank you, it’s super easy to get involved with, and honestly, anyone can do it. We canvas with flyers, work with private detectives who are also volunteering and sometimes it is frustrating because you don’t feel like people care, or you don’t get a tip, but the times you do get some info, or a girl is found, it’s all worth it! But I really want to stress how anyone can do this, and it does make a difference. Like I tell the hotels we go into, I need them to put up the poster, because some of these girls don’t even know anyone is looking for them or cares, and seeing their face, knowing someone cares, can make a difference.


How do you go about helping? I’m actually interested in doing this


I volunteer through the Poiema foundation, there are several other ones as well. Poiema is only in Texas and South Carolina at the moment. If you google sex trafficking community outreach you will probably find some local ones!


Hello fellow Poeima warrior!


Hello!!! Awesome another Redditor is involved ❤️


I apologize I may have missed this somewhere else in the thread but is there a website we can go to? or how do we get involved in volunteering?


If you are in Texas, Poiema foundation is great. But just googling sex trafficking local community outreach should help connect you with a group!


As someone from New Hampshire, a place where this isn’t commonplace (to my knowledge, I am 100% aware it does take place here, however I’ve not been aware of it happening anywhere near me), what can I do to stop it? Are there warning signs I should watch out for? How can I help?


Always has been. My dad did work like that back in the 80’s and 90’s. And it’s a lot of young boys as well. Not just young girls. The girls tend to be trafficked. Whereas the boys get sought out for being poor and being told they can make some money if they go take photos or some shit with some dude in a motel. And they still get trafficked as well.


Yes, glad you mentioned that. The boys also tend to be younger imo. Which is just truly horrific to think about. And these people become experts in picking out who they can sink their claws into. These people look at our children and think how they can use them. It’s pure evil.


Spider Robinson's book "Mindkiller" gives a short rant on the subject. Trafficking has next to nothing to do with 'sex' and almost everything to do with 'power', but there's also an element of 'desecration of innocence'. Sexually-experienced partners will provide a qualitatively superior experience, but again: real sex is not what these monsters want. The kind of assholes who go for this kind of atrocity usually feel filthy about themselves but lack the capacity to be honest with themselves about it, so they either do this to touch it, however briefly, or to make sure the 'purity' never gets strong enough to force them into seeing their own filthiness for what it is.


I worked with a young model about twenty-five years ago in LA. We were doing a photo shoot and for convenience, as we were shooting on location decided to use my place as Base Camp, do hair and make-up, and get dressed there. The model told me that she had been held, basically tied to a bed in the motel next door she was aged twelve at the time. Her owner injected her with enough heroin to keep her co-operative and prostituted her. She had ended up in that position because she had hitchhiked from Florida aged eleven. Let that sink in. She told me what was happening at home was as bad as what she encountered on the streets. So she ran. She'd been raped on the way and had taken that in her stride, but it was when she got to Hollywood she literally got kidnapped/stolen by a pimp. She eventually got away from him somehow. She was very beautiful, long tall, and skinny with a perfect blank face, the kind of look adored by the fashion industry. She was scouted by a model agent who found her an apartment and looked after her. Her agent made it a rule that the young girl (aged nearly sixteen when I worked with her) was not allowed to bring home other runaway kids to stay in her apartment. The young model abided by this rule for the most part. She often spent her evening out on the boulevard hanging out with other runaway kids and fending off the pimps that would invariably be sidling around, looking for the opportunity to abduct/steal/kidnap their next victim. I mean, if I hadn't met this lovely girl and heard her story I don't think I could have actually believed that this stuff is even possible. I know that the lovely model girl had a child quite young, I think she was around eighteen, from reports that I heard of her she managed to create a stable life for her child and herself.


> and being told they can make some money if they go take photos or some shit with some dude in a motel. I know of a girl who was trafficked that way. She did 'online modeling' for about a month with a 'talent agent' and then they came and picked her up for a photo shoot. I think it was 6 months before she was able to escape.


