It might be of interest to you to read about TMS (tension myositis syndrome) in a book by Dr. John Sarno or listen to a podcast by Nicole Sachs, LCSW called “The cure for chronic pain” and start at episode 1. Before your symptoms get worse!


[The tools to heal yourself are in this book (link)](https://www.amazon.com/Meaning-Truth-embrace-truth-create/dp/1482387352/ref=nodl_)


So I’m guessing my scans do not suggest any noticeable physical trauma. Would TMS present itself as numbness and tingling on its own after a car accident? Or would it be beneficial to search elsewhere for a pinched nerve? I have never had chronic pain.


According to Wikipedia “The TMS diagnosis and treatment protocol are not accepted by the mainstream medical community.“ Posting one imaging of your scan unfortunately does not give us enough information to tell you if there is an injury or not. Please continue to follow up with your doctors. That image you posted does show some reversal of the curvature of your spine which can be caused by muscle spasms, but nothing there would definitely indicate a cause of numbness in the fingers and toes.