How do you deal with temporary colonists?

How do you deal with temporary colonists?


Temporary people are prime meat shields and candidates for the riskiest assignments.


I accept them when i like the reward. I usually just let them cook and harvest. I dont equip them. Sometimes i allow them to take drugs


I meant those quests with large groups asking for help for "possible future rewards", not the "single person needs a holiday" quests. Sorry, if that wasn't clear. Still, thx for reply. Helps anyway :)


If a gift isn't guaranteed, I usually don't bother. Lots of times they've turned against me and burnt things. If you do accept them, house them away from your storage and important things. I keep them the other side of my prison specifically so they fight the prisoners if they turn against me (to give more time to get my pawns ready to fight them) Honestly depends if you're in desperate need of labour. The rewards quests of "host 3 people for 8 days in return for 500 gold" or something similar are always worth it early to mid game


Just don’t rely on them.


I have the hospitality mod so i usually build a large room for many visitors/guests. Unless im having a food shortage i usually accept them if i like the rewards and if i need manpower but i also keep in mind potential betrayal so i never let them equip weapons unless its for a short time. I suppose late game they dont really matter anymore but it is nice to have extra hands if im getting raided.


Meat shields and stone cutting


I take their weapons. I strip them. I build a long long hallway. One exit. Sandbags every other step. I put them at the end of the hallway. I stsrt arresting them. They are spread out due to the narrow hall and sandbags so i arrest them all. If i want to keep them i recruit them or enslave them. If not, i eat them.


I used to accept them every time. But it really depend on how much lag there would be and whether they'd be useful. And it depends on how well the colony would run with multi-ideology.


Arrest the best of them, let the autocannons deal with the rest of em.


It honestly depends. Do you want to deal with fifteen new colonists? Can your colony even support it? If I need a lot of cheap labor I'll probably do it, such as constructing a perimeter wall which needs a lot of Stonecutting and construction. Or maybe to get a new greenhouse built or whatever. However, if I'm not in need of said labor, probably not. Especially if the idea of 15 new colonists would be a bigger burden than boon. Some people love massive colonies, after around 20 pawns my interest in new pawns rapidly dwindles.


If it's a large enough group, I like to make them mine into the ancient danger and deal with the inhabitants.


Usually with the refugees quests I take them in if my food supply is good enough (I always make sure I have at least 2 years worth of food mid game in case toxic fallout or some crazy nonsense happens) but keep them in a separate compound thats zoned specifically so they dont fuck with anything too expensive up if they turn on me. I'll build a stockpile and a workbench or two so they can still be useful parasites. Before the 1.3 update I actually gave them "slave cabins" and let them live outside my mountain base until they either turned on me or joined me for good. Now I have actual slaves so I use the same cabins for that. I've had them burn their own barracks down and kill everyone inside before.