the lots fill up fast which sucks. the corec and Ross Ade lots are probably your best bet.


Same boat. C parking pass was probably a waste of money. My roommate was only able to find parking because he got here at 8:00 am


sucks always. you have to show up at least an hour before your class starts to be able to stalk returning students going to their cars. People usually only leave right after a class, so if you aren't there by the previous class change time, you probably won't get a spot until after your class starts and people have had time to walk to the lot to leave.


The parking lots that are farther away don’t fill up as fast.


There was lots of parking this morning (~8:45 AM) at the lot by discovery park.


Discovery lot at the Jichske roundabout.


The one by the stadium or by the co rec. They screwed the Cs over this year, not only is the co rec closing earlier but there's so little space for alot of off campus students


get used to it. try to get there in the morning