They always are young. No pervert is going to go after old biddies like me. It’s truly horrible.


As an aging woman, my relief for myself is great, but the fears for my kids is all too real. When you see some of these ages and they are 11 and 12, it’s like a kick to the gut.


My first time being chased down by a man was age 12, it is a very real fear I have for my daughters as well.


First..... time....?


Sad all around. I was nearly abducted at that age, and I'm a guy. Car with no license plates and tinted windows had been following the school bus. I was the only kid at my stop, and it was about a 2 mile walk from the bus to my parents' house. They sat waiting on the highway after the bus left for a long time, cars were honking at em and everything. Then they drove slowly past me (we were still in sight of the highway, probably the only reason they didn't immediately try something) and up the hill. At the top of the hill(just past where you could see) they stopped and waited. I saw them before they could see me, retreated towards the highway and called my crotchety old neighbor. He grumbled about being woken up from his nap, but I had never ever bothered him. When he drove down to get me the car took off. They didnt move the entire time, and there was nothing to be looking at (unless they really liked grass or trees) . My parents bought an ATV for me to drive home shortly after that. Scary stuff.


May I ask how you recommend someone go about doing that kind of volunteer work? How to find a local organization, for example? I'm going to have quite a bit more free time in a few months.


Try searching for sex trafficking community outreach and where ever you are located! Another roundabout way to help is volunteer with groups that help homeless children, or at womens shelters, because that demographic is the most vulnerable to be trafficked!


May I recommend ECPAT (they are everywhere worldwide) as well as other 8 organisations that fight against trafficking as mentioned in this online article https://aleteia.org/2020/07/06/these-8-organizations-are-leading-the-critical-fight-against-sex-trafficking/


The victim was only 16-years-old when she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution along with two other females.


My hear hurts knowing that this shit happens to many young girls all over the world!!


"The victim was only 16-years-old when she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution along with two other females." I hope if i was witnessing a guy punch a teenager and try 3x to force her into a vehicle, i would do more to help.


NGL I have no idea what i would do because that's so far removed from normal. I'd probably freeze, too. Just like these people. And then for the rest of my life I'd be replaying the situation and in front of a mirror I'd be acting what I SHOULD have done.


Props to you for being realistic about such a horrible and shocking situation. Tons of redditors would be like “wow what are those pussies doing if I were there I would’ve thrown a ninja star at the guys head and roundhouse kicked him in the scrote”


If you're crazy enough to traffic people you're crazy enough to murder people, so if you see an opportunity you take it but that's a very dangerous person


And Texas. TEXAS. I'm assuming everyone is armed with the recent changes in laws.


Recent changes? As a non-american, i thought texas already allowed everyone to be armed


Redditors can't even make a fucking phone call or tell the waiter that their order is wrong, lol


*I'd flying knee kick him and sonic boom him in the stomach!* Seriously though, just recording and getting the license plate is proactive and helpful. Want to do more? Awesome, but [you never know the situation in full](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQOHBSuY7TM) and not everyone has it in them.


If he's willing to act like this in broad daylight in front of people, the chances that he's armed are extremely high.


Yeah, this isn't some dickhead selling hits of acid, this crazy fuck will shoot someone if fucked with. Walking into a situation like this happens fast and it's hard to know if he has a buddy around the corner as crazy as him.


Exactly, you get no preparation, no warning. You might be thinking about that work deadline, or your sick partner. This shit happens suddenly and you are not ready, and not prepared. It's hard to fault anyone in these situations from an armchair.


> NGL I have no idea what i would do because that's so far removed from normal. This is the only honest answer someone can give if they haven't been in a similar situation before. Most people think they would be the hero but you just can't know. *I've found the 'If someone did that to my daughter I would...' people are the same way. They truly have no idea what they would do, and a few of them I've ran across that had found their daughters abused found excuses.


Most people probably wouldn't volunteer to fight a guy who's seems possibly armed and has a decent chance of being willing to stab/shoot you. I almost certainly wouldn't sign up to fight some random guy who looks and acts like (and turned out to be) a low rent pimp.


Plus if you stop him he knows he is going to prison for a long time. He has nothing to lose.


It's Texas, USA. Guy's probably strapped.


fuck him! it should be life prison


if he is like 30, 59 years is basically life in prison. He will be lucky if he lives past 89 while in prison.


Yeah it sounds great, but then I remember that if the girl found out she was pregnant and tried to get an abortion in a few weeks, any one who tried to help her could be charged with a LIFE sentence according to the new laws.


on the one hand, it may seem dispiriting to see people not stopping the guy-- on the other hand, people get shot or stabbed for way less. Standing there as witnesses is probably best in most cases.


Also worth noting that according to the article, the trafficker was able to be convicted without the victim having to testify, because these bystanders were willing to provide their testimonies.


Never trust dudes with two different sets of rims




I bet he had 4 different types.


The man was caught, the victim didn't show up in court but the piece of shit had all kinds of evidence against him from his boasting online. He had abducted and kept 3 girls by threats and violence. >The suspect, 29-year-old Ricky Stevenson, was later captured and sentenced last week to 59 years in prison... >Willis says that's a message to traffickers like this one who flaunt being a pimp on social media, force their victims to get loyalty tattoos, as well as threaten them if they try to leave... >The victim was only 16-years-old when she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution along with two other females. https://www.cbsnews.com/dfw/news/17-year-old-escapes-human-trafficker-at-the-shops-at-legacy/


Absolutely vile. And this altercation occurred in a pretty affluent area, this stuff can happen anywhere


Seems like a real epidemic. I even saw on in a plane bathroom lately a sign to tell flight attendants if you're being traffics. In theory, they'd quietly let the police know at the destination airport and be waiting with cuffs upon landing. At least one would hope. I wonder if anyone is ever brave enough to do that...


That’s why people don’t get involved. If there wasn’t as much evidence and the victim bailed, you’re on his shit list now.


It's a bummer. There's always a risk of violence, and not everyone is equipped to handle that. I would be scared shitless but I hope I would do something!


So I read the story and it says he has been pimping her out since 16 and they arrived together at the location to get her nails done. This happened AFTER she got her nails done.


Yes. So you can imagine the bravery it took for her to make a stand. It also says she is not in contact with authorities and the citizens who saw this are responsible for him getting sentenced. I hope she has truly been able to escape, and is making use of the many resources out there for sex trafficking victims. At her age, I wonder if she has been able to go back to school or get her GED. These predators thrive on creating circumstances where their victims are dependent on them. It’s very hard to stand up for yourself when you know your job prospects could be limited, perhaps they have got you addicted to drugs, or maybe there is a home life they were escaping from to begin with so they have no where to go.


This is what my concern was. Its so sad that they get groomed to the point that when help does arrive they're too terrified to accept it. Being no contact with the police and moving out of state I really hope she is able to find a heathly support system.


https://www.cbsnews.com/dfw/news/17-year-old-escapes-human-trafficker-at-the-shops-at-legacy/ In this article, posted further down, it says at the end that the victim moved out of state and is no longer in contact with the victim. Interestingly, it says it is the first case of it's kind in that court at least where the defendant want convicted without victim testimony. He was convicted solely based on the witness testimony and apparently he was talking lots of shit online, admitting to his crimes, so they also used his social media to convict him. That's pretty amazing, because so often the victims of these crimes are so traumatized by the justice system. I was listening to a podcast where they said that a rape victim who escaped a serial killer has been having to appear at probation hearings to keep him in jail for the last 20 years or something. And imagine the fear, having to face your rapist, your abuser, having to tell a bunch of strangers how you were abused and then to be judged on it, you have to wonder if they will believe you, if they will let him out and he will come after you, if he will make sure you can't testify again. It's hard enough to escape. Imagine then having to spend years involved with a very scary and hard to understand justice system, having to continually face your abuser. I have a panic attack when my ex texts my sister about something and that isn't pretty far removed from facing him in court and actively trying to put him in jail. Of course, at the same time, it is a constitutional right that you are able to face your accuser. But is your victim your accuser? Isn't the state the accuser? But I have always seen the brutality of this process justified through due process. Either way, I wanted to show you this article so that you would know that she did get away and is hopefully living in a women's shelter or some kind of transitional housing for human trafficking victims.


I remembered that girl that was abducted INSIDE the Mavs stadium for sex trafficking, wtf is happening in TX?!


This shit is crazy. Anyone remember that girl that got yoinked from the NBA playoff game this year? Family had to go to an independent organization because the felt the team and the police weren’t acting in the families best interest (finding their daughter). The organization found her within a week using image software while searching known trafficking sites. Again, crazy shit. Also anyone intrigued by all this should go check out “Who took Johnny.” Great doc imo


Yeh that was scary. Police straight up just told the dad to fck off. Tho I think it was two weeks. So disgusting


> Beyond that, the department pointed to Texas Family Code (51.03 b. 3), which "dictates that missing juveniles are investigated as runaways unless there are circumstances which appear as involuntary such as a kidnapping or abduction." This is the stupidest fucking law considering how horrendous [Texas’s](https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-girl-trafficked-mavericks-dallas-suspects-arrested-oklahoma.amp) child sex trafficking problem has been for the last two decades.


Once you realise authorities don't really give a shit about sex crimes, it becomes easier to understand these things. We had a whole grooming scandal in the UK where groups of people showered young girls with drugs and alcohol and raped them with their buddies and the police did nothing. Once a lady from an organisation helping them got it all out in the open suddenly the media decided to paint the narrative that they were too scared to intervene because it would seen as racist because the majority of the men were of Pakistani origin. Bear in mind this is a country with a specialist police unit in London that only deals with black on black violence, but investigating child rape would be seen as racist. Also, being seen as racist is more desirable than helping kids I guess? A whole shit show, about 3% of rapes and assaults even make it to court. Whatever country it is they don't give a flying fuck unless pressured and embarrassed


Is that Ashton Kutcher's organization? They use imaging AI too. That guy is a fuckin crusader fighting a war against sex trafficking.


Going into an Ashton Kutcher rabbithole is weird. Dude's been through and has done a lot


When I was getting abused in public by my trafficker I screamed for help and a guy in army camos (I live in a military city) said "YOU call 911" Sorry brother I'm busy getting my face smashed.


Military take yearly human trafficking prevention training. Shame on that person for failing to live up to their oath.


Do you know how much sexual assault happens within the military? And the countless people who don't assault anyone but do protect the rapists at all costs.


The military teaches people to kill, not help. I’m so sorry that happened to you




You don’t really need military training to recognize that someone is in trouble and needs help.


You also don't need military training to wear camos.


So same as police academy




Well that’s not true in the slightest bit. Sure infantry gets taught to kill. The DOD is about 4% combat arms roles with 96% being just regular old jobs from accountants to janitors.


Hmm glad all those people were there to help


Thank goodness the door remained unlocked. Wtf


Yes but front doors on vehicles usually unlock when opened from inside…and also the lock is usually right there to unlock yourself if they don’t.


Some Benny hill shit


Not saying it's right but getting involved in what appears (without any facts at the time) to be a domestic dispute is incredibly dangerous. We all think we are super heros but you take a huge risk getting between that, its not the same as helping someone that is hurt with no active threat.


Dude could've been armed too. If he's enslaved a person, there's no telling what he might do


I saw a guy using a screwdriver to break a bike lock once and after taking a couple steps towards him to try to stop him I thought “I don’t wanna get stabbed with the screwdriver today.”




Exactly. First you see movement out of the corner of your eye so you look. Then you see her fall out of the car door and you look closer. Then you see him shove her in the car. Is that his daughter, is she having a tantrum? No, shes too old. Is she an autistic runner and he's trying to get her to safety? Is she having a heart attack? Stroke? Maybe he trying to rush her to the emergency room? Is she a pregnant lady in labor and can't sit in a carseat because the baby is crowning? And when it does click that this is an attempted kidnapping, then you have to wonder, am I strong enough to help, or will I get us both killed? Personally I am a weak AF individual who tends to have stress-induced seizures and tendonitis so bad that I can barely change my baby's diaper.


A guy collapsed in front of me on the tube the other day, and by the time myself and a couple others had even registered what had happened, people were shouting at us to help him. Walked away from that feeling like an asshole cause I just stared at him before my brain processed that I needed to help.


I know a dude that tried to help a lady whose husband was beating her ass at a gas station. He got about eight rounds to the chest for his efforts. The wife got about that too.


If I lived in America, I'd be doing the same. I'm not getting shot and losing my life, I'll just call the cops and help with he investigation.


> I'm not getting shot and losing my life Neither are the neckbeard redditors with a hero complex criticizing everyone else for doing nothing, don't worry.


Well some of us have spent many years studying the blade and learning aikido from Steven Seagal YouTube videos.


Obviously the guy is a monster and it's good she got away, but if you're sex trafficking, why would you act so abusive like that in public? It's like being a drug dealer and wearing a necklace with crackpipes dangling from it. You don't think picking up a limp person and jamming them into your car and slamming the door is going to raise any suspicion in a crowded parking lot?


Obviously ain't the first time he's done it and probably always got away with it


Anger+adrenaline is a hellava drug. It makes the stupid REAL stupid.


I think some people just feel sort of invincible when they get away with bad behavior long enough.


Considering how people just stood around, this probably wasn't the first time. If the people bothered to call the cops, he k knows the cops aren't gonna do shit if he is gone before they arrive. Hell the cops are likely to had her back over to him, Charles Manson style.


Sex trafficking minors should be an automatic life sentence without parole. 59 years isn't enough.


Fax. There’s always the chance that he gets off early bc of “good behavior” or “compassionate release”


You gotta love people who are helping you get away from your kidnapper


I've tried helping out someone who looked like they were getting abused (they were). They both turned on me, calling me names and threatening me. Both the woman and the man, both violently motioning towards me. I apologised and just walked away. I try to help people whenever I can. Elderly people with heavy bags to a bus stop, disabled people having a bad time with a ramp, just let someone with a few things in a shopping basket in front of me in the queue so they get seen faster than waiting for mine. Just random acts of kindness stuff. I never help public domestics anymore. The anount of times the person you think you're trying to help turns on you as well, or is the only one to act aggressive towards you, is insane. I've done it about 6 times, and all 6 times the woman seemingly being abused starts insulting me or tries to fight me if I get too close to try to help.


It's because they don't know any better at that point, it is why they have gotten to that point. I learned a long time ago if you have a female friend who is in an abusive relationship you just let it go and let them vent when they want to and never provide solutions. Once they are reestablished into the abuse they turn on you. I also had helped prevent minors from being molested and one of them after nearly 5 years still hates me to this day for getting involved. It is insane what happens to the minds of victims.


Thank you for this comment. My roommate SA'd my other roommate in college and I kicked the abuser out, did all I could to support my roommate, and she still hates my guts (and I'm pretty sure is in a different abusive relationship currently). I'm just now starting to come to terms that it wasn't my fault, and reading this helped.


Tall guy in black is a redditor.


Moral of this video is that you are on your own, act accordingly.


Texas talks a big game about being tough, I saw a bunch of people standing around while this guy knocked a girl out and stuffed her in a car twice




100% of reddit would’ve run away. Acting like they’d step in and rock this dude. Lmao it’s easy to act tough on a keyboard.


heard elsewhere: "Texans are like housecats: proud of their fierce independence but utterly dependent on systems they neither understand nor appreciate."




i mean sure everyone wants to help, but at the end of the day no one wants to get shot. we've all got our own families and lives to live. not saying I wouldn't call the police or try to vocally intervene but to physically jump in there? idk i'm just a guy behind a computer, who knows how you'd act in the moment.


There was another video of a teen getting robbed with a gun to his head. There was a crowd and all they did was record it on their phones. They weren't jumping in to save him but at least they have the robber's face and video evidence. It's something and they're not risking getting shot as well.


Jumping a guy with a gun to someone's head is almost guaranteed to get someone shot. I dunno what I would do faced with that situation.


in fairness, are they maybe the 4 people in Texas who *don't* own a gun?


Which brings forth an interesting question. Would people be more willing to step in and help with things like that if they didn't expect every person they run across to have a gun? I feel like I would. It's dangerous to even get in an argument with anyone anymore, much less try to help someone else being assaulted.


If someone is trying to kidnap someone I’m assuming they have a gun whether or not guns or legal or illegal since he’s literally kidnapping someone in broad daylight


That seems like a very American mindset. In the UK I don’t think I’ve ever assumed somebody has a gun no matter what they’re doing. Even when you hear about armed robberies your first thought is a knife, somebody actually using a gun to commit a crime is always a shock to the local area.




Right. Especially as they just saw this guy beat the shit out of one person. Not unreasonable to think that dude would be more than happy to assault the next bystander to step up to the plate.


Also, I don’t blame ordinary people who are just too shocked to respond. Police officers who freeze up, sure, because they’re supposed to be trained. Part of the reason I tell myself what I’d do in these situations is because I fully sympathize with the deer in the headlights reaction


It isn't like this dude was some tiny twig they could easily take. Domestic situations are some of the most dangerous, often if you hit a man who is actively beating his partner, she will step in to fight you as well.


Believe it or not I'm not getting shot so some stranger can live instead


If this is Texas: Free carrying state, and family values, helping others as agood christian etc. is their motto. So...why do i see a woman being used like a punching bag, who is obviously not related to the man, and NO ONE IS HELPING HER!!! She obviously didn't want to go with him, and no one is stepping in to tell the guy to leave her alone. Why? Suddenly no one is carrying guns anymore? I thought that was the solution to everything?


I wonder what the percentage would be of people saying I can't believe no one's helping ect That would actually help


Honestly, I'm from Canada, and if I was in the US or anywhere where anybody can carry a firearm, I don't think I'd ever help anybody in a violent situation, only call police. It scares me when people talk about crimes in Canada and offer American gun laws as the solution. At least I can run away from a knife if things go wrong. I'd rather not be OHKO'd for trying to be a hero.


Especially in Texas of all fucking places.


I would be hesitant to get involved when the perpetrator is obviously is a thug beating a woman. Who knows what he’s capable of if he’s doing shit like this in public. Maybe if I happened to have a bat in my hand and he was facing away from me, I might have the balls to jump in to be brutally honest


Now don't everybody go help all at once there.


They didn't have their keyboards with them


That guy is lucky I wasn't there. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to strike down a foe with my katana(I don't see how my keyboard would help...). And to save a young female at the same time. Victory would be sweat.


Damn! If she didn’t have her own back, no one else would!


So is Texas just full of cowards? Cuz those worthless ass ppl didn’t do shit to help just like the uvalde cops didn’t do shit to help


It still bothers me that nobody directly aided the poor girl


DoN’t MesS wItH tExAS 🤪


That would have been a great moment for a “good guy with a gun” to show up.


Hope the convicted trash suffers all 59 years in prison.


The woman bystander says something to her after she pops out of the car the second time. People probably didn’t understand what was going on